Saturn In Aquarius Transiting Your 1st House

Saturn book plateWhen Saturn transits your first house, invariably you feel pressure to work on yourself. This will be a slow process. There’s no extra credit for getting your work done fast during a Saturn transit. Saturn favors slow but steady progress. It’s better to get it right then it is to get it fast!

When the transit begins, it’s all about letting go of the losses suffered when Saturn transited your twelfth house. Your losses may be staggering but it doesn’t matter. Saturn only crosses the ascendant once every 28.5 years. It marks the beginning of your new life in a new land.

Boundaries tend to dissolve with Saturn in the twelfth house.  You’re open to everything all the time.  With Saturn transiting your first house, you’ll have to come up with new lines. You’ll work to figure out where they go.

People often go to therapy when Saturn transits their first house. If you struggle with boundaries one-on-one counseling relationship might help at this time.  One way or the other, you have to learn where you stop and the other person begins.  This is one way to do it.

With Saturn in Aquarius, the goal is to establish yourself as a unique individual. What defines you, apart from the rest of humanity? There’s a benefit in that Saturn is at home in Aquarius.  It should make this transit easier, though your particular chart will factor.

By the end of this transit, you should know who you are, where your limits are, what you stand for and such.  Further, your integrity should be apparent to the people around you.

If you’re just beginning the transit, this might seem a goal so far off in the distance, you can never get this. But you can and will get this done, taking it day by day, one step at a time.

Is Saturn in Aquarius transiting your first house? How’s it going?

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  1. Thank you Elsa for this infoemative massege.Saturn conjuct my Descendant or opposit my Ascendant.What to look foword for?

  2. That’s where he is, just a couple degrees into my 1st House. It’s an amazing and empowering cycle. Hard and good. Me, my man and our yaga house (our wagon on ‘chicken leg’ wheels) prepare to move again. That would be #31 in 25 yrs. 28 years ago, when Saturn crossed my ASC and began transit through my 1st House my 1st marriage was unravelling; one of the major events that would reverberate through the past 28 years. I’ve learned what needed to be unlearned and now? Application:)
    Saturn rules my Natal Chart. My progressed chart changes things: Aquarius Sun now for (probably) the rest of my life. Which is unfolding in black and white (darks AND lights)

  3. Excellent article and so very, very true! It sounds cheesy to say ‘I’m working on myself’, but with this transit, you have no choice, you just feel a real need to be a better, more real version of you.

  4. Feeling very, very grateful for this post!! Thank you! I am working out daily loosing the Christmas fat and slowly getting underneath other things that need to be adressed. Solar return is a double whammy with having same natal cap rising with saturn, pluto, jupiter in 1st house. So that’s there. Maybe I will remember this one to post back after the end of my saturn return in aquarius 1st house.

    1. I need to lose pandemic & other pounds:) Saturn is more than half way through my 1st house. Yes Elsa you are right about boundaries. I find myself working on figuring out where to draw the line. Want to get to a improved version of myself…Will require some Saturninan discipline and strategy.

  5. Currently, Tr Saturn is conjunct my Aquarius ASC. This is my third Tr Saturn/ASC cycle. The first cycle marked the beginning of my formal education with my nursery school entrance. The second cycle had me seeking cognitive therapy for my daughter before she began her formal education. Now, I’m poised to begin my third cycle. I love to learn, so I’m game for what comes next.

    1. A follow-up on this entry now that Tr Saturn is 0* Pisces. While Saturn was transiting my 1H, I experienced a myriad of “old person” health issues – plus I qualify for Medicare!

  6. Thank you for this post from this Aquarius rising! It won’t officially cross my degree until January 2022, so I have some (more) time to get things set up before it hits. I would like to have the doors open before Saturn tells me I can only go through one!

  7. I feel on the right track and in the right place for the first time since he began transnitting the 12th, and squaring all the Libra Planets, including himself with Pluto in conjunction, in the 8th house no Less!

    Now, I am finally free. And yes, I am going into therapy.
    While Jupiter was in the 12th I was diagnosed with three things, among them severe depression and anxiety. I started on anti depressants which have severely helped me.
    This year I am going to treat the “parent” of them that fostered the two other diagnoses.

    I have 3 1st houses though (Placidus), so hopefully I am not going to therapy for 9 years, LOL.

    BUT, I kinda feel like that even though I suffered immensely when Saturn was in my 12th, I learned a lot about setting boundaries, and differentiate between two people. I cut off the biblical/limbic cord to my mom, and learned something about having some inner steel to lean against.

    This year will be the year to fully understand my inner “freakshow” and kearn how to express this side of myself with help from therapy.

    Thanks for your work on Saturn in the 12th the past 3 years, Elsa. They have really HELPED me, immensely. Your blog is a gift to us all <3

  8. My ascendant is 3 degrees Aquarius. I had no losses the entire time Saturn was in my 12th, and I’ve seen zero change in my life, at least change that affected me deeply. That being said, I’m retired and a home-body, so the virus hasn’t affected my life at all. I’m fortunate, at least so far. Fingers crossed.

  9. Thank you, Elsa. I’m glad you put this link in today’s email. I am 4 degrees Aquarius rising. Boy, did you really explain this well. I’m crying release tears because it’s so true.

  10. I always like to look back to see what was happening when Saturn crossed my ascendant of 14 Aquarius the last time. The first pass was in March of 1992. My marriage at the time was rocky. I left in mid-April, around Easter. Not sure what was going on in August that same year when Saturn retrograde passed back over the asc.

    With Saturn deep into my 1st house in 1993, (I have a large 1st house with Pisces intercepted – my sun is 8 Pisces) I was let go from a job that I’d held for 13 years. I started a new job in a new city and also, moved to that city while Saturn was still “speeding” toward my 2nd house.

    The new job meant a pay cut, but it was a job… 🙂

    The next life changing event happened in January 2007 when I called in “quit” my then job, loaded a moving truck and moved from Iowa to St. Louis. It was all done on a wing and a prayer and I started a job with a Fortune 500 company where I still am. Saturn was in my 7th house on my natal Uranus.

    While the changes have not always been my choice or good, they led to me being in a much better place eventually. 😀

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    Hildegarde's Noviciate

    Cant say Saturn is transiting my 5th. My 2nd Saturn Return.
    Hoping you’ll be hitting all the houses with articles like this. I have a grasp of what I have coming but its slippery right now

  12. Yep, Elsa. Well, it’s about to cross my ascendant in a week or so. This past weekend a autoimmune disease that was in remission came back with a v e n g e a n c e.. I wrongly thought I was invincible and my crappy lifestyle has caught up with me. Now, I’m in damage control mode. I know it’s gunna take some time, but I want to feel good and I want to live.

    As for Saturn in the 12th.. the losses were positive. I let go of a lot of bad feelings and resentments. Actually got my life together, saved a lot of dough, stronger relationship.. I only have 1 person left in my life who I trust, other than my boss and my boss is not my friend, but again this is also for the best.

    It’s so silly but, I’m secretly hoping to get laid off.. I heard Saturn transiting 1st might mean being out of a job. Situation there is very uncomfortable, but a lot of good folks and good purpose, so it’s conflicting.

    1. OK, two people who I trust, counting myself! That did not always used to be the case! I’d say that was a major accomplishment.

  13. I’m sorry I’ve been slow to respond to people asking me to write for all the houses. I’m thinking about it, but have Libra and I can’t decide. This post was an experiment. I don’t want to commit until I am sure I can keep my commitment!

  14. I was all jolly and happy as saturn was going back and forth my ASC…last year. But then it went deeper into my first house. Saturn is the ruler of my chart as well.
    As it went retrograde I found out mom got cancer…as it progressed, she got covid also…plus two heavy bacterial infections…the whole time it went retrograde, my family fell apart…I never felt more at the bottom than right now. I stopped having contact with everyone in my life. I have no need for any person or anyone and I quietly lie at the bottom knowing that worse is yet to come. I stopped smiling and laughing and all hope I ever had in my life is gone. I stopped believing in higher things, lost sense of worldly justice, abolished all gods and godessess and I dwell in nothingness. In all that, I am right at the center. Wanting nothing, expecting nothing…just waiting for this hell of a life to end. And all of you with all your plans, ideas, visions…youre lucky you can convince yourself any of this actually matters.

    So yeah…Saturn tore me and is tearing me and my life apart and sometimes I just am greatful for seconds of peace.

    Good luck.

  15. My natal Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are in Capricorn 12th house. First Saturn return in 12th was a breeze comparing to 1st. Saturn in 12th opened my spiritual self,and it first one it tested my beliefs and boundaries,and I have lost almost all of my friends. Due to just being me. Now it’s squaring my last degree Taurus Moon and its adding weight to everything. Oh yeah, my energy levels are 50% lower and that’s on a good fays.

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    Katie Lynn Young

    Saturn passed over my 23 degree Aquarius ascendant exact in April, and that day I lost my best friend and the place where we lived together at the same time (she asked me to leave and I never understood why).

    I’m nervous because in a couple of days it’s exact again, because it retrograded back over the ascendant, and now is hitting it for the third time.

    Saturn is also in my 1st house in Pisces, but is trine to Jupiter and widely conjunct Mercury.

    I think mine was so extreme also because Capricorn rules two houses in my chart, and then Aquarius is my rising. So Saturn rules my 11th, 12th, and 1st houses, which then also makes it my chart ruler.

    I’m very scared and panic researching lol

    1. I’m sorry for your loss, Katie. That’s horrible. But please don’t torment yourself. The loss is in. You’re just revisiting it. That’s the transit, in all likelihood. Hang in there. That’s a really sad thing. 🙁

  17. Thanks again for your great articles and these threads, Elsa.

    Saturn entered my first house in January 2021, I had been working from home for awhile and found that I had been putting on weight with the stay at home type national restrictions. My diet now is so restrictive though very healthy, I think I’ve finally got it right so that I can hopefully stick to it and lose any extra weight.

    In 2021, my two eldest daughters and their partners both decided to set marriage dates for 2022 and then my father died mid 2021. I said I would put in a big contribution to the girls’ weddings, and they and their partners probably put in the same amount or more. I felt in a way that I was carrying the complete parental responsibility (Saturn) of a type of dowry I guess. The weddings were lovely and though a great cost they really did seem worth it. However both are sort of alienated to me at present, one was always a bit cool since I divorced their father and I think the other is wondering if I am the cause of why her father became generally estranged to her, or puts in less than minimal effort.

    Just a few months before the second wedding in October 2022 I resigned suddenly from my job of 4 years due to weird and unreasonable demands from the managers. I then had delays getting into work and used up the rest of my savings. I started this new job two weeks after the second wedding and each day feels like I am trying to walk through mud at work. It would not surprise me if I somehow finish with this job though it’s not my intention as it’s more money and a step up in my career. It does feel though like a roller is off its groove. If I’m the ‘roller’, I’m thinking what is my right groove? (I should find out by October this year as it makes its final exit from my 1st).

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