The Upside To Saturn In Aspect To Mars

Mars in aspect to Saturn is widely considered one of the worst aspects to find in a chart. Here’s it’s upside. This is the soldier and I talking awhile back. He has Saturn in aspect to Mars.

“Do you ever feel scared of me?” he asked. “You know. Afraid.”

I could tell he was serious so I stopped to think. “No. No, I’ve never been scared of you.” I paused to think some more. “No, not ever. Not once have I ever been afraid of you. No I am not afraid and I never have been, why? Why are you asking me this?”

“Because most people are,” he said. “Sometimes I think everyone is afraid of me.”

“Oh. Okay, well they’re not. Everyone is not afraid of you because I am not afraid of you. You don’t scare me. Why are people afraid of you?”

“I don’t know. They think I might hurt them I guess.”

“Well I don’t think that. It has never occurred to me that you’d hurt me although I admit that I am sure it’s occurred to others.”


“Yeah, no doubt. But me personally? I have no fear of you at all and I never have.”

“That’s good to hear,” he said. “I wish more people felt like you did.”

“Hmm. Well I don’t know why they don’t. Why don’t they I wonder.”

“Well I guess they know I can hurt people so they think I may do it to them.”

“I see. Well I understand that but I think it’s backwards.”

“How so? How’s that’s backwards, P?”

“Well as long as you’re around I feel like nothing bad is going to happen. For example if someone pulls a box cutter on a plane and thinks they are going to hijack it, you are going to kill them.”

“I am.”

“Yeah. So I am going to be safe if you do. There will be trauma but I will be able to walk off that plane. And if I am an old lady on vacation and some jackals get on my tour bus with a gun or a knife (Violence Meets Violence), you are going to do something, right?”


“Okay, so why would I be afraid? Why would I be afraid of you, I mean? Of course I’m not afraid of you. I’m glad you are there because me? I can’t deal with a guy on a plane with a box cutter, can I? I assure you, I cannot.”

“I see.”

“So that’s what I mean, backwards. I do not feel threatened by you at all. I feel the opposite. I feel ultra safe around you.”

“Thank you, P. I appreciate that. It sure feels good to know there is someone who is not afraid of me.”

“Well it sure feels good not to be afraid. Not afraid of you and not afraid of anyone else if you’re around. Because whatever someone is going to do, they probably won’t do it with you standing there and if they do decide to try, odds are very high they’ll be thwarted so I don’t know how I could be any safer do you?”

“No. I don’t think you could be any safer than you are if you’re with me.”

“Right. So maybe I should be thanking you. Do you know how often a woman gets to feel safe? Not very often. Their own men attack them; this happens so commonly sometimes it seems this is matter of course, so please. These people who are afraid of you? That’s stupidity. It just makes no sense at all. They should be very glad if you’re anywhere near and I’m sorry something other than that happens to you.”

10 thoughts on “The Upside To Saturn In Aspect To Mars”

  1. I wouldn’t know, but people who are skilled fighters don’t have so much to prove, they’re not so touchy and insecure physically, so they’re less likely to let fly without good reason?

  2. On the other hand, I knew someone who was friends with an ex-soldier, they both were drunk, this guy I knew (who was full of bravado) comes in waving a knife at him, and the ex-soldier grabbed it off him and killed him – then was appalled at what he’d done, and is now in jail. So some ex-soldiers might need to untrain some of their reflexes, particularly for when they’ve been drinking.

  3. DR – I wrote a blog in response to your first comment and on your second point, it is again a matter of control (Saturn). The soldier would never be drunk to the point where he would be out of control as this would be irresponsible.

    The point here is that he’s lives a high expression of this very difficult energy… but you are right. He did say he felt it miraculous no one was killed when a bunch of SF guys got into a (provoked) bar fight. However if that were to have happened, I seriously doubt he’d have been the one to slip.

    In his case, the mars saturn aspect is very tight and consequently his lines are well-defined. He knows exactly where they are and he opts not to cross them.

  4. It must be the insecurity of not knowing for sure on what side he is. Elsa, you know he’s on your side, so you’re safe for sure. But other people? They have to trust he is on their side, because if he’s not, well he has the power doesn’t he? The fact that they have no choice in the matter, they are at his mercy for good (protection) or ill (attack).(not to say that he would use that power, of course, but that’s a whole different issue)

  5. OK – since I’m in Scorpio mode this morning, I will have to say I SO don’t get why anyone would be afraid of this man. Unless of course you were a slime he was hunting down. I would be proud to have him for a friend!!

    What scares me?! A soccer mom behind the wheel of a huge SUV, talking on her cell phone w/screaming kids in the car . . . and she’s running late. And why? Because there is no way to predicate when she’s going to lose it & run over anyone who gets in her way . . . 🙂

  6. Maybe then my Mars Saturn conjunction in Scorpio explains why NO ONE provokes me, like… ever. Bad things simply do not happen on my watch, and I normally just expect that to be the reality, but sometimes I get reflective and think “Holy crap, this is amazing.” I have been in work situations where every single one of my colleagues was being harrassed by a difficult individual, every one but me with my Mars Saturn Scorpio and my stern face that just says “Don’t even THINK about it.” It’s super useful.

  7. This is not to say that no one ever works against me, I am just never openly provoked. I have had some major tragedies too, but always in my absence.

  8. ‘my stern face’ donederin I just checked out your blog to see how stern your face is and that picture on the right made me laugh. your face is lovely so maybe you meant your face when you’re stern.
    and happy belated bday to you!

  9. I have Mars square Saturn. I’m not a violent person but I will fight HARD (translation: to the death) to save/protect myself or someone I love.

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