Hit With The Bill For Your Idealism – Saturn in Sagittarius Sure Neptune In Sagittarius

Sagittarius denicola pinI started talking about this transit, last week. Saturn In Sagittarius Squares Neptune In Pisces: 2015-2016. It’s going to be a big one!

I’m working with a gal who has Neptune in Sagittarius. There are a lot of you out there.  The Saturn transit will pressure you to own your own addictions and negative affects of your idealism.

If you happen to have Saturn in Gemini as well, this will be even more acute.

This gal has Neptune in Sadge at an early degree, tied up with her relationships. She intermittently dreams up a bad man. How familiar is that?

I write:

“To  get around this, you’ll have to own your part in it.  You invited him to call you, right?  It’s like telling someone, “I quit cocaine, but if you want to stop by with some…”

Is anyone else seeing early signs of this…landing that’s about take place?

30 thoughts on “Hit With The Bill For Your Idealism – Saturn in Sagittarius Sure Neptune In Sagittarius”

  1. My natal Saturn is at 0 degree SaG in a grand cross with mercury @ 3 Gemini, Moon 28 Aquarius, Jupiter/Pluto 28 Leo. My progressed Saturn is now in late Scorpio. Luckily my moon is in an exact trine with Venus in Gemini and Neptune in Libra conjunct my mid heaven. The only relief for me ever is UP. (G) But I’ve been feeling this for YEARs since Saturn went into Scorpio opposite my sun and then went back and forth across a square to my Mars/Chiron and Pluto started going through my 1st house. Seriously Universe?! SERIOUSLy.

  2. Oh boy. Early Gem sun/Saturn, early Sadge moon/Neptune. Thanks for the heads up – so I can start reading and get a handle on this ahead of time!

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    curious wanderer

    I have Virgo Saturn/Moon square Sag Venus/Neptune, so this is not foreign energy to me. I am constantly working on Saturn/Neptune issues.

    I’m not going to pretend that I’m going to get off the hook with this transit though. 😉

    I don’t know if this will help anyone else, but I’ve learned that if I can hold the Saturn side and the Neptune side of a situation in my mind side-by-side, I can have some pretty mind-blowing revelations. It’s hard though.

    1. Cool balance. Have been working with the physical/spiritual since that mind blowing neptune square natal saturn transit. Wow, you’ve been living it all along.

  4. Yeah I’ve got a loose Saturn-Neptune opposition in my chart, but it’s very loose and I tend not to count it as such. So this is something I could get a better handle on; and what do you know, here’s my opportunity!

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      Me too Shannon. But with Neptune ruling my sun and Saturn in the 12(Neptune) conj my Gemini asc it is starting to feel like that dream that fades into a nightmare that you struggle to wake from. You know there was an important message in the dream sequence but you can’t quite remember it.

  5. Progressed saturn is in sagitarius. I think my major change since the transition is not believing everything I am told. And I choose my flights of fantasy instead of the ‘what the hell, why not’ approach. Where I am at plays into situations and choices. Else I can get lost in mental constructs that don’t make sense to me and end up driving me nuts.

  6. Can Saturn/Neptune translate as turning your dreams into reality? Just a thought.

    On idealism……Saturn’s transit through Virgo and my 9th house already killed that. Other people can turn on you, JUST LIKE THAT, and your desire to “make a difference” (how Neptune in Sadge, haha) can get you played for a fool!!

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      curious wanderer

      I’ve been able to turn dreams into reality. However, the hard lesson there is that the reality doesn’t always match the dream. Dreams, by their nature, have holes. Reality doesn’t always fill them in ways you’d want or expect.

      I think one of my Saturn/Neptune lessons is not to fear (Saturn) my dreams, for while the dreams-come-true came with unintended consequences, they also came with valuable lessons, and I was never really hurt by what happened.

  7. Great Post! I have been thinking about exactly this. Integrating pragmatism to the big ideals/dreams with so many people launching new lives in one way or another, I hope it’s not too painful. Personally I’ve got Sag. Neptune in the 7th square my Moon in the 5th. Ouch! You never know though, maybe some lasting love. Saturn is already tied to my Gemini Venus.

  8. Really looking forward to this landing. I have Moon/Neptune in early Sag square Jupiter in mutual reception. So, with Neptune currently in Pisces i could use some ground under my feet.

  9. I read you post and thought of my Virgo rising, Sag Sun, Pisces Moon in a nice tight t-square and had a little shiver. But then I of the great aspects I was under when my parents died (terrible times) and the lousy ones I was facing when my daughter was born(beautiful moment) and just connected that no matter what the sky is offering up you have to live the day as the best person you can be.

    Somedays its just easier to be a philosopher than a bitch and that’s my mood today.

  10. Great! I’m already coping (just) with Pluto going backwards and forwards over my 12deg Cap Asc. Saturn is currently opposite my Sun in Taurus 15deg. Uranus is opposite my natal Uranus(4th/10th). I have natal Neptune 4deg Sag 11th and natal Saturn 6deg Gemini 6th, so I have had this opposite energy all my life, but adding transiting Saturn to the mix intensifying that with a Saturn opposition to contend with as well. It’s going to be a brand new shiny me at the end of all this, that’s for sure! I’m strapped in ready for the ride.

  11. So much fun looking at the saturn neptune cycle. This is a waning square, so after looking at this cycle that began with the conjunction in 1989, I think I’m ready. I’ll be dealing with the leftovers. Ja know, back around the 1989 conj was when all the new age stuff began filtering into my environment. The words were something like ‘we are spiritual beings in a physical world.’ Now I’m like, I am a physical being in a spiritual world. Makes more sense to me at this time. Next cycle starts with conj in pisces???? Winding on down.

  12. Moon, Venus, & Neptune stellium. I’m still a total novice, but it have a feeling that A) the effect of Neptune Sag is that of “kicking the can further down the road”. Now the other involved parties are ‘surprised’ that it has all come due… Not per me, but per…. The fact that you can’t kick the can down the road forever.

    I have a feeling- correct me if I am wrong- that my Sag stellium kept my eyes skyward long enough to keep my nose out of the quicksand I was once stuck in….

    1. Who am I kidding? I’m just as guilty of kicking cans down the road. I have no idea what my wishful thinking (self delusion?) will bring…

  13. I see it and am trying desperately to learn to land with minimal damage ASAP! I’ve got Neptune in early Sag, opposing my Gemini Saturn, both engines are out and we’re going down…… Welcome to Reality Baby!!!

  14. I have just had neptune cross my midheaven and talk about confusion and who do I even trust lately….. but saturn will conjunct my neptune at 0 degrees soon in my 6th house. I just want this to be a good transit. Seems this year and last have been quite the challenge and I’m ready for some wonderful for a change….. Mid life crisis for me has been a whammy. Any suggestions would be wonderful and grateful.

  15. Arghh. Stellium in Sag here, Pisces Asc in the mid degrees. Sun in early degrees, Mercury, Mars and Neptune conjunct in mid degrees, Moon in the late degrees. All in the 9th house.

    I don’t even know how to begin to approach this 🙁

  16. To add, I also have Saturn transiting natal Uranus currently in Scorpio, it went over my Venus earlier in it’s Scorpio transit, I had my baby and got married (in the last 7 months).

    Not sure what is next, but my goal is to be a stay at home mom for awhile, have another kid, go back to school and then get back to my work (natal Saturn in Virgo).

  17. sounds scary! Saturn on my 4th h. Neptune will also oppose my Sun/Jupiter/MC so l don’t know what to expect really. it will be a battle between my IC&MC, not to mention Neptune in Pisces will be sqauring my Sun. l am really curious to see the effects of it. now l am already fighting off illusions and deceit. l hope to be ready by the time it will be active.

  18. Oh dear, just thinking these folks are going through neptune square natal neptune. Maybe mine was severe because neptune in saturn ruled capricorn squared my natal neptune. It was rough. In addition to the willy nilly day to day lying rotten cheaters, I lost some good friends dead by fatal decisions, and almost lost others by near fatal decisions that they survived. I just decided one day, I am going to make it through this. For what it’s worth, it was worth surviving it.

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