Your Personality Score: Curious & Interesting

vintage astrology roundPeople continue to ask, “Can I still get my scores?”
Yes, you can.

People continue to order their personality scores. The impact has been beyond my imagination. This is being discussed in forum here – Astrology Personality Scores.

I ad a mom buy one for each of her five children. She plans to give them to them for Christmas, as a conversation starter for one thing. It’s ingenious.

Here’s the original post:

This is a bit off the wall, but interesting. Years ago, I wrote about astrology not being “flat”. Astrology isn’t flat because people aren’t flat. They are marvelously complex.  You can never know someone completely, even if the person is yourself!

So astrology is able to show us our blind spots. These are things we don’t up in our “press kits”.  We may deny our “bad” but we deny our “good” just as often!  It’s just hard to see around your backside.  Doctors have x-rays or MRIs. Astrologers have charts!

Comprehending your basic natal chart is the best place to start but here’s another odd thing. I have this Personality Score deal that uses your natal chart to rank your interests in 25 categories.  Interpretation via computer may be limited but it runs around natural human bias, both yours and mine!

We played with this back in 2011.  Satori wrote about it here: Personality Reports & Doughnuts.  I trotted this out, yesterday when a friend and client was asking about ways to increase her understanding of her chart. Later, I decided to look at my own scores. Some of them surprised me so I decided to renew my old offer.

I will send anyone their Personality Report for a small tip.  Here’s a sample report: Astrology Personality Scores.

There is a discussion about this here: Astrology Personality Scores – Forum.  I shared my highest (and lowest) scores. It’s revealing. Revealing to you but also to me!

You never know when a little piece like this can crack something open for you. Matter of fact, that’s exactly how it works, most of the time!

To get your Personality Score – Buy me a ko-fi or tip here.

I try to be quick. If I am asleep when you order, “quick” will be slow! If you know I have your birth data, great!  If not, please provide it.  There’s a place to add a note… or you can email me.

13 thoughts on “Your Personality Score: Curious & Interesting”

  1. The most important one:
    15. Sacrificing, passive, non-aggressive,
    non-competitive, cooperative, perhaps evasive: 187

    I learned this very early in my teens. I thought for many years that there was something wrong with me. Why was I not like my two sisters.

    1. metoo, but i eventually learned there was something wrong with _other people_ (cruel, selfish, malicious, etc…)
      sort of funny, i guess…
      the report is surprisingly illuminating, both in the high scores and the very low ones…

  2. Your comment Elsa about the Pluto transit reminded me that I have an upbeat outgoing personality (though I’m technically an introvert). But Pluto has been transiting my 4th house, squaring all my 1st house Libra stuff and it will be in the 4th house for the remainder of my life. I’m not nearly as upbeat as I was in my younger years. Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto transiting your 4th house will do that to a person! And the next 2 solar returns will be heavily influenced by Mars. As a senior citizen with various disabilities (lifelong chronic conditions) I’ve grokked that I need to mount a huge battle for my very survival and daily well being.

  3. Thank you Elsa. It’s really strengthened my faith, and prayer life! That’s a positive that’s come out of it.

    And thanks for mentioning your son’s solar returns. That caused me to look mine up. The Mars stuff can’t be all that bad, I could use the energy for motivation and PROGRESS! lol

  4. I don’t get it. Your report to me was real upbeat snd optimistic, or so I thought. But who could have known what a downer Pluto was gonna be. I thought I knew what was going on. I thought I had it together. Yes, there were challenges, but I had plans. Pluto has me questioning who I am or if I exist. And it’s only squaring itself and opposing a midpoint! How do you* figure out which transit throws the monkey wrench into an otherwise nice transit report?

    * figurative. I’m open to any advice on figuring out where the potholes are and channeling a different planet to get better tires or choose a different route. Gotta have something going on. Vedic astrologer said I was fulfilled in past life, just that my happiness was ill gained. Hence karma and current situation.

    At this point I’ll take whatever lesson I’m supposed to be learning cause Pluto began its assault against my personal planets as soon as it hit Capricorn and wow. Some planets triumphed over the battles in this war but other planets were trounced by Pluto transit.

    I need to see the forest for the trees AND figure out which tree is making trouble. ?

    1. I am not sure what report you are referring to, but if it’s the personality scores, this is a computer-generated, un-biased evaluation of your natal chart. PERIOD.
      It does not consider transits or anything else. It sounds as if you’d be best served with a private consultation but in lieu of that you can post your chart in the forum along with your questions. Someone is sure to weigh in.

      Good luck!

  5. Oh god, I hope I didn’t insult you. I have had several reports over the years and they’ve been SUPER helpful. It’s just right as I was going to go oooh! happy Halloween gift to me and get this numbers based report, I hesitated cause A) gosh I’ve been spending too much money lately (is that a thing now? Better check transit report! See? You’re so HELPFUL. And B) what is life? what is going on? I don’t blame anyone, just wondering how to sift through multiple planets and figure out ah ha! this is the transit that irritates more than the others and ha, if I spend the next year under my bed, then it can’t get me because I happen to have a run and hide transit.

    Does that make sense? Just a rhetorical. How *DO* ppl see the Forrest and the Trees and maybe I don’t need numbers but yes, ppl? Private consultation. Or reverse? Cause I’m very in my head sometimes. I’ve got Pluto in my Libra. Maybe flip a coin and let the universe find out. ??

    1. I gave it up to the universe once. Never again. I now add an ‘easily’ to any intentions like that because it came hard and fast in a most unpleasant way. So at a blank space in my life, I stated to the universe ‘send me what I need.’ I should have requested ‘send me what I need easily.’

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