Venus in Aries opposite Mars in Libra: Stab Nicely, Y’all

aries flameI’ll stop short of calling this aspect “vicious”, because people are nice while they’re cutting each other, you know? But I’m seeing conflict and challenge, almost non-stop.  People are pushing others, or defending themselves with sharp  instruments, that’s for sure.

We’re all under the gun here this week. I’m really hoping there’s no major spill in this time frame.

How are things going with you.  Er…who are you fighting with, angry with, etc?

28 thoughts on “Venus in Aries opposite Mars in Libra: Stab Nicely, Y’all”

  1. I’m angry with *myself*. I just did the drunk-texting thing except that I was sober. Venus is RIGHT ON MY NATAL MARS. -_- Sheesh.

  2. Definitely conflict and a fair amount of projection! Conflict with a bossy libra today who tells me what to do on private matters – without me asking for her advice.

    1. I did the same.but we still nipped at each other a bit when we weren’t having sex. Still fun all the same.

  3. My daughter(Cancer/Aquarius)is just off the charts angry verbally attacking me it is surreal. Thinking about cutting her out of my life for a while don’t know what her deal is but I have about had it with her.

    1. Don’t cut her out, she’s your daughter! Life can end in an instant, you really want to go out like that? C’mon mom, man up!

    2. :/ I’m sorry to hear that. I’m a Cancer/Sag so I wonder what she’s going through. Could be the cardinal cross up her ass…

      Since this is an astro blog, have you checked the synastry between you and her? Often times, parents and children have overlapping aspects and a karmic issue to sort through. It won’t resolve anything right now, but it could help you to see what’s going on.

  4. Conjunct my Moon, square Saturn, square Sun. If Venus degrees 1-2 is any indication of how this week’s gonna go, I’d better sequester myself for the good of all.

    Venus in B I T C H I T U D E !

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    omg lol at thisthread and Satori’s immediately preceding one! i have natal venus in aries 6th and natal mars in 7th taurus. plus libra rising. i’m either throwing a party of all the top-notch fixings for free for all for no reason, or the next moment i’m like “no, they just keep taking, fuck them. if they ask me for one more thing i’m cutting a bitch.” lol ugh

    that last part is my 1st house lilith scorpio talking and i LOVE HER.

  6. I just want to comment on the picture: Is this Carrie Fisher (Libra) in the Blues Brothers movie? It’s a very funny movie and the music is great.

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    “I’m really hoping there’s no major spill in this time frame.”

    It took me a moment. I was wondering a spill? Like water or milk? Then I realized, this is Elsa and if I read it right she’s still speaking in motorcycle. 😉

    I giggled. 😀

  8. I’ve had it with criticism and lately I have no patience left. When someone tells me they don’t like the way I do something, I just stop doing it. Let them do it themselves. If they need so badly to control everything, I will happily hand the reigns over. I’m done fighting. Done arguing, done asking for consideration.

    There’s a subtle but huge difference between constructive critique, and ego-driven nitpicking. I’m sure that when Mars goes direct I’ll get an earful about how I could’ve used this opportunity to improve my skills but I am so damn tired of controlling hovercrafts and scapegoaters. I spent my life trying to appease people (SN libra) and I don’t have it in me anymore.

    1. I have a line for that – “If you want it done right, do it yourself!”

      That’s what I said the coalition of women complaining about how I ran their club. I didn’t want to run their club in the first place!

      This is a good time to sever bonds. There’s going to be a lot of that, this week.

  9. My husband and I are both natal Mars in Libra and we’ve been arguing more but about our politics only. He met an ultra conservative last week and it’s made him examine his own views. The arguing is coming from my having to listen to his examining….

  10. I just looked…. We have another grand cross coming up? Moon/Pluto and Venus/Mars…. but I’m thinking couldn’t this energy be smoldering, as in intensely yummy? 😉

    1. Oh wait we are in Leo moon today… so maybe Venus and Mars were too far apart over the weekend for the opposition.

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    My mother, libra moon, and her damn projecting and ‘victim’ attitude. Its pissing me off beyond belief and I’m tired of it. The constant ‘no one helps me’ lines despite everyone doing what they can, with the time they have and the resources available. Chucking what she can at the people who help in that ‘I’ll talk behind your back and belittle what you do’ kind of way. Toxic!

    My aunts constant, 1980s throwback, ‘how I lived my life so you should live your life’ lectures. Driving me batty! ‘You should work here’ not actually asking questions on what I do like and how I plan things.

    Fuck off!!

    No my job isn’t the greatest but I’d rather earn this money and be stimulated by the daily change than earn no money or more money being bored out my brain.

    Supposedly they’re worried cause I’m a introverted homebody… I’m living with my Saturn restrictions over my damn stellium no less in my own sign. I’m 27 years old and due to all my pissing around with my time, money and self worth on frivolous bullshit learning some valuable lessons I have a future to plan for. So thanks but no thanks on the ‘sheep culture’ that is life where I have to buy into the status quo to satisfy the needy and greedy. Aquarius mars takes its time and goes for the long haul and doesn’t do like everyone else cause I already understand EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT.

    And after this long arse rant… I’m glad to have got that off my chest cause I’m being brow beaten by 2 middle aged women who complain about their life in an ungrateful fashion and I see them as miserable. Finito!

    **and exhale… time for a cigarette or five**

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    James slattery

    You are right on! I’ve been sitting by myself on several occasions lately and strangers just offer snide comments on my hair, what I’m wearing, reading or listening to. Jeesh!

  13. So happy to have discovered this blog and to know I’m not the lone ranger. I lost my 24 year-old son in October of 2009. Then a few months later my husband passed, and shortly thereafter my father. My mother(both folks were Scorpios) died when I was 30, and didn’t see my youngest son’s first birthday. So I now have a young 23 year-old son with ptsd/bi-polar/borderline schizophrenia resulting, I believe from loss. I have Neptune in Scorpio in the 5th.

    I moved in early November, and have battled much plutonic energy since my move here. I remember saying to self when I moved here, returning to my birth place, “I need to go slay some demons (Sun/Pluto in Virgo conjunct in the 4th ). I experienced a gang rape at 13 by the hands of an older boy, also Scp. whom took my virginity at 12. My father had pursued statutory rape charges. I, as the maiden Persephone, was abducted and forced against my will. I CONTINUE to attract this violence. And with my natal mutable grand cross, with a stellium in Virgo, at bottom of chart I feel I have some nasty karma. ?

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