An Effective Approach To Synastry – Abstract But Logical – Video

I’ve spent nearly my entire life studying astrology and relationships.  My ideas are boiled down, at this point.

Never discount simple things like “nature” in favor of complex astrological techniques or equations…

Catch up here – Elsa P on synastry

16 thoughts on “An Effective Approach To Synastry – Abstract But Logical – Video”

  1. You know what… (this might be far-fatched, but my brain is trying to apply what you just said.)

    I have 2 stelliums.. one in the 5th house in pisces. However 5th is traditionally the house of Leo… and opposite leo is Aqua…

    Just thinking that might be why I’m comfortable with Aquas, but I might just be overthinking things a bit.

    Besides my brian activities… I totally agree with you. And I think that looking over overall charts/energy does make more sense… hee hee, and I have seen lots of “Scorpios” with “8th housers” quite often, LOL!!!!

  2. Yup! First thing I do too. Look at the natal chart to see how the individual handles relationships. Perfect synastry on paper does not automatically translate into a good partnership.

    BTW, I have seen ONE Gemini-Gemini couple, married for over 30 yrs. Wish I knew more about the rest of their charts but I do recall the guy had Scorp rising.

  3. If you look for patterns like this you will find them. For example, Stephen Arroyo (who is very focused on relationships) noted in his Jupiter book that Jupiter rising (conjunct the asc) pairs off with Sadge moon.

    My sister has a Sadge moon, I have Jupiter rising as did her husband at the time. This kind of thing does not show in traditional synastry of course.

    I have been surrounded by stelliums in Scorpio all my life. I know the affinity is due my 8th house. I mean, jeez – check this blog.

    Get a load especially of the Scorpio Moons around here. This stuff can’t be discounted…

  4. Makes perfect sense to me…I need to do that more often, methinks…

    It’s interesting to me what you say about 8th house types, b/c I’ve never joined that “Dark Fan Club” of yours and I think that must be due to my Moon/Pluto thing…

    Going back to a post you wrote recently about the brave Cancer woman who hired you…I noticed that I get very sensitive around people with strong Saturn signatures…well, lo’ & behold, my Saturn is in my 4th house…that would explain it! 🙂 I call myself a “pretend Cancer” sometimes b/c of how I get…now I know 😉

    Anyway, just wanted to say thanks for posting this (and everything else you do)…

  5. Yah!!! This is really helpfull;-) I’ve been learning about synastry lately and have begun to realize that some of the things “they” say about compatibility don’t seem to match up all the time when I look at real-life relationships.

    For instance, I’m not supposed to be super compatible with Pisces (I’m Gemini Sun conj Jupiter in 2nd), but I find that I’m INTENSELY drawn to them….I think this might be because my 12th hse Moon in Pisces is pretty much one of the strongest planets in my chart. I figured out that EVERY SINGLE person I’ve had any kind of significant relationship with in my life has been a Pisces Sun, Moon or ASC.

  6. “they can keep going right off a cliff..”

    that made me laugh right out loud.. been there, and done that!

    QUESTION: when getting a general overview of a persons chart, does the “shape” of the aspects come into play?

    i’ve read about different chart shapes such as the “bowl” shape (everything on one side of the chart confined within an opposition, or a bundle chart (like my own, where everything is packed tightly into only a few houses).. i know that each type of chart flavors ones personality, but can they be taken into account as far as compatibility/synastry as well?

  7. so.. (using my parents as an example) ..two bowl shaped charts would work well? (they each have a perfect bowl chart in the same signs, but in opposing houses.. like compliments) ..

    i was told once that my bundle chart (houses 10,11,12) would work well with a bilateral chart.. specifically someone with planets in houses 1,2,3-7,8,9 .. the solar opposite xfriend had that formation, and it worked great for a decade…. but obviously as the moniker denotes: not so much anymore..

  8. This sounds like a good common sense approach, rather than “by the numbers” as was mentioned in the previous video.

    My beloved Aunt and Uncle were a Gemini couple, married for at least 30 years until their deaths. HOWEVER, they spent the last 15 years of their marriage separated and never divorced! They still talked on the phone every day (Gemini) but as Elsa said, their full charts must have shown different natures.

    She kicked him out because she wanted him to still “date” her, and she “got tired of asking him to lift his legs up when she vacuumed.” Direct quote of reason for separation. He preferred to stay on the couch, at that age, and she wanted to be out at the beach. Different natures.

  9. Thank you again, Elsa, for these video gems. The first time you talked about signs and corresponding houses, it dawned on me why I keep meeting certain people but things never panned out.

    And there was one case of me liking the way our natures fit well together, but he wanted a partner *just like him*. That was a bust. Nature and ingrained thoughts override charts.

  10. It might explain family relationships too, when all the synastry says you should really like a person…but they drive you mad instead, you might love them but you’re just too different to get on well.

  11. My daughter has been navigating these on line dating sites for a few years now. You mentioned Gemini not making it with a gemini. She has learned this to be so true. Now she stays away from them. If they are Capricorn ,that is a red flag for her , also a Pisces. She never had gotten into astrology that much until she started to see a correlation. I have never dated a scorpio being a scorpio myself but would not mind giving it a try.

  12. My partner and I both have stelliums in Aquarius. This works great. He doesn’t have rigid rules for how he expects a woman to behave, he doesn’t insist that I have to accompany him all the time.

    I let him go off on his motorcycle and be with his buddies and his large collection of friends. We understand each other. We sort of think a like (although lately our political beliefs are diametrically opposite) and we both tolerate a lot of weirdness and unconventionality.

  13. It makes perfect sense and is overlooked so often!
    My partner’s acqua Venus and Jupiter are conjunct my Venus and fit into my air grand trine with mars involved, but I also have Mooon/Pluto conjunct in the first, and I crave emotional connection and intimacy. I also have a lot of Pisces in my 6th.

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