Dating Scorpio, Trust, Secrets And Metaphors

Jessica writes on Elsa P The Sucker:

“..Let Scorpios keep their secret haunts, let Cancers keep their old pictures and their neighborhoods, etc. There is other turf in the world!”

Jessica I agree but I can say some more on this.

When I made the video… well I never plan these things. I just get on the camera and start talking, trusting my subconscious basically. I do most everything like this – with a prayer. So I turn on the camera – record the thing and then listen to what I said.

I was almost embarrassed by the Dating Scorpio video because I realized I’d missed what was obvious to me when I watched it – the haunt is actually a metaphor for pretty much everything.

The haunt is a secret someone told you at some point when they trusted you. If you betray that secret at a later date, you are not worthy of being told secrets. What you are is a painful regret to a person who once loved and cared for you and this is heavy on the soul.

Anyway, I watched that vid and debated re-making it to point out the metaphor but decided to let it go “organic” because “polished” is not always better is it?

In whatever case, I hope no one ever regrets having taken me into their bed.

4 thoughts on “Dating Scorpio, Trust, Secrets And Metaphors”

  1. And nobody commented yet! I will, because this is some of your best writing. I got chills.

    I think listening to your inner conscience (Jiminy Cricket voice) is your only hope of integrity. My Pisces mother taught me that. It may also be because I have previous life memories, but I think it is a mistake to betray anyone’s secret (no matter what your relationship to them!) and I think you described it perfectly, Elsa.

  2. exactly Jessica, I can’t think of any price worth my integrity, no matter whose secret.

    if I was told a secret I felt honor-bound to tell, that would be difficult (predation/violence against children). I’d likely tell the person I couldn’t keep their secret. unless I was worried I’d end up in a lime-filled barrel. then I probably wouldn’t warn them before I told on them. hm. not so simple.

  3. imo backstabbing is never good for the soul, no matter how angry you are…

    though, as satori said, there’s some things that can’t go quiet if you want to respect yourself, but the issue there is _motivation_- are you trying to hurt the person who trusted you, or help someone? (and how clear cut are these things?)

  4. Speaking for my self in this case. It is not so much that we Scorpio’s have secrets it is that we don’t want anyone to exaggerate the truth about us. Not only that when I was dating I had a strict never kiss and tell policy and though I have been married to my darling husband now for 12 years. I still do not discuss with any one what goes on behind closed doors so to speak. That goes both ways I did not and will not kiss and tell and neither should he if he did and I found out then all bets were off. I would make sure that the truth be known far and wide and that person would have the devils own time getting a date much less someone in his bed. I would make sure every person I knew understood the man could not be trusted on any level.

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