What Does A Man With Venus In Taurus Want?

Venus is the planet that rules what we intrinsically value in relationships as well as how we value ourselves. If you’re in love with someone with Venus in Taurus, well…. you’re lucky!  Taurus is one of the natural rulers of Venus, so comfy-cozy is the catchword!  He might move a little slow when it comes to beginning the relationship, but once he settles on you, you’re in for good.  Unlike our previous Venus in Aries, this is not a man to push.  It will be like running up against a brick wall and sloooowly sliding down.

Until he decides on you, your best bet is to show him how valuable you are.  If you’re an artist, he values that.  If you dress nice, taking care of your body, he values that.  He doesn’t want flashy or showy, he wants simple, yet refined.  He definitely likes the finer things in life, and once you’re partnered with him, you will be treated accordingly.

Cooking for him is a really good idea.  But be discriminate.  Cook GOOD things, like the finest steaks and serve the best wines.  I know it may sound superficial, look at it this way– you most likely will do *something* for your man, so why not do the things that really turn him on?  And speaking of turning him on, touching him, gently, will say volumes for how you feel about him.  His love language is touch.  No need for lots of words, and definitely do not make the mistake of coming on so strong that he thinks you’re not picky.  He likes picky.

Lastly, this song keeps winging around in my head while writing about Venus in Taurus.  Take what you will from it:

Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur

Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr…purr…purr

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  1. Could you do something about what does a woman with Venus in Taurus in the 8th house ruling her Libra ascendant like?

    1. Elsbeth, I would need to see the whole chart to give my opinion. If you post your chart on the forum, perhaps others would give you some ideas! 🙂

  2. I am dating a man with Taurus/Gemini DC. The characteristics you listed describe his dating skill set. He’s very solicitous and social with a heavy nod towards good food and wine. Let the good times roll, baby!

  3. My friend has Venus in Taurus and is so happy with a good drink and some good food. He is often jealous of me when i send him a picture of me with a drink. We do have different approaches though. Even if our moons and venus are complementary

  4. “Taurus is one of the natural rulers of Venus, so comfy-cozy is the catchword!” is where you want to put the second paragraph (this is where Web publishing and on-the-page publishing are entirely different). Follow Elsa’s lead, she’s pretty good at this.

  5. Avatar
    10,000 Daydreams

    Simple, yes. Refined…hmm. Sounds like you’re thinking of Virgo/Libra! Lol. Taurus the bull doesn’t seem the type to tip-toe through the tulips. More like stomp on them!

  6. Im reading an interview with father john misty. He has a super stellium in taurus. It’s really hard to tell because he seems to rip the band aid off so much of existence.

    1. Well, Kri, just for S&G (pm me if you don’t know what that means), I looked up Father John, because evidently I live in a BOX and haven’t heard of him, just like I never listed to Bieber. I read part of your link, but grew quickly bored, because what he’s going through…. I went through 20 years ago. Disillusionment SUCKS, big time. So then I was curious about this “super stellium” you spoke of, so pulled up his chart. It’s not-so-super. Moon/Chiron/Mars in Taurus— meh— to be “super”, you’d need an outer planet there with it. However, his anger is a force to be reckoned with. Look up the meaning of “Algol”, that’s a fixed star that his Mars falls on— THAT will make you lose sleep at night! Plus he’s super explosive, with the opposition from Uranus. And, very, very prone to disillusionment with the Neptune/Venus opposition, but as with all oppositions, the “kingdom lies within” and what he THINKS is causing his disillusionment (and anger, for that matter, because Uranus/mars is in opposition as well) is more a manifestation of his inner angst and anguish than what is happening “out there”.

      1. Whoa. Admittedly he does depress me cause he just released a very disillusioned sounding album. Esp the song ‘pure comedy.’
        I do think he’s an amazing songwriter. I have moon mercury in cancer and his song “ideal husband” really was a great love song for me to listen to.
        Im particularly gloomy but in denial about some of what he talks about in his song pure comedy.
        ..what transit caused your disillusionment, if i may? And how did you get over or through it?

      2. He does have Sun Moon Mercury Venus and Mars Plus Chiron in Taurus. i think most of them are close enough to be conjunct. just looking at astrotheme

          1. well, Kri, I have to fall on my sword. When I typed in his birthdate, I typed May 31 instead of May 3! Yes, there’s the super stellium- even though no outer planet is involved, Uranus is not really involved. I agree that all that earth can be very depressing, especially because Taurus is known for getting into a rut and not seeing ANY WAY OUT. His birth time is unknown (they used a noon chart), and I kind of think he has the moon in Aries, because otherwise, with all that Taurus, he’d never make it out of the house.

            1. Hahahahaha i know! I dont get how his stated personality ties into his chart. I feel like art is his lifeblood with all that venus.

              1. Man… i just dont get that guy. But i think hes a brilliant lyricist with a wide ranging depressing perspective.

  7. What strikes me is how Venus in taurus is so different from venus in cancer. And so is moon in pisces. My moon in pisces friends seem to not want to hide from some things in life and be super sensitive to stuff i dont care about. My friend with venus in taurus has moon in pisces. He is an atheist.

    1. well, if you think about it, if you start out as Aries, by the time you’re done being all hell-bent and energetic, it’s time TO SLOW THE HECK DOWN…so you become Taurus, stopping and smelling the roses, sometimes stuck in a rut, but living through your senses of smell, touch, taste. well, enough of THAT, I need to get and be social and talk about everything I experienced as Taurus because now I’m GEMINI, and…so it goes. Each sign so very different, but the modalities (fire,earth,air, water) give them *some* similarities. I just loooove it.

      Moon in Pisces an atheist. Huh. That’s interesting…..

      1. I think his moon is in the 7th. He was raised very religious in a complicated family. He loves being with his girlfriend and his cat. Some of the moon in pisces guys i met have a ‘the world is in crisis, lets love each other as much as we can’ philosophy. Especially if theyre atheist. He also has sun and other planets in aries, my friend.

        1. I mean he had to shake off repressive religious mores that didnt fit him through critical thinking. he has found atheism freeing… i dont understand it so good

  8. oh, joe…joe…joe…. your constant unsolicited advice has me thinking you have a crush on me. Honestly, I am much more interested in hearing your astrological interpretations than this crap. Yes, crap is a technical term.

  9. My dad has venus in Taurus, grace, good manners, always well dressed, loves good food, especially home cooked traditonal foods, he’s a great cook himself, Loves, singing and has been a semi-professional singer for years. He’s a carpenter by trade and made some lovevly items with wood, (I’ve even seen him wear steel-capped boots with his tool- holding apron,, while wearing a shirt and tie on top! Clients or something!always made me smile!)

    1. I think I’m in love with your father. Love a man who works with his hands!!! (says the woman with Mars in Taurus!)

  10. I love learning about the Venus Mars stuff. So my husband has Venus in Taurus, and he pretty much fits your description (and I’m so very pleased he does), but now I am thinking about his Mars. It is in Scorpio. And when he wants something he can be pretty fast about getting it. Determined. Almost single minded in his pursuit. (not aggressive though). He doggedly pursues the thing he wants. I like his determinism. Gemini Sun and Moon.

  11. from the Venus in Taurus I know… he likes very traditionally feminine women and traits. ones who wear skirts and dresses, have clean manicured nails and soft hair. He’s not attracted to fake tans, hair extensions, too much makeup or tomboys.

  12. I remembered Kanye West is both Venus Taurus/Mars Taurus and his wife, Kim Kardashian is a very curvaceous, hour-glass figure woman.

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