Saturn In Sagittarius – Are You Sure You Know It All?

Vintage Sagittarius t-shirt graphcicI was taking to someone yesterday. I’ve known the man for ten years. After being prompted, I spoke candidly about my background. About where I came from and how I wound up in certain circumstance. It’s quite a tale.

The man has formed an opinion of me over the years, derived of this and that, but very little concrete information. I wouldn’t say he was taken aback. But there was enough new information provided, he’ll have to rethink his suppositions about me.  Way too many ingredients have been added to this soup!

This is a Saturn in Sagittarius phenomena. It’s about getting the real story, flattering or otherwise. And being judged for it?  This represents an investment of some sort, on both sides.

In other cases and places in my life, there is a boundary (Saturn) around the truth (Sagittarius). It’s not that I’m willing to lie. I am not willing to lie! I’ll just stick with short (true) statements, unwilling to elaborate for whatever reason.

After having both these experiences over the last few days, I was struck by how little the average person know about the other person.  It’s particularly attention-getting if you consider how much one people may think they know about another.  This is especially true on the internet.

This seems a good time to consider if what you think you know about a person has any merit at all.  It’s related to this – When You Find Out You’re Wrong About Everything.

Few take the time to actually get to know another person.  We’ve become so superficial!  You read or hear or see one thing and that’s it! You’ve got the person’s character sorted out.

Not really, though. In reality, you’re just cementing your lack true knowledge.

When was the last time you realized your suppositions about another person were wrong?


19 thoughts on “Saturn In Sagittarius – Are You Sure You Know It All?”

  1. I was the only person shocked that my best friend abandoned me, twice. There were red flags of course over the years but the good had always outweighed the bad.

  2. Good story, Elsa! And, an excellent article. And, very timely as well as I am experiencing the same with other people. It seems that the majority of folks are a little lost now – you can see it in their eyes. And, they want to talk about important, deep issues which can be very revealing. I think they just want to hear themselves talk. This is very therapeutic, as in doing so, they can put the pieces of their life together. It is certainly an interesting phenomenon to watch.

  3. There are days I’m not sure I know the children I gave birth to. You can be having a conversation with your spouse and he’ll say something small that seems insignificant. But in that moment you catch it and wonder. ….who are you?

    I still don’t know all the parts to me. …

  4. This morning in bed with my man, the Scorpio. He hurt me. I am more careful with him than I have ever been with a man. I wanted to hurt him back. I rolled away, bit my tongue. After his shower he got back in bed with me and we talked. I misinterpreted. Our communication is quite good. I keep discovering new layers to this man. We only met in late August but I’m always impatient. I want to know everything about a man immediately. I want instant intimacy and starry proclamations. That ain’t how true love works, especially in the case of Scorpio sun Taurus moon. ♡☆♡

  5. Everyone in my life would probably be surprised to find some part of me they do not know. And I think I keep it that way because at some point, when ‘that secret piece’ was revealed I was hurt by how it was received. Obviously if it is a secret part of me I am sensitive to its very existence.
    One of the most precious people in my life, one of my children, is twenty and extremely idealistic. Therefore, exceptionally judgmental. I am more cautious the things I share with her about my own youth than I am with my other children. She holds the bar for me up extremely high and I hate to tell her I have slipped and fallen many times. I can only share these things when she slips, realizes she has feet of clay and then I can comfort her by saying, this is what happened to me.

  6. I am always naive and think people are good or I always seem to focus on the good in each person. I am so wrong. It’s been a deeply disruptive past year with Scorpio Saturn digging and revealing all truths and every ounce of bad in everyone I thought loyal and true. Sagittarius does rule my 3rd house so it’s getting a heavy dose of Saturn reality. I don’t know beans.

  7. One of my Scorpio grandmother’s favorite sayings was this: “You never truly know anyone, no matter how long you’ve known them. There is always something that you will never know about them.”

    I have found this to be true, and we always assume we know a lot about others. It is a good post that could fit in with the Scorpio element of the season as well. 😉

  8. I sat across the table from two women I know, one nearly ninety the other fifty. In fifteen minutes I learned more about each, and I could have thought I knew them … there’s so much more when you sit, across the table to listen.

      1. anonymoushermit

        Sometimes, I can’t help it, hating them that is. But it’s my ego, um, hehe.

        I’ll admit though, I try to at least open my mind to the fact that perhaps they may be ill (mentally), or have a terrible background in the past. This is when I look past my bias, or whatever.

  9. I have known my husband for over 27 years. He thinks he knows me inside out. I was ranting about an ongoing aggravation I deal with. I proclaimed I am done with it. That’s it! He laughed and said I know you…. You’ll never stop doing (this particular thing) it. You are soft hearted and may rant but will continue in.

    What he doesn’t realize is that when we get home I am done with it. I’ve thrown all the energy I can into this thing and I have no more for it.

    Will he be disappointed to find he didn’t know this about me at all? Because the party is over. I’m really done with it. I’m sure he will be surprised he doesn’t know what he thinks he does. People change. They just get tired and have to change.

    1. “Will he be disappointed to find he didn’t know this about me at all? Because the party is over. I’m really done with it. I’m sure he will be surprised he doesn’t know what he thinks he does. People change. They just get tired and have to change.”

      Agree. Ben points this out all the time. People leave you somewhere, run into you ten or twenty years down the road and they’re surprised you interact with them differently…if at all.

  10. I was very nervous to work with five guys, I had preconceived notions. After forcing them to get to know me and getting to know them, I can say that I havent learned much about guys being in their environment. And the lewd jokes or banter they make about girls cars or phones they kinda hide from me. My boss has Venus in Gemini and loves to joke about girls and dating and when happy hours come we hide from each other. Yeah I still don’t know a lot about men other than when they don’t like you they don’t like you and no aggressive charm humor or funny angry comments can make it otherwise. I believe you can ‘charm and sense of humor’ a woman into liking you if your a guy though

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