Is Venus Conjunct Saturn in a Composite Chart Good?

Riley asks:

“Just out of curiosity, would having a Venus/Saturn conjunction in a composite chart be something that can be a positive thing? Because I always read that Venus/Saturn is challenging. But also I’ve read that it could mean “stability.” Do you have any thoughts on this particular aspect with regards to composite charts?”

Yes I do. I don’t judge aspects as good or bad. How can I? They only describe energy and energy is not negative or positive; it’s neutral until directed.

Take Mars Pluto energy. One man with that conjunction in his chart may beat his wife. Another man with the same energy may run a marathon. Or he may be a surgeon, healing people (Pluto) with his knife (Mars). Who’s to say what someone is going to do with their stuff? You can’t tell this kind of thing by looking at a chart.

Specific to Venus Saturn, having as much Capricorn as I do, I have a lot of relationships with Venus Saturn types, or Venus in Capricorn. My relationships with these people are solid and long lasting. So it depends on your perspective. You could say I am “stuck” with these people or you could just as easily envy my friendships which endure through the decades.

If you’re more the type to cycle through friends, that has an up and a downside as well. On one hand, there is more variety, but perhaps less depth and history.

Bottom line, we have different tastes as individuals. One person doesn’t want to be on a short leash… another person prefers it.  I know couples, stuck together like glue. They love it that way!

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15 thoughts on “Is Venus Conjunct Saturn in a Composite Chart Good?”

  1. What do you think about Venus square Saturn? It sounds like a lot of astrologers say that that means a relationship is doomed or at least is going to be very hard going. Others make it sound like the only problem is that the Venus person has a hard time saying “I love you.” Either way, I hate this aspect though…

  2. As I’m looking at the chart (and composite, etc.) of a potential new crush, this is just the information I needed. People may never rise to the potential of a truly beneficial seeming chart, or they may take a very difficult chart and use the power for good.

    I love astrology and all of it’s complexities.

  3. Take the Mars Pluto energy. One man with that in his chart may beat his wife. Another man with the same energy may run a marathon. Or he may be a surgeon, healing people (Pluto) with his knife (Mars). Who is to say what someone is going to do with their stuff?

    Thanks for answering my previous question. I’m interested in a guy with Mars conj. Pluto square Jupiter and he’s a marathoner and triathlete. So, phew, bc that was a concern. Although from interacting with him, he might still have to work on reining some of that Mars/Pluto in.

  4. Venus Square Saturn is in my composite and we’re actually breaking up now. Also have Venus conjunct Uranus and a lot of other not so fun stuff there.

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    Hard Love in Hard Times

    An old flame going back a decade and I have a strong Venus square Saturn in the composite. We recently reconnected and the fire is hot but we’re both terrified to go for it and so many past personal scars from previous relationships that went sour are constant reminders of our insecurities. Thus we never seem to really get it together even tho we both fantasize and share and really try to get he other to make the first move but it only happens in our heads lol

  6. I have Venus conjunct Saturn in composite with my boyfriend. I also have the Mars Pluto square. Not sure what to say about either. Maybe I just haven’t learned to positive direct the energy yet.

  7. My Saturn is conjunct my partner’s Venus. I’ve had to contend with chronic illnesses, and it’s limited some of our enjoyment of our lives, but he’s gradually become very dedicated and understanding. So it seems to me it’s the basis for something long-lasting.

  8. I think Venus hard aspect Saturn are the toughest connections to endure in any relationship. Love is a challenge, or a great battle has to be fought in the name of love; the couple has to work for love. But sadly, most people today, are really lazy!! Why slog, when you can always simply swipe left for what’s next on the menu. What I’m saying is that it takes highly evolved or a great amount of maturity and self awareness in both individuals to make a Saturian Love work. At the root of every human being on this planet, is the eternal search to be unconditionally loved. When that love comes with a Saturn wrapper, it’s a dish that often slowly goes cold over time. Also, while the bond may appear strong bond at first, it very often becomes an obligation of some sort. When you add Mars in hard aspect too, anger ensues.

    Two caveats to the above that I’ve seen is (1) if Jupiter is in the mix. It may soften the Venus-Saturn harshness; and (2) if both parties have Venus-Saturn natally, then this might sadly be the only way either has ever experienced love, so it becomes easy to endure.

    1. Totally agree with what Elsa said about free will being the ultimate determinant in how aspects are expressed.

      Agree with your assessment about 1) the nature of Venus Saturn in long-term relationships 2) if this is found in Natal charts then perhaps this is the ONLY type of love the person might be used to and hence able to endure.

      But like Elsa, I too have experienced the benefits of Venus Saturn; namely unparalleled longevity in interpersonal relationships. The rest of my chart is very solar (Sun strongest planet) and Uranian (Uranus second strongest planet) so my relationships are often warm but allow for a lot of personal space. But in typical Venus Saturn style, and perhaps with a nod to Mars in Virgo, though I have innumerable friends and acquaintances, I’m discerning about who I admit into my inner circle.

  9. It’s usually a marker for a long lasting or karmic/soulmate relationship. I had it before in long term r-ship, and it does create a sense of being bound to each other, being there for each other through thick and thin (commitment), but the downside is that the expression of love between you is going to be more understated. If you’re not someone who likes gushing adoration, then this might not be a problem at all, but for some people, it can lead to you always questioning if the other person really loves you enough or not.

  10. It mildly irks me when people equate Saturn energy with Capricorn, as if they were the same thing. They are not, there are some big differences. (Being that I’m a Capricorn Sun and Mercury, and the Sun is my “chart ruler” so called, which emphasizes the Capricorn even more).

    What Cayce said about Saturn, I’ve found is both more accurate in actual observation than what modern astrologers say, and confirms the old tradition that Saturn is the malefic of malefics.

    This is not to say that Saturn doesn’t serve a higher purpose, course it does, but Cayce’s guidance time and time again linked it to the very slowest vibratory traits within us and within humanity. It is selfishness and ego personified, extremely lacking in attunement to Light and to Love. Consistently, I’ve seen very strong Saturns in the charts of psychopaths (not Capricorn!). Course, it’s more complicated than just that, but that is one of the consistent patterns I’ve noted.

    More over, a strong Saturn does not lead to “stability” and all that, but actually often shows up as sudden, unforeseen changes and upheavals, and a definite strong tendency to the “grass is greener on the other side” mentality. This comes from it’s inherent material focus. The material minded think if they change the outer, it will somehow change the inner as well. They like to be distracted by new and different conditions.

    Saturn is conjunct my Moon. I was very close with my Mom, but she ended up dying of cancer while I was still living at home. That is very Saturn, but conjunct the Moon.

    As to Capricorn, Cayce didn’t say a whole lot about it. However, there is one very odd reference that goes something like, the entity has had experiences in the fixed stars, in Capricornus, in the Holy of Holies.

    It’s hard to say what they meant or were saying, but I lean to thinking they were referring to the Galactic Core, which is on the border of Sagittarius and Capricorn from a tropical zodiac. Once a point reaches the end of a sign or house, it’s for all purposes and intents, pretty much in the next stage/cycle/sign. And if any symbol could be called the Holy of Holies, it is the Galactic Core, the Creational Mother Star within our particular Galaxy, the “head honcho”.

    That’s a whole other account, but for the curious, I recommend checking out astronomer Dr. Paul LaViolette and his theories about Galactic Cores. According to him they are not true “black holes”, but rather massive creational mother Stars, that like other Stars, go in active and passive cycles. And when they go in active phases, they birth/translate new matter from the higher dimensions into this dimension.

    1. If we were telepathic and/or Soul readers, we might be surprised in how many “happy marriages” aren’t so truly happy, but that people put on an act when around others.

      I just saw Elsa’s post about the statistical research about happiness in marriage and only 25% of people report that they are happy/fulfilled in their marriage.

      That’s a pretty low number. Then the statistics about how many marriages involve cheating (and I don’t mean the rare open ones where both parties are honest and open about things, but the going around the back, deceptive stuff).

      The thing about Saturn is, is once karmic issues are met/redressed and/or once interpersonal challenges/stresses/fears etc overcome (and some combo of the former almost always come with strong Saturn contacts), then a very strong bond can develop. It’s not uncommon for people with strong inter Saturn aspects/patterns to go through a lot together. That shared suffering and difficulty, can make or break a relationship. For the ones it doesn’t break, the bond becomes very strong.

      But it doesn’t mean that there is this linear, direct relationship of Venus Saturn inter aspects = happy, long marriage, close ties, or the like.

      One of the most difficult/challenging interactions I’ve ever had (a non romantic one), involved many stressed Saturn interaspects between my chart and his. Throw in some stressed and strong Pluto, and some Mars, and well this guy literally became obsessed to the point of stalkerish with me (I did become a little obsessed in turn, but mostly on the defensive. My psychic space was being very strongly and constantly invaded).

      It was a very, very weird and dark dynamic. Because I’m intuitive as heck,and he left certain not so bright clues (astro placements, asking me things like “Do you know who I am?”, gurus that he liked/followed like Sri Chinmoy, etc), I eventually figured how exactly who I was dealing with.

      Turned out the guy is financially very well off and has a lot of (too much) free time and ego (from being part of the hollyweird scene) on his hands. The moment I mentioned his discovered real name in a p.m. on a site he had followed me on from another one (I had made the mistake of recommending the latter site on the former before I left the former one), he disappeared quite quickly. Oh yes, Mr. strong Scorpio and Pluto, us strong Jupiters/Cap/Aquas can be pretty good at sleuthing too.

      Dude was always projecting his repressed/disowned shadow onto me,and interestingly enough, he has a Sun Saturn Neptune conjunction, and a rather strong Pluto.

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