Cruel Psychopath…Or Chess Champion?

“This is an extraordinary chart,” I told a friend.  “Detached. Cruel. Definitely brilliant. Might be a psychopath, given the family history. All the components are there, however there’s really no telling.”


“Well, you can be brilliant and cruel and detached…and whatever. It doesn’t mean you’re going to go out a kill someone. What about those chess champions? Are they not focused? Are they not brilliant and detached?  This is that kind person. Exceptional, one way or the other. It’s impossible to have a chart like this to not be immediately distinguishable. From a young age, it would be obvious something was up. This would not be a run-of-the-mill kid who blends in – period.”

Do you know anyone like this?

11 thoughts on “Cruel Psychopath…Or Chess Champion?”

  1. Well my son is kindof like this. He can beat me at chess at 10 years old. He always had so much energy. His speech was delayed but he is super sharp..I thought he had ADHD at one point but now that he’s older it’s obvious he’s just really smart. He’s one of a kind. The intellegence gene runs on my dad’s skipped me.

  2. See, that’s not fair, Elsa. You left out the part where you are teaching us. Why do you say that? I understand it’s not so simple as this and that…but I’d be willing to bet my Pisces Rising and Virgo Stellium on the fact that you could say enough to explain that post better. I mean, that’s what we all want to know. That’s why you only have one reply up to this point. I believe your readings are a combination of incredible knowledge and intuition. You’re not giving any trade secrets away here. NOW. From my own feeble interpretion…it could be me. I have a Mars point of a grand trine air in the 12th house Aquaurius. I have a Virgo stellium with Pluto. I have Jupiter Scorpio. Is it me? Not that I’m brilliant but I at times am concerned about my ….”I’ll cut a bitch.” So, my friend, you gotta tell us what you’re talkin’ about.

    1. I can’t tell you more. This is a real person, and real people in my real life, really read my blog.

      I am not teaching what you want to learn, is what it sounds like.

      What I am teaching is there are people who are born extraordinary and nothing in the world is going to make it be otherwise.
      That’s a pretty big piece of knowledge if you ask me. Much bigger and much better then what you’re asking for…because what you’re asking for does not even exist!

      By that I mean, it’s the chart as a whole, not the little aspect.

  3. And that is what I was asking. It is the chart as a whole. Not an aspect. Not a Grand Trine or a Finger of God but how it all intertwines together. Yes, Ma’am I get that. But that is what I meant by you explaining your post. And of course, you always are teaching me, how silly if it sounded otherwise. But you made an “extraordinary” post and I want to know how you came to that. Big, Fat, Virgo…Whatya mean? Details please. Because I always learn from you. Sorry…free post as you please, it is your domain.

  4. Oh, sweet pea, you always shine. I just didn’t frame my question, over-run enthusiasm, well. Again… always teach me, you are one of the ones who brought me out of my darkness into the light. No slight intended. My shit was poorly written.

  5. Give elsa a break will ya?

    anyway, I think my dad is like this, perfectly!!!

    He is what people call a “jerk” but I know his inner being pretty well enough that
    people deny what I know about him. He may be brilliant or a brilliant liar about
    history, facts, how to fix things, movies, names, places, how to go to places,
    biology ,etc. My dad is crazy.. He had a nearly 4.0 in his college studies
    for an AA but got really pissed bc a philosophy teacher gave him a B+
    for what he said was his case for God… they disagreed and my dad
    blamed it on that. now he may have much knowledge but he is
    a bit cruel to my mother whom he thinks is stupid bc she doesn’t
    “use her head” I feel so bad for my mother all she has met were
    bad apples!!! My mom’s son my bro is the exception .. however
    he can fix anything like refrigerators, my keyboard, the heater,
    ac, plumbing, its really scary to be honest … he was supposed
    to be a doctor but his schizo dad didn’t support him bc he
    was crazy so I believe he became embittered through
    having a family and not being able to have power.. so he dreams
    about telling people what to do and in life tries to do it too
    but without respect… Now sometimes I get called like my
    father and I do see him in me to my dismay but I hope
    that if I am just unselfish I will be fine ..

  6. I think Uranus plays a role is geniuses so does mercury..

    Einstein wasnt as genius as the guy who made rain or Darwin, Darwin is underrated as a genius they just
    think he was an ordinary scientist, bull crap!!! People have no idea what he did for the biological community and our lives.

    Anyhow the guy who made rain is Wilhem Reich. Look him up, he was such a good person psychopath genius that his works all 6 tons of them were burned by the US govt. He died incarcerated… I swear this guy is what ur post is about. He told on his mother for having affair with someone which led to his father’s abuse of her and eventual death and he blamed it on himself for that, but he was jealous of her affairs cause he liked his mother BIG EWW!! but anyway no one knows about him.
    also he tried talking to einstein einstein didnt give him shit or credit, which made me think einstein was up to no good w the govt. I really want to read his biography but i have to work on my projects.
    btw, einstein if people think he was such a genius well he was but others were too , had uranus, jupiter, and mercury in his 3rd house not only did he get lost in mundane matters, but his mind expanded, and he had a higher octave of a mind. just if someone wanted to know.
    a) uranus plays a role in genius
    b) a twisted pluto plays a role in psychopathy
    find them somewhere in the chart haha

  7. I’m racking my brain and I can’t think of anyone. I’ve known some incredibly intelligent people but not all detached. The neurotic geniuses. I used to date them exclusively, but have learned it is way too complicated emotionally.

    The psychopath part about detachment is what I find interesting. I mean I did need to learn some detachment and that was a fear of mine that I would become a psychopath. I am more confident now that I won’t become one probably because of the earlier life experiences imprinted in my brain. Not sure.

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