Saturn Transit Through 10th House (Mine)

Saturn is now officially transiting my 10th house. I started writing 12 years ago, with Saturn in my 5th house (define your creative self) and this is literally, where the effort I’ve made gotten me.

With Saturn in the 6th house, I edited the work I produced while Saturn was in my 5th.

When Saturn went over the horizon of my chart and transited my 7th, I launched this site. I used to write under the moniker “VeryModern”. I went public with my real name when I moved to this blog, and formed a business partnership. I also learned a lot about commitment and matured in the way I interacted with others. I also started consulting a lot more, which is a 7th house, one on one activity.

When Saturn transited my 8th, I became more deeply committed to everything in my life. With Saturn in my 9th, I defined my beliefs and learned to be more responsible about what I published. I also expanded (9th) my business (Saturn).

With Saturn transiting my 10th, I should be on top my game.  It’s a reality check in regards to the Cardinal houses in my chart. I am this person (first), from this family (4th), married to this person (7th) and working at this (10th).  I am really happy right now because I am satisfied in all these areas of life. I look forward to this transit.

What house is Saturn transiting in your chart?

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  1. 12th. The moon is there. During the Saturn transit, I’ve had lots of opportunity to look at 12th house matters as they played out in my life, and affected relationships. I think the next few months will be pivotal. I caught myself withdrawing, and shifted that. Saw my general pattern of isolation.

    Some issues:

    Secret enemies: (a pattern. My son’s father’s ex-wife and her sister are still showing up to mess with us, and I’m not sure what to do with the knife. )

    Sick, weak or disturbed people: (just last night, an old woman, acquaintance of mine, was found on the ground outside my house. She was drunk, in distress, and remembered me as a sympathetic person. Another theme in my life. I helped but set boundaries.)

    Institutions: (dealing with a school district that is oppressive and disturbed, and frankly full of disturbed children. On that note, I was assaulted by a student in early March, when transiting Saturn was trining chiron in Aquarius. Mars was square to my natal stellium in Sag.- Mars, Mercury Jupiter. That put me on a leave of absence, and got me out of there, which I desperately needed.)

    I went through some deep soul searching an a review of my personal history, and have become much more aware of my own role in relationships, as well as gaining access to crystal-clear memories of what happened back then. It’s been like a see-saw of taking responsibility for my role, feeling more love and connectedness, and understanding my subconscious patterns much better. Healing, esp. with my father, while clearly seeing what a shit storm it was, and finally remembering the details regarding his relationship with me. Also looked at his chart with new eyes, and I see we had some very close aspects that I never even noticed before.

    Also have the urge to reconnect with siblings, but have no idea if this is a healthy move or not. There is an element of nostalgia and idealization happening, and I keep thinking (for the first time ever) that things could have been handled in a way other than amputating and fighting. Not sure if this is real, either.

    I am out of work, in transition, and examining myself in terms of work and relationships. Facing fears but moving forward. By the time Saturn moves into Scorpio in October, I have a feeling I will have crossed another Rubicon.

  2. Saturn currently in my 2nd house, will move to 3rd house. Saturn in 2nd house has teach me to maintain my own bank account, after 12 years of marriage and 7 years of doing job. Saturn has taught me, I have to save money to take care of myself and my children, no one else. My moon is in 3rd house too. I’m scared to be alone, lonely time :(( !!! I read Saturn transiting over moon is lonely time, whatever lonely time I can think off, is very bad situation …. May my God save me.

  3. 9th house for me. 8th was about nailing security, and it happened that this came through my dad helping me buy into my first house.

    I have experienced a lot of expansion so far – I have started studying towards my first degree and have sidestepped into a different career that holds better prospects.

    While it’s in the 9th, we’re hoping for further expansion in the form of a baby.

    Sorry for your hard lessons sona – hopefully saturn will help you find ways around loneliness…

  4. I have a question, can anyone please answer me. My moon is sitting at 8 deg Scorpio. Saturn currenly is 25 deg Libra. The effect of Saturn remains within the range of how many deg?? Will the effect of Saturn on my moon will start from 27 deg Libra and will remain untill Saturn is 18 deg of Scorpio?? I’m just trying to predict the time range of Saturn effect on my moon, offcourse my Neptune is sitting at 26 deg Scorpio, so I believe once Saturn leave my moon (emotional teaching) will grab Neptune immediately. I’m in roller coaster of Saturn since 2007.

  5. Finishing up the 8th and headed to 9th. I’m glad to see how you put it. That’s a lot what I was aiming toward along with all that I attribute to Saturn in Scorpio too (learning how to be intimate, learning about energy exchange etc.) 🙂

  6. my mc is at 23 libra… so saturn just made it’s last pass recently. I really think this symbolizes establishing my professional reputation and public identity. consolidating my focus on continuing to build my practice, parental concerns and eliminating anything that may be extraneous or antithetical to that process.

  7. @mena That was helpful. Saturn will be transiting my 12th house soon, but as a Scorpio Rising I’ve felt some Saturn-in-the-12th issues come to the fore as it goes through Libra. My dad passed away in 2007 but it hasn’t been till the past few months that I’ve truly mourned him. I feel guilty for not being there for him for most of his terminal illness. I’ve also questioned everything I value on a spiritual level, including the notion of Family and roots, Work and progress. I wonder if I’m meant to amputate my past or return back to it. Saturn in Libra (11th house) has me weighing decisions for my future.

  8. My asc is opposite yours Elsa, but I really loved this post. It gives me a heads up of what’s to come 🙂 Very helpful, as I’d not looked at things in this way in a while. Thank You,

  9. Saturn is in the last degree of my 10th and will be in my 11th soon enough.

    I am trying not to be upset that I am unemployed for the 1st time since 2000. I did my best with Saturn in my 10th but hopefully I am not unemployed for long.

  10. Saturn will move on my Scorpio MC next year and it will conjunct my Moon and Pluto. With my Jupiter return kicking in, this should be an interesting time. Currently trSaturn is on my 9th. Tough time, since I graduated from Uni and I was in an uncertain time.

  11. Saturn is transiting my 5th house and soon will be in the 6th, when Saturn enters Scorpio.

    I have been focused a lot on my son. He has changed schools, gone from a small Waldorf school into the public school system. This was a huge decision for me. I knew on some deep level he needed more and wasn’t getting enough social interaction with other boys. He was in a class of all girls. I can definitely see Saturn’s influence here. My son is 7. His whole schedule has changed, there is much more structure and school work. The good news is that I can see the positive effects already, and it has only been one week.

    When Saturn hits my 6th things should get interesting. I have a lot of planets there, almost all in Scorpio. We’ll see! Glad to be here for all of these changes!

  12. Saturn is about 1/2 way through my 12th House. I’m just still floating along. Learning so much, yet finding it very difficult to verbalize (or write) about it.

    It will be interesting to see how the energy will shift when Saturn goes into Scorpio. It will still be in my 12th house for the first part of it, and I anticipate some deep discoveries (lessons) that will prepare me for when it crosses my AC.

  13. I have been working really hard during Saturn in my 10th(libra)I have been unemployed too during this transit and working very hard to get a new job..Now I am starting a new temporary job again (but I am thinking of studying for a whole new type of business). I have been doing a lot of good work but not very appreciated..

  14. Great perspective, Elsa and I appreciate the comments; and the connection between what you are writing here with what is going on in the Saturn through Scorpio class. Saturn is finishing up my work in the 9th House and before long will cross my MC before entering Scorpio in Oct.

    I love the long-view and practical application of Saturn’s transit through your blog’s affect on the public (including me). I see how my world view and my broadening philosophy is honing my flexibility and commitment to setting and keeping boundaries.

    I’ve spent the morning tracking Saturn back through the years, beginning with his work with me in the 1st House. The retrospective is so helpful as I learn to stand my ground while learning to get along with the world/the others in it.

  15. Avatar
    Peace Be With You

    That’s interesting. Saturn will leave my 10th house in October. I have been going through what you are now going through for the past 3 years. It’s been crazy and tough. I totally see the 1, 4, 7, 10 house affect. I really need a break though. I know as you get older the easier Saturn is to deal with. I do not think I am at that point yet. Saturn in Virgo was my Saturn return and now in Libra since I have a cardinal cross in my natal chart maybe that’s why it’s really tough. I just hope Saturn in Scorpio which is my 11th house will be better. How does Saturn affect the 5th house (opposite house) when in the 11th house? Is it bad to have children then?

  16. Mr Saturn is half way through my 3rd house, at this point in time I feel like I have adapted to living in the world quite well without having to drag my heavy emotions into every situation. I have become used to living day to day happy in life’s ordinariness. I don’t fight with myself internally anymore. I just let myself be and exist. In short I have found balance (libra) and stability (Saturn) with my immediate environment.
    Which is good footing to be on when Saturn moves to Scorpio and meets my moon at the end of the 3rd then into 4th. It’s nice knowing we can support and learn from each other here : )

  17. There was a time when I felt grounded and secure around Saturn through the houses. This has been a horrible transit. 11th house forever it seems, with the Retro, he’s spent extra time squaring my Sun, opposing my Mars and now heading for opposing my Moon. I’ve lost friends and hopes and dreams. Last time Saturn was in this position 30 some years ago, I was leaving an abusive marriage and struggling finding a home and raising my child, who’s own Saturn and Pluto opposes my Mars. Now, this time, I am in a constant oppressive struggle with handymen over home repairs. It is futile to struggle. Some days I fight, other days I give up and walk away. Learning what to let go, what’s important, and to find security and strength in my own abilities. It seems to me that there is something over and above intellectual understanding of our predicaments and/or fate. As much as we can “predict” or be aware of our circumstances, our coping in tough times clearly comes from beyond our current selves. God or Consciousness from prayer or meditation.

  18. Saturn is exactly conjunct my natal Neptune in the 10th house.

    I have a job interview in two hours! I don’t want to stay on unemployment!

  19. ThankYou Elsa P. !!!

    Saturn is entering My 4th House and I am Thinking about Reengeniering many things !!!

    Also i Wanted to ThankYou Elsa P. for Your Heads Up I laugh a lot when i read This : “Saturday is a repeat of Friday, but the Moon will oppose Jupiter in Gemini and some will pontificate. I don’t mind this myself as there is always something you can learn, even if the person preaching is not that knowledgeable.” Some Wiil Pontificate and How You look at that Fact there is something to learn even in Bad Books or It Does not Mater What is going to Happend I Will Learn Saturn 10th House = Elsa P. with Jupiter on 7th house on Your Side Great !!!
    Best Regards Everybody !!! Blessings !!!

  20. Another practice that helps with Saturn is lists. I slow down and break everything into steps. I take each step consciously and watch/observe my impatience as things don’t turn out the way I want. I do wallow in the lack, neglect and obstacles a lot. But the focus upon the effort at hand and the process of “being” helps. No grand splashes of success, just hard work. Not even the satisfaction of progress or a job well-done, because in my experience, even that is squelched. No expectations, except honoring the process and the belief that it’s all for the good. Karma unfolding? Or “Bad Things Happen to Good People? I don’t care anymore.

  21. Saturn in 10th and waiting for 11th. Had to restructure my career goals / reputation / what I want from work vs career satisfaction vs. pay the bills. Closed company of 10 years to launch into totally new area. Doors opened wide. It took time though, hard, needed endurance and not give up. People showed up to help. After 2.5 years successful in new trade. Just signed 3 new contracts today. As a Cap, my ruler in 10th taught me strong will, discipline, how to say no, ask for what I’m worth, be more professional, carry the weight, be disciplined, make a good impression. Now everybody is asking me for advice on how to be successful. Thinking already of getting more into networking (October bring it on:°°))

  22. This was a really helpful post Elsa. It explains well how Saturn evolves through the houses, the progress you made. I can see my own chart better now looking at where Saturn has been and headed.

    Saturn has been in my 4th and headed into my 5th house in Scorpio. I need a break from difficult neighbours. Literally focused on getting creative with my actual physical home. Making it a home.

  23. i’m an aquarius with scorpio rising. saturn in scorpio is going in my 10th house-today? natally my saturn is in my 3rd along with mercury. i have worked very hard for years on a creative career and have had ups and downs like so many others but the past 2 years have been difficult. I am publishing my first book this month and am hoping that the culmination of years of hard work will finally begin to pay off.

  24. 10th! I too started writing in earnest when Saturn was in the 5th (Gemini), and I moved back to where i lived when I started writing just after Saturn moved into the 10th (Scorpio). It’s been rough road in between, lots of second-guessing my goals and falling back on “shoulds,” and lots of working with other people’s writing (7th). With this transit I’m getting lots of opportunities to say NO to things and enforce creative and work boundaries. This may finally be the time to finish my book!

  25. Saturn at the cusp of my 10th house, here.

    I am still unsure about how this plays, but it surely it is forcing my to re-evaluate all areas of my life, but so far without any clear decision, as if all decisions means gaining something. losing something, effort, and overall they do not seem to make much difference in terms of happiness. Therefore, it is always “thinking, thinking, thinking about options, responsibilities and consequences”

    And they are mostly related to the cardinal house. My relationship of 7 years (started under the 7th house Saturn transit) is under readjustment, we want to continue it, but with renewal to allow expression of both of our needs. Another topic under strain is my career (which changed radically under the return in the 9th house). I committed to stay in a radical new career in a new country a couple years ago, but I feel this change was not enough. Ideally I would like to return to my home country (4th house) but there is such economic depression there that we often end up without many hopes.

    Choices seem stuck. There is also the possibility of having a child, but I have a lot of inner issues to work with, and that might also change all this field of options.

    Overall Saturn transiting 10th house is heavy, it might turn my life upside down, if I make a mistake of it its necessary, but its all on my account, free-will and responsability! That’s the hard thing, no solution is written on the stars.

    Of former transits: Saturn transiting 7th and 8th was the commitment of a new relationship and a struggle to change my career, on the 9th I finally did it and we move to a new country and new jobs.

    Back when Saturn transited the 4th I had a depression and a major inner change, I also left my parents house. Saturn 5th was an open-up to the world (had also first short term relationship), and in the 6th I got into my first job but quickly realized I was in the wrong career after I noticed the incredible daily demands and lack of fulfilment.

    Even back, Saturn in 12th house, when I was a child, was a difficult time, I was sick, strange illness and experienced some violence in my parent’s house. The continuing transits were a definition of a new person, and new interests for my life, that developed after Saturn entered the 5th house.

    Saturn in 4th house

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