Saturn In Sagittarius – Blocking Progress

living in cageSaturn is now solidly in Sagittarius. I’m old enough to have seen this transit before. I feel as if  knowledge I already have…old knowledge, is becoming more defined.

For example, I’ve known for awhile, it’s hard to sway a person from their beliefs. Today, I understand this more fully. I also better understand how people have their defined perspective or story they believe. Good luck moving them off it.

With Jupiter strong in my chart, I don’t like narrow-mindedness. So when I see how other people’s stories clash with my own (i.e. Vicious Woman), I am working to really examine my own story. I want my story to be real. That means I have to be open the fact the other person might be right.

At first I realized that I had been wrong about virtually everything in my life (When You Find Out You Were Wrong). As unpleasant as that was, it was humbling and that’s what opened the doors to broader learning. My current exercise involves a person’s motives. My motives.

There is something I am doing.  It’s something I want to do, something I am striving to do well. My motive is personal. This is an area that has been a challenge in the past. I want to improve.

First, it seems possible that I can improve. It did not seem possible a year or two years ago, so this looks like an opportunity to me. So that’s my reality. That’s my story. I want to become good at something I have never been good at. I want to expand.

But then I told someone what I was doing and this person saw it very differently.  They think it is more noble or moral to remain uneducated. Too not strive to improve.  It’s so different from my view.

I think we should all try to grow and improve. But I guess we have this in our culture now; the belief, if you try hard you might get further than the person who does not try at all.  And maybe that’s rude.

To wrap this up, there are two things I am learning here. First, my view is not shared by all, and may not be shared by any. But also, it’s good to define my view. I may or may not want to defend it, but I probably do want to stick to my belief once I’ve examined it and found it to be sound.

I will have to defy authority to do this. It’s not comfortable for me, but I don’t want to live in a cage.

Worse, I can see the other person’s perspective. If I try, I will most likely distinguish myself. The thing is, I won’t necessarily to distinguished as a person who tries! I may be distinguished as a bitch. There is no way in the world for me control this.  So I’ve just got to live by my own principles. Old knowledge, but still…

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  1. “There is something I am doing. It’s something I want to do, something I am striving to do well. My motive is personal. This is an area that has been a challenge in the past. I want to improve.” I like this and it ressonates with what I experienced just recently: I was in a situation where I wanted to improve a skill that I have had for many years. I consulted one of the best teachers in the field to get her opinion and some training. She told be straight off that my skill didn’t count in her eyes, and that I better leave it there and try cultivating a whole new skill, because my fundamental technique performing my skill was not good enough. That was tough as she was definitely af Saturn-person. Afterwards I have been trying to come to terms with what to do. I could leave my skill and take up some new skill as she adviced me to do. I know she is an authority and therefore I value her opinion. But I also know that my original skill is of value to me and something I will like to keep doing. Talking to this woman I realized though that if I want to be doing it for many years from now, I will have to work on my technique. I will never be best, but I do not think will leave it just because it cannot be done in an ideal way. What is your take on something like this, Elsa. Is Saturn in sag time for cleaning the table, leaving old skills cultivating new ones?

    1. ” Is Saturn in sag time for cleaning the table, leaving old skills cultivating new ones?”

      It’s a time to realize your limitations…but you want to make sure the limitations are real. You basically visualize your future (Sadge) and then get to work (Saturn).

      If someone dissuades me, what might their motive be??

  2. I can’t understand anyone who promotes remaining uneducated – it’s not that I disapprove particularly I just can’t compute it. Knowledge, learning and education are the things I am most passionate about. Go do it, whatever it is Elsa.

  3. ‘I want to become good at something I have never been good at.’
    There’s something I can mine from this. That you believe it’s possible and want to try.
    I’m not sure what Saturn is ‘saying’ to me. I was told simply ‘you need to not be at your job.’ I need to move and I’m sitting on the fence. But move forward or back, where. What to become good at? I have til January not to f this up. Saturn is on my MC now.

  4. me too…I have been thinking this for awhile.I am in my 2nd Saturn return and my thinking has been I have not really accomplished much in my life. at least nothing noble,or noteworthy,or BIG. I want to find something that I do well and then do it.BIG. I want to be respected and thought of as “creative” rather than “qirky,or flaky”. trying to find what I can do really well rather than just ok is the hard part. and I look flaky jumping from one project to another-but I havnt hit that Aha moment yet where I can sit back and say..this is really a job well done!

    1. I’m going through something similar. Is it that you’re trying to do several projects to remedy this? I’m kind of sitting on my keister.

  5. My thinking at the moment is this: If you want to expand your life during Saturn in Sagittarius, you’re going to meet opposition. People will try to keep you where you are or where THEY think you ought to be, cause it’s safer that way. Don’t expect an easy road.

  6. It drives me nuts when a person refuses to change for anything. I know of one such person that won’t allow anyone to change her in any shape or form and she is one person that NEEDS to change! Said person brags about remaining the same and she pisses off so many people, family first.

    What is so frigging wrong with changing for the better? This person is one that I can’t avoid for too long, but sometimes, I wish I could.

    Good luck, Elsa. I wish you success.

    1. Thanks, Tonya. I have a transition to make here…from “mom” to something beyond that, seeing as I am an empty-nester. I grateful to have an idea and a direction.

  7. Whatever it is understand the motives, any repercussions and does it involve getting arrested or thrown out of anywhere. If it passes those things, go for it. ;0)

  8. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to go through life and never grow and learn new things. I’ve known people like that, though. They find a comfort zone and stubbornly stick with it.

    Now that you’re an empty-nester, Elsa, its the perfect time to explore new directions. Your focus has been your children for many years, so now it should be about you. You’re beginning a new phase in life. Try everything you want to and see what sticks after that.

    After my 2nd Saturn return in Scorpio a couple of years ago, I looked back at my life and my takeaway was that I did ok overall, but now its time to turn the page and write the next chapter of my life. There were lots of things I did wrong or coulda, shoulda, woulda done, but I can’t change the past. It is what it is.

    I miss my old life of going to work and having a structure to work within. I was left flapping in the wind with no direction. I have an idea in mind to pursue. Other ideas didn’t work, but hey, its all a process.

    1. Thanks. 🙂 You’re right. I drove kids to school, back and forth for 16 years and whatever else in between. And this blog for nearly as long. My days (and nights) have been locked up.

      So now I can try to develop new skills or elements of my personality that may be there but have laid dormant because that’s just the way life is.

      I’m really happy to have identified specific things I want to do. I am not *lost*. I was lost. But then I realized I was feeling sorry for myself –

      Within just a few minutes of opting out of that, I had some direction.

      I don’t think anyone with a strong Jupiter can just quit or opt out of growth. Also, with Mars and Mercury in the 9th, I have a drive to expand. You can’t really do this kind of thing and be “mom”. “Mom” is primary. “Wife” is very serious as well, however, my husband and I hit this point together. He wants to build buildings alongside the property line, so that’s what he’s going to do. My finding something of my own to do will stop me from interfering with him. It’s just right…

      I think I’m just a person people want to thwart or control in many cases. They want to parent me, maybe? But son of a bitch, it is way too late for that. It’s just ridiculously late for that.

      I’m aware lately, I’ve come a long way and what I want to do now is go a lot further.

      1. I think I really get what you’re saying. Earlier, I was wondering what you meant by “I will have to defy authority to do this. It’s not comfortable for me, but I don’t want to live in a cage.” Seeing that others want to ‘parent you’ makes your goal much clearer.

        Now that you aren’t parenting, there’s that power to direct into something as big as investing in your child. All right then! Power’s onto you. Interesting thread to consider during Saturn in Sagittarius. I’m old enough to remember his last transit as well. Life’s moved along since then … and I see lots of things differently now. Most of them!

  9. “They think it is more noble or moral to remain uneducated.” Did they flunk a Pluto transit? None of my business. I don’t understand that and that’s fine.

    To me that would be a good way to be sent back to earth school again to keep walking the same road until the growth occurred.

  10. Interesting write. You have a right to your reality las long as you are not breaking the law last I heard. I see it as two separate things. The rules I abide by in the physical world are just part of the societal structure. Belief systems are not even as much as some would like to make it so. The choice for me is always how much do I want to put out there of myself for other people to trash. If people can’t handle who I am I will find other outlets for it. I don’t know how much of myself I can relinquish and still function. Tricky business.

  11. Hmmm. New moon coming up. Maybe I’ll put an intention in there ‘not to harm anyone, easily, of course. However that will most likely not stop the write off judgements on my person from people who do not know me.

  12. I HAD a biz coach that heard my big dream and responded “u can’t have it all.” I wondered if he would say that to a man. Got the just watch me attitude and a new coach.With sequencing I am accomplishing more then I originally dreamed of.Follow your hopes not their fears. I believe our dreams are God inspired to move us to our highest purpose. We can’t even see the full picture. No use trying to convince others. I’m used to naysayers. Go your own way. The line’s are shorter.

  13. sometimes your personal motives can block you in, that’s why it’s always important to question your own motives. I’m always learning from other people, even if they don’t see it 🙂

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