Saturn Square Neptune – Fake Reality – Then The Veil Drops

saturn nice 2If you have Capricorn in your chart, or Saturn prominent, you know all about rejection. When Saturn in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces people are going to be inordinately sensitive to rejection and here’s the interesting part…

People like me with a strong Saturn Neptune signature know all about this. The ground has moved under me since the day I was born. Same thing different day. But what if you’re usually confident. What if you’re usually stable…and then all the sudden, all around you structures dissolve. Reality dissolves. The walls you’ve lived behind or within dissolve. What if you realize, oh  no! I’m vulnerable!  Maybe these friends aren’t friends.

These are the times we’re headed for now. Can you feel it?

Have you ever found out that everything you thought was true was not? It’s happened to me!

I used to tell a story that I believed was true to the core of my being. When I was twenty-six I found out I made it up.  Specifically, it was an illusion (Neptune) about my father (Saturn).  That veil dropping led me into my Saturn return.

I had wanted my father to be a great person so I painted him that way to everyone but most importantly, to myself.  If you read my book (Heaven I Mean Circle K), you may find this hard to believe, yet it’s true.

Here’s the workshop on this…if and when you need it – Keeping Together As Things Fall Apart

Who can relate?

50 thoughts on “Saturn Square Neptune – Fake Reality – Then The Veil Drops”

  1. anonymoushermit

    I didn’t know this about Capricorn/Saturn types. Had an astrologer told me, being a Capricorn Moon I would feel rejection and it was a norm for me, i probably wouldn’t have felt so bad a child and teenager!

    Boy, it did make me stronger. If rejection, or even betrayal happens again, at least the shock won’t kill me. 🙂

  2. Rejection?? That’s the part of the plane that doesn’t like you, right?? It’s cool. I didn’t want to land there, anyways.

    When Saturn gets to my ASC, it will immediately be shaking hands with a square to Neptune as it crosses the threshold into my 1st house. November 29. 7 days after my birthday. What a glorious Solar Return. I already have a pretty good idea that the world is messed up. Maybe I’m kidding myself in just how “much” it is messed up. I’ve been taking it day by day, doing the best I can.

    I try to be as up-beat as I can, here, with my own brand of humor, despite the fact that Saturn is conjunct my Sun. You can’t have a grouping of Cappy planets AND keep a naïve innocence about yourself. Or, the world around you. Death can be just, a moment away…

    1. i’m already a bit stressed about the moment when Saturn will hit my Mc on 4Sag and will oppose my Sun on IC 4 degreeses Gemini squared by Neptune, it’s about 1 Nov.
      Crushing at work and dissolving illusions about my home and intimate relationship? Saturn opposing my Taurus stellum Moon Jupiter South Node Pallas Venus and Mercury in 3rd house was already so painful… Sun and IC are the last…
      What should I expect….

  3. Yikes! So, when saturn is square neptune, nep will conj my natal jup chiron conjunction and be in opposition to natal pluto in virgo. Venus will be conjunct my libra ascendent that is already being squared by pluto! I’d really need a break from this 3 years of trying to hold it all together. Letting go and being let go is not easy AT ALL.

  4. Jupiter, Saturn, and Neptune are going to create a grand square in my chart with my Moon and Venus in Gem and eventually squares and conjunctions with my natal Saturn and Neptune. Trust me when I say that I have already had a taste of this earlier in the year before Saturn went retro into Scorp. It was liberating actually. I had some stark realizations about my relationship to stuff and started downsizing our possessions by more than half to have greater freedom. That veil dropped happily. Friendships also underwent scrutiny and some were dissolved. That wasn’t as happy but necessary. I went back to school to expand my education (Sag) and part of the curriculum involves spiritual enlightenment (Pisces). I’m making improvements towards better health (Virgo). I dunno. It’s going to be an interesting few years. I do hope that Jupiter transiting 2nd brings some financial gain. I could use a break after this unrelenting Venus-Saturn square. ?

    1. I hear you too. Being a Virgo Sun, with a Gemini Moon and having this square from Saturn coming full force right before my birthday…I could cry in despair. Neptune transiting across from my Sun makes me wonder if I will vanish at times.

      I need to get my backbone up and look it all in the eye and tell this thing to go ahead and get a move on! Dreading it and I can still recall reading the old books saying Saturn squaring your Sun brings blows to your heart and is bad news for the males in your life. UGH!!!!

  5. I have Saturn at the top of my chart in the 10th. Yes, I am very afraid of rejection. I don’t like how it feels. It hurts.

    Yes, I also feel structures dissolving. I was grieving about the loss of dreams and/or stability last month. I am better this month. But I look ahead and see all the walls coming down around me.

    I have no idea what if anything will go up in it’s place. Somedays you just feel too sad to think beyond tomorrow. So we’ll see.

  6. I’m Pisces with Cap Rising, Sun Opposing Saturn, Moon Square Saturn … I totally understand where you’re coming from. I basically spent my life telling others (and myself) how great my family was, however, when I started therapy, it became apparent that much of the truth was buried in my subconscious. Then, recently, after years of almost worshiping and bragging about my brother, yet having so many people in my family call him a loser, I lived with him for almost 2 months (I was between apartments) and I saw a different person than the one I was defending. My family has been a big disappointment to me but I wanted them to be the wonderful people I fantasized they were. Oddly enough, I’ve been missing that family lately, as fake as it might have been.

    1. DianeZee, I can totally relate. It will get better. It took a few years, but reality feels better now, after all. It’s freeing. <3

  7. Saturn and Neptune conjunct in Capricorn, in my 8th house which is ruled by Sagittarius. Uranus in Capricorn loosely conjunct both of them. I’ve been through rejection, loss, disappointment, depression, and more existential crises than I can count. Every success feels like an immense blessing, even if I worked for it. There are a few things I don’t think I could handle and work through, but a dropped veil isn’t one of them.

  8. Oh wow! Saturn is the first planet rising in my chart and I have a strong Neptune as well. Yes! I know about rejection and life as I know it crumbling and falling apart to vanish completely. My Saturn in Taurus opposes my Neptune in Scorpio from the IC in Taurus to the MC in Scorpio. Man oh man! Story of my life! Illusions-delusions-and now that I am thinking about this…it is why every time I get my hopes up…they get dashed! I have never looked too deeply to find why this has always happened, but thank you, Elsa! It is right there in front of my face and I have not been able to see it. Good vanishing act. Shaking my head, this is not such a great placement.

  9. Okay I meant to say right before the IC and MC within 2 degrees, but it affects it anyway. Home and Status. And to add the transits…things are going to get rough.

  10. Scorpio Neptune at the end of house 4, makes the T square apex squaring 2nd house Sun and Aquarius Saturn in 8. Saturn opposes my Sun.

    I just bought a nice little home where I live alone at age 52. Across the street lives a retired and newly married woman who is older and very active, type A personality and extremely bummed I bought the house her former friend lived in. I guess she spent alot of time here, as she returned the key she had to me.

    Another married older woman lives next door to me, she and her husband have been very kind, having me to dinner and we have exchanged small gifts because we have enjoyed getting along together so well. I have only lived here shy of 3 weeks. I am enjoying sprucing up and making the home my own, it’s beautiful lake front property.

    Unfortunately, my nice neighbor has told me that the woman who lives across the street has decided to consult a realtor to sell their home, because she does not care to live across the street from me. Neptune square Saturn in my chart feels like a punch in the gut, I have barely spoken to this woman except politely in passing, I have never approached her door and I am very quiet and keep my yard and home tidy. Obviously, this woman is using the fact that I purchased a home where she misses being able to enter and enjoy the lovely backyard view of a beautiful lake. She no longer has the power and control of being able to unlock a door and enter a home that she loved to visit anymore, I suspect she may harbor some jealousy of me perhaps.

    It stings, regardless. A psychic in Scotland told me once something that totally resonated with me, she told me that people blame me alot for things that I am not guilty of and that it hurts my feelings terribly. Yep, that is the unfortunate truth of my life and this natal placement.

    1. Avatar

      Aww, I hate that feeling of non-neighborly-ness. But… What else can you do? You’re just being yourself, being happy, and living your life. The lady across the street is acting funny (at least through the grapevine). And you can’t control what she’s going to think… People are weird in maybe not so fun ways, and they’re always going to do weird things. As long as you feel you’re doing the right thing, just smile, wave, pick up the mail, and head off where you need to go. It’ll work itself out somehow.

    2. I agree with Tonya; I don’t think this anything to do with you. I think she has a lot of memories with her best friend who is no longer right there. With the way I get attached to people, that would make me feel bad too.

    3. That’s really strange. It doesn’t occur to her to make friends with you and keep enjoying what she had, yet in a little different way. People really perplex me sometimes.

  11. I have a sextile series involving Saturn, Pluto and Neptune, as do other people born in the months around my birthday. And I have Sun conjunct Pluto, making it even more personal.

    How it works for me? My Saturn is in the 11th house, and 1st and 3rd houses are involved. I also have a quintile series, with Jupiter and Mars tied to Saturn. An oldtimer here who was very interested in minor aspects pointed this out to me, saying I am particularly good at seeing patterns. I see it has been my unfortunate task in life to drop the veil for other people regarding group dynamics. It hasn’t always made me very popular, so I’ve learned to keep my mouth shot in many occasions.

  12. Avatar
    Patti/Skyler Rosey

    I’m a Taurus-Saturn in the 6th until end of Jan, is this about my health? My Capricorn son’s Saturn will be the 9th until end of Sept.
    Uggh I never post anything about my kids because I will get in panic mode :/ But Else sounded like this was serious.

  13. I’m a Virgo Sun with a very tight Virgo Saturn square Sadge Neptune natal aspect with Pluto and Uranus in between, just as tightly forming semi-sextiles and sextiles.

    I can’t wait. I’ve dissolved all semblances of both reality and dreams through dissociative and psychedelic experiences, both naturally occurring and instigated by myself. As a shaman would describe it, I’m at the point where I can jump the boat straight down to the depths and re-surface, both in a heartbeat. For my own amusement or for a supporting hand to lend others.

    I’ve heard the words, “I love you” come out of my father’s mouth solely to me one time in my life, over the phone when I was so deep in an illusory love affair that wasn’t real that I told him, “I love you” for the first time in my life.

    Having this natal square, the illusions I built for myself were that I would never be good enough to do anything that mattered or to be unconditionally loved and accepted by anyone.

    Why would I fear what’s left of my veils being torn apart? I welcome it with open arms, and also the people who will be suffering, looking for someone who understands what they’re going through and be able to be accepting and listen attentively no matter how insane it may make them sound and vulnerable they may feel.

  14. Avatar
    Patti/Skyler Rosey

    It breaks my heart that he would ever feel rejected 🙁
    He’s a sun AND moon Cap. And always been a wonderful son.

    1. Interesting.
      I took a different tack. I bring *whoever* into my life, but with low (no) expectations.

      I am talking about offline in this case. I mean, if you’re right there standing in front of me and I can see and read your body language, that tells a lot.

      1. I tend to do like that to, Elsa. I have the sun in capricorn and saturn in 1. House in scorpio conjunct mars and 12 degree from my ascendant in libra with neptune right on top. The whole thing squares my moon in Leo. I’ m sixty one, and feel great about my life – I also feel absolutely certain, that whatever happens to me, I’ll be fine. I laugh a lot, and find that hardly anything can depress me for very long. 🙂

      2. Avatar
        Patti/Skyler Rosey

        Then if you see they’re not going to be a friend how do you shake them free? That’s the scary part for me. They’ll keep coming around uninvited! Then I finally hit them with my stinger (Mars in Scorpio)and that’s it.

        1. I’ve told people flat out to leave me alone, I no longer want to deal with them, more than once.

          It’s pretty interesting. No one ever asks *why*? They either know why or they don’t care, I suppose. But this fading a person out…er, ghosting, is from another generation. My generation throws your ass out of the bar…course that was before you could get sued for such things 🙂

          But anyway, that’s the answer. I just tell them, “don’t call me anymore,” if it’s not obvious to them.

          I can think of one type person I just ignore. It’s someone who taps me for favors or invites me places and then cancels an hour ahead, with reason non-specific. Waste my time basically.

          A person like that, I’ll just ignore. It’s like being stood up. It’s a Leo thing, usually. I love Leo (have Venus in Leo) but they tend to really think they’re Queen (or King). This just clashes with me all over the place.

          1. Avatar
            Patti/Skyler Rosey

            In my case its a psycho pilot I’ve never met. Nor would I want to. Everytime I make flight reservations, search the internet for places to move to or rent for winter he’s flying around aggressively. Just to be sure I’ve purposely told realtors there what I want; ie it allows dogs, then they send me the application the psycho helicopter comes flying around. After a couple of days I tell the realtor it wont work out because I’m being stalked by a psycho pilot which seems insane to them. I tell them I’ve ben followed to every state I’ve gone to and even contacted the police and FAA who cant seem to stop the sicko. Why? because he’s a Federal Agent!

          2. That being stood up and the Queen thing, it was a big problem for me also, I was trying to bury my Mars and be ‘civilised’ towards a person who had acted like a sister for a decade after winning my trust. She had even been my maid of honour. In the end I just dropped the person, stopped returning cards and just turned on the Aries ice. I also dropped her whole circle of friends who I felt suffocated by on Facebook. I’ve felt a lot better since.
            She can keep her power couple status, 2 perfect boys and her ‘grown up’ house. I’ve since started a return to my own thing and status in place before I met her.
            I would probably have preferred a proper bust up, but as you say we live in different times. I completely love the film Bridesmaids for its portrayal of that hilarious rage.

  15. When Tr. Saturn squares Tr. Neptune, it will be opposing my natal Saturn and Tr. Neptune will be squaring it(natal Saturn).

    I do have Saturn & Neptune in my chart and have noticed that life tends to shift/change on me and I’ve learned to adapt to it. What is my reality one day dissolves and the next day a new mirage appears to live in (until it too, dissolves). Most days it makes me grateful to have so much cardinal in my chart and to have a watery chart. Makes it easier to swim with the changing tides of my day to day reality. “Just Keep Swimming” has been my motto for a while now 🙂

  16. I think I went through this a few years ago when transiting Saturn was square my Natal 4th house Neptune in Scorpio. Not pretty, but necessary to finally start growing up. Not looking forward to this – but it is what it is. More instability. I Have lots of Capricorn – Saturn in Capricorn at 29 degrees. It is what it is. Good to be prepared – thanks for the heads up.

  17. Walls Dissolved. And im free, just not sure of the path to take. Dissolution from within feels so empty, like a notebook scribbled with a pencil then erased. Im trying to rewrite again without any scope for interference. Cappy sun conj asc, sat in sag. Notebook ll be ready by my saturn return.

    1. Avatar
      Patti/Skyler Rosey

      Everything is ass backwards these days. I suppose ‘authorities’ have enough on their plates with all the rest of the crimes.

  18. Saturn and Chiron in Pisces in the 4th House, Neptune rising. We run away to overcome and try to build a happy dream. Learning indepedence and structure the hard way, because all things change and nothing stays the same forever.

  19. this veil dropping i notice depresses alot of people, to the point of some wanting to commit suicide, stay a hermit, or be committed into an institution. It’s been very very difficult, for many out there. I hope people pull through, as saturn transits are tough. This past week, our stellium Pisces uncle was committed into an enclosed institution because of his outspoken thoughts of suicide; the veil dropped for him as he knew he could no longer hold onto the dream/reality of his property/home business. I’m aware this happens everywhere. 🙁

      1. @warped, thanks very much, he will be fine, as long as we’re all there to support him (all the family – his own parents passed away, but he’s got his wife and all his/her relatives, and even friends in the community. It’s just very hard after having his own business for 40 years.

  20. For those of us with Neptune in Sag, odds are good tr. Saturn will be conjunct natal Neptune while squaring tr. Neptune. I’m undecided about whether this changes the meaning or just drops the curtain harder. I’ve survived many a disillusionment by having some sense that it was coming ahead of time (Scorpio intuition) but I’m really not sure what is left to drop for me. Perhaps in an area of life I have not been paying enough attention to.

  21. When I was a little girl and transit Saturn conjuncted my Natal Neptune, my parents divorced. Devastating time for me. Neptune sits on my SN in the 5th and squares my Sun (father) and Moon (mother) conjunction in the 8th house.

    1. Saturn will conjunct my Neptune again in 2017. I hope I’ve learned whatever lesson I needed to learn. I can’t imagine feeling that sense of loss again.

  22. …and then there is the stock market crash that happened today.
    People on Facebook are calling it Shemitah; I just think the false economy we keep creating for ourselves is collapsing once again. Saturn is ripping the veil off this one…

  23. Saturn is a pivotal point in my natal chart. Among other things I have Saturn/8th square Neptune/5th, and Capricorn is on my 8th house cusp. I have been harshly disillusioned so many times. When I was younger, it would just destroy me emotionally to have that look behind the curtain and see that the Wizard wasn’t what I thought. As I’ve gotten older, I’m more flexible and comfortable with changing my thoughts to fit reality, but with Neptune in 5th… I still dream of a better world. It was a huge lesson for me to realize that it’s not enough to “know what you believe”… far more important to “know the truth, and adjust your worldview to accommodate the truth.” Continually walking that balance point between what’s real, and what’s actually possible. I also have Jupiter conjunct Chiron/9th conjunct MC, which speaks to the fact that crises of faith, and their resolution, tend to be part of my ongoing life lessons.

  24. Saturn rules my Asc, so he is prominent in my chart but no, I don’t associate him with rejection. Me being rejected? Not really. I’m a Scorpio Sun, though, I have no problem rejecting other things or people. I prefer the clear and quick cut. I also have a grand fire trine in my chart between Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter. When Jupiter squares Saturn now, he will also square my natal Neptune which Saturn will conjunct. :)))) I expect Saturn will try to bring me back to the ground (conjunct natal Neptune) but Jupiter will argue and pump up this same natal Neptune. :)))) But I also expect another crush on an artistic man to go nowhere. It’s the way this natal Neptune usually manifests in squares/oppositions. I also don’t relate to the unveiling of untrue stories. I do love to make up stories, I write, I’ve always been artistic and working that. I don’t see this as lying. I see it as story telling. Few people want their stories “real”. Most people are dreamers, openly or not so much.

  25. Sometimes I think the people who abuse us have to be venerated until we can handle the naked truth. It was a way to keep from being eaten up with hatred and resentment until I built up enough of a life to replace that hole with something else.

  26. I don’t know if it was my north node Rahu which gave me illusions.
    But everyone I thought was my friend, WASN’T!!!
    People I did Everything for gave personally and financially, did NOT stand by me when I needed them most , though cause was ALWAYS there for them!!!
    That hurt like hell.
    And Like you put it so APTLY, after Maximum Illusion, Sudden Revelation!!!
    Bingo the veil dropped in 2016.
    I saw everything and Everyone clearly for who they were.
    I just dropped all of them, without a noise

    They just ceased to exist.

    But it was the rudest awakening I have ever had,it’also opened my eyes to My Mother after 50 years of believing she was a saint , wronged by my Father.
    The shock I got when I realized just how wrong I was and how BLINDED I was by my own belief.
    But strangely my third eye has opened, and strangely now I can immediately see through people,it must be the eclipses that brought everything hidden to light ,in Taurus and Gemini.
    But I feel empowered now ,it’s not easy to fool me now.
    I always know if someone is lying

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