Eeyore And The Dirty Nasty Job – Clean Up After Mass Suicide At Jonestown

mrclean.jpgRegarding the soldier being sent to clean up the 913 dead bodies at Jonestown, Jilly wrote:

“Gawd, what a job.”

Deirdre added:

“I mean really”

We were eating lunch on a bike ride yesterday, I was quizzing the soldier about his experience at Jonestown.

“Don’t put that on your blog,” he said.

I stared because it was already too late and he picked up on it.

“What did you say? I didn’t do anything there, it was just a dirty nasty job. It was a hey you, job. I did that before I had my assignment, I was just out of boot camp.  Hey you!  Got a dirty nasty job here so who are you going to call?”


“Yeah, me. Call me when you have a dirty nasty job. Send him to do it.  But I don’t have an image like Mr. Clean,” he said.


“No, I have an image like Eeyore,” he said with a snort. “Got a dirty nasty job, better go get Eeyore to do it.”

“Is that your image?”


Eeeyore, like “Charlie the Unicorn, “This better be pretty frickin’ important…”

11 thoughts on “Eeyore And The Dirty Nasty Job – Clean Up After Mass Suicide At Jonestown”

  1. miss hermit, you’ll have to be careful there, lest elsa smack you for talking about finding her man’s qualities attractive. unless you’re 80. then you’re safe. LOL.

    i prefer to refer to jonestown as a murder/suicide, because i don’t believe all those people wanted to die.

  2. Yeah, I am like on of those lizards who have those things around their neck that flare. I’d feel otherwise if I had a choice but alas I am very low on the evolution front.

  3. Avatar
    Little Miss Hermit

    I have the greatest respect for those who do “dirty jobs” – like detectives who pose as children online to catch paedophiles, forensic detectives, or say – those who volunteered to travel halfway round the world to help clean up after the 2004(?) tsunami. And so on… Awesome! Actually, I’m turned on by the qualities those guys possess:)

  4. Love Charlie the Unicorn!!!Definitely see the paralell between Eyore and Charlie haha.

    I showed my dad cos he’s name is Charlie and has Gemini. He totally loved it. I tease him all the time “Charliiie Charliiie”. Everytime I talk to him he says “Aww they took my freaking kidney”

  5. skye – the soldier sent this all over. Too bad his son is blocked from youtube in iraq but everyone he sends it to, recognizes him immediately. Like that guy from 30 years ago… he about split a gut watching that. The soldier (Taur and scor) has not changed a hair in his life. In fact he says that:

    “I have been wearing the same clothes since I was 12 years old and I don’t see anything wrong with ’em.”

  6. Avatar

    ROFL – I’m the same with my guy. I almost went after his mother when she was visiting this last week. She’s sitting there and says “Now if you’d loose weight you’d be a pretty good looking guy”

    His weight is a touchy subject with him as he’s gained mostly as he’s had a tough schedule and not had time to care for himself (travel travel with bad food) and we’re working on some slow and permanent changes. But his own mother! argh!!

    And the eyore image – rofl. I now have a dialogue in my head of what eyore would be saying as he had to do jobs like that … it’s pretty funny – so thanks for the image

  7. Reading Elsa’s post about the clean up of the bodies had the effect of me feeling like I tripped over one of those bodies. Whenever I had thought about the mass event in my mind, I imagined everyone gathered, then the drinking and then it was enough, I stopped imagining. I thought neither about a clean-up committee, nor that the event from our collective memory would be personal 30 years later.

  8. Aww I remember you saying the boys were blocked from youtube which is a real shame since Charlie the Unicorn would be a small escape for a moment over there.

    Im in stiches about the wearing the same clothes. The astrology of it is too funny. I knew two guys with this taurus/scorp energy and they harldy change. They like what they like and why the hell do they have to change.

  9. Oh that’s funny. I’m a Scorpio Sun and a Taurus Moon. And I say “DON’T peg me!”

    I could be the same for years, but that doesn’t mean I’ll stay that way. I’ll be whoever (whatever) the hell I want, whenever I want. Don’t think because I’m this way now, that I have to stay this way!

    I decide.

  10. I just read this article

    I simply can’t imagine what the Military came upon. The last paragraph of the article is telling. I know it’s a lot to ask, but I hope someday the Soldier will put the story in writing. I pray that our generations to come will be able to offer their services in such ways.

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