My 8th House: On Being Repulsive

“There is a certain percentage of the time that I am going to be repulsive. I don’t try to be repulsive but I am repulsive at times so you either have to find me repulsive and get away from me or you have to raise your level of what you consider to be repulsive in which case you stick around. But what I am not going to be able to do is be never be repulsive. This is just not possible for a person like me.”

That’s me talking to satori, who can relate?


22 thoughts on “My 8th House: On Being Repulsive”

  1. I’d like to think of it as brutal honesty. But what would you expect from a Sag whose mercury in scorpio is currently sitting in the 8th house. Plus being born and raised NYC area what would you expect. Tell it like it is please!

    Go Elsa.

  2. Wandering star, I got a 8th house moon too! in Cancer. I’m not perfect and those who don’t love me for ALL OF ME. Get the BOOT!

  3. P.s. I don’t care how repulsive or nasty I get, If I am your friend, I love all of you and I will trudge through your nasty shit, so you best put on those rain boots and trudge through my shit too. =)

  4. yup. and unnervingly likely to blurt out disquieting truths that i don’t realize should bother anyone until things go silent 🙁 and still learning tact…

  5. Like the good Dr. Seuss stated, “It’s a matter of mind over matter, those who mind don’t matter, those who matter don’t mind.” Gotta love him.

  6. I have no idea if others find me repulsive — what is the test for this? I wouldnt ask directly!

    I know that i get aggravated (not repulsed) by certain others– usually when they try to cheer me up (they perceive a negative mood in me and think they need to show me the way- ugh)

    And i hate it when the light brigrade has trouble with my darkness.

    This may not speak to repulsion though–

  7. Some of the astrology:

    Moon and pluto conjunct in virgo in the 1st

    Chiron in the 8th/Jupiter in the 2nd (not in opposition)

    Neptune in Scorp in 3rd

  8. It’s pretty hard to be repulsive with a first house Venus and strong Libra chart . . . BUT I have always had friends who felt they were ever since I was a kid.

    11th house Moon conjunct Neptune – equal opportunity friend

  9. Yep, that’d be me. I used to say that everything I touch breaks; at least it feels that way. If you don’t want to get caught up in the mess, you’d best keep your distance.

  10. Yes. I have repulsed some. To truly repulse me, it takes specifics or high degrees. None of you here is even in range of those.

  11. It takes a whole hell of a lot to repulse me, if you’re “mine” — of my tribe, that is. There’s plenty of people that cannot make the tribal cut no matter how hard they try, but I’m not usually repulsed by them.
    I’m so comfy in the depths, though, that it confounds me when I actually become repulsive to others. Add in the sun-Neptune trine, and I’m completely oblivious about it: whether it’s me or them, denial, projection, or carrying the shadow. No clue, man. *smiles*

    “If I am your friend, I love all of you and I will trudge through your nasty shit, so you best put on those rain boots and trudge through my shit too. =)”
    WER-to-the-ERD, girlfriend! *^5*

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