Saturn In Scorpio aka Relationships 2.0

It’s tense out there and it’s going to stay that way throughout the rest of July.  August will be challenging as well.

I was working with a client the other day, who was in a pressured situation. I urged her not to backslide into the destructive relationship patterns she’d worked so hard to overcome during Saturn’s transit through Libra.

“We’re heading towards Relationships 2.0,” I explained.  “We’ve been over and and over, Saturn in Libra. We’re  supposed to be poised to go deeper in our relationships, do you not want to graduate?”

Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius (and the corresponding houses) are the signs that relate to others. Can you see how Saturn in Libra taught us to form bonds with others?  With Saturn in Scorpio, we will deepen our connections with the people we’re committed to. We will share resources and heal and empower each other.

I don’t think this is a good time to fail, here at the finish line, particularly if you’ve put a lot of work in.

Are you poised to intensify and develop your connections with others? Why or why not?

23 thoughts on “Saturn In Scorpio aka Relationships 2.0”

  1. Yes, I am ready for Relationships 2.0 and appreciate the coaching you’ve laid out here. Saturn rules my astrology and this stint through Libra I am learning how slippery a well-worn but destructive habit can be; it’s up to me to halt at the point of choice.

    Years of rebuilding a lifestyle has me living a truly down-to-earth life: tiny spaces and clarity of purpose make me more aware of how if I don’t love myself enough I ultimately make others suffer.My Capricorn Moon needs private time to do just that, and all my Scorpio at near 65 can be intense without so much burn.

  2. Funny, I thought of doing this about a month ago. Didn’t occur to me that Saturn in Scorpio is going to be demanding that.

    I stabilized one friendship during Saturn in Libra and I made a few new ones. They’re fresh and need working.

    But, I’m suspecting this Saturn will ask me to work out the relationship with my family. Ugh. Not.Looking.Forward.To.That.

  3. Definitely on board and eager to get this started. Already have some inkling of how the flavor of this will change from Saturn in Libra, since it’ll coincide with my Venus getting pummeled by the Uranus-Pluto square. Feels like my already significantly transformed life will continue to get overhauled the next few years. I’m okay with that, actually.

  4. Elsa, what about libra people who don’t have relationship? I was hoping to find someone but it looks like I’m out of luck. All normal guys are not available, young parasites are totally available. I just decided it’s better to stay single then to be a sponsor. “Magic dick” situation is not enough anymore,I need financial security and equal partnership.

  5. Just Libra, you are where you are and if you are not in a relationship that can’t go deep, then you’re open for one that can.

  6. Yes, Saturn opposing my 23 Aries Sun on & off and the Sun rules my 7th house. I was holding on for grim death, but Pluto inconjunct the vertex in 5th gave me a hard time at a deep level last year, then good old face-up and grow-up Saturn MADE me face up to the toxicity of the three year relationship and I let him go. Slowly finding myself again.

  7. I am so ready! Saturn in Libra was spent writing my rules for a relationship and saying “no” a lot: no addicts, no men who are still legally married no matter how long they’ve been separated, no long distance, no unemployed, nobody who wants something for nothing. Those rules have served to weed out the riff-raff, and very well! I’m alone, but at least I’m not having to deal with nonsense. I look forward to meeting someone I can say “yes” to for all the right reasons!

  8. Lately, I’ve been into reconnecting with people from college that I lost contact with due to the fact we live in different cities. Sure, it’s awkward reaching out to some that I haven’t spoken to in over a year, yet we’re “friends” on fb. It’s very scary putting myself out there with the potential rejection of them wanting to keep the friendship on a facebook level only, but I don’t want to regret not trying.

  9. I am getting ready for Saturn in Scorpio mentally.. last time was my first Saturn 27.5 to 30 & in Scorpio.. I was not ready.. Libra in Saturn has really cleaned what was not deep for me.

  10. What about if you’ve finished a relationship? I put a lot of work into a new relationship and feel have learned the Libra lessons. However, my bf wants to finish it and we have a great relationship so I feel we needed to go thru the Scorpio lesson together but he is obviously not cut out for it. Anyway do you think I can learn the Scorpio lesson with someone else? Seems such a shame when we’ve had such a good relationship to start again!

  11. I forgot to say that I am Libra rising which made the relationship extra important. The Venus retro his my Venus though when my bf decided to break up.

  12. @Just Libra.. aahhh, we are in the same boat… Libra female. I thought it was just me.. very single. I have liked and been attracted to guys, but I require more. Saturn in Libra taught me that I was making things harder on myself with the choices in men that I made.. ie. unemployed, etc. I’m not looking for someone to take care of me, but financial stability and security is super important to me. On the upside, very ready for a good, solid, equal relationship… I will keep looking

  13. I have put lots of effort and badly since last 4 years in my current relationship. But now thinking to kick out this realtionship because can’t able to bare anymore. Its seems to me endless effort with impossible goal to achieve. Elsa, will Saturn in Scorpio help this Virgo to go deep connection of this relationship?? I have Scorpio moon at 8 deg and dreamy Neptune sitting at 26 deg. Scared to be depressed moon conjuct Saturn very soon.

  14. “Elsa, will Saturn in Scorpio help this Virgo to go deep connection of this relationship?? I have Scorpio moon at 8 deg and dreamy Neptune sitting at 26 deg. Scared to be depressed moon conjuct Saturn very soon.”

    Just based on that, it is clear you are going deeper…you’re already headed there now. 🙂

  15. To answer the question: I don’t know. Saturn is heading towards my 11th House (where my Uranus is) and I am very unclear about where I fit anywhere.

    A good friend recently admitted she’d basically cut me off because she was sick of my depression. I am surprisingly not upset about it (just happy to hear the truth) but at the same time I’m doing the typical Cap Moon thing, pulling way way way far away from her, totally embarrassed I confided in her as much as I had and now (shhhh) happy she’s moving overseas so I can forget this and move on, hopefully smarter and not so confide-y.

  16. Saturn transiting my sun/mercury in libra 8th correlated with a serious re-prioritization of my values. All the strange relationship compulsions and habits I used to have became so obvious, it was humbling to say the least. My partner with libra asc has changed so much as well. It’s taken a lot of time and hard work to raise our relationship out of the muck, but it’s been very worth it. The work is never DONE, but that’s the point.
    When Saturn enters Scorpio 9th it’ll be returning to where it was when I was born which is conjunct venus + MC. At the same time it’ll be on my partner’s 2nd house moon. It makes me a little nervous, but I also look forward to facing down whatever challenges that it brings.
    Why? It’s doable and it’s worth it and I have seen so many people (VERY recently) throw away years of love and support because they were too scared to face the crap. And they’re destined to repeat the bulls**t over and over until they accept the lesson.

  17. I still have *more* relationship stuff to go. The first 13 deg of scorpio is in my 7th house. Ugh. Lol. Okay…..ready. 🙂 ::deeeeep breath::

  18. “Can you see how Saturn in Libra taught us to form bonds with others?”

    Well, I have friends for the first time and I was able to talk to people I don’t know and create new bonds. But I still wasn’t able to succeed in love. In fact the love relationship fell to pieces during this transit. Not sure if this missing part will come about during Saturn in Scorpio. Seems like from everything I read that it was supposed to come about while Saturn was in Libra…ugh.

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