Saturn, Fate And Opportunity

I”Fate leads he who follows it, and drags he who resists.”

I have a friend who is starting a new job tomorrow. She has transiting Saturn exact on her IC. The IC is Moon-ruled and the Moon conjuncts Saturn tomorrow. The Moon is feeling, the IC is home and Saturn is restriction. Saturn on the Moon or the IC can bring emotional restriction and fear, which is pretty normal when anticipating a new job situation. The IC is part of the MC/IC axis which signifies career vs. home No doubt this new job will affect the way she splits her energy between career and home, create restriction though not necessarily in a negative way, definitely boundary-setting.

Throughout the summer she has applied for a variety of jobs and narrowed down her field of focus through communications (Saturn transiting the 3rd) and interviews. Her family just weathered the big storm this week. I just joked with her that at least her anxiety is centered around a possible positive life change rather than a tree falling on her house, given Saturn to the IC. The way I see it is that she put in some sustained hard work (Saturn) this summer and created an opportunity. The Saturn IC energy would have manifested in some way. That’s fate. The energy was there. Free will entered when she did the work to create the possibility for it to manifest in a beneficial way.

Transits are neutral. It could have gone many ways but I believe that her positive use of the transiting energy, to work hard in this area, created the possibility of this possible manifestation. Had she sat back and waited for something to happen it might not have been so workable. Saturn in particular rewards hard work.

I’m reminded of the joke about the man who prayed and prayed to win the lottery. When he broke down and lamented never winning and the ruin of his life, God spoke to him saying, “Meet me half way and buy a bloody ticket!” I tend to think that this is how transits work. Fate has to be there but you have to meet it half way by creating the opportunity. This is why I follow planetary transits, to know where and how to create opportunities.

Where are you creating opportunity in your life? Does it reflect a transiting planetary energy?

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  1. I am trying to expand my social circle by joining a local woman’s club and also going to meet-ups around my city. I chock this up to Saturn in Libra. I just want to socialize.

  2. I’ve gotten more active in my field…. but some days I am not sure I want to be in that field anymore!! It doesn’t hurt to practice those basic skills of being more involved, reaching out, researching, etc. though.
    And, the more I stumble about (sort of) aimlessly, the better my odds of stumbling on *something*!
    I really feel a little directionless, but doing something is better than just hiding out in a cave! (Which I had been doing due to depression and getting sucker-punched emotionally in a personal relationship a few years ago.)

  3. “The IC is Moon-ruled and the Moon conjuncts Saturn tomorrow. The Moon is feeling, the IC is home and Saturn is restriction. Saturn on the Moon or the IC can bring emotional restriction and fear, ”

    Bingo! I feel like I’m being squeezed, limited and controlled.. In fact, when I found out I got the position, I threw the biggest hissy fit possible.. lol all because I HATE limitations on my freedom.. or what I perceive to be limitations.

    I loved being home these last 12 years, but I hate being financially restricted more. l’m interested to see where this job will go/can/might go. Heck, I might even become more organized because there’s no way I can become less organized, already there..

    Loved this, thank you! xo

    Btw the munchkin looked at the pic very quickly and said, “oh, what pretty broccoli!” lol

  4. when I was the munchkin’s age I hated broccoli so I told myself I was eating tiny baobabs so they wouldn’t take over the planet! I was a weird kid.

  5. It was only “pretty broccoli” because it wasn’t on her plate :p

    you weren’t a weird kid, you just had great survival skills at a young age.. lol

  6. Group relations – Mercury in the 11th House – reinstated my membership with toastmasters today. Sun in 12th house still feel isolated though and mars in 10 but inspired to stay ambitions professionally.

  7. I better get on this job hunt then.. Once again that is. Saturn in libra is in my 3rd as well. I do simply want to stay home however!

  8. I want to be a writer. So, I worked hard at convincing my boss that we needed a website and a newsletter. Then, I convinced his boss and then took on our entire IT department to convince them we needed to work with an outside agency to launch the site. I have been producing a quarterly newsletter for 3 years now (adding a writing element to my job that didn’t exist before) and I’ve been my company’s webmaster since March.
    After that, I worked hard at convincing a local newspaper editor that I would be an asset to his paper and my second published column was on the newstands yesterday.
    I’m a persistent
    I believe completely in creating your own opportunities.

  9. My Saturn is in transit in 3rd, approaching IC, too, though it won’t conjunct til early Nov. Funny thing is that I am having a beginning interview tomorrow for a dream job (c’mon Grand Trine) and my transiting Jupiter is in 10th approaching my natal Jupiter Rx in 10th in Taurus, too….whew. Though I daresay it looks good, tomorrow Venus conjunct Venus, Merc. conjunct Mars…only thing I”m concerned about is transit Sun conjunct Uranus in 2nd, and transit Neptune conjunct Saturn in 8th…big bad Pluto exiting 5th for 6th too…cool entry on the whole Saturn meets IC.

  10. Well, after 2 years of unemployment, and lots and lots of doors being slammed, both in my face, and in the face of different options that I’ve weighed, I think I’m finally on track. I’ve gone back to school to take a Financial Accounting class, to learn to be a bookkeeper. Not anything that I’d ever thought I’d do, (yes, it is extremely dry), but the opportunity to get experience came through a friend, and that whole “when opportunity knocks” thing…..Saturn has been squaring my Venus (can’t wait for that to end), but Jupiter has turned around and is going to be trining my Jupiter, moving to trine my Sun again, and I”m hoping that this time, there will be some palpable shift.

    Josi, you are my idol for how you’ve created those opportunities for yourself

  11. ThankYou Satori !!!

    Great Post as Usual Saturn is going to Conjunct my IC on November so it is a Heads Up !!!

    I really like Your Sense of Humour it is Great !!!

    Blessings Everybody !!!

  12. Hey Elsa,
    I too am doing the same thing. I joined and will be busy making friends,girls night outs,socializing, going on adventures, finding myself etc.
    Saturn in Libra in the 11th house, making its way to the 12th!!!

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