Mars in Virgo: Pushing Myself To Think

FrittataI am pushing myself, mentally at this time.  For one thing, I blew up yesterday, and while I managed to contain myself, mostly, I am not content to let it lie.

Mainly, I want to better understand why I got pissed off. Well, actually, I know. But I am trying to go beyond that and go deeper down, to discover what this actually means.  What is the rage trying to tell me?

I have really become aware, I think differently than other people and I know it’s because of TV. Or rather, lack of TV. I would have never stole a truck and went to the store when I was ten, if I had a TV.  I’d have watched tv like everyone else!  I’m really glad, I didn’t have a TV.   I know I don’t fit and I know why. Coming to understand this has opened doors for me, allowing me to understand a lot more, Little Match Girl, style.

But I have a TV now, and a computer and a phone and a tablet. At what cost?  This is what I want to discern? What am I not doing now, because of this change?

It’s one of the reasons I am having a class. It’s PRODUCTIVE.  It’s a good use of my time and skill.  People will benefit; their lives will improve and I will make some money. I think this is better for me than watching tweets scroll by, or readings news that leads nowhere and results in nothing.

Virgo is associated with mental faculties and cares for efficiency.   Consider this little bauble, I came across: you brain, which weighs about three pounds can do unfathomable things in unfathomable ways.  So what are you doing with it? Watching, The Bachelor?

I want to do more than read and write on the internet and get mad. <– that’s a stupid use of my three-pound wonder.  I am trying to change the script here, with this class but it’s even more important I push this further, once the class is done.

Even more important is the fact, I want to think my own thoughts. This is harder than it sound, considering all the distraction in infiltration, conscious and otherwise; mostly otherwise.

I tried to find a picture for this but all I see are pink brains, lifting weights. I just can’t let that cutesy represent me. I am giving you the frittata instead. They’re so well pulled together.

Who can relate?

9 thoughts on “Mars in Virgo: Pushing Myself To Think”

  1. Me, I see you and I know what you’re saying and doing. Couple months ago I became active again here and said I’m done stick a fork in me – deleted everything. Just come here now. Today I had a rest day and spent all day reading and catching up. This is my hiding place now. Continually grateful for you….. and your wisdom applied for me personally- a starving student hungry for what you bring. Otherwise I’d probably have a nervous breakdown from fear fed to us.

  2. I turned the set off 1/1/90 – Spirit Said. I totally understand now why it was so important. Massive programmings, +Vaxs began at this time. The people have been forever altered in ways they may never know. I lived in an eroding beach where I saw over 400 houses slip slide down forever gone. We can never envision what is forever gone and no longer part of Earth, and we can never imagine just how differently our lives, realities would have been without nefarious, diabolical underhanded crap being dealt everyone. I too, am very different. And so too, were all the people NOT ON THE INTERNET prior to covid – and now they are on, and still their minds are fu’d from the massive programmings artificially piped in. God knows and sees all – that is most important to hold on to. There is a Conscious Collective Intelligence that is beyond our brains – go figure! Tracking all of this, is a HUGE GIFT – we don’t fully yet realize yet, Elsa. The Global Cult is serving up the Aliens – and the final stage is set. Everything is going to get even more wilder by next winter.

  3. Yes, I’m glad we didn’t have a TV when I was growing up, and later we weren’t allowed to watch after school, only in the evening…But it will teach you that almost everything they say is not true…..

  4. I like the fritatta.l like its well made honesty.
    We did have a TV.l was saved from boredom and learnt a different morally from it. I learnt not everyone thinks the same. Smalltown mentally demanded a certain conformity.
    I cried when Sinead O’Conner died. She was brave and she was right.
    NET still turned off. Books being read and TV on and off.
    My niece’s boyfriend heading to rehab. ( My niece is almost 4 months sober). A friend with a Virgo conj.Mercury early degrees, has started therapy…finally.
    A Virgo friend in Canada ‘got mad’ also Italian. She was sat upon at home as a child…Leo in the 12th.
    She has Saturn opps. her Sun now.
    Nothing wrong with getting mad. How you get mad is important and how energy is directed as you suggest is the thing.

  5. i miss the old tv days when i was younger, and watching “wholesome” shows from the 60s, with my grandmother, and even my mom. She had already started on her daytime soap operas when she stayed home cooking and cleaning. she would have it in the kitchen while she cleaned vegetables, chopped them, and cooking. but the wholesomeness of many tv series have gone out the door and with it replaced with darkness and gruesome and disgusting stuff. it’s gross, and while i know it exists, i just wish wholesomeness came back. Even if it’s not about murders and horrifying stories, its always sexualized to the point i wanna roll my eyes. it’s overkill and boring as hell. A good clean kind of comedy and fun, and happiness, and overcoming small strifes. i still listen to books (audio) while i lay down resting and fall asleep. I like the clean, wholesome good stuff about people and their daily life and good honest characters with different personalities. i didnt fall for BS too much on tv though; i learned already it was all fake, but also represented good clean morals or showed what the consequences were if one did wrong. I believe my mars likes that alot: the wholesomeness and goodness.

  6. I watched a lot of TV when I was young but didn’t realize the programming it was doing. It seemed more fun at the time too. I can’t watch TV now or movies. I can see the programming plus a lot of it is just gruesome or pure trash, there’s no entertainment in it.

    I’m listening to audiobooks now of the Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder that I used to love to read as a child. Life was such hard work back then but it seemed so wholesome and the family had close/loving bonds. I feel nostalgic for a time I never experienced! I read about neighbors helping each other and everyone knowing each other in the small town, the community gathering together and think that used to be America. We are so disconnected now. No one hardly knows their neighbors and families are disconnected. People used to also be proud of their country, proud to be Americans. We truly lost so much including so many freedoms since that time.

  7. I definitely hear ya on this Elsa. So many people seem to have internalized this ‘you’re either WITH US or AGAINST US’ mentality but on a vast array of topics they barely know anything about. Like really? Those are my only two options? If you’re used to developing a nuanced view of things that incorporates many points of view then it is enraging to encounter this militance in people, especially when, like I said, it’s a topic they don’t know much about and aren’t interested in learning, they just want the righteous feeling of ‘being in the right’.

  8. Ha! That’s what I do for a living, dig deep and let people know why they do the things they do. I was 9 telling people the higher meaning of things and what was Really going on in a situation. Remember anger is a secondary emotion, some other feeling is there….Idk if it’s my sag ascendant with Neptune on it or pluto touching everything in my chart but I see deeper meanings that are meant to transform us.

  9. Wow.
    My Gemini stellium/Virgo Rising is ashamed, challenged and excited.
    We had no TV either and I still don’t. I’m Canadian!

    Your radical self-exposure is heroic and useful.

    Thank You!

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