Self- Employed: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn – Cardinal Signs

cardinal signs2With a Cardinal Grand Cross dominating the sky for the rest of the year, Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are galvanized. Those with an emphasis on the Cardinal signs are really taking of their lives…scared or otherwise.

Recently, I made this list for a client, to outline the reasons I felt that self-employment might be the way:

  • You like to be in charge
  • You want security, rather than being at the mercy of an outside force
  • You want to be able to innovate
  • Your standards are high
  • You work so hard, and may as well get the lion’s share of the profit you generate.

Who can relate?

24 thoughts on “Self- Employed: Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn – Cardinal Signs”

  1. My Chart has a lot of emphasis on Cardinal Signs – I’m a Libra with Cancer rising and, most importantly, an Aries MC whose ruler Mars is in my 9th. I came to the realization that self-employment might really be the most suitable option for me, especially considering my packed 6th House in Sadge. t. Uranus is creeping its way towards my MC and Pluto has been transiting my 6th for a while now, so it looks like many relevant transformations are in stock for me. I hope I will be able to make good use of these transits – albeit heavy ones, since Pluto is forming a square to my Leeb stellium – in order to enhance my career, it’s a subject that got me pondering and worrying quite a bit.

  2. Interesting. My partner has a 10th House Stellium, and Saturn in Aries in his 6th House, trine Cancer Mars (which is widely conjunct his Midheaven).

    He has never been happier since he started his own business. Yes it’s stressful, but he used to get canned from places…he was just not subservient enough;)

    He has extremely high expectations, which is challenging for interpersonal relationships, but perfect for the business he’s in.

  3. I like your list. It’s good to see the cardinal basics this way. I have some of that, and a partner with a Cancer-Virgo flavor. In many respects we are self-employed because it works for us at 65+. My Capricorn Moon needs the security and his Cancer sun shines best when he’s in charge of the care. Mostly it works and I love innovation and making something from nothing (metaphorically and practically).

    Good use of the cardinals, Elsa.

  4. me, me , I relate. my job is important, but I am a peon.(sp?)..Im looking for other jobs, found another pharmacy help line call cntr job, but just promised myself no more calll cntrs…I want to be happy with my work and not have to meet others expectations..or be graded by what I say and not how much I am able to help…it doesnt make sense, I am reallyy helpful but thats not the point at these call centers…yet still make the big money with benefits.yeah good luck to me!..time for a real change in career..I have to think totally outside of the cube.

    1. sorry, cancer asc here…I am on this cardinal grand cross,..just not feeling it yet, or else my pisces sun,moon and merc have me comfortably numb.

  5. I can relate for all 5 of the reasons that you wrote. That is why, a few years back when we needed additional income, instead of going back out the door to work, I created my own business. The bonus’ now include, that it can move with me when we move and I have the flexibility to work as we need (time vs money). My chart is loaded with cardinal, so this was a good fit for me 😉

  6. libra stellium, Mercury, Uranus, Jupiter all in 6th house. I don’t want to be in charge, but I’m in charge. I want security, fighting fighting fighting for it. No choice other then to be innovative because I’m in charge. I work hard without thinking of getting any share… I (sun) work (virgo) because I don’t have any other choice!!!

  7. Boy oh boy…if ever I’ve read a green light of a message–this was it. With my sun at 1 degree Aries and Moon in Cancer in the 10th with the north node… Uh yeah – self-employment is the answer. I’ll carry on then… 🙂

  8. I have always wanted to be self-employed. Growing up, I was always trying to figure out what to start a business in.

    Lately, since I’ve been screwing up on interviews, I feel like I’m not meant to be employed. I don’t like that I have to say all the right things, and it’s annoying. But I would also like to have the interview skill to BE employed. Also, I figured if I WAS an employee, I would need to have my own space to take initiative. Therefore, I would have more freedom to be my own boss while having a boss. But then I might leave afterwards once I get enough experience and start my own business….

    This is why the sales/marketing positions with training to management seem appealing. They give you space to be your own boss. And they’re happy for you when you go start your own marketing business with the same model.

  9. I have Libra rising/neptune 1h and Cancer uranus/jupiter MC Capricorn IC and am working on some skills that will allow me to have a little home side business in the future. I really don’t want to retire at 65 so I’m looking for something I will enjoy doing till my time here is done. Everyday I’m adding to my knowledge:)

    1. My Capricorn Moon grandfather didn’t like retirement, either. He was a metalwork teacher, and continued substituting as long as they let him, which must have been until he was 77-78. But he also started a business, and was relatively busy with it when I went to school. He’d been pushing 80 by then.

  10. I’ve been thinking about this ALOT lately. Recently I’ve realized that my corporate full-time job is kinda crushing my soul. I have Asc & Moon in Libra and a sun stellium in 5th house Aquarius. While I do work as a designer, the work is just not creative enough to satisfy. Not nearly. I’m slowly growing a portfolio that might one day allow me to be truly imaginative. Fingers crossed.

  11. I’ve looked into having at least a side business before, because the economy’s been a mess and I don’t like the idea that other people control what happens to me. That idea’s been placed on the back burner, but I’m looking into getting some leadership skills. As much as I’d prefer to stay in the shadows (thanks to my Virgo and Cancer placements), the universe won’t allow it. I think the Grand Crosses are bringing tremendous pressure on us Cardinals (and those who have Cardinal) to step up, speak up and shake up. We can’t hide anymore–it’s time to take our place and do what we’re made to do. LEAD.

  12. Oh yes, I’m a Cardinal Sun/Moon, and definitely can relate to all points. 🙂 The only thing holding me back right now is finding a truly marketable skill. Capricorn Moon likes a steady income! But it could happen later in life, too.

  13. Half my chart is Cardinal. I am currently self-employed. There’s really nothing like running your own business. It’s been challenging for me, but things might be turning a corner. I, personally, would like to have a more varied income at this point, so I’m looking into getting some training in a completely different field. I could then use that expertise to enhance what I’m currently doing.

  14. I have a Cap stellium in the 4th house, along with an Aries MC.

    I quit my job last Monday due to the crazy, back-door, money-stealing, condescending nature that polluted the work environment.

    I felt like a badass when a few others followed suit, but they probably have a lot of Cardinal within.

  15. I can relate. I have sun In libra conj mc. I’m self employed. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to work for an employer again.

  16. Aries Sun and Venus (6th house), and I think my Uranus in the 10th (Leo) also fuels the fire (haha). I’ve been self-employed for over 10 years and plan to continue doing so for the rest of my days.

  17. Sun in Aquarius(10th house),Aries rising sign, natal Uranus in Libra(6th house),natal Mercury and Moon in Capricorn(9th house), and the Moon conjunct MC.Being out in the world and self-employed is really important for me.

  18. Yes, and I have been Aquarianly thinking about it a lot. That list fits me so much. I have an 9th house Aries sun with my Mercury conjuncting my MC, Saturn in Capricorn, and Mars/Venus in Aquarius.

    My progressive chart is heavy on the Taurus, and I have been working toward it with all my might.

  19. Ha yes!! am a 1st house aries and have set up my own business this year and am shitting it. But loving it though and learning so much that carries through to other parts of my life. 🙂

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