The Moon In Synastry

full moon on black backgroundWhen judging synastry, don’t overlook the moon.  When two moons are in easy aspect, it gives a feeling of a blood connection.

This is because the moon represents your family. When someone blends into your family…well, think about it. Also think about what it’s like when they don’t!

If the two moons are in the same sign, there’s some level of affinity.  It’s the same with the trine.  But keep in mind, lunar energy will be modified by aspects to the moon.  For example. a Scorpio moon squaring Uranus is different then the same moon squaring Neptune.  But regardless of that, there will still be some rapport.

A sextile between the moons is probably best, due to how the elements complement each other. You don’t necessarily need to see the two moons aspecting each other by degree. Moons in Air+Fire or Earth+Water are going to lean in.

There are certainly couples with their moons squaring each other, but the clash is going to show itself, eventually, especially if you share a home or get family involved. See, the moon is personal. Two people can go on a bunch of dates, and their moons aren’t part of it.  I’ve done this myself, many times.  The relationship may be fun and invigorating.  You may want to spend time with someone because you’re learning something, or because of the sex or whatever.

If a relationship stays on that level, all is fine.  But when a clean freak wants to move in with hoarder, forget it! Or how about a a person who likes to have people stop by all the time, living with someone who feels their home is their sanctuary?

Again, aspects to the moon alter it’s expression, dramatically in some cases.  But if you’re looking at making someone “family”, you’d be well advised to consider the moon in synastry.

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What’s your experience in relationships where the two moon were/were not compatible?


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  1. My late husband and I had squared moons. I found out later since my jupiter was in virgo, and my sun in Scorpio this was a good fit. My sag asc , Venus and moon connected well with his Aries sun, and Aquarius Venus.

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