Vicious Women And The 80/20 Rule

scorpio moon book coverIf you’ve read this blog awhile, you know I think in terms of the 80/20 rule, aka the Pareto Principle which states that thing naturally fall in groups with an 80/20 split.  As an example I’ve written, if you are happy with your partner 80% of the time, this is a very good sign. If you’re not happy 80% of the time, you are probably unhappy 80% of the time. This predicts which relationships will last.

I agree with my husband 80% of the time. But last night he made a statement that floored me. He said he thought that 80% of women were vicious. WHAAAT?

In my experience, 20% of women were vicious. This did not change his mind. No one changes his mind about anything, but this really got me thinking.

First, when I look at the women he has known over the course of his life, they are definitely vicious. Based on this I can see where he gets his opinion. He’s not going to substitute his firsthand experience for anything, but he’s not going on just his experience.  While he hasn’t known that many women, he has know a lot of men. He says most of their women were also vicious.

I’ve not had this experience at all. I suggested that perhaps his experience was skewed in that his life has been so extreme.

Do Special Forces soldiers attract vicious women?
What about men with their Moon in Scorpio?
He said he thought I was naive on this front and it left me sort of wondering.

It is not that I don’t know there are vicious women out there because I certainly do. We meet them on this blog now and then but it’s not that frequent. Are 80% of the women who read her, vicious?

It doesn’t seem this way to me. But I can think of some nuance that could explain my experience and my husband is too smart to just write off something he says, so I am asking:

What percentage of women are vicious? Where is your Moon?


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  1. I started off thinking like you, Elsa, and now I agree with your husband.
    I am single and the more married/ in relationship women I meet, the more I think they are vicious.They either throw their relationships in my face or they act as if I want to steal their treasures.I don’t!
    Anyway, yeah, I think 80% are vicious and my Moon is not in Scorpio, it’s in Aqua, completely unaffected.

  2. It’s impossible to take the subject out of the equation here. All of our perceptions are skewed because we play a part in any situation. One persons experience is as true as another’s. The 80/20 rule doesn’t resonate with me but I’ve not really explored it so I can’t comment on that aspect of your post.

    In my case, I’ve met more vicious men than women. They’re vicious about different things though. Women I’ve met will get vicious when their children or home or man is threatened. The men I’ve met who can be vicious go there when their egos are threatened. But this is my subjective experience. I bring a lot of biases to the table. I don’t threaten women’s home/children/men but I can inadvertently threaten a mans ego.

    1. I’m thinking a little more about myself here. I can be vicious. If you fuck with those things like my child or my man, I won’t hesitate to go into a vicious state. I guess I feel like viciousness is in order sometimes. But it’s not like I’m doing it for the fun of it. Luckily I’m not threatened by much so it’s only come out once in my life and it had to do with my child.

  3. Moon in Gemini here and yes, there is no doubt in my mind that women are vicious. They will sabotage other women behind their backs and I agree with the soldier.

      1. @Tonya, I have seen it too! when my sister married her husband, i felt so bad for her mother in law, and why her children went into gangs as a teen to rebell, but they are doing good now. I saw it happen to other people’s lives. Also, when I research in astrology, it happened to Shania Twain too. her ex-best friend also stole her husband. I know you can’t steal, but you just don’t do that, or cross the line.

        1. Yes, that is pretty nasty and a lot of women will kiss your face and then cut your throat when your back is turned. If a woman is straight up against you and tells you to your face, I respect that. But a great many go behind a person’s back.

  4. Moon conj Saturn conj south node in aquarius – I´m lucky to be alive after a life of being backstabbed by women, friends,colleges. It has broken my heart.
    Cancerian with neptune in 11th house square Moon and Saturn.

  5. Gemini Moon here, any I agree with Tonya, almost verbatim, and the Soldier. To make the question more viable though perhaps some parameters could be added. For example most women West of the Mississippi are vicious; most women who work in the Municipal Systems are vicious, most women who are on their third career etc….
    Don’t know the research on this 80/20 theory but I would definitely say most women are vicious compared to most men.
    Nothing is as strong as gentleness and nothing is as gentle as real strength.
    Aries Rising

    1. Yes, women are worse than men, because they slink around behind other’s backs. Most men will get in your face and let you know how it is. I was watching ID channel the other day and saw a show talking about how some women got together and created a male profile and attacked their neighbor’s daughter and told her to kill herself. The kid killed herself. That is just pure evil. And to beat all, these women talked to the mother and tried to comfort her before she found out the truth. Women will smile to your face and plunge a knife between your shoulderblades.

      1. Hi. Aquarius moon, Scorpio rising, LOTS of Libra planets here. Really?? Let’s talk about cheating exes again. Men are just as capable of stabbing you in the heart, sleeping with your best friend and such, as they lie to your face and say “I love you.” Men are just as capable of being vicious. They just tend to save it for the women in their lives. I am sick of this depiction of men as always straightforward in their hostility. “A man will punch another man.” Well, yes, but they can get pretty manipulative and cruel when it comes to women. There are also plenty of male sociopaths out there too. (Look up a list of serial killers.) I agree with Virginia, we all have a shadow. We can all be vicious. But using SaDiablo’s excellent definition (“amorally, destructively selfish and willing to do whatever it takes so they come out on top”), I’d like to think that there are only about 20-30% of full-time vicious men and women out there.

  6. Well, it’s the same as men. Everything is skewed by our perception and life experience. I have Uranus in the 4th, an unaspected Sun plus Saturn square Moon. That’s a triple whammy for hardships with men. And I spent at least 25 years having difficulties between my father, an abusive & borderline former spouse, boys who viciously tormented and humiliated me in my youth and adolescence, a slew of male stalkers, male friends with underhanded intentions, and even male law enforcement officers who failed to listen and protect me when I needed them the most. My experience would say that 100% of men were vicious but things turned a corner… I met and married a wonderful man and we had a bunch of boys who are kind, gentle souls. I’m exposed now regularly to men who are nothing but respectful and gentlemanly towards their wives and community. Very seldom do I see the type of men I once knew.

    This change occurred once Saturn conjunct my Sun and then followed up by Pluto opposing my Sun. My whole idea of men (Sun) fundamentally (Saturn) transformed (Pluto). Around that time, I also moved far away from my Pluto line and that also helped dramatically… And I’m just so thankful to have had that positive shift in perspective.

  7. As for women… I have Moon conjunct Mars & Venus in the 10th, square Saturn but also sextile Jupiter and trine Pluto. I love them. I don’t know what I’d do without the amazing network of female friends I have. I had a precarious but sometimes wonderful and close knit relationship with my mother and my female relatives including my daughters. And I’ve had some horrible, awful sociopathic female friends who broke my heart and stabbed me in the back but they are now very few and far between. But I’ve also transformed some of my worst enemies into my best friends. But overall, I can say I discern more carefully now the company I keep but I try to keep an open heart as well. People aren’t always what they appear to be at first but my radar is pretty good and boundaries drawn up. So what’s that percentage? Like 10-20% vicious? My glass is much more full than empty. ?

    1. @Scottish, sounds so opportunistic and scary.

      I can’t trust those types of relationships with women who want something they like of yours. i’d rather they like me for my company and we have same hobbies ect.

      than ” oooh I like what you have so i’m gonna befriend you.”

      1. my sister’s Capricorn mother in law had a bestfriend who wanted something of hers allright, true story, her husband. And then the bestfriend turned into an ex friend, who turned into a long term mistress of her husband. It’s a huge scandal in the family also hush hush but no one says much about it, but aww poor ___… my sister and her husband told me.

        1. Elisa, the problem is, with the clever ones, you can’t always immediately tell what the motive is behind their wanting to be friends with you. They’re gifted at appearing genuine when really the only thing genuine about them is their desire to take what you have.

          1. @Scottish, that’s why my closest friends have been borne of, from high school/childhood friends, because we were all the same. we only needed company and we had the same likes/dislikes/hobbies. the recent ones in the last years, one was due to same classes and she is happily married. lol there’s no threat to eachother.

  8. Avatar

    I think this is more a perception issue. It sounds like women with traditional “male” aggressive qualities are seen as vicious when, in reality, the same quality in men is seen as normal. It’s like men have this vision of women as sweet affectionate nurturers and anything outside of that is “vicious.” This is more about what your husband thinks a woman “should” be…likely a mother he compares all other women to. I think %20 of both women AND men are vicious…%80 of both are not.

    1. I was thinking about this too. The conditioning of our culture. The same behavior can be exhibited by either sex and perceived totally differently by others.

  9. I think it is also worth considering that when men talk about women, they may be more likely to talk about the one that wounded them the most, rather than the many other women who were perhaps unremarkable enough not to mention. So if 20 men are talking about women, then they may all have a negative experience to relay, giving the impression that there are more ‘vicious’ women out there than the non-vicious variety.

    1. @Kathy,

      you’re right. it’s the ones who are most remarkable to them, in any way that they want to hurt and abuse. Because, the others are not even worthy of their attention.
      the ones that scare them, they fear these women, but are also drawn to them.

      kind of a Lilith problem honestly. I read that somewhere, Lilith for women is how they act on their darkest, and for men it’s the woman they fear. so other women are not remarkable enough.

  10. My Moon is in Leo and I don’t think 80% of women are vicious. But I would put it around 50%. It’s mostly hidden and until it hits you, you’re not aware of the viciousness. Then again, I also think 90% of men can’t be trusted. 😀 I could go with 80/20 rule on this though. What’s 10% less or more when I generally don’t trust them anymore. 😉

  11. Having a scorpio moon (cj mars, mercury and neptune), I think he may be very sensitive to insult and injury, therefore his world view is going to reflect this. I am constantly looking at their bad sides of people, so I completely understand his point of view.

  12. I have a friendly stable Taurus moon….BUT its on opposition to a Scorpio Stellium.

    Vicious? I have been. I don’t want to be. That way of living takes the very life out of you. It diminishes you in all ways. But, I have been. And, I am not proud of it.

  13. Not sure about that word vicious. It conjures up the image of a snarling dog.

    When we generalize, we lose. Everyone has a story. Generalizations are very unfair.

  14. I’ve worked w/ some vicious women, but they’re really just compensating. I think they were/are damaged people, projecting their inner turmoil outward. Well, to be vicious you are hurt and angry.

  15. Yah, I would agree with that. Maybe not 80% but at least 50%. A lot of women are just whacked, crazy, spinning, vicious, whether then mean to be or not. Maybe this is evolutionary, you gotta survive, especially when probably 80% of men are just plain stupid.

  16. My natal Moon is in Virgo. Cut me or someone else deeply in an undeniable way and I will return the favor by cutting you – out of my trusted circle without any discussion. Male, female, whatever – a lot of people permit themselves/each other to be deliberately cruel to one another and project the blame upon their victims. 80%? I hope not but sometimes it does feel that way.

  17. Scorpio Moon. I have been called a “quivering bowl of jello” and have been called “vicious” at different times in my life. I just can’t see it being any/all. However, I take umbrage at calling Cher vicious. If you read her story, all she wanted was to be her own person, and she had to do what she had to do in order to claim herself. Still, at Sonny’s funeral, she cried like a baby. Truly vicious women don’t cry. Truly vicious women have closed themselves off to their femininity and do not EVER allow themselves to feel any soft emotion. So therefore, for the love of humanity, I have to hope that there are few truly vicious women. In my mind, there are far, far more truly vicious men. It’s just easier for them, to divorce themselves from emotion.

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