Saturn Square Pluto: Suicide (And Going Out In A Blaze Of Glory)

elfxys writes:

“The number of suicides among active- duty U.S. Army troops this year reached 133 in October, 18 more than in the same period last year and putting the service within reach of a new annual high…” (bloomberg)

So what’s the astrology of this?”

I think it has nothing to do with the military and that articles like this are published to promote an agenda.

Suicides are up across the board (not just soldiers). Astrologically I would give it to Saturn squaring Pluto. Basically people would rather die (Pluto) then face reality / limits / hardship etc. (Saturn).  What is terrifically disturbing is that they are taking others with them.

We rarely go two days without someone shooting up a business or their family or whatever with little or no concern for covering their tracks. In other words they are not trying to get away with it. They wish to go out in a “blaze of glory” and every time we plastered the faces of these perps all over the news we encourage the next and the next and the next.

How about we glorify people who stick around and do it the hard way?  How about we pay mind the people who struggle and work their way out of a hole regardless of how they got into one.




13 thoughts on “Saturn Square Pluto: Suicide (And Going Out In A Blaze Of Glory)”

  1. Elsa, I don’t know how you could take others down with you, I would feel so ashamed! I would rather hurt myself by myself than have others be affected by me.

  2. Maybe this is just a personality trait – this is terrible to talk about, but I would think most people who commit suicide do not take anyone else with them. They tell no-one of their problems, they blame themselves I would think. These people who take other’s with them, they are blaming everyone else, and maybe that is something they have done their whole life(?)

  3. yeah, i’m seeing it all over.
    i imagine pluto in capricorn will reward tenacity in time… right now we’re seeing a lot of people who are unwilling to adjust to how harsh reality is now…..
    (i’m still wondering what i’m pulling wool over my eyes about…)

  4. Intense planetary changes and unstable situations push more people over the edge right now. Also, people are taking their option to the opt clause of this incarnation as part of their path. It isn’t wrong, it’s just a choice.
    In the future suicide will be assisted and legal.

  5. it really is getting scary not being able to provide the basic needs for my family. I understand why these suicides are happening – the pressure is enormous. People lose sight of their inner strength and ability to adapt – the media still throws us with options of unlimited potential to buy things. The other day I had to talk the cashier of my local shop out of commiting suicide because lawyers are threatening him due to his wife’s extravaganses. It is my children and their complete faith in the world that keeps me in check.

  6. This is timely, as my sister is in the psyche ward after trying to off herself again. I pray for her, my heart goes out to her, but in spite of the support and assistance and concern she has received from loved ones, this is her answer to her life, and she turns nasty to them when the dole dries up. What to do? How can you placate someone who only wants to play the Victim role? She had a good married life and situation, but her ill formed choices in life and her rageaholic addictions brought her to the places she has chosen. Wow. Her roommate is a very caring person and wants pay for a plane ticket to send her “back home”, but really, no one has the resources, or physical/mental/psychic/spiritual stamina to deal with her rage

  7. Elsa, great post! I totally agree with you, and I would add that people would rather murder than face reality, because suicide is murder of themselves (and all too often of others around them). It’s a deep lack of spiritual culture, because everyone should know that the scene doesn’t go away by leaving it, and next time they come to earth – as a reincarnation or through their own children – they will face it again, now aggravated by the murder.
    We should really honor the people who carry their burden and put their lives in service of the truth and the humanity, they are an example of dignity and a light in this world.

  8. Isn’t suicide one of the last taboo ?
    Our christian society make it a sin (murder) while other cultures some kind of a sacred right, see japanese for exemple, they rather kill themselves (harakiri)than loose their dignity, honnor, ect… Just an exemple…

    It’s sometimes hard for people to accept they have the ultimate liberty to die when they “choose” it. I believe our culture put a too great negtive weight on suicide. We’re born and die in the end, it’s just a matter of time

    Concerning these soldiers, it’s strange. They’re trained to survive, they learned to kill, their finality is to be killed or kill others. It’s kind of weak, counterproductive, negation of their mission to commit suicide for soldiers

  9. Life carries a meaning that is beyond and transcends our ego. If we refuse to carry it, our ego wins, and we become meaningless. It’s that simple.

  10. Having had thoughts and suicide attempts, I know that it is not always to do with not facing reality, as some are not able to even see reality. Mine was a sense of not feeling cared for, an inability to ask for help because of social attitudes towards ‘feelings’; a loss of hope and a sense of futility and a lack of meaning.
    Astrology helped me to look within yet there are still times when the reality of this world finds me weary and ready to leave it quietly with no dramas.

  11. Gosh, again I have this placement natally. My mother always said ‘you always do everything the hard way.’ I just had to do it my way I guess.

    This relationship I was in, he complained you want everything easy. Who wouldn’t. Then he offed himself. I swear he did it to make me have it hard. And I did for awhile. But moved on. Hurting himself to hurt me that was the worst and the end of relationships for me.

    I have wondered on and off what makes my spirit at base so indomitable. It causes problems in that it comes off as a challenge to dominate me, control me. Or so I have thought. Like my attractive feature is the challenge to break me. The Upper Handers put me in some dangerous situations. Somehow, I lived to tell the story.

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