Saturn Conjunct Pluto In The 8th House: What Constitutes Pathology In 2020?

broken machineOne of the regulars here, sent me her thoughts. Edited, slightly for clarity and brevity…

“I was thinking about the Saturn Pluto conjunction. It lands in my 8th. Been working on my own pathology best I can. Trying to escape, fix, mend, move beyond and transcend so I can focus on other stuff around me.

I woke up in the middle of the night with this thought.

My pathology is that I HAVE a pathology.

In our modern times it is almost as if you do not belong if you aren’t broken, have a drinking problem, depression, anxiety, aren’t “woke”, aren’t “compassionate” enough etc. etc. It is almost as if we have been reading books since our childhood about how broken we are and so we look for how to “fix” ourselves constantly. How do we fix the extreme exhaustion. There is so much out there that is self-help, changing the self, mastering the self, etc. etc.

What if, just maybe, we aren’t broken but that the world we live in is so draining in stimulation (driving, tv, radio, this screen, that screen) and so demanding in our obligations to work, community, volunteer, etc. etc. that we aren’t actually pathological but just trying to cope in a very demanding, attention-wise, world.

Just maybe I’m not a bad person who is going to screw everything up constantly but just that too much is expected of me because I’m the one who shows up for the meetings and maybe I should stop showing up to help when I don’t have time or energy to help. Or show up less. Or?

ink blotIt is a nubbin of a thought and not fully fleshed but the middle of night “your pathology is that you think you have a pathology” made me laugh but also made me stop and think…”

She thought the people who read here might be able to add to this. It seems like a Rorshach inkblot to me.

I read this as a person (a people) who’s been robbed of her peace (on earth).  This makes her a victim which may or may not be true, but if it is true?

If it is true, I would look to turn 180 degrees and go after what’s lacking here. A sense of peace.

Your turn!


19 thoughts on “Saturn Conjunct Pluto In The 8th House: What Constitutes Pathology In 2020?”

  1. I’m glad to see this article and discussion thread, as it lands in my 8th house too, square natal Sun/Saturn/Neptune conjunction in the 5th (Libra). I agree that for most of us who strive to be a force for good in the world, the chaotic nature of life today tells us constantly that we do have pathologies. But when we look more closely, they’re not pathologies at all. As you note, they’re simply reflections of the circumstances around us that we negotiate as best we can. Reclaiming our intrinsic foundation of peace and contentment at this time – particularly as the cycles of 2020 unfold – is a revolutionary act, and one supporting our species’ evolutionary path.

  2. Exactly. When the only feedback is that you aren’t acceptable. I’m always confused when people are shocked I’m not married and never have been. Well the only person that asks me out is my weirdo neighbor so…yeah.

  3. You can improve and continue to improve yourself constantly, but there will always be holes in your psyche for others to see and respond to.

    These holes are the flecks in our armor, so that our soul’s light can come out. They make us real and if that is our pathology then I’d rather be pathological than a person with facade.

    I have this conjunction natally in the 8th house. I have carried so much bagage because my parents couldn’t bear it. And I have spent 15 years trying to get rid of It. Until one day it hit me that maybe I will never be able to rid myself of it. Maybe it will never go away, so I need to learn to cope with it, instead of trying to detox my bagage from my soul, and instead let it be a part of me and my past.

    That day I think I started slowly to become a grown woman.

  4. I think it’s normal to develop pathology in an abnormal world ..”the world we live in is so draining…”.
    How could anyone not have anxiety in today’s fast paced/demanding climate?
    When anxiety, depression and suicide increase, it’s time to review the way our society is ran. These problems are in large part societal Not personal.

  5. Everyone has issues they have to fix with themselves. None of us are perfect and never will be. That is normal. What isn’t normal is the world we live in. Its filled with so many experts, opinions, demands, etc., that tell you you’re not good enough or are broken if you don’t keep up with their expectations of you. Everyone’s a victim today.

    Turn off the noise and if you want to fix yourself look inside for answers instead. Who knows you better than you. Sometimes when I wake up in the middle of the night and just lie there thinking, I have such clarity of thought. All the noise of the day is gone and I seem to really be able to resolve problems that are bothering me, on a deep level.

    I have the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in my 4th house conjunct my NN and Chiron and opposed Uranus. I’ve been working on my “roots” and letting go of many aspects of my past. Its taken a long time, but I’m doing it. Life is always a work in progress.

    If you just remain true to yourself and do what feels right to you, you’ll find peace.

  6. Avatar

    My eighth house cusp is 23° Capricorn in the Placidus reckoning so the Saturn-Pluto conjunction will just fall in the last degrees of the seventh house but I have Gemini rising so under the whole sign system Capricorn is eighth house.

    I have Juno at the exact degree of the eighth house cusp.

    Would the best interpretation of the coming conjunction in Capricorn be in my seventh or eighth?

  7. Yup and when you are weightless
    Don’t feel guilty you feel so free
    Don’t feel like there’s payment due
    It is the universe thank you for playing along and peace is not a charge waiting for payment it is the gift of peace it is not the medal after the marathon it is the moment you
    Let go ,fear not the angel said
    Breathe, because

  8. So many injunctions coming from so many sources. Starting in childhood and continuing all through life!
    It’s difficult to find your own path on this multi-dimension map (or off the map).
    I gets tiring after a while, and the results aren’t obvious.
    How many people get to the higher levels of accomplishment, dedication and sacrifice to others, spirituality etc. ?
    It would be wonderful if everyone were great, but doesn’t seem to be getting that way, in spite of all the spiel.
    Well, it was pretty tough in the middle ages too. It makes one wonder why all this malaise is so persistent. Sounds like some sort of pervasive non-religion, where people don’t realize they soaking in it.

  9. “(Dictionary) Pathology: 1. Study of the causes and nature of disease. 2. Unhealthy conditions and processes caused by disease. (Ency of Med Ast) Pathological = Pathogenic – Causing Disease…Saturn, Jupiter and Mars are considered the Pathological Planets and their afflictions tend to cause disease.”

    So we know that not following one’s own ‘logical path’ can and does produce symptoms and signs of illness. An accepted belief that one must follow the so-called popular concepts, unhealthy or not, or even another someone’s way, if it goes against our personal grain can cause stress with following sickness or ill health. To view the seemingly common consensus of a time period and think we have to go along or conform with any status quo rubbish floating around is absolute suicide of the self. Saturn in one form represents our Superego, the planet that collects everything from birth to death and from which we pick our current beliefs according to our stage in life and accepts them. When those Superego pickings are not in accordance with our Sun-ego, there tends to be an internal rebellion of sorts, expressed in actuality through our surroundings and/or in our own bodies if not realized and understood. Its also no coincidence that 6 is a conscious/voluntary house of Health concerning the Self and 12 is an unconscious/involuntary house of Slavery concerning others. So would it not make sense if you interpret the undercurrent of ‘modern times’ as a disease that causes unhealthy conditions you might actually know there is no broken and it is just the general stuff that is always there and has been forever in this world and no one has to partake or take it personally. If your friend jumped off a building, would you too.?

  10. Mine will be in the 11th and I’ve already been clearing out the social groups/activity house to be more in line with who I am now and not who people want me to be or think I am. This is hard because my Leo stellium wants to get along with everyone and is quite fixed in nature. My Sag moon will enjoy the new freedom.

  11. Well, I think this person is spot on! This is so well put and basically what I’ve been up to. I ‘left it all behind’ over 6 yrs ago to go find myself and peace (as well as the peace of my family). Best decision I ever made! JoFrance, wraps it up very nicely as well.

  12. Question, Elsa,
    With my natal Saturn at the 29th degree of my 8th house, is it my responsibility to resolve my pathology?

    1. I think that once you’re an adult, you’re responsible, period.
      I would also note that your pathology is a burden. So you’d benefit by taking care of it.

  13. I like this approach. Was recently listening to a intuitive that I like and it stuck me that she was constantly mentioning ‘healing’, and I wondered why are we all considered so broken. We came here to enjoy and thrive, and feel that this constantan ‘new age’ movement towards ‘healing’, a little disempowering.
    Yes, I agree we all have our pathologies, however, rather seeing them as a burden, perhaps a strength if you choose to see them that way.

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