32 thoughts on “Saturn In Scorpio: Diminishing Returns”

  1. I have noticed diminishing returns in my life, but one way I’ve decided to deal with it is by taking another road to get where I need to be, that is how I’ve managed to regain energy. My goals are still there, but I have to be flexible enough to shift gears to reach that goal. I am thankful that Saturn in Scorpio takes place before my Saturn return, I think it’ll help a lot.

  2. I’ve been running like crazy lately. I’m not sure where July, aug and September have gone. I’m doing but starting to feel like its all being done half ass, and I’m falling behind. Wondering if there’s a better way. But not sure what to change because ALL of it has to be done. My relationships with my children have improved, matured. With my mom, sister niece and nephew too but at a cost. I’m mediating, expending calming energy siding in excavating and rebuilding. But I have no answers and my brain feels like its starting to go numb. I want to start a new business but it takes capital, I don’t have capital.

    Saturn in my 6th closing in on my moon next year. Uranus in my 11th sitting on my Chiron. Neptune squaring my 7th Neptune from the 10th. Pluto in my 8th.

    If this should be my midlife crisis … Why haven’t I bought a sports car, grabbed the dog and run away from home 😉

  3. Very interesting…I just wrote a long essay on how my relationship was like a falling stock in a public company. Only it was run by Lehman brothers.

  4. Definitely feeling the limits of energy, especially financially, but also with friends and family, partner, job and child. Planning to invest more in my partner and child, try to “do more with less” financially. Looking for less mentally demanding work. A few old friends and family members who are draining are getting the boot. It seems like I only have a small amount of energy to go around so I’d better make it count.

  5. Yep. The example of dating that you used. It stopped bearing fruit for me. Well, the fruit was pretty bitter in the first place, although I did learn a lot. I just have other things that I get actual joy from.

  6. I’ve stopped hoping and daydreaming about him. Now if I could only stop thinking about him altogether. Finances are at an epic low, have to move out of my apartment and in with my mother to save money and be able to finish school. Work, money, love…all hard to attain these days. Dreams, wishes, -better kept within reality mode. Just getting by, barely. Saturn conj sun/neptune/asc at this time. This too shall pass 🙂

    1. What Subpink said, co-signing 1000%.

      Though I’ve finished school, I also moved back in with my mother, have no money/job, and am trying to psychologically move on from a poor relationship.

      Transiting Saturn is on my natal 9 degree Scorpio sun EXACT, RIGHT NOW.

  7. Yes, because I saw him first.

    Okay that’s childish. But still.

    Moon in Taurus trine Jupiter in mutual reception with Venus.

  8. What’s strange for me is that the relationship I though was pulling me down for so long is actually getting stronger. I’m starting to appreciate what I have. I didn’t imagine this could ever happen before, I thought we were doomed.

    I think it was a matter of perspective. I see myself blessed now. I don’t pine as much…that was what I needed to stop doing… It wasn’t allowing me to appreciate my life as is.

    1. I think that we get diminishing returns as long as we think something we don’t have will make us happy. This is the lesson I’m getting….its about being appreciative and being content with what we have…because this is what we are meant to have at this moment. It’s the only way to be happy.

  9. I stopped Okstupid for awhile thank god!!!!!
    But my diminished return in music has been my fault and nobody else’s , I had plenty of opportunity and blessings that I took for granted so the door ended up closing on me. But the biz is tough anyway I was really stupid.
    I am trying to reframe my goals in music now. I do feel depleted. For career its either business if by 32 music doesn’t work out, I will do nothing but business. I am giving myself a deadline.

  10. No diminishing returns here! New life, new job, new apartment. I’ve become way more selective with who I hang out with. Still attracting man-babies…just kicking them to the curb faster, lol! Could be the Multiverse is just testing me to make sure I really nailed that lesson…as for the people I choose to surround myself…well, you’re either all in (blood) or you’re out (shit)… 🙂

    1. You know what? Someone just emailed me about this.
      I have not been on that site for 3 or 4 years…since she wrote the last tirade about me.

      I have been creating original content DAILY for 13 years. I lift other people’s work?
      Give me a fuckin’ break.

      For Godsakes, use your head.

  11. Avatar

    with Saturn in Scorpio..yes ppl that steal, cheat, lie & sap the talent & energy off other ppl…will pay for it!

    frauds will go down to the deepest depths of excruciating hell that 3 fold karma has to offer 😉

    theres no hiding or denying it…not any longer.

    1. Is this your passive aggressive way to accuse me of stealing, lying and sapping talent?

      For Godsakes, get your head out of your ass. You;re backing the wrong gal, hon.

      1. I guess this is Mars in Leo sq Venus in Scorpio – jealous attack.
        Saturn in Scor, I thought you were a lot smarter than this. For Godsakes, think.

  12. For over a decade Elsa P has conducted herself with integrity, candor and honesty in her interactions with me. I have witnessed her do the same with a broad spectrum of people and personalities over that same time period.

    I do not know who or what specifically is being discussed above, but Elsa says she didn’t do something or go somewhere and my experience with her credibility is unimpeachable.

    It is a sorry shame that we live in a time when malicious innuendo and defamation are given any credence whatsoever. It is the action of cowardly, wicked persons who are too lazy and/or too aware of the false basis of their claims to act forthrightly and openly.

    I sincerely hope that any reader who entertains even a moment of doubt around the claims and counter-claims made above will recognize and give weight to the manner in which it was raised versus the manner in which it was addressed.

    1. Thanks, CP. And no one worry about SaturnRx. She apologized for posting that. I completely forgive her and she is welcome here as she always was.

      The idea that I have steal content is as crazy as allegation as could possibly be made. Someone is a good liar, apparently, to even have someone entertain the idea such a thing might be real.

      If you can’t look at this blog, overflowing with fresh, original and highly creative content…and realize that I have been producing it daily since 2001 and yet still think I need to steal my ideas, you’re probably a nutcase.

      Sorry, but facts are facts.

      1. I am back to add….the last thing I need is more ideas! I have mars conjunct Mercury in the 9th house, for Godsakes! I have notes for more than SIXTY posts I want to write, but will probably never get to most of them.

        It’s been like this since Xanga! Oh my God, if anything I need fewer ideas.

        I have been doing this for 13 years! Do you know how many times I have had to wipe the slate of all the things I wish to write – all the stories I wish to write – clean, just because my ideas have overcome my life?

        I will die with so much unwritten it’s a fuckin’ joke. I wake up at 4 in the morning with ideas, if not the middle of the night!

        I could sit here and write ALL DAY, EVERY DAY for years and years and not begin to scratch the surface of what I know and what I think. Oh yeah! I’ve already done that.

        I really think anyone who believes that my ideas are not my own, should have their head examined.
        For Godsakes read my book. I think you’ll find it to be…original to say the least. To. Say. The. Least.

  13. I’m experiencing this “diminished return” at full force right now. Not at all happy with the results from all the hard work and sacrifice I put into my job and friendships, not happy one bit. Worked my buns off to be promoted as department supervisor and achieved increased salary…only to have my rightful pedestal taken away and given to a brand new hire that knew nothing about the department. Also had to have my new bonus increase be split in half to share with new hire while the new hire was bossing ME around. My confrontation with boss left me with him saying to me and I quote, “You think you know, but you don’t know.” ***JAW DROPS*** I worked my buns in friendships to keep them going in the long run, was a listening ear to ALL their problems, was a shoulder for them to cry on when their exes and loved ones left or passed away, etc. The thanks I get in return is amputated contacts and no more lunches together. “Diminished return” is an understatement…

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