Saturn In Scorpio: Sucking The Life Right Out Of You

vintage scorpioI just finished an email consult for a gal with a stellium in Scorpio. If there was ever a time to not get wrapped around the axle, this is it.

We’re all having to make do with less (of something).  Saturn in Scorpio pressures us to manage our energy and hey!  Negative people and situations can suck the life right out of you.

If you find yourself obsessing about something, you’d probably do well to let it go…so you can redirect your energy.

As I inelegantly put it to the client…

“It’s like things going on in the country or the world. A lot of it is disturbing, but fuck it!  Let’s focus on what we want to do and where we want to go and quit churning over things we can do nothing about…”

It’s a simple instruction.  But if you take it, you’ll have your energy back in no time and once that happens – look out!

Are you controlling your energy, it is it controlling you?

40 thoughts on “Saturn In Scorpio: Sucking The Life Right Out Of You”

  1. My neptunian tendencies seem to be reined in somehow. I can only go so far and I start feeling queasy. I don’t know that I have a choice physically right now but to be focussed and somewhat disciplined. It’s like buckle down and do it or face the vertigo. Virgo stomach is not good with spinning head. Nausea. :p

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you Elsa for this reminder. With Saturn conjunct my Neptune about to head into my 12th house I keep forgetting it’s not just all in my head – or maybe that’s that it’s all in my head. Whatever it is, thanks.

  3. I have had pluto conjunct mars for the last 2 yrs almost going back and forth across ..I’ve lived with an obsession and I hate it. dont even want to say what it is, but most of the time I try and think of other things, keep busy,I do everything I can not to think about it, but it is the first thing I think of when waking. my only hope is that once pluto moves away from from my mars (it will be exact on my descendant then ) maybe this obsession will go away, or at least a new focus.

  4. Thanks , I needed that today. Sometimes you have to re-remind yourself of some of the basics. Yeah where do you want to be, where do you want to go, it is the perpetual motion that never ends and keeps us going. Beautiful new blog. P.S., I would like a nick-name. When I first signed up for this blog, I just put in my name and now I am stuck with it. Moon Boy or something like that.

  5. In the process if letting go of a looooong held love obsession, redirecting energy into goals like job, school, child.

  6. You put it into words for me. My husband has Moon in Scorpio like me. We are both at 27 degrees! More than that, both of our Moons are in the 7th house.

    Things are simply crazy with our lives lately. His reaction is expressed through anger, (Mars, Venus in Aries.) Me – I just get confused. After sorting out the confusion, I came to the conclusion to make my aim and block out everything else (including him, because he created his problems through procrastination.) I tried to help him, but he’s too angry and frustrated to deal with. Se la vi! I’ll flit away like a butterfly and go to that focal point like you advise. There’s really no other choice. I’ve tried everything else I can think of.

  7. I’m doing pretty good in some respects. I’ve let several unproductive relationships lapse and I’ve begun moving ahead on long-stalled car projects which are important to me. There is one relationship that I’ve been unable to de-vex myself from. It was some person who froze me out of their space and I let it get to me. Part of the problem is my apparent ongoing need for acceptance. I thought I’d finished with that lesson but apparently here I am again, relearning. The other part is that I was astounded that someone would be so abruptly rude and inconsiderate without reason. I need to let go of that part and work on fixing the self part.

  8. Sorry I know this doesn’t go with this. On the community side I’m trying to respond to a post and it’s not working. I’m signed in. When I hit reply to this post nothing happens for me. Any ideas?

    1. Hi RAE,
      Can you please try to post on the Forum again and let me know if you still are unable to do so? You can come back here and post your results. Thanks! – CArRiE

      1. Hi Carrie,

        I just tried to go to the community forum side and it’s blank, it’s not loading for me. I cleared my cookies/history. I’m sure it’s something simple, I’m just not a techie. Otherwise my internet seems to be working ok. Thanks for helping:)

  9. RAE, I checked everything and it looks to be in order. can you try clearing your cookies and shift-refresh to reload?

  10. Saturn on my husbands sun and Pluto on his moon is miraculously transforming him. It’s pretty amazing. I have hope for us… Glad I did not run off to be with other guy, the obsession…. My obsession for him has really transformed into a more pure kind of love… I wish him all the best but I don’t feel so much like my every thought and entire life depends on being with him someday. It’s pretty amazing, the power of Pluto and the scorpion… Transformation is a beautiful thing.

  11. And thank God my Saturn return is done! I thought it would never end, the mental torture (Saturn scorp conj Pluto in 3rd)

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    oh no- Im lilith

    Hi elsa- thanks for another great post – and congrats to you and satori on new site!!!
    well done carrie!! great design 🙂
    see you around….

  13. “It’s like things going on in the country or the world. A lot of it is disturbing, but fuck it! Let’s focus on what we want to do and where we want to go and quit churning over things we can do nothing about…”

    I disagree with this. I think we should all be very concerned with what is going on in the world, even if we can’t (currently) see any tangible way we might be able to do something about it. Every day each of us makes all kinds of decisions on what to consume, what to tell our children, what to read, what to put our energy into- these small things add up. To turn out backs on what is going on around the planet and focus only on our small little worlds in which we have control-? That’s how things go really bad. We should be “churning” about the state of our world, pretty sure I don’t need to list examples. Something is wrong with us if we are not.

    1. I hear you.
      However, I have noticed since Neptune entered my 3rd House (and sextiles my Merc/Chiron and Moon) I am experiencing exponentially negative effects of over-exposure to world events. I care deeply and used to pride myself on never looking away.
      2010-2012 I was treated for depression–quite intense treatment, actually. I had to force myself to stop looking at certain things, certain news stories, about pedophiles, war, violence etc. I was becoming unglued. For real.

      I am hoping this is a temporary state of affairs for me. But absolutely, I have to turn inwards. We are not all strong enough to keep looking, when our bodies tell us otherwise.

      I am working on feeding my drive to be compassionate and empathetic, without allowing myself to be poisoned.

      1. @chrispito

        I had a similar problem too. I was upset at the world’s problems, especially since I saw how hard it was to get away from them on an individual level.

        Martial arts helped me out though, and attracting people who helped me gain a bit of faith in this world brought some relief. That is how I was able to heal.

        I focus on what is still functional (and no, the media will not tell you, one has to find that out on one’s own).

        I recognize that leadership would require a lot of personal strength that I just do not have yet, and it’s not the right time due to my lack of life experience and quite simply the era I live in.

        My priorities in Pluto in Capricorn: getting a job I deeply desire in order to make a decent living while feeling great about what I’m doing, and having good relationships with my family and community.

  14. Nothing is wrong with a person because they are focusing on there own issues rather than the rest if the worlds, imo. Besides Elsa said “its like”. It’s an analogy, meaning redirect your energy and don’t dwell in things that you can’t change or than hinder your growth in some way.

  15. spell correct correction: “don’t dwell on things that you can’t change or that hinder your growth in some way.”

  16. It’s alright saying we hav to notice what’s going on in th world but are yu sure yr listening to th right story. The media, goverments (paid off) and banks all ‘owned’ by the few same families. we can only teach others once we’ve realized. Hoping we’ll all stand together, but it doesn’t stop me having fun with it. Its fun to see people being enlightened. Spread th love, wisdom and truth. Switch off media x

  17. I decided to focus on “what works” in order to regain energy. Sometimes, I do find myself getting into an emotional tailspin (sequestration undermined my morale a bit, but I’m still doing what I can to pursue what inspires my spirit), but then I have to regain focus on my goal, which is to get a full-time job that suits me and where I can get enough money.

    I like being an employee in a structure I can trust, and in service of a benevolent supervisor.

    There are a lot of problems in the world, but all I can focus on is making sure I have a job that serves a community in an effective manner and that meets my personal needs (mainly, being able to have adventures, going outdoors…). I want a job where I can build community, make enough money, and satisfy a personal need.

    In this lifetime, I feel like one of my goals is to understand the mechanisms of power, powerlessness, rulership, tyranny, and authority. But I’m reluctant to apply what I think is right, knowing the consequences of failure on that scale…

    1. Nothin wrong with watching your back salamander. I started by refusing to participate in what I knew to be wrong. Okay well to be honest, I have always been rather obstinate when it comes to power junkies and corruption. For me, when the corruption was everywhere around me I started to speak out and found out it wasn’t in my best interests. Them corrupt people’s, they can get nasty. I got revved up by people who shared the same concerns. They were all like go girl go. So I stood up loud and clear. But when I turned around they were not there with me. Oh oh!! Some good things did come out of it down the line. But I am much more covert now. It’s a skill to be developed. The opportunity has to be right.

      1. @notch
        I sympathize with what you’ve felt and what you’ve been through. And yes, timing is everything.

        In my case, I was upset that some of the problems of the world had very deep roots, but I can’t do much about it for now due to numerous factors (when I’m quite old, I’ll probably be able to support myself emotionally to make political decisions that will be for the greater good, I’ll have the wisdom to be aware of the pluses and minuses of any idea I propose, and I’ll have the awareness that the bigger the reforms (even popular ones), the greater the opposition).

        So instead, I needed to figure out what was still clean in this world, and what was right for me. So for now, I’m content with making small-scale improvements such as gathering field hydrological data to help people figure out if a flood will affect their commute to work or not, or enabling people to have access to culture at a video store. I want to have a professional background where I can have the experience to serve community, and the experience to come up with wise, sound proposals. I also know my spirit thrives on support from others to do things at this point, so I wouldn’t feel comfortable doing things other people would object to, unless it’s really a must.

        The astrology?
        -Pluto in Scorpio in the 9th house
        -Mercury in Libra in the 8th house
        -Neptune in Capricorn, Saturn in Sagittarius, Uranus in Sagittarius and Moon in Sagittarius all in the 10th house
        -Mars Rx in Aries in the 1st house
        -Chiron in Cancer in the 4th house
        -South Node in Virgo in the 7th house, North Node in Pisces in the 1st house
        -7th house Virgo Sun

        1. Sounds like you are doing good work. I do really enjoy group projects. And hashing the proposal process is great fun if everybody at the table is open to it. I hate proposing something and getting no input. I’m like come on people I need your input here. I count on it.

          And at least I learned my role is not to advocate for others. Biiiiig mistake. Not my yob.

  18. I have a Scorp Sun, merc, venus and saturn. It’s my 2nd sr and my sons 1st and he’s getting his ass kicked. Car in shop so I have to loan him mine so he can work and all my errands that I really needed to do on my day off did not get done. Today, I allowed an extra hour b4 work to take care of one and I get the phone call that he locked his keys in his car and I have to drop my plan again to rescue him…….I am so drained. It just doesn’t end. He lost his 2nd job so now I am helping him pay for his car repair.
    When, When, When’s it gonna be my time???

  19. Yes!! I have learned that I have take care of myself if I ever want to help others. I’m taking the time everyday to put time and effort to making myself happy and I feel great for it!:)

  20. My energy, lack thereof, is controlling me. It looks like I’ve finally succumbed to the family hypothyroidism – Uranus is transiting my 6th house while saturn in scorpio is in my 1st house. It was my sister (pluto transiting my 3rd house of siblings) who first identified that my thyroid was bigger. Although she is younger than me, she’s already had it for years.

  21. I empathize with anyone who’s been through depression, been there ad nauseum.

    Nazi Germany comes to my mind re: world events and the big picture, when most of the German population kind of checked out on world events and focused on their own survival, either refusing to believe what was going on or choosing to stay ignorant to just get through it.

    Most people can do something, even if it’s small and seems insignificant- just stay aware and keep your eyes peeled.

    I work in animal protection and I’m very, very aware of the fact that half the people in the world clean up the messes made by the other half. But “if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.” – the saying is a bit trite, but it’s true.

    1. I’d like to expand the common definition of helping, and being part of the solution. The world needs poets as part of the solution. It needs musicians and artists of all kinds, to build and provide a place of reprieve. People listen to music and that heals. Artists may be seen as absolutely useless to more action-minded folk. I am an artist. I believe in the healing power of art and other Neptunian pursuits. If that makes me part of the problem in the eyes of others because art is too passive of a solution, so be it. I have no guilt about recognizing the weakness of my own mind. In fact, I am grateful I can.

      1. @chrispito The song “We Are the World” came to mind. Several well-known music artists like Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie got together to record this song in the mid-80’s, and the proceeds went to famine relief in Africa. I checked the date for the release of the song–the sun was in Pisces, Jupiter in Aquarius. Music for a humanitarian cause. 🙂 During the last passage of Jupiter through Pisces (2010), the song was remade for the victims of Haiti and proceeds went to relief efforts.
        I don’t think you’re weak–think you might onto something. We had a music therapist pay us a visit for a work inservice awhile back–she works for a local hospice. She uses her guitar and her voice to comfort and uplift dying people, and she custom-fits the song selection and order for the patient. We also have a bluegrass couple come in to play for our residents from time to time–you can sense the mood lift in the room. 😀

  22. Sometimes the best thing you can do for the collective is be happy…. Can’t much do that focused on the negative… When you are happy, if you want to try to be mother theresa or ghandi and save the world, good for you. Of course we need our world to transform and for there to be peace, but we ain’t gonna get there until we look at ourselves. Depends on how you want to argue. I personally would rather focus on what I know I can control and change for the better and that’s myself..if that trickles into the collective, then good for everyone. Yes, in a way, we can all help save the world but sitting there dwelling on anything negative isn’t gonna get you there. Focus on yourself people and your special energies and where they can be directed to get you wherever YOU need to be.

  23. “Let’s focus on what we want to do and where we want to go and quit churning over things we can do nothing about”
    I’ve found this approach to be the best way to find solace in these deeply transformative times. Saturn is currently trining my moon bringing a lot of grounding to an naturally over-Neptuned emotional state. I still feel what is happening all around us. But, I’m able to ground that out and focus on what I can do in my personal life and with myself in order to spark small changes in the areas that I can. I’m not saying that we should not pay attention to what is going on…at all. Participate as you can but more importantly look at the consequences we are facing now and base your future actions on attempting to foster something better.
    Great post 🙂

  24. Ooohhh, that-there Saturn in Scorpland 10th House…together with a transiting conjunct North Node in the same house…and Pluto transiting my 1st House in Capricorn. Big changes afoot persona and physically (growing my hair, HIIT at the gym plus cycling to work 5 days a week) – all solid 1st house evolution. with Scorp in the 10th, together with the North Node…my natal North Node is 2nd House Aquarius, so can attest to developing self-confidence and self-reliance in choosing endevours that contribute and enrich communities which align with my values, i.e. the Bigger Picture. So I started making use of the hard-learned lessons and grit I developed when recovering from a winter mountaineering fall in Scotland in Fen 2001…and I now run my own ‘Transformational Life Coach’ business in central Nottingham, here in the UK.A couple of clients have expressed an interest in applying a Depth Astrological approach to exploring current issues, which is fine-n-dandy with me! I’ve Pluto in the 8th House in Virgo, so I love digging down into the dark for the fine details…helps being aware of one’s Sun Opposition Pluto…and wow, that’s another story :{D

    I worried my ass off earlier this year as I was about to get fired from my day-job. I asked myself, “how am I behaving which is causing all this shit…it’s my problem, I’m creating the bad-vibes here!” 6 months on I’m thoroughly enjoying the day-job (IT) which is enabling me to take the life coaching service further int coaching and psychotherapy. I’m signing up to a Psychosynthesis Counselling train in London, which starts next year.

    Lets use that Plutonian energy ;{D

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