What If My Chart & My Life Is Horrible?

zodiac napierHey, Elsa! I was just wondering if you have a horribly hard chart and have had a really rough life of forty-plus years and the rest of it is not looking any better, is it changeable or is it set in stone? Is my blueprint that I’m stuck with a whole life of hell? Is there a reading that can help fix this?

This is a great question. Your chart is hard-wired but your perspective or understanding of it can change. The ways you work with the aspects in your chart can change.

If you are not maturing and evolving it may be your attitude or your approach to life that is set in stone.

I don’t really want to be a worker-bee servant, yet here I am. I was pretty pissed off, the day my fate was revealed to me but at this point, I can see I’m designed for it.

I can also see, earlier in my life, I was influenced by advertising.  Everyone is supposed to want whatever it is, that’s being sold.

At this point, most of that has been stripped away and what is left is authentic. I suspect a reading could help you, but you would have to be open to seeing things in a new light.

It’s not too late by the way. People in their forties would be well advised to realize they could easily live another forty years!  That’s a long time to not be happy!

Have you adapted to your chart, over time? 

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  1. I would say if you feel that way you should have a consultation with Elsa to see the possibilities you have around you.

    I am going through a life change and had a consult with Elsa this morning. Now, I am even more excited to begin a new chapter while I try out different options that are possible for me.

    Elsa, you are wonderful. Thank you very much for your amazing insight. You are very intuitive as well as being a great astrologer. Never truly appreciated how bored I was at my job until you asked.


  2. I have a hard chart. Not grand crosses. But some aspects that keeps blowing my head off, no matter how hard I try to control them.
    And when shit hits the fan in the planetary heaven, and hits my chart, there’s a domino effect.

    But I think the past years have stripped me pretty raw emotionally (Thank you, transit Pluto square moon), and what is left is more solid, more transformed than if I didn’t have this transit. It’s not like I look forward to Pluto squaring itself and Saturn in the same turn, but if you want to get up again, you need the bottom. You need to have something to stand on while you are rising from the ashes…. ??

  3. I have a complicated chart and I had a sad and pathetic life. I’m trying not to care about having a relationship or a career anymore. I feel better just trying to accept that which is.

    1. My SO always asks “compared to what?”

      Personally, I’ve never seen a chart without obstacles/tragedies. You can find charts of a lot of celebrities who are interesting (and continue to be interesting as they evolve) and see that maybe they have a chart you wouldn’t have chosen for yourself. I also don’t think life is supposed to be all peaches and cream. Life wants you to grow!

      This is the most supportive site I’ve ever seen between Elsa and the awesome people in the forums.

      Keep going. Keep growing. Meditate. Get a reading. Reach out to supportive people. Maybe get a life coach or a councilor. If you can’t afford that find some motivational speakers on YouTube. Create something that is meaningful and fulfilling for YOU.

      Just like Elsa said, it’s perspective. And like my grandma always said, where there’s a will there’s a way. If you really want things to change, you’ll find a way.

  4. I have a number of aspects in my chart which were really tough at first but I learned for every negative side of any aspect, there is also a positive. My early life was an absolute horror show. By the time I was 15, Pluto had crossed my Mars, Venus, Ascendant and North Node – and I had the experiences to match. I could have let these experiences crush me, but instead I fought back. I used my Sun Conjunct Uranus Conjunct Mercury in 11th House Leo to stand my ground and give ’em hell. I rebelled – against everything. Then I realised that blindly lashing out may have made me feel better but wasn’t actually achieving anything. So instead I channeled that rage and became a community activist – helping others who were also fighting to survive. After that I made good use of Moon 29 Cancer 10th House, directly opposite Saturn at 1 Capricorn in the 4th. I could have been isolated, cold, but instead I started a charity from home that helped destitute and isolated families. I also have Mars conjunct Pluto in 12th H Virgo – did I become a serial killer? No, instead I got into investigative journalism – rooting out and exposing the powerful and corrupt. That old saying is true – it’s not the hand you’re dealt – it’s how you play ’em that counts.
    I know people who have far, far worse charts than mine that have turned those aspects around and made them into something powerful, revolutionary. These charts are often about accelerated evolution – yours and everyone and everything you come into contact with. Stop running away from your power. Learn to master it and then use it wisely. I know it’s hard to understand at first, but these challenging aspects are a gift, using these gifts to help others is the key to unlocking their potential. No matter how bad things get, there really is someone out there worse off than you. Reach out to them, they need someone with your experience. And you may learn something about yourself in the process.

  5. I am quoting from my email to Elsa, after my reading, which possibly saved me years of heartache.
    ‘I am sure you have heard this a million times, but it’s (the reading) like talking to your best friend plus counsellor plus favourite teacher. You fill hearts, and clean out garbage from confused minds. Thank you for your gifts! :)’
    We are not dealt with any burden we can’t handle.

  6. Truly studying my chart and all of its complicated aspects has saved a lot of head banging over the recent years. Then, helping others do the same is quite rewarding. Embrace the fact that no one enters or leaves their lives unscathed.

  7. “Life is not always a matter of holding good cards, but sometimes, playing a poor hand well.”
    – Jack London

    Thought I’d offer this insight. Similar to Elsa’s often stated view that all energy is neutral; it’s how you use it.

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    marian grimsdell

    I am new to astrology but wondering is there any link between genetics and your astrology chart . I have had readings in the past and have been told I have a lucky chart but emotionally my life has not been lucky or easy. My Mother was diagnosed schizophrenic then my sister and now my son, although in his case I cannot say if this was inherited or through misuse of drugs The point is that science is now understanding that this horrendous mental illness is now apparently an inflammation of the brain due to the immune system attacking it same as any other auto immune illness . Can this auto immune response show in transits or some other way I am curious but do not really expect an answer

    1. That’s really interesting.
      Astrologically, I would give swelling to Neptune and maybe Jupiter.
      “Attack” would be Mars. The brain, Mercury?

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