Saturn In Aquarius Transiting Your 2nd House

Saturn book plateWhen Saturn transits your Venus-ruled second house, you’ll feel pressured to get your financial life in order.  You’ll also define your values and earn and solidify your sense of self-esteem.

This doesn’t sound very sexy but a person who manages to pull these things together is sexy in a real and tangible way.  

It’s the difference between dealing with the beautiful veneer of an Instagram star as opposed to relating to a real human being that you can touch.

You may have less money with Saturn transiting your 2nd house. This transit tends to restrict resources you get from others (8th house).

Don’t let this scare you. “Less” does not mean you won’t have enough. One of the things you learn when Saturn transits your second is that you have value outside of your purse or pocketbook. Again, compare this to the veneer we see on the internet. These images don’t hold up against the real human being who is able to connect.

With Saturn in Aquarius, the goal is to differentiate your tastes and values, apart from the pack.  You’re likely to experiment and wind up changing your aesthetic. When everyone is wearing this, you’ll probably want to wear that.

This video applies.

Back to the money component of this transit, if you are not saving any money, this is the time to start.

Is Saturn in Aquarius transiting your second house? How’s it going?


8 thoughts on “Saturn In Aquarius Transiting Your 2nd House”

  1. My son has Saturn in his 2nd house natal, opposed Mars and trine his Sun. He is very cheap and has an overwhelming feeling of being poor. He shares an apartment with his girlfriend and another roomie. He gets paid first and has the biggest paycheck. He pays the utilities first, and they pay him back because they pay their share of the rent first along with him. I guess it works out well, but I always try to reassure him by offering to help financially as I can. I have been paying his monthly car insurance lately. I feel terrible when I hear him complain about his paycheck, I wish he could be a little more grateful instead of resentful. He makes a pittance, but at least he gets paid.

  2. For the first time in a long time I’m building my savings. However, I’m also getting hit with unexpected expenses. My car needed extensive body work this year due to two accidents (one not my fault, one is being blamed on me even though I was rear-ended). Because of miscommunication between suppliers and the body shop, I had to rent a car for three weeks. The rental cost more than the car repairs!!

    Lately I’m also feeling that my values and feelings about things are running counter to those around me. I am tired of mindless consumerism. Just shopping for whatever and buying crap you don’t need because you want it. I avoid alcohol now, because lemon balm tea mellows me out just fine and it doesn’t mess with my sleep. Again, this puts me at odds with other people who find this strange (especially in the South!) It just feels like people don’t “get” me right now, or why I do what I do. I plan on doing a few more things, like gardening (maybe trying to grow food again). I’m trying hard to reorient my life, and to people observing, it doesn’t make any sense.
    Is this part of the Saturn in 2nd house transit? Saturn is currently squaring my Chiron in 5th house, and will soon square the Moon there as well. It will also square my Uranus soon.

    1. In case this is helpful, a few years ago I was rear ended. The guys insurance was refusing to admit fault saying they couldn’t get in touch with him. I filed a complaint with my state’s insurance regulator and within days his insurance company admitted fault

  3. Oh yeah, forgot to mention I am dealing with Uranus and Neptune transits as well.

    Uranus destabilizes things and can pretty uproot you in a hot second. Neptune–forget about boundaries. Saturn wants them? too bad. Neptune will make it impossible to create those bad boys. It will absolutely dissolve them.

    So I read the above description of Saturn transitting the 2nd house, and wondered why structuring my life (or keeping the structures I have!) feels like an uphill climb. Maybe it’s because Saturn is competing with Thing One and Thing Two! (Remember those Dr. Seuss characters? Nothing but trouble!)

  4. Thanks very much for this article Elsa. I’ll be going through this transit starting in 2023, the year I retire, and I’m expecting to retire with a low pension. With the current economic situation in France, even low pensions could become a lot lower yet. So I’m learning to spend only for things that will bring me material autonomy when I retire. I’m aiming for food and water autonomy. I’ve got a lot of fear associated with this period so your article helps!

  5. A thought sparked by that video: someone who cares, saying, “That’s something that made me know that I wanted you in my life, that showed me your values…” goes far in knowing that this person sees me, as the person I am (some of the time anyway, hey, Neptune). *Insight during Uranus slamming fixed signs times* ?

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