Saturn in Scorpio For Aries

aries-denicola-1“…you have Venus in Aries which is inclined to start things and then lose interest. But you also have Saturn aspecting Venus. 

Ultimately if you don’t learn to commit, you are going to feel bad about yourself.  It’s a lack of discipline, see?

Take Venus in Aries as a soldier. Do you quit the first day of the war? Of course not!  You have to persevere and fight your way to victory…”

I wrote that for a client, but it’s broadly applicable to anyone with planets in Aries at this time.  It’s an inconjunct aspect, in case you’re wondering.

I have never met an Aries in my life, who wanted to be a loser. If you want to avoid this, there is your instruction!

Who can relate?


13 thoughts on “Saturn in Scorpio For Aries”

  1. My Scorpio Moon and my Venus in Aries are both at 17 degrees… I’m looking forward to things lightening up now that Saturn is finally pulling away at 22 degrees. I need a break!!

  2. I have always had a soft spot in my heart for aries. I find them very amusing. They are fun to spend a few moments with as they whiz on by to who knows where. I have no clue as to the goals of any of the aries I’ve spent time with. We never get that far. But I am always glad they stopped in.

    There are 2 aries north noders in my bio family. There is one way to do things no matter what the impact on anyone else. They don’t like to hear the word no. But that could be their libra-ness too.

  3. I am an Aries and of course I never want to be a loser, but who does? I will admit that I won’t play Words with Friends with my son because I cannot beat him, ever. Since I know I will not win, I won’t play. LOL! He takes it in stride and crushes someone else in the next game.

  4. I’m aries sun-north +node+venus+saturn+chiron
    conjunctions:sun-chiron-n.n. and venus saturn
    I definitevely relate to the need for discipline,being also very neptunian and earthless.
    my aries venus (RX) is somehow stifled by conj.saturn, but since it’s also squared by moon and quincunx pluto I feel a general blockage, working very hard and satisfied in the unblocking process..
    I think aries venus works differently with non -aries suns,n.n., me it’s getting inflamed quickly and having strong likes and dislikes.
    the quitting doesn’t belong to me very much, i’ve also got pluto(on moon, mercury and venus, plus conjunct jupiter) so I tend to be obsessive with my passions.but,as I said, my natal venus is pretty jacked up.I can tell the difference whit aries venus people whose energy runs through cleaner channels than mine.I find them bordering aggression and flirtatious,similar to venus-mars conj.I’m also libra rising..
    anyway, I’m enjoying discipline so much!!
    pointing down what I want and my values(saturn in 2nd now)

  5. First, I’m like babt, with Aries Sun/Venus/Saturn/NN/Chiron and the same conjunctions: Sun/Chiron, Sun/NN, Venus/Saturn.” Second, yes, to just about all Elsa wrote: Yes, I start things and lose interest; yes, I have Saturn aspecting Venus; yes, I don’t commit so much and have some discipline issues; no, I don’t want to be a loser. 🙂 (Gem Moon and Sag Mars in the mix too!)

    1. I also wanted to add that while I feel like I’m in the grinder with this, I am liking (wth??) Saturn in Scorpio. I feel more focused and/or *deliberate* and I’m like lots of nonsense is getting stripped off/out, which I deeply appreciate.

  6. Wow will be kept busy with all this, feel very spoilt. Sun, Moon and Mars all Aries in the 5th. Never gonna give up, think literally incapable of it!

  7. I’ve never met the kind of Aries that either gives up or gets bored of something once it’s acquired. My mother is an Aries and it manifests as short-tempered but let’s it go once she vents, and the same goes for things that upset her about the past. She’s never been one to live in the past, and is always focused on doing the best we can today in this moment going forward. It seems jealous when she wants to be the center of attention but conversation puts the spotlight on someone else. Most of my Aries friends liked being in longterm relationships too, but definitely like to be active, constantly moving as in going on hikes, driving to a place for exploring, etc. There is that motivation to explore and be on the move. My mother is the same way, which to me seems like a restlessness. She has to get out of the house every day unless the weather is too bad or unless she’s feeling sick.

    1. I just remembered my niece is the kind of Aries that gets bored with things once acquired. She’s a teenager. Maybe since my mother has Venus in Taurus and Saturn in Cancer, she’s more long-term about things than other Aries would normally be.

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