The Worst Transits…

I was thinking about the careers of some Hollywood types.  Comedians in particular. Some comics have a long run. Rodney Dangerfield comes to mind. Others are hysterically funny for just a few years.

These comics may may still be around, but they just can’t hit the heights there were able to earlier in their career.

My guess is that a person performing at their peak has more challenging transits then they do easy ones.  It’s just human nature.  Few kick into high gear,  unless it’s required.

Next time you look at your chart and think you’re going to be trashed, consider that you may heading into a time where you’ll perform at a level beyond your own wildest imagination.

Most of us do have times in our life, when we look back on them and wonder how we did it.  Hard transits, is my guess!

When was the last time you kicked ass?  Were you under pressure?

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  1. There are also a lot of comedians who die young from drug overdoses. Bill Hicks, Chris Farley, Greg Giraldo, to name a few. I don’t know what kind of transits they were experiencing at the time but you bring up an interesting point about shining the brightest under stress. I can definitely relate to that. I was hit big time by the cardinal cross 1.5 years ago and have changed careers since then, moved to a new city, and started living with my partner. Huge changes, all of which were super stressful but I’m glad it all happened.

    1. Al, it’s the same with some of the songwriters. You have a few that produce for decades, but most hit their height for a year or two and that’s it.

      I know there are times in my life when I’ve managed incredible things…often with my back against the wall.

      It doesn’t mean there is no grace involved. I am sure there is grace involved. I just think it’s un-productive to get in the habit of hiding under your bed in difficult times.

      Not that a person should never lie low. But if you are really in for it, and the situation is going to be prolonged, it probably means that you’ll fare best if you try to meet the challenges you’re presented with.

    2. Bill Hicks died of pancreatic cancer. He was a great comedian who died tragically early, but not of an overdose. Mitch Hedberg, also a gifted comedian, did die of an overdose. Just wanted to set the record straight about Bill: he talked a lot about taking mushrooms, but he wasn’t a drug addict 🙂

  2. Joan Rivers and George Carlin come to mind. Joan Rivers certainly knew how to put her mutable t-square (with Virgo, Sagittarius and Gemini planets) to good use, and her organizational system is amazing. George Carlin had a cardinal t-square, and a trine with Mars rx in Sagittarius at 0 degrees, Saturn in Aries, and Pluto in Cancer. What is even more amazing is that George Carlin natally had Pluto in the 12th house!
    In fact, when Uranus, Saturn and Pluto were putting tremendous pressure on my chart, I got the George Carlin award in college. XD
    I will keep in mind that I can do great things when I have tough transits instead of buckling under pressure. Well, I already see that I am putting to good use this year’s solar return. 😉

  3. Yes, this indeed is…I think I am having the worst transit – Saturn over my super stellium in scorpio in 12th house…I don’t think I have done anything that amazing but have surely focused all my energy on work and managed to get a few projects finished and some recognition too…The trying times do push a person, and most come through I guess, that is what is the essence of being human right?

  4. Is it not possible that the long term performers also had energy in their natal charts that helped them to balance both their creativity and long term business acumen? This is something I am truly interested in … those who can balance their creativity and business sense.
    For the record: Bill Hicks died from cancer, not from a drug overdose.

  5. Yeah, thanks, fritzy ritz, was just gonna say Bill Hicks died from pancreatic cancer – no cure for that one. Really sad to watch his last few vids on youtube and see the ravages – only 32 and looked ancient.

  6. Hhhha…being a Sag Sun, Aquarius Moon, Virgo Asc with a Gemini Sun, Cancer Moon, Aquarius Asc boyfriend – and I being 10 yrs his senior, he’s the only boy in a 9 girl family with a widowed mother and his whole family hating on me all bc i helped him reach the crest of success in less than 3yrs and now he’s fallen in love with me against his family’s wishes (f uckers – they just wanted me to help him reach success then to dump me for a more ‘respectable marriage material wife,’ I’m also divorced with a 19yr old). So everyone is having a heart attack about how taboo our relationship is (too bad for them that I may be 10yrs his senior but I take care of myself and I must admit Im sexy as hell and look 20 yrs his junior…heehheee). I used to so shy away from ‘confrontation.’ But ever since Regulas changing from Leo to Virgo, Saturn finishing my (Virgo’s) 2nd, Mars long transit of Virgo last year, and now a year of Saturn’s transit into my 12 along with Pluto’s direct turn in my 2nd…Hhhhha I say “BRING IT ON!!!” Can’t wait for the upcoming Venus in Sag in 10days time, Mars entering Virgo on the 15th, the upcoming Venus extended stay in Virgo, and Uranus direct turn in Nov – I smell delicious things coming up!

    Lastly, I know I’m in the minority but: I LOVE PLUTooooooOOOO!!! Yes, Pluto demolished everything i had clung unto that other people could hold me ‘hostage’ to: reputation, image, status, old way of doing things, money etc. But, I know Im not out of the woods yet (my Sag Sun & Virgo Asc makes me) way too smart and philo for that….but, I AM FREE, I AM FREE, THANK GOD ALMIGHTY – I AM almost FREE AT LAST to rise from the ashes like a Phoenix!!! Lol, pretty funny and ironic that I just relocated to Phoenix Arizona on the Pisces full moon and still have him up my ass from thousands of miles away…..yes, every pun INTENDED & mwuuaahhhahahahhaaaaaa ):

    Ok ok…ill tread nicely on his miserable low life family of women that continue to defame me & now bothering my son thru his friends (FaceBook, Instagrm etc – Saturn in my 3rd) to do enough and final damage to our relationship so we can’t rebuild anything, But I think Uranus will take care of their Flinstone value system mentality pretty soon. So, im gonna do my Pluto/Capricorn thing of finishing my school & start supporting myself (lol yes I need a job)…while I’ll let Uranus shock & surprise them with the blinding clarity of even if I’m not 5 minutes away – out of site DOES NOT necessarily = out of mind. As I said to one of his ugly Cinderella sisters “we live in the 21st Century, I can’t help it if you can’t grasp the idea of communication technology that has blindsided your game plan.’ But we’ll forgive her for not knowing astrology…hhha

    Loved this post, got really passionate and just started typing away – pleez 4give my typos….Love to all!

  7. The year I had a Cardinal Grand Cross in my solar return, I kicked ass. I was very busy, but I was firing on all cylinders.

  8. Agree with flanurita, sometimes there is no choice. I gotta get going. Noticed a huge difference with pluto going direct again. It’s moving to opposition to natal moon and that won’t be clear till by enough degrees for me till 2016. Dealing with the physical takes focus. Especially when not much seems very real. I’m pretty much experiencing existentialism. I had to decide what is real and worth working at and then focus energy there. It’s a real strength builder.

  9. Geez louise, I mean elsa, this worked well for me. Outer planetary energy understanding is gellin. I know pluto is external forces or so it is written. And yes I need to be aware of what is going on around me. But it also is putting me outside of situations. Ergo I can see or decide what I am seeing better. I’m not easily drawn into what is not really happening to me. Much easier on my cancer moon. Am out in sunshine today workin in bliss mode while cogitating new awareness. What could be better.

  10. I know this comedian night club it is in my city, São Paulo – Brasil
    A really nice place

    By the way, I’m astrologer too and I really appreciate your work Elsa


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