Saturn Square Uranus Affect On Capricorn

capricorn goat vintage mountainSaturn and Uranus are currently squared off and will stay this way through 2022.  Capricorn is Saturn-ruled. I got to thinking about how Capricorn might be affected. I have quite a bit of Capricorn and I realized I know the answer to this question.

Speaking generally, Capricorn is known to conform.  They’re inclined to “do the right thing”.  They tend to follow laws, pay their dues and such.

Again, I am speaking in general terms. The sign is known to be somewhat stiff and I’ll give you a (personal) example of this.

If you read my book, you know there was a time I found myself sitting in a ditch; called an “arroyo” or a “wash”, if you grew up where I did.  You might call it a “dry creek bed”, but this is the desert. I’m talking about. I was sitting in the dirt on the edge of the wash, with some strangers.

I was sitting there because I was smoking a joint even though I didn’t like to smoke pot.  I was doing it anyway, hoping to make some friends which I needed badly at the time.

It didn’t go very well.  Something awful happened but before it did, I realized I was not going to become friends with these people. I just didn’t belong in the scenario in any sense of the word. I was failing, you could say, especially if you’re a Capricorn.

In whatever case, I was not going to waste my time with this kind of stupid pursuit. I was a teenager but I would have rather been at work, trying to gain a foothold as an adult and establish some kind of security.

This isn’t a very fun person, I’m describing.  But hopefully it gives you some insight into Capricorn. We’re just not frivolous people. So what happens when Saturn mashes up with Uranus?

Well, it’s been great. For me, it’s all about my integrity (Saturn) as an individual (Uranus). I still have to follow the rules, but hey! At this point, they’re my rules! I’ve also detached or become liberated from all sorts of ailments or tendencies that can plague a Capricorn.

I don’t care about any of these things anymore. They’re like a small speck of dust to me.

It’s worthless.
Been there, done that. It’s as appealing as sitting in a ditch in the middle of the desert in the dirt wondering what the hell I’m doing sitting in the desert in the dirt!

This has been a wonderful transit for me. I wanted to write this for people like me. This is your chance to come up with your own standard. If you’re still conforming, think about moving some of your lines. Chances are, you’ve outgrown them!

Also consider how you respond to pressure. If the answer is “poorly”, this is your chance to change that.

Capricorn is electrified at the moment.  Find a way to capitalize on this. The goal is to become autonomous.

Do you have Capricorn in your chart?  How is this transit affecting you?

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    Shimmering Light

    Funnily I hadn’t thought about the Capricornian part of this ongoing square. I have Cap DSC and South Node but my focus has been on Uranus opposing my Sun-Mercury-Neptune and squaring natal Saturn, which is squaring the multiple conjunction; plus I’m coming up to my second Saturn return.

    I’m actually having a good time, after a bumpy start. Been able to face and work through a lot of fear this year, feeling stronger and more in one piece than ever before.

    This year I discovered poetry, in particular the poetry of fellow Scorpio David Whyte (Anglo-Irish but resides in the USA). It’s been electrifying, freeing and expanding for me.

    Here is the first stanza from ‘Fear is the cheapest room in the house’ by the Persian poet Hafiz:

    “Fear is the cheapest room in the house. I’d like to see you in better living conditions.”

  2. This chic has Capricorn ♑ Sun, Moon, & Mars and I have been very self conscious and hard in myself lately. It probably wasn’t the best tune fir me to enter in a new relationship because I think I’m portraying my insecurities onto him…. Wish me luck..& a lot of love and light, I’ll be needing it the next few months.

  3. My Moon is in Capricorn, at 18 degrees. And Elsa, I feel myself reverberating with everything you’ve said. The seeking to make friends and becoming cheesed off with the quest! The ‘failing’! The feeling of having to conform: Yes, again. But I have become choosy; my standards are more important. (I could go on.) Thank you, Elsa, for effectively legitimising ‘me’. And thank you even harder for this: ‘This has been a wonderful transit for me.’ You have given me real encouragement. Big hug.

    1. I have just remembered my now very important, thanks entirely to you, Elsa, Saturn Trine natal Uranus, 2 degrees past exact. I was about to ‘yippee’ when I remembered, but put the breaks on. No good getting too exuberant, only to break a leg, or … 🙂

    2. I can relate to Sophie! Recently, when Tr Saturn went direct in my Aquarius 1H, it gave me the courage to remain true to myself and my convictions. I found it satisfying to say, “No” and to keep appropriate boundaries.

  4. I have Jupiter in Capricorn, 2nd house, 23 degrees. Changed my attitude about unnecessary spending and what is really important in life. I hope this has a positive effect on Uranus transiting my 6th house Taurus.

  5. Capricorn ASC. Uranus conj. MC sq Saturn in Cancer 7th.
    Can absolutely relate. Great description of my general attitude toward life and at the moment. Viva Elsa! always enjoy your insights.

      1. So Saturn is the original ruler of Aquarius and Uranus is the contemporary ruler. Not to take anything from Cap as this is where my stellium is. I look at it as the Sign of Caprarius…

  6. I can relate too Elsa, though not having the easiest time getting un-stuck. It’s been a waiting game. Waiting on others so I can make my big move. I have Venus in Capricorn though, in my 2nd House and so far *fingers crossed* my 401k is doing great since I moved some things around! I wouldn’t say it’s electrifying , but it makes me feel more secure (at the moment).
    I was considered very straight in High School. I loved fashion when others where into jeans and tank tops and wearing hiking boots. I didn’t do drugs or drink and was going to be a model. While that didn’t quite happen (it’s a tough business to get into), while trying to make friends they were always trying to get me to try pot or smoke or drink! When I gave in it was not a pretty picture. I just couldn’t understand the appeal either. So I’d try but didn’t like it. You’d think with a Scorpio influence I’d be all about that!

  7. Great Post, Elsa,
    I could not agree more. I have Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Saturn and Ascendant in Capricorn and am loving this time because of the new-found freedoms you mention. Some of this is also ageing, where Cappy-types don’t feel they are bound by other’s rules any more. Combined with the enriching Pluto crossing my Sun, I am free in so many new ways. Can’t wait for more in 2022!

  8. I feel this immensely too… it’s not easy energy, it’s very intense and the pressure enormous, but I truly believe and can recognize it’s for my own greater good… in a way it’s almost like eclipse energy, it’s accelerating what’s needed to happen long ago, and I’m thankful to learn it now rather than waste more years in the mentioned: fear, rejection, judgment, etc.

    And, SO true about status!

    1. ps, I only have outer planets in Cap but this energy is hitting my chart angles… so I am grateful. Not having life structures over the last couple of yrs in western culture is hard, so Ive learned what I’ve learned from Saturn Neptune and I am grateful to get my *new* foundation right.

  9. I have Uranus conjuct my ascendant,at midheaven.!!!
    The past 6 years ,of Uranus has changed me 360* deg
    I have gotten over my need to please,to be saving people from themselves.
    And so many things.
    I feel free of other people s judgement, issues and whatever.

    Yippee yaaaay.
    I love you Uranus.
    Though there is restriction ,still a part of me in my head is free from all the BS

  10. Great post Elsa! I agree that this has been one of the most freeing transits of my life. With Pluto sitting on my ascendant and experiencing my second saturn return at the same time I really needed a break and this has been it. I have found myself doing and saying things that I never thought I would and setting boundaries that needed to be set and not caring what anyone thought about it but myself. I really am becoming a force to be reckoned with after a lifetime of being passive and malleable and I’m finding it exhilarating.

  11. I almost always recall something Elizabeth Rose Campbell wrote about the square in astrology. Essentially she planted an image in my mind: a carpenter building a table. To make that table ‘work’ as a surface to keep things on/level … so I can eat them, or type on it the carpenter (the person dealing with squares) has to finesse both sides of the table and legs.
    I came with a big square involving Saturn and other planets. Uranus is sextile that square, and throughout my astrologically-conscious years, I get how the unexpected Uranus has been either a workaround or a freedom call that makes all the difference (some good some not). With experience and age, I don’t see that as frightful but change. And dealing with it? I keep thinking about that table!

  12. learning how to hold boundaries under pressure. omg ugh. necessary but painful.
    and yeh, you can’t care too much about whether people will think you’re nice/cool/whatever. integrity, i care about that. pleasant is a coat of paint.

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    the laughing goat

    Saturn and Pluto have been scrubbing me clean since 2017 (Sun 18d and Mercury 25d in 12H Cap) and I am loving this Saturn and Uranus energy! FREEDOM. Just like you – I am DONE giving a rats-ass about people’s judgements and rejections. Don’t care about climbing that ladder anymore – I fell down it (failing) and actually like the scenery much better near the bottom rung! And f*ck fear. I just want an uncomplicated joyful life and that’s what I intend on making. Great post Elsa and thank you for sharing your journey with your personal experience and these Cap transits – I have hung on to the hope of light at the end of the tunnel because of it.

    1. This is inspiring! Falling off the ladder, it’s great to be in the position of looking at yourself from the ground- without the title ( which as an Aquarian, sun in 10 th) knew it was BS anyway. I like your intention of a happy, joyful life- I have also set this intention- still dealing with fear and worry to a point, but getting older helps put things in perspective ( Saturn’s gift) I hope you have an uncomplicated joyful life!

  14. I have Mars north node and Chiron in my 10th house of Capricorn – I never really found my niche work wise but always worked very hard but never seemed to be noticed for promotion or anything
    I am now retired apart from a voluntary job in a charity shop which I enjoy

  15. The evolution of Capricorns into mature and non reactive Uranians is the natural direction of movement.

    The real challenging evolutionary leap right now – especially with the Saturn Uranus square and the long period of Venus retrograde in Capricorn – is for Uranian /Aquarian types to accept the yoke of Saturn and how the Earth actually functions.

    This is basically a preview of Pluto in Aquarius.

    1. Wise interpretation, Don, of the Saturn Uranus square in Capricorn Taurus. Settlers on indigenous land are going to have to accept the “yoke of Saturn and how the Earth actually functions” when it comes to building houses and farms on former lakes. Lakes that served perfectly well as a natural (and easy to harvest and maintain) food source and an important place of cultural practice for indigenous people for thousands of years. Lakes that, a century ago were infilled at great cost by idealistic and ignorant colonists, and have now reverted back to lakes due to west coast ‘atmospheric rivers’ a.k.a. fossil-fuel induced climate change.
      When they ‘build back better’ after these floods recede (if, in fact, they do recede) will the non-indigenous people avoid the errors of their arrogant forefathers?

      Do you have any other thoughts on Pluto in Aquarius, Don?

  16. Wow! Cap Asc/NN/Chiron here. I feel exactly the same about all those long discarded worthless specks of dust. Long live autonomy!

  17. Thanks for the insight. I’ve been feeling like I’m crumbling under pressure, along with a need to finally be stable and responsible. I have Cap MC, and an Aquarius stellium, and in all around tired. I’m glad a have a new perspective to chew on.

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