Saturn In Scorpio: Facing The Ghastly Reality

scorpio dollSaturn is leaving Libra for Scorpio. I see many people realizing they are going to have to face something ghastly. In some cases it’s a divorce. All the hemming and hawing and trying to negotiate a compromise (Libra) has been unsuccessful and some are going to have to deal with exactly what they wished to avoid.

I see Libra as the doily (veneer) that covers the horrible stain beneath. Take the dating sites. They’re marketed with pictures of couples in love but the reality on those sites is a lot darker.

People will grapple with this over the next 2.5 years. They will become more aware the machinations of others as well as their own.

Debt is another thing many will have to face, on a personal level and as part of a collective. The debt may be financial, but there are other forms of energy. If you have debt of any kind, and you’ll now have to reconcile and/or suffer the consequences which are not likely to be forgiving.

Are you headed towards some kind of reckoning in your life? Can you see this setting up in the lives around you?

My workshop on this topic starts Monday – Saturn In Scorpio Workshop – The Agony, Empowerment, Death And Transformation

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  1. That’s a good idea, electric. I have been harping over the last few months about paying off debt an making things right with others. I didn’t write this so many times for no reason.

    It’s not because I am so smart. It’s because I got hit like a brick the last time Saturn hit Scorpio and I well remember the feelings and what I went through at that time.

  2. Yes–my student loan payments kick in in November. I’m looking forward to it in a masochistic sort of way–Aries Venus opp Pluto likes a challenge! I love paying off debt…I’m weird like that.

    I’m also looking for a new job.

  3. That’s possible, PixieDust, yes. Not that I would count on it or anything. Some people would rather die than do the right thing. lol. 🙂

  4. Paying off debt – which, fortunately, isn’t overpowering, thanks to a lifelong fear of accumulating it – and also working on ways to increase my income are priorities for me now too. I have Venus/Uranus early Scorpio, 2nd house equal. I really hit rock bottom back in 2005, with Saturn in early Leo squaring them. Not going to go there this time!

  5. It’s in my 4th and can feel it’s all about my family. There is a reckoning there. I’ve been working my hardet to make it a win-win, but worry it won’t be 🙁

  6. Being a big picture person who tends to solve problems backwards I have been trying really, really hard to reconcile the books and do the right thing since Saturn was in Virgo, and Pluto started heading towards Capricorn this is my second time around with this stuff and I DO NOT want to do it again.

    I am hoping that I have turned knowledge into wisdom, weakness into strength.

    I would like to believe that when Saturn and Pluto are in mutual reception that it will be an easier energy then when Saturn and Pluto both were in Scorpio.

  7. Mines in house 4 also, my husband and I live in about 600 or so square feet with a toddler and we want a second child. We want to move but can’t financially, upside is we live in a great part of town but this city is so expensive and we’ve accumulated debt.
    On the upside Scorpio is usually friendly to me, I don’t have it anywhere in my chart so maybe that’s why and Pluto is good to me too but Saturn is bitchy so that has me concerned.

  8. I second daisy’s experience. Lots of Pluto and transformation already.

    Saturn in Scorpio in first house, so I see it as a huge challenge and opportunity. With Venus and with Neptune conj. Asc. there, if I don’t blow it and live through it I hope to come out better in body, mind and spirit. And reputation and resources, too.

    I’ve been working hard to make INTERNAL changes. I figure it’s been like getting in shape for the big race, but I’m on the blocks though I have to admit I’m scared.

  9. My student loan payments start back up in October. I am also looking forward to it-very motivated to finish those, and my credit cards, off.

    I loved having good credit, and I am glad it was there when I needed it, but I am also WAY too proud to cop out on a bill. It’s a yuck you can’t shower off.

    Hoping things keep improving on the income front, so that I can pay them off.

  10. When was Saturn in Scorpio last?

    And Pluto in Capricorn?

    Just a slight greenhorn here but I am deeply interested in the our cosmic influences.

  11. 4 degree scorpio rising with venus and pluto at 8 degrees.

    I have been thinking about this all month. I’m realizing I can’t start a family with the amount of student loan debt on me and my boyfriends back. 40000. Which is lower than some people our age but way higher than my parents when I was growing up. And was a burden growing up alone because they had to pay off debt. And couldn’t enjoy life much…. I would hate myself if I couldn’t be there with my children…. I’m starting to realize I will be too poor in this lifetime to be a young parent. As it is my boyfriend doesn’t think its worth it to pay because we can’t make a dent in the intrest. And I can’t convence him to just hunker down devote our extra income to debt because he thinks people who have no life are horrrible people… but this debt is taking from future happiness and don’t get me started on retirement. I really don’t think this pluto in scorpio generation will retire…

  12. Pluto and Saturn were dancing together in ’82/’83 when Saturn last left Libra for Scorpio. So I think there was a lot more plutonic type turmoil to be expected then. Now we have the Uranus/Pluto square going on – but isn’t Saturn well aspected to the Uranus/Pluto and so long as we all follow Saturn’s pull then we should be ok? Meaning isn’t the next Sept Uranus/Pluto aspect about taking responsibility and walking the walk? I fail to see how it can imply lessons about marriage and money – so much as lessons connected with the natal house with Scorpio on the cusp and where Neptune resides. For me that’s 6th and sure enough it opposes all of my personal planets in the next few months — and I’m always feeling sick and exhausted (despite sleeping avg 12 hrs a night).

  13. The husband and I paid off our mortgage spring of this year. Feels good.
    We’re both spending time with our widowed mothers, helping them with their needs. That’s a generational debt payment, I suppose.

  14. it will be interesting to see how this plays out for me. i paid off all debt 18 yrs ago and have never taken a loan since. i exist in decadent poverty lol. the crisis didnt even make a blip on my rader – until now with the price of gas (where i am, we pay 5 times the U.S. rate). with natal saturn rx in pisces ruled 5th, i am naturally at ease with living within my means. {but i am not all dull- i do have a SAG moon 😉 }

    i believe it will be going much deeper into relational issues (cardinal versus-or-and mutible energies) and the value i place on ‘my skills & possessions’. whatever it is, no point in anything but just getting on with it.

  15. I expect to see my parents move from late middle age to true old age and to begin middle-aged myself when Saturn squares my moon and Venus. If that ain’t ghastly reality, then I don’t know what is. 🙂

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    Hi Folks

    My scorpio is in 11th house neptune I have heard so many conflicting reports on what to expect can anyone tell me anything good about this transit


  17. hi everybody,
    my sign is scorpio, so im waiting saturn furst on my merkurii, then to my sun in my 3hd house…i think that very important decissions are waiting and they involve marrige/divorce and baby/pluton in capricorn 5th house/

  18. I am steadily paying off my debt but it is with no joy or relief. I feel like a pawn, a cog in the machine. In many ways I am and the question is how much should I let it bother me? I am growing more aware of the spiritual void in my life and I expect my Saturn Return in the 12th house to increase the pressure.

  19. I’m looking forward to it. A chance to redress the some challenges from back in saturn in virgo, and some other transits. My merc is in scorp and is well aspected and pluto is helping it out so I hope to make the most of it. I plan to learn french.

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    curious wanderer

    I have financial debt I am struggling to address, but I think I finally have a firm path on that.

    As far as I know, I’m square with emotional/relational/karmic debt. I’ve made amends to those I owe it to. For things I can never pay back, I exercise regular gratitude. I’ve got too much Saturn to let that kind of debt pile up.

    Saturn will be transiting my 3rd house, my Uranus, and my IC toward the end. I really don’t know what to expect. That’s why I bought my ticket to the Colosseum. 😉

  21. Saturn will be going through my 7th (late Libra desc). I don’t think it’ll be a reckoning as much as maturing. Venus in Leo, life and people are great, I love you, yo love me, it’s all romantic and fun. Simple, childlike love. I wouldn’t intentionally hurt anyone at all. Used to fall in love quickly. Bang, got hurt so very badly last year that I’m hesitant to get involved at all.

    Until I feel ready (which I think will be a long time coming; early next year I’ll have saturn square my venus), I’m keeping my distance from potential romantic situations. They don’t seem to be finding me anyway, which is ok right now. I’ll be much more cautious about falling in love the next time.

  22. Working hard to pay down debt! Minimize! It’s my job that needs to go. Working on a resume rewrite ….feel like I’m laying the groundwork!

  23. H,mmm just realized I was in my last year of highs hool and entering college when Saturn was in Scorpio. What a mess hat was. I hope that won’t happen again -all my dreams and innocence was shattered!

  24. I have no financial debts, which is a good way to be. I don’t own much either…some funky second hand furniture and a car. But maybe need to reconcile some personal relationhips with family and friends. Saturn will be heading into my 7th house…time for some mature relationships.

  25. I paid off my debt, except a small mortgage, back in the early ’00s. I worked two jobs for five years and paid off $40K in credit card debt and $10K in student debt. In retrospect, that was one of the best decisions of my life. I’d recommend it to anyone who is struggling. It’s hard while you’re doing it but the payback is peace of mind, which is priceless. I’d be in real trouble now if I hadn’t done it.
    I’m paying a familial debt now with my Mother who is physically in great shape at 84, but can’t remember anything. She has Alzheimer’s, but it is only affecting her short-term memory. She’s just like her Mother who died in her sleep at 87 – and was still physically in great shape. Since her SO had a stroke in Feb of this year, I’ve had to move into a “parent” role with them while trying to maintain their sense of independence as much as possible. Since they can’t drive any more, I do the shopping and some cleaning. I have to make sure they take their medication and remember to eat. I have siblings, but they are all working and I’m retired. I don’t mind. I figure when her SO does die, she’ll probably come live with me. I keep telling my kids to pay attention because this is their future as well.
    Saturn just entered my sixth house and my health is my biggest fear. I don’t have a lot of health karma to pay as I’ve lived a relatively healthy lifestyle except for weight. I gained the weight eating healthy food – I just love to eat. I AM a Taurus sun and rising, after all. I’m dieting now and hoping Saturn in Scorpio will help me find my internal source of energy and build some structure in my life. I was diagnosed with congestive heart failure in 10/10. I’m managing it, but I do need to lose the weight so my knees don’t hurt so much. The medication makes that very hard and slow so I’m learning ‘patience’. That is never an easy lesson – and definitely not a fast one.
    My relationship didn’t make it through Saturn in Libra, but I gained a lot of friends and some new hobbies through it, so I’m not sorry I did it. I say I doubt if I’ll go there again, but my Mother met the man she’s with when she was in her mid/late 60’s and they are very happy, so it’s not impossible. It would be nice to have someone to share the burden as well as the joys, but I’m very picky about who I let stay in my life.
    Overall, I feel like Saturn in Scorpio will be a good thing for me. The first Saturn in Scorpio in my life I was starting elementary school; the second we were buying a house and my ex started drinking again after 4 years of sobriety. Hopefully this one will help me set up the structure for the rest of my life, as I don’t expect to see another one. I feel ready.

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    Hi all!

    This was a really good read, i found it very helpfull!

    I was born in 1985 & i have both Pluto & Saturn in my 7th & 8th house..

    Any ideas on this placement ? I’m a little worried.. Pluto & Saturn have not been kind to me over the past 2.5 years.
    Anyone else on here born with similar placements?

  27. Hi All

    Ive just had Saturn destroy or re-arrange my entire life. Born Aries, Saturn has been opposing my Sun for past 2.5yrs. The change started 2.5yrs ago but the real drama really started last yr Oct when saturn entered my aries decan 3. First thing he got rid of my very unhealthy relationship, then my health ( showed me the effects of unhealthy lifestyle with smoking and drinking). then my brother left home, then my job went downhill had to quit. Then my car. He turned everything upside down. oh and my bday is 17th = 8 so saturn is my life path ruling planet in numerology. There are signs of hope…hope things will get better during his return.

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