5 thoughts on “Saturn In Pisces & Scare Astrology”

  1. My daughter married the love of her life last night. Uranus and Jupiter literally shook the windows, soaked the streets and lit up the sky.

    Fantastic beginning to a beautiful future.

  2. I really needed to hear this, today. Transit Saturn in first & transit Pluto conjunct sun (12th) & mercury. Man, this is the toughest time of my life. Major health problems, loved ones dying, and now financial crisis.
    Thanks for the reminder to have faith and that fears (on top of real probs) can dissipate.
    May the positivity/light you give out come right back to you, tenfold 🦋🌞.

  3. I started meeting monthly via my iPhone while rest of the group meet on Zoom. My physical limitations do not prevent me from getting the support I need for spiritual and real-time nourishment. These women are mostly from my culture of origin though we live in many places on he earth. We are studying a tradition practice of conflict resolution intended to remember values and ways of living meaningfully.

    This is healing work and I’m grateful to be part of the process 🌱❤️

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