What To Expect With Saturn in Sagittarius, 2015-2017

sagittarius t short graphic vintageI hope you’ll indulge me as I continue to look ahead, beyond the Cardinal grand cross, I’m so sick of.  I am sick of GRIDLOCK, aren’t you?  It won’t last forever. I want to look ahead.

Many know, this may as well be called, ElsaElsa – The Saturn Blog. I always cover Saturn transits, in depth, relentlessly.  This is not going to change!

I expect traditional (Saturn) religion (Sagittarius) to become more popular. I also expect more oppression of organized religions. There are clear signs of both these things in the news, and on the streets today. Bottom line, religion is going to be in the forefront, and there is going to be pressure.

We’ll see something similar in the field of education (Sagittarius), as the government (Saturn) imposes more regulations.  Lots of pressure will come of this as well.

Separate but related, access to “higher education” is likely to be reduced. This is for good and/or ill.

Commitment (Saturn) will come into vogue as people will see the benefits (Sagittarius) of it. Not in relationships necessarily, or exclusively. I’m talking about commitment to your beliefs, whatever they may be.  And those beliefs (Sadge) will become more defined (Saturn).

Solid upside with be more attractive then potential of unlimited upside.  People will seek (Sagittarius) real (Saturn) opportunity, as pie in the sky becomes passe.

People will stand up for what they believe…and perhaps be crushed for it. Others will be afraid to stand for what they believe, effectively crushing themselves.

If you want to get a jump on this (Virgos and other teacher’s pets), plan (Saturn) on maturing your philosophy (Jupiter). If you beliefs are childlike, or have no basis, think about how you’re going to remedy this.

Expect to hear phrases like “spiritual foundation”, whether you have one of those or not. “Religious base” is another concept that will become relevant again.

The publishing industry will also come into focus and people resist authority who wish to control the press and other forms of free expression.

Overall, I think Saturn in Sagittarius will shock people by delivering a real education. I think this is good, because a fake education won’t take you very far for very long!

*Update – if you’re struggling with this transit, we did a workshop on this topic. Check out the transcript – Saturn In Sagittarius – A Real Education. It will help you, tremendously!

Are you looking forward to Saturn in Sagittarius?

56 thoughts on “What To Expect With Saturn in Sagittarius, 2015-2017”

  1. I wish I did have some religious beliefs. I am open for a miracle and would probably be a sitting duck for a cult or persuasive figure if I didnt have good family around me as an anchor. I am always looking for an angel to come and guide me, but nothing yet.

  2. I feel somewhat nervous, as I have a ton of Sag planet, cos I am a Sag.

    I do feel that deep down I will face a conflict in my personal beliefs, should I stay or should I go?

    Right now I am learning about the impact and empathy, through the way I communicate with others? According to others I am.. blunt?

    I feel I need to be educated or need education, its written on the wall… but I have Neptune there, I’m not meant know, yet.

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    carol cutler

    I am so overly ready 4 this to occur. to add, I also believe it will bring people to value the wisdom of age and kick the adoration of a “youth” culture mentality.

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    Looking very forward to it… it shall be my saturn return some time next year and I can’t wait. I feel like I’m making progress and with saturn off my stellium the pressure may relieve. I can relate to what is being said here because I have saturn in my 3rd anyway and so I understand the saturn themes that are coming up. Bring it on, can’t wait for the change of collective feeling.

    I have my religious basis of spirituality which is enough for me, not wishy washy and picked wisely after many years of going from church to church. I have my beliefs and I believe in my beliefs regardless of the 2 people in my life who would like me to have theirs.

  5. I’m slightly terrified. I deal daily with the effects of growing up in a highly traditionally religious home (“our way is the only way” way). Watching the news and seeing people protest funerals, kidnap young girls, ban education, deny birth control and refuse to recognize the dignity and rights of the human being feel me with dread. We all have Sag somewhere in our charts – hopefully in our hearts as well.

  6. “If you want to get a jump on this (Virgos and other teacher’s pets” – I resemble that remark 🙂 (Stellium in Virgo)

  7. I’m somewhat excited although very nervous for this transit. My natal saturn (and moon, and uranus) is in Sag and I’m planning on going back to school during this time. I’m sure I will have to question and secure my fundamental beliefs in the topic I’m set to study. Holistic healing rarely garners respect but I completely believe in it. I’ll have to defend it concretely, in ways that can convince skeptics (likely my family and close friends) of its validity.

    Saturn in my 3rd has been good training. I’m mentally becoming stronger and more self-assured, less dependent on other people’s opinions of me. I’ll probably feel very isolated/ set-apart when saturn swings back in my 4th. But I’ll likely become extremely independent and feel quite grateful by the time saturn enters capricorn. At that time I’ll need to be ready to WORK.

    I’m just glad that sag isn’t as emotionally draining as scorpio. I experienced my worst depression ever with saturn crossing my pluto and I’ve been on an epic emotional journey over the past few years. It’ll be nice to detach a bit.

  8. Not sure what to think. I have Neptune in Sag at 0 degrees on 7th house cusp. Can’t imagine any more lessons than what the last two years has brought to our relationship. Probably should not have said (written) that out loud. : )

  9. Hi Elsa, my AC is on 15° Sadge, my Neptune on 5° Sadge, opposing my Saturn on 0° Gemini, what can I expect?

  10. Maybe there’s also a possibility of people realizing the limitations of some prevailing beliefs. Do they really withstand a solid reality check?

    Especially when the square to Neptune is in effect, there will probably be some confusion about what to belief at all, and what is real?! So i hope to make the right commitments.

  11. I am, actually. Looking forward to it, that is. This is despite knowing that my Virgo planets will be tested. I’m becoming more and more interested in/excited about developing a real spiritual base.

    1. Many planets in Virgo…and my natal Saturn in Sag (as is my moon)…and so, okay, more tests, more learning (looks around) — apparently this is why we are all here! 🙂

  12. <>

    THIS is in the air in Italy. I’m impressed at the fact that you pointed it out. I can totally see it manifesting by the time Saturn enters Sagittarius for good. People’s talking about it already.

    1. I don’t know why it didn’t post my quote from your post, though, I was specifically referring to the part about higher education / more regulation by the government and reduced access.

      1. I don’t think less access to higher education is necessarily a bad thing. Just ask anyone who is in debt $50,000, holding a worthless degree.

    2. Yeah, I see this on a daily basis.

      I should have mentioned the courts…which will be involved, and also sports.

      It’s already happening – it’s going to be huge…hopefully a huge CORRECTION, but I think the jury is out on that.

      1. ( Sidenote: Whoops, I also meant *the quote from *your post. I was obviously NOT quoting myself at all! : D Sorry, typo.)

  13. I just hope no one tries to force their religion down my throat.

    As it is, I go on Facebook and get slammed with a newsfeed full of my friends’ and family’s political beliefs. The posts are short but IN YOUR FACE. Gawd, I hope Saturn in Sadge doesn’t ramp this up. I might have to start hiding their posts so I don’t have to look at them!

  14. Will people get all obnoxious and preachy under this Saturn? That’s part of the dark side of Sagittarius.

  15. I’m personally sick of Saturn transits. It went through my Scorpio Moon Saturn conjunction and then my Mercury Venus conjunction. Its been nothing but hard times and joyless.

    I’m not looking forward to t. Saturn conjunct my natal Sun in Sagittarius. I’m sick of Saturn.

  16. Saturn will be hitting my Neptune as it enters sag, so I’m working to prep now. The upswing is that my triple sag told me today that I’m too serious, I need to have more faith. It was out of the blue and unusual for her to say, so it really caught my attention since I’ve been putting quite a bit of thought into Saturn to Neptune.

  17. Saturn in Sagittarius will be transiting my 3rd house. This should be a breeze (I hope), compared to Saturn in Libra (my birth sign) and Scorpio.

    1. @Cypress, Saturn in Sag will be transiting my 3rd house too. Saturn in Libra in the first was a bit of a nightmare for me. Made it through that mess. Scorpio in the 2nd has been kind to me though. I am planning to use the Saturn in Sag transit to formally study astrology.

      1. I had some more thoughts about it, below, too… (Cypress on January 22, 2015 at 9:41 am). Love your idea about seriously studying astrology during this transit… Saturn will surely reward your hard work in this area. 🙂

  18. Oh dear, My Saturn return is quickly upon me, as well as the slow grind over my Sagittarius Mercury, Venus, Uranus, Sun & Ascendant! Please tell me that I will achieve greatness during this time and all my hard work will come to fruition at long last! I’ve been good Saturn! Now be good to me too!

  19. This will be the second pass of Saturn over my Venus, Mercury, Mars, Sun, and ascendant in Sag. I’m ready. I’ve been through the first already. I already know that “what falls away” is what needed to fall away for me to push forward on my path in life. Of course, I know that there will be challenges and there will be times when I have heartache from this upcoming transit. However, after having experienced it before—I also know it will make be better, and stronger.

  20. this is weird because we’ve already felt ALOT of “restrictions” concering education and schooling here last year. It began as early as the beginning of last year, but the rules and regulations didn’t start until end of last year. People were complaining about it because in the last several years before that, education was pretty much given out by the Government. And people were flocking more to schooling and getting a degree. I can feel things around here are more gridlocked because of lack of funding and lack of money to having a higher education. It’s getting worse on that front. People have to PAY more.

  21. I was born with

    SUN: Gemini
    MOON: Gemini
    RISING: Gemini
    MERCURY: Gemini
    JUPITER: 5th
    SATURN: 5th

    Last few years have been rough on me. Saturn tore through my marriage and almost ended it while transiting Libra. Now Saturn is working on my health sector.


  22. I’m kinda afraid of 2015.

    I’m a strong sagittarian (sun mars conjunct in 12th house whose cusp is sagi in my birth chart!) and these years when saturn was wandering in scorpio (i have a pluto, venus and mercury in scorpio) were DAMN HARD for me.

    I won’t be capable of travelling to change my solar return, and I’ll have pluto and mars in my 12th house, in sagi as well. Saturn in sagi+these hard aspects in my solar return are making me nervous. Not to mention that I’ll graduate from college by the end of the year so 2015 will be completely different for me.

    I’ve already beat depression once, but when I looked in my chart from that time, it didn’t have so many hard aspects at once. I can’t think about more difficult things I’ll have to face which are worse than depression…

    Any advice? One of my gradma’s sister lives in the woods, in the middle of nowhere and next to the beach, taking a very simple life, doing gardening, knitting and nature apreciation. I’m seriously thinking about spend 2015 with her haha.

  23. Thanks for the great astro info. I have four planets in Sagg and saturn’s upcoming transit over my sun, venus, mercury, and chiron doesn’t sound like a picnic! Any words for the wise please? Thank you!

  24. I think the exact opposite will happen. Saturn is a limiting factor, not a expressing factor. Thus, people of faith will start to question their faith. They will do some introspection, and soul searching. Saturn demands isolation and introspection. Saturn in Scorpio uncovered the machinations of religion: the horrors (Pluto) and the sickness, and gender oppression of Scorpio. And so Saturn in Sagg will give people of faith a chance to integrate all these mistakes into this new reality. People of faith should take heed: religious oppression and terror will not be allowed under Saturn. Saturn will smash them. I foresee great turmoil for those who have faith and oppress others with religion.

    1. People hitting a wall, encountering a boundary, acknowledging the limits (all Saturnian keyphrases) of faith and/or religion (Sagittarius). In another post I threw “spirituality” into that mix, but on second thought, spirituality feels more Piscean to me than Sagittarian.

  25. I’m about to have my second Saturn return and have Sagittarius rising. The last time Saturn was in Sagittarius, it followed my Saturn return which left me extremely depressed. I picked up and left the town I had grown up in leaving behind what seemed to me then (and now) outdated family traditions and worn out, immature relationships. Saturn was conjunct my ascendant from the 12th house by 3 degrees. I carefully planned the move, however, paying off debts, getting a car, having a job in the new place, so when I got here I was in a good position. I indeed questioned by religion (there had been an upheaval in my church) and began to study all of them, including astrology and tarot. What affected me most then was that there was a focus on traditional religion and everything else became “the devil’s work”. I have since incorporated and grounded my faith. I believe in a cosmic consciousness and don’t believe that the Cosmos would ban you from learning although there are “ground rules” in place that must be followed.

  26. Anyone can tell me what to expect when my Saturn Returns? My Saturn is on Saggitarius(1st house) together with Mars. Will it be good or bad?

  27. I also foresee limitation on travel more. There are going to be a lot more rules and lot less flights. People will not want to be bothered.

  28. Janell, I can relate! Saturn return’s coming but first it will creep over my late degree Scorpio ASC, kick my Nerc in Sag in the head, then makes it’s way home at 14 degrees to its return in my first house. It’s gonna be personal that’s for sure. I already come from the school of hard knocks.

  29. I am anticipating Saturn moving into Sag. with a certain amount of trepidation. Since november 2011 (lunar eclipse in Sag. on Nov. 25th, 2011), my life has gotten heavy and overall depressing. My husband said he wanted a divorce on the above date (he is a Gemini) and I have been going
    through a lot of heaviness off and on since that date. Since Saturn is a restrictive ‘heavy’ planet I am not looking forward to more heaviness and restriction in my life. There has got to be light at the end of this tunnel somewhere??

  30. I am worried! I am a Virgo Sun with Gemini Moon and 30 years ago when this Saturn in Sagittarius transit happened, from 1985-1988, I lost very close members of my family. I dread this transit.

  31. Hmmmm. I was 23-25 years old at the time. This transit happens in my 3rd house, and also greatly impacted my 6th and 9th houses. The emergence of the PC–i.e., computing moving into the local (3rd house) environment was a big driver in my success at work (6th house). I first worked on a computer anywhere, was at work (6th house)–a Tandy TRS-80 terminal (LOL, remember those?). I got another, better job during that time where I worked on a mainframe terminal at a global (9th house) engineering firm, and really struggled with getting the results I wanted using a mainframe (Saturn/3rd was squaring my Jupiter/9th). I almost got fired, except that one day we all got new IBM-PC’s in our department. The PC was easy as pie for me, and after that, I excelled at work (6th house). Another thing is that I had very limited (Saturn) interest in religion and spirituality (Sagittarius) during this transit, though that changed significantly for me (and not necessarily for the better) when Saturn moved into Capricorn.

  32. I like the fact that I can receive a real education. I am in between wanting a paper in hand or getting to work any way I can. I feel a loss of faith in myself with just a paper from USC even if I can get in for a Master’s. But anyhow, Elsa I think you should check out a fellow astrologer’s predictions too. He thinks the stock market will crash again at the end of the cycle of Saturn in Sagittarius. Pretty scary. You guys are right about religion. I wonder how having my natal Uranus in Sag. next to the world’s Saturn in Sag. would have an effect on me? I guess I’ll disrupt the status quo about religious beliefs, etc. And I have studied religion and esoteric shit so I know first hand. Anyway, I hope to get a windfall in money that’s for sure, that perhaps will last me. http://www.astrocycles.net/saturn-in-12-signs/

  33. I have Saturn in the 5th house in Aries square Pluto in Scorpio, and Moon conjunct North Node in Sagittarius… What does this mean for me? Also, sorry about the double-post, just realized I commented on the wrong page. Ha.

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