What Is A Vicious Woman?

A stranger once told met I was a vicious woman.  She said that I was fooling myself to think or to state otherwise.

I don’t see myself as even remotely vicious but I decided to ask my husband what he thought. This is because the remark was made in regards to something I wrote about years ago, that concerned him.

My husband feels most women are vicious. Maybe even all women are vicious. I think this view is colored by his personal experience. He’s got a Scorpio Moon. I have Jupiter Moon.

I’m talking real life here, not the internet!  The inability to look someone in the face creates all kinds of problems. But speaking of my own real-life experience, I have met very few women I could call vicious, or even “mean” women for that matter.

I am not talking about a women reacting to someone coming after her family or to steal her man. I consider those things to be extraordinarily provocative. This is where a definition of “vicious” comes into play. It turns out my husband and I are not solid on what the word means.

In my mind, a vicious woman will hunt you. She’ll try to destroy you. You, your reputation, your livelihood, your family…it’s just a full on war. Blood sport. There are no lines she won’t cross.

I will defend myself with vigor, but once you’re off my property, that’s it. I am not going to follow you home, beat up your car, toilet paper your house, set traps for you, stalk you, mess with your reputation or any other damned thing.  Matter of fact, I am going to forget you as soon as humanly possible.

I give this to Jupiter Moon. I want to move on. I want to leave bad experiences behind. This part of my character makes it hard to for me to be “vicious” as I understand it.

From Dictionary.com

1. addicted to or characterized by vice; grossly immoral; depraved; profligate: a vicious life.
2. given or readily disposed to evil: a vicious criminal.
3. reprehensible; blameworthy; wrong: a vicious deception.
4. spiteful; malicious: vicious gossip; a vicious attack.
5. unpleasantly severe: a vicious headache.
6. characterized or marred by faults or defects; faulty; unsound: vicious reasoning.
7. savage; ferocious: They all feared his vicious temper.

What do you think of this. I don’t want to hear whether you think I am vicious or not. You don’t even know me. Are you vicious? How do you define it?

Do some people attract evil as a matter of course? I have a packed 8th house.  I attract everything. Evil is in there, but it does it dominate or even show up as a pattern.

Since we’re talking about women, you’d probably want to look at the natal moon.


89 thoughts on “What Is A Vicious Woman?”

  1. I work with one, a double Gemini, she can’t help herself. My son’s father left me for another, another Gemini.

    My moon is in Scorpio.

    I’ve learned not to react anymore, just observe and store info, because if you react, that’s how they get their jollies.


    Because karma is a BITCH.

    I used to be vicious in my 20’s if you came after my reputation but it always blew up in the my face and now know at this ripe old age, you realize it all comes full circle.

    And if you’re blessed, karma lets you watch.

  2. Dear Elsa
    The most vicious woman I met is capable of all you wrote before.
    She Has scorpio-saggitarius stellium with one distinct square- Neptune in Sag square venus-mars conjunction in Virgo(heavy drinker). She is so succesful now with recent transit of Jupiter through Scorpio and Sag.Her moon is widely conjunct Uranus and Jupiter natally. With numerous children she is a neglecting parent. She is like Hitler – one square takes it all- and he also had moon-jupiter conjunction in water sign.
    I am so resentful that I only wait when Jupiter will hit her Neptune- mars venus square and she will drink herself to oblivion.
    Personally i have Jupiter moon conjunction in Taurus.

  3. I do not think that I am vicious but, I’ve been told I have a vicious tongue. I think those who provoke me will often get the sharper side of that tongue but, I never “attack” without provocation. I’m thinking that’s just the Mercury-Mars thing, honestly. I define vicious as synonymous with malicious. Someone who still attack w/o valid cause, just for fun, or just to be mean.

  4. I think you’re right about vicious women going beyond defending an out and out attack on possessions, family, reputation, self, etc. Vicious women will plot to decimate a person to a bloody pulp and beyond. It’s a mindset. It’s a way they settle scores, teach that person a lesson, get even.

    It seems exhausting. I have moon conjunct Pluto but my moon trine Jupiter (also trining Pluto exact) is a winner.

  5. Women have been demeaned and projected upon for centuries. We refuse to carry the shadow any longer. And we refuse to be defined by others. Call that being a bitch and we say who cares?

  6. OMG that’s me! I am vicious if I chose to be (I have a lot of sag) but Pluto in 8 h and Pluto, Uranus and Mars in tight conjunction in Virgo (11&12 h). So, I’m super vicious to people who are cruel to me and other people especially bullies or bullying bosses. I will bring you down if you lie, cheat, abuse your power and make my life a misery.
    I had a boss who was a director of a large prestigious organisation. She wasted £ thousands on not following up my projects and threw my strategy I spent months writing in the bin (didn’t read it). She told lies about colleagues and generally evil – she made men cry and fear for their jobs. So I spoke to powers that be after tracking her corruption for 3 years then once they looked deep into the finances she was walked out of the building by security guards! I was so elated. Normally I’m nice but if you go too far… Doom ???

  7. The partners to the Moon and Venus are also their shadows – Saturn and Pluto. When we manifest within ourselves the transformational destruction and death of Pluto without projection – animus diminishes – and something new emerges.

  8. I don’t think i’m vicious, but a lot of times people are amazed at what a pottymouth i am: i curse and i swear (mars-gemini)! I can be mean i guess, but not often though, i try to be as friendly as i possibly can. People usually call me sweet (especially my students), but also tough or too hard on myself, probably due to a lot of Saturnal energy in my chart. With an 8th house Sun i extract some dark shit sometimes, and with a 12th house moon, well, it’s sensitivity to my surroundings all the time.

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