Saturn in Scorpio: Cutting Off Contact

I’ve been hearing about Scorpios (and other Pluto types) cutting off friends, lovers and others, all over the place in the last few weeks.  There are threads on the boards and I hear about it in consultations. I’ve done it myself in that the Astro Dispatch which I have kept alive with my energy years upon years, now just sits there.

If you have a source of energy in your life; someone who feeds you and enriches you, most definitely value them properly and give energy back. Because in most cases, when a Scorpio cuts you off, they’re not coming back and when the faucet you took for granted is cut off, it’s going to hurt.

Is anyone going through this now. Cutting or being cut? How do you feel?

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  1. I am an 8th House person, and I am cutting people off. Unfriended 40 people on FB today. Hope to have cut off 200 by Saturday. Maybe more!

  2. Wow. It amazes me how relevant astrology is. I let an acquaintance cut himself off just a couple of weeks back! Finally he’s gone! I had allowed him in my circle about a year ago because he didn’t seem to have much in the way of friends. I was always a little uncomfortable with him because he is so needy. Have you ever met someone who can’t/won’t get over their grievances? Yup, that’s him. He’s just stuck in this cycle of blame and paranoia. That day he became upset and left when I didn’t agree that everyone at his work was persecuting him. It is something I’ve been hearing for a year now at coffee. Even though I’m patient, perpetual complaining gets old when you realize the person doesn’t want to find a solution. I knew I’d be his next bad guy if I shunned him so I said “Good morning!” the next day as if nothing had happened and he got up and left with hardly a word. I thought “well, it was inevitable” and actually felt relieved that I wouldn’t have this drain upon me anymore. I’m glad I let him slam the door instead of me, too. Now he doesn’t have a way back in. : )

  3. Does a Scorpio moon qualifies here? Because I sure have been feeling like cutting off, sending painful signals in this sense…

    I also noticed that these “signals” of mine have come off emotionally weak, possibly have been interpreted (stupidly or superficially, I’d say, but others have to be the judge) as clingy — and I think that here the desire to cut off people stem essentially from the notion that it has become urgent to protect one’s reputation and dignity, because the relations are getting to be too one sided (you do all the work) and, were dragged, would become even humiliating.

    So here’s the flip side, the idea that you are being the one cutting off sounds very dignified and empowering from the outside, but at the root of it, the way I see it, lays a mere self-protective, survival instinct that is not necessarily a sign of social strength or balanced emotional life.

    besides, whereas the result is isolation there is hardly any social success, and it matters little if they will miss you afterwards.

    Yet seeing all this, I still am mentally and factually and broken-heartedly saying goodbye to a lot of relations that i wish had turned out differently. It is scary, too.

    But maybe this has all to do with Neptune negative angles I’m having, or my progressed Venus in Pisces… I couldn’t tell.

  4. I cut off a lover and it felt like I had to do surgery on myself, but I had to do it.

    I was warned that he won’t commit but I went for it anyway. I swallowed a lot but finally left after I realized that he was trying to date a happy-ending massage girl and was also after another woman who lives in an apartment of his house with her little daughter. I made a scene, slept with him one more time, said that he is a waste of time–and ran. Seen him twice since in the canyon during workout and just kept running when he tried to talk to me.

    If you mess with me just enough, I am done with you. I have Venus in Aries and Moon & Mars in Scorpio. Scorpio rules my 5th, so I guess it was time to clear things up.

  5. In the last few months I had to keep my distance for a Scorpio who meant a lot to me. She’s been in a tough bind and I’m slightly ahead of her in years but only just resolving all the challenges I’ve been through. You could say we are both warming up for our Saturn returns. Either way, I don’t think she took too kindly to me establishing boundaries and it’s often said that Scorpios are the kind to only value what you communicate in person. As a Libra, I much prefer my way with words in writing so I tried to make it clear that she was a person I really valued, through text messages. She gave me some advice that I would not normally jump at, considering we usually see things completely differently. However… I took it. It was the first time in 2-3 years I had taken the gamble to trust someone else’s way of doing things. That was what occupied me all this time. Nevertheless, I received a call from her just over a week back and I did not pick up. After that I called her twice this week and messaged twice. No response. I suppose she is indeed a Scorpio that has cut me out, and we’re both collectively responsible. I can be honest to say I find that a real shame and loss but I know that I also need to be gravitating around people that have a little more faith and are comfortable being alone. I will always care about the times we shared.

  6. This is a new one for me…a new man joined my healing group, and I plan to buy some health product from him, but he sits too close, creepy vibe,puts arm around uninvited etc. So when his text said can I come over, what address? I didn’t reply. Emailed me, so I told the truth. “Sorry,I’m a recluse and there are very few men I feel comfortable being near or giving my address to. No offence. Let’s deal by email and post.” I’m painting again now that I’ve sorted that part of life out. It took a scary 3 year relationship with a Scorp Misogynist to make me pull some boundaries and honest communication out of the hat. Compliments of Saturn in Libra transiting MC after opposing third house sun and about to inconjunct Venus in mothering-stray-dogs Taurus in the 4th. It only took me 69 years. Yaay!!

  7. Hi Elsa, thank you for such a gr8 forum! 🙂

    Well I (Lib) was dating x (Lib) from nov 2007 -> 2011. On and off. We had a very tumultuous relat’ship and then there was no closure. Saturn Leeb left us drained. And I tried my best to move on. I dated Pisces who gave me the strength and positive vibes to mature. Unfortunately, I never could forget the x. I bumped into him “coincidentally” last August & we rekindled sorta. Except he had this Leo girl he couldn’t decide whether to leave or stick with. Turned out I did not want to get hurt and about a week ago, parted ways with the Lib ex. I knew there wasn’t much to expect, but we’ve always had this “unfinished” business feeling. Now we’re more mature than 5 years ago, we both grew up through new relationships, I can’t help but think there def is something waiting ahead for us…. And then I wonder, is him showing up in my life after 2 yrs of silence, and *THAT* close to Saturn going Scorp a sign I have to get over him and move on? Or set boundaries & try it all over again? It’s just silent treatment right now… I’m feeling like I’ve gotta grieve but I also want to run and be with him and finish this unconditional thing we’ve started (in my mind.)

  8. Cut off an ex recently. He broke up with me last October and got a new gf very soon after. Was never sure if he was two timing and decided to pick her over me. I couldn’t a peep out of him about the real reason for the breakup, apart from a generic “I don’t think it would work out…”

    It ate me up for ages, but I finally realized I would never find out the real reason, or get any form of closure about it.

    Did not help that over the next year, he kept in contact and would try to reel me back in under the guise of “being friends”. He told me he still had feelings for me and would contact me to meet up weekly. I balked.

    I was still emotionally attached to him but I knew I had to slowly kill the feeling.
    Final straw was when he wanted to get intimate. It was just sick. I felt like throwing up because I knew he had a girlfriend. Might have something to do with my venus in Virgo and hygiene.

    I told him off. Told him he had no morals. I could not believe he would do this to his gf and thought to myself that he was probably doing the same thing to me while we were dating. Sun conjuncts Neptune in our composite chart so I felt I was unable to see who he was clearly. Once I got that wake up call, it was a lot easier to let go. This happened shortly before Saturn moved into scorpio.

    As Saturn passed over the cusp, I really felt like letting it all go, cutting all ties. Plus a series of external events (phone not working, me getting stitches) etc made me just miss seeing his calls to me at 2am that I might otherwise have responded to. I felt rough. Not knowing he had called, he kept popping up in my mind and I didn’t know why. I didn’t even like him that much as a person, but it was still sad??

    Almost 3 weeks later I notice that he called me at the time I was suddenly feeling pain. He must have been feeling it too. Oops too late.

  9. I have been purging myself of old photos and other reminders of painful relationships, including professional ones where I was fired for standing up for the rights of others. The pain came up again for one last time. Don’t know why I hung on to so many reminders. I feel stronger and lighter for shredding, shredding, shredding old love notes and photos. Saturn in Scorpio has given me the right energy with which to approach my relationships. Next might be walking away from a mortgage that’s been underwater for several years. I have been in denial about that reality.

  10. Well… I’m a Scorpio native and I’m divorcing my husband! So yeah, I’d say this fits. Just served him with divorce papers.

  11. @ Ruth : I COMPLETELY agree with you telling them to leave. Good move. I liked reading your statement that they don’t get to come to your house, partake of your generosity and then talk over you. Mirrors issues in my own life, and it was helpful to read how you handled it.

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