Complex & Dynamic Solar Return Chart

busy solar returnThis is my upcoming Solar Return chart. Needless to say, I expect a very busy, interesting year ahead. It’s a mishmash of Mutability, Jupiter and Uranus energy.

It’s interesting how charts like this, pop up like tornadoes at various times in a person’s life.   It looks like I’ll be stepping into some kind of wind tunnel at this time.  When it happens, I’ll understand it, because of astrology. I won’t have to waste time with, why me??

One of the upsides to a year like this, is a lot gets done.  This looks like a massive “furniture rearrange”, touching every aspect of my chart.  The moves will have to be managed, while I juggle.

I’d probably not select a year like this, but I feel there’s a great advantage in being able to see what’s ahead. I can set my expectations.

This looks like the opposite of “zen”, but it also looks like it will be fun.  The key to things like this is to accept and embrace them.

Let’s say, I wanted a “zen” year. I’m not getting it, so hey!  It’s Go-Karts and batting cages, giant changes and freaky happenings.

It’s a perfect example of “man plans and God laughs.”  No, zen. Instead, have some, “Clang, Clang, Clang went the trolley!”

Check out your Solar Return here.

1 thought on “Complex & Dynamic Solar Return Chart”

  1. Haha!! Your chart (with looking specifically) looks like my 6 m.o. granddaughter’s! She is a bulldozer in the making — a chart covering the gambit. I came out of a shower to find her dad and her FaceTiming with my husband.

    She isn’t walking yet but has pulled herself to standing, “thanks bed frame.” And the braided rug gives her enough traction to kick off and scuttle forward.

    I’m inspired by the young bulldozer; I laugh at how my father a bulldozer Capricorn has shown up in the astrology playing now. Clang, clang!

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