Who Can See The Invisible? The Difference In Perception Between Scorpio And Pisces

Continuing on the invisible people theme, I wanted to ask the other hologram-type people out there, who is most consistently able to see you?

For me it is Pisces and people with emphasis on the 12th house. Coming in 2nd would be Scorpio but their way of seeing is very different and exactly what you’d expect.

The Neptunians tend to have a whole view where as Scorpio is very focused on whatever part of my psyche they are focused on. It is sort of like looking at a person’s foot. Scorpio sees the foot razor sharp and derives everything else from that.ย  Age, health, state of being, culture, level of self care…

What are your experiences along this line?

24 thoughts on “Who Can See The Invisible? The Difference In Perception Between Scorpio And Pisces”

  1. You know what? The Pisces image here on this post is a close-up of the poster my Pisces sister and I had hanging in our bedroom in the 60’s. I loved looking at this poster. It was the last thing I saw before I fell asleep and first thing I saw when I woke up for 10 years. I feel so happy to see this again.

    So yeah the topic was what who knows which poster I had in my bedroom in 1968?

    But seriously, back to the question: Who gets me? Across the board hands down: Virgos! oh my god, you Virgos see the atoms in the molecules of my diffused and raggedy edges.

  2. v. cool, Deirdre.

    I am not so invisible myself, but Pisces just plain surround me and maybe it’s because I can see them? Like Haley Joel Osment in the Sixth Sense, hahaha? I have some Scorpio (but no Pisces planets at all) and strong Neptune and Pluto signatures.

  3. wow, deidre. i’ll bet seeing that image again really caught your attention, huh? that’s SO cool.

    i don’t know who sees me the best. i do have neptune opposing my midheaven. i am always surprised when someone does actually “see me,” or even when i become aware that somebody else has any opinions or thoughts about me. i know that makes no sense logically…but it kind of takes me back, until i decide to ignore it and stop noticing it…

  4. snapdragon-i’m glad i’m not alone…I thought i was just a little nutty that way…heck, it took me a while to realize that people around my small town recognize and remember me. and i’m 42 with PINK and BLUE hair, for Christsakes, in the heart of the conservative midwest. What, I think I’m incognito or something? Small children sometimes point in the grocery store, and I still fancy myself invisible? WTF?

    But you know what? I still do. And if I’m feeling vulnerable before I go out, I mentally construct a cloak of invisibilty so that only people who will wish me well can “see” me. Works pretty well, too…ha!

  5. The thing that has always freaked me out is that strangers come up to me all the time and talk to me as if they have known me all their lives! There is a look in their eye that says I know this person inside and out. However, once I open my mouth it all changes and they can’t wait to get away! I am at a loss as to where this appears in my chart. I have a proponderance of earth with a Saturn chart ruler! Moon conjunct Neptune maybe?

  6. As I was reading your post, I was trying to figure out where I would fit in with it. I was thinking that I have Pisces in my chart, but of course I am a Scorpio. Then as I read farther, I started to wonder if you would lump me in with Neptunians (which is my chart ruler), but seeing as I am picking a small part of your post to answer, I guess I’m looking at a foot…. LOL

    Being new to astrology, I don’t know the signs of a lot of the people that I come into contact with. But I have two Aquarian friends, and a Leo friend. The Scorpio Sun guy that I am into seems to be the only one that I have come into contact with that understands my depth (other than maybe my Cancer brother)

  7. Goddess, I completely get what you are saying. I still am surprised (at 41) when I am out and about, and people recognize my face!

    Well what, do I think I am wearing a mask? Do I think that people won’t remember me?

    I don’t know what to put it down to, I just know it’s there.

  8. That’s funny Goddess. As I said, I’m just the same.

    I’m feeling quite vulnerable today, so maybe I’ll try to construct an invisibility cloak myself :o)

  9. My tenth house is in Pisces with Saturn & Chiron. I’m shocked when people don’t see me for myself. Usually people either act like they have complete trust in me (90 year old lady asked me to drive her home)even though they have never seen me before, or they broadside me with angry hurtful words which leaves me standing there like a deer in the headlights.

    I never have a clue at all about what brings on the attacks. I have looked around a few times to see if they are talking to someone standing near me.

  10. LOL, I can just picture all these people (you guys) standing there, darting looks back over your shoulders, “you talkin to me?”, and the deer in the headlights thing. :o)

    Must be weird!

  11. Let me know how the cloak works for you, Snapdragon. I love mine!

    Lynn, people I have never met also feel quite comfortable in confiding in me, but it sounds like you have more of that than me. And they don’t freak out when I talk…They also usually don’t project their pissiness at me, and no old ladies have asked me for a ride yet!

  12. Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer. But Pisces in particular. I don’t have to explain myself around them, they just understand me. I love the fishes ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. cancer’s doing all right, of late. except when they don’t. same with the pisces/12th people. either they get me or they’re waaaay off.
    or sometimes they do and sometimes they get their own head in the way of seeing me, i guess. and some are perpetually stuck in their own little wonderland and mistake me for a flower.

  14. Pisces & Scorps, for sure…it’s just a pity those are the two signs that always end up hurting me the most ๐Ÿ™

  15. With Pisces on my Western Asc and on my Vedic Asc, I am like, dos Pisces. Or, Pisces squared. That is how I tend to think of it as mutable seems to be my strongest energy, and mostly mutable of the Pisces variety.

    I am like one of those old gigantic white video screen that the movie is projected on. In the mind of the person whose movie is projected on my screen, oftentimes I tend to become that movie in their eyes.

    Because of that, and over the numerous years of my life, I feel that a few people have loved me WAY out of proportion to what there is of me to love, and, one or two I can recall, seemed to love me without necessarily having much of an idea of who I was or what I was about, really.

    There was one who loved me but when I had to break away, as Pisces usually do, (we drift, ya know?) …then this great rage was projected onto the screen, and then the person began to confuse this picture of rage on the screen with me being a horrible person deep down to the core which is in no way the case.

    Strangers get me wrong pretty much 100% of the time, because the voice I have in writing is not the same as the very soft spoken speaking voice that I have in speaking.

    When I was younger, I have also had a few people tell me, “You are a person who can look better or worse than anyone else I know.”

    That means I can take it down to looking like a total rag bag, but also I could fix up to look great back then, and…appearence really does make some difference and it is preferable to make some sort of effort I guess.

  16. Don’t worry, Lilly. I’ll never hurt ya! :o)

    @ Loonsounds – LOL!…. “rag bag” hahaha

    @ Wyrdling – you? a flower?!!

  17. Scorpio. Pisces don’t really focus on me, as far as I know — I have only one Pisces friend and he is more or less consistently off in the ozone.

    But Scorpio knows me to my roots, generally (though I do know two Scorpios who project all over me and don’t know who I am at all).

  18. Deirdre- I think we had this poster too. I think that a lot of people from diferent signs get me. Capricorn and Scorpio get me. I am not sure if Aquarius gets me, I have to cross my eyes to get them sometimes.

  19. Not sure of the astrology or the whys but with Cap sun, Aquarius rising and Libra moon, my three best friends are Sagittarius men (and I dated one for nine years). (Maybe it’s mercury, neptune, and jupiter in Sag?) I won’t date them anymore, but as friends, they are adoring and sometimes get me more than I get myself. They support. Pisces (though my dad is one) can definitely see me.

  20. The only people I can think of who truly grok me most of the time are my hubby and a friend I’ve known since kindergarten.

    My husband and I have extremely similar charts (born six weeks apart) and he understands me on an intuitive level that is just creepy sometimes.
    I think the reason my friend gets me so well is the years upon years of shared experience. (Although another friend has known me sixteen years and still gets it wrong, as I mentioned elsewhere.)
    The only connection I can find besides the obvious ones, since we were all born in the same year, is that they both have Scorp rising in the late degrees.

  21. Scorpio for sure. I’m Scorpio Sun, Cancer rising. Scorpio can especially cut through the clever rationalizations. Leo’s see through my bluster. Cancer, although I think I see them a little better than they see me–they’re so self-preoccupied. Pisces (my brother is one) tend to see a projection of who I am, although they’re in the ballpark. Gemini in a weird, annoying, unnerving way…

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