Saturn Transit Conjunct Natal Pluto: What’s Happening In Your Life?

minn bridge collapseSaturn in is in Virgo. Most who read here have Pluto in Leo, Virgo, or Libra. This means, roughly one third of the people reading here have had Saturn transit conjunct natal Pluto. The rest of you are in the midst of it or have this transit coming up.

So what happened? Or if you’re in the midst of this transit, what’s happening?

Personally, the entire structure (Saturn) of my life has collapsed due decay. I’ve also suffered various amputation due to forces beyond my control. I live in a shell now, or rather a shelled out structure, sort of like a house that has been bombed.

I can’t get out just yet but I know that in the future I will rebuild.

Anyone else?

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  1. Last monday 18th may when Saturn went direct i had a terrible fight with both my bosses (a couple) and decided to resign and end a situation where i was feeling exploited. I have Pluto 14degrees of virgo (3th house), saturn was at exact conjunction then. My Pluto communication style flowed freely, and, as they are both “pluto-heads” you can imagine the discussion. A day later they say they wanted to keep me, but i said NO. I won’t put up with that kind of exploiting behaviour anymore. I still feel a bit of indignation, but am happy that is over. I had outgrown the situation. So you see saturn can be very constructive and clear! When pluto went over my sun awhile ago, now that was difficult. But i felt strong. Now i discovered that i was forcing and limitating myself (to their profit) and felt quite confident to say “goodbye”. I’ll use my energy for more constructive purposes! 😉

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    Tracey (teecee)

    My Pluto is at 13 degrees 33′ Virgo and Saturn has been hovering over it since autumn, moving closer to it, conjuncting, moving past then returning and going over it again…I readily relate to Elsa’s metaphor of the shelled out house. I am so unfamiliar with myself right now!

  3. Hallo All!
    Interesting reading! Well, first of all: Pluto does not take on ‘lovers’ it takes on Hostages! LOL.. So in this sense when Pluto and Saturn meet in harsh aspects — they ‘lock in’ and you can’t really do much with outer circumstances for a while. What you can do, is work within. Pluto wants that as his rules transformation.

    I have Pluto zero degrees Virgo (12th house), and when Saturn hit by transit — Pluto by transit was also sitting on my Saturn in the 4th. Try that double whammy!

    What did it do? LOL – today I can laugh – because I don’t now how I did it – but I did. It is amazing what energies they actually do pump you with when they are actively infusing us – because there is NO WAY I could have done that now! Or before!

    It was a near 3 year interactive aspect all in all – with retrogrades etc. Pluto move slooooow.

    But here’s what it did – being in the 12th and 4th house — I was at home 99.9% of the time – and in my office – working, 20 hour days. I kid you not. I did not leave my chair unless I went back and forth to the kitchen to get more coffee. Or, ran out to get groceries 2am in the morning while it was quiet at the stores so I could hurry back home and work!

    I slept max 3-4 hours a night for all that time.

    At the end of the aspect – maybe as it was releasing its hold – I forced myself to go outside and take in fresh air. I recall so well that after 30 seconds – I heard myself say in my mind: “Okay, I did that, now can I go back in”? – and my body wanted to go back in there. I forced myself to stay put. ” – Stand here to you RELAX and see that there IS a life outside the 12th house bubble!”

    My Lord, what DEDICATION to my work! My office is at home (4th) and yes, I was secluded (12th) so thank God for the internet – as most my socializing was thru the internet during those days!! LOL LOL….

    By nature I am an outdoorsy-person (Moon in Sag) so that was all sacrificed during this transit.

    Now, here’s the new biggy?

    Let me answer your question first… which probably is: “Did I get anything real big back from those years of dedication with all that labored work”?

    Not yet!

  4. Continuation:

    The biggy is this. First of all, I am back ‘to life’ – all is great in that sense – wonderful to feel alive and amongst the living again… But I am still waiting for the results from the time investment.

    Here’s what’s going on: Get this! LOL>>>

    PLUTO, — yes, Pluto again is having its double whammies… Not with Saturn but with my stellium JUP/NEP. N and TR Pluto are on either end of my Jup/Nep in the 2nd house – by trine. So they are emphasized. Now, Tr. Jup/Nep conjunction right now is Trining itself – but also having 2 Pluto’s on either end, one by sextile, and one by opposition. But both Pluto’s are ‘good’ as they are trining each other.

    The aspects are all between 12th – 2nd and 5th and so I would say: something BIG is about to happen!

    Moral of the story is – we get what we need in order to complete what we’ve come to do – and hold us there till our missions are done. Though rewards aren’t always immediate – one’s payback will always come! The aspects – even the hard ones will always leave a gift on they’re way out before they’re done!

  5. I have 4 planets in Virgo in the 10th. So now Saturn is semi-sext Sun, conj Moon and Merc, opp Chiron and Vesta and semi-sext Neptune. Just got through the Saturn and Pluto conjunction. When you’re living in a soap opera, it’s hard to get traction under my feet on the slippery floor. The good thing about all of this astrology is knowing that “this too shall pass” and when doors shut, there’s usually an open window somewhere.

  6. For the past week in this hospital bed, with my laptop computer at my side and plenty of spare time at my disposal, I’ve been looking for information on the “Saturn conjunct natal Pluto transit.” I figure that’s what hit me last week when I fell from a ladder and badly shattered both legs at the ankles.

    I’ve been aware of Saturn creeping up on my Pluto for some months now (it goes exact next month) but I’ve only had time to worry about it here and there (while making the occasional wish that I’m not struck by a crashing jetliner, run over by a train, buried in a landslide, etc.) I knew there was potential here for something serious to happen, but I was busy, and I figured if I was “scheduled” to die this summer, then there probably wasn’t much I could do about it anyway.

    Well, I now believe likely that the external manifestation of this transit has appeared in the form of my recent accident. When I fell from the ladder and hit the ground my experience was of a nuclear explosion detonating inside of me. One element of this explosion was the sudden, all-encompassing pain which channeled up through my body with a great WHOOSH. This pain was accompanied by some long, loud, howling screams which came out of me involuntarily.

    But there was another element to this explosion which felt, well, literally like an explosion; a sudden release of energy, force and light from some deep inner point and radiating, illuminating and expanding up through every level of my being.

    The accident started an hours-long ordeal being driven around by my friend, while I tried to hold up my two broken legs by the pant legs, and he searched to find the right place for me to receive medical care. Eventually I got to the right hospital, was admitted, and I finally got some pain medication, but then I was told I would have to wait 6 days for the swelling to go down before they could operate and put all the pieces back together.

    This would start my Plutonian journey through the “underworld” of hospital life (where I literally haven’t seen the sun in 10 days.) It has been a wild journey and very Plutonian the whole way. I should leave this underworld in just a few more days and will go back to the comfort and familiarity of my home, my wife and child, to spend the next 6 months or so in a wheelchair, healing and assimilating what has happened.

    One delineation of this transit, which I read a few months ago said, “the ground literally moves beneath your feet”. In my case it would have been more accurate to say that my feet literally moved upon the ground, but the meaning is basically the same either way; my old way of walking on this earth died last week in that explosion which lit up my whole being like a supernova. I will be learning a new way to walk, and a new way to stand in life, both literally and figuratively. Saturn’s transit has triggered Pluto’s giant “RESET” switch from somewhere deep in my being, and some aspect of my old life was consumed in the resulting explosion. The exact details of what will change, I cannot say at this point. I think it will take the coming months for that to come into focus, but whatever the specifics, I feel sure I will be walking on a new path (with new feet) from here on out.

    I don’t want to scare anyone with this story. I’m sure broken bones are a rare manifestation of this transit’s energies. At the same time I want to say that even broken bones can be a blessing; an expansion of our life and power. I think we can trust that however the transit manifests for us, the only thing we are likely to lose are things that were never ours to begin with. May you have a smooth and safe Saturn/Pluto transit!

    sincerely, Ellis

    blessings to you all

  7. That was a nasty blow for you! Saturn does rule ‘bone structure’ so, depending on where Saturn is or was placed at birth – like as if in Aquarius (ankles-legs) or Pisces (feet).. it’ll show where that blow took a hit…
    I had both Saturn passing my N. Pluto and Pluto passing my N. Saturn at the same time.. and though that was a long hard time for me ‘in the underworld’ … I must say I came out of it without any accidents. I just didn’t see the Sun for a very long time due to work that kept me 18 hours a day for a couple 2-3 years!!
    I’ve never had such, deep – strict discipline ever that I managed to pull off those days!

    Back to you…. Yes a new path to walk.. Hmm.. New beginnings are always exciting! And I trust that within time and you look back – there is going to be a day where you will in fact – thank the fall from the ladder – or you’d never be on this new path that feels sooo wonderful with all the new possibilities and doors that opened for you because of it.

    One thing I noticed right off the bat with you: Your style of writing!! You have a gift there… And if cannot move around much for 6 months, — look into that aspect and develop that talent!!!

    Take care – and Heal Well!

  8. I am over it, my Pluto is 15 Virgo. I was thinking about death all the time. About my death. And in the same time, I had a Uranus conj. with my natal Saturn, in 7th house. It was terrifying. But I do not really understand that…

  9. January 6/66 here. I’ve got the natal Saturn conjunct Pluto/Uranus aspect as well as the Saturn opposite Chiron aspect at their peak RIGHT NOW. I do feel terribly restricted by external forces at the moment. However, I also feel sort of content, unlike the time when I went through my Saturn return. I almost feel as if my time will come and I just know it’s not now.

    Perhaps it’s in my Capricorn nature to accept the highs and lows that life offers me. Still, I don’t believe I’m at a low point, but rather a turning point. For the first time in my life I feel like I’m not procrastinating whatsoever. I want to build upon this positive new facet of my personality in order to see where it gets me in the future.

    Like the stock market, I almost needed to undergo a “restructuring” so that I can transform my life into something more rewarding. The funny thing about the entire configuration is that I haven’t experienced any of the sudden disruptions associated with Uranus. With the Pluto/Uranus conjunction in my eleventh house, I predicted I would. Saturn has been more like a wet blanket on my social life than anything else during this ordeal. There have been no surprises! As a Capricorn sun/Cancer moon/Libra rising you would think that I would enjoy the languid pace, but it’s even too slow for me.

  10. thank you for a bit of positivity… you are ABSOLUTELY correct! not to say that things happen to us that are completely out of our control, but we are meant to grow and become better people when we are faced with uncertainties and tragedies. it’s the universe’s way of forcing us to change for the better. life is always changing and until we just let go and let life live through us we will never be happy

  11. Although I have been studying Astrology since 1983, I am about to embark upon the most intense of all transits, transiting Pluto conjunct Saturn. I just completed Pluto Square the Sun now I am having Saturn opposite Sun, Uranus Conj Sun. I’m also having Chiron Return at 25 Aquarius. Solar Arc progressed Saturn is at 25 degrees Aquarius and we are currently having that wonderful Jupiter Neptune Chiron conj my natal Chiron which my progressed Saturn is on. Then if that is not bad enough, my Natal Saturn is at 7 Capricorn. So while all the shit hits the fan I will also be having a Pluto conj Saturn which will be in effect for several years. I have worked for the Post Office for 29 years; yes I’m having my Post Office Saturn Return. I find it funny that Saturn was opposed my Sun when I started and true to form it’s been a long hard thankless road. I am considering taking the early retirement. My sprit is broken from that blood sucking job. Now that I have sacrificed my entire life for that company they would like nothing better then toss me aside like yesterdays garbage. Their plan is to make all the old timers so uncomfortable that they just leave. I know money will be tight if I go, but I know enough about astrology to know that I probably won’t be able to hold on. Although I have Saturn in Capricorn I am a Uranus girl with Uranus conj my ascendant and moon in Leo. I am only 50 but have no blood family left. Dad died in 1986, mom in 1994, and my sister in 2004. I have one aunt that is 82 and I suspect she will pass during this transit along with my beloved 12 year old dog which I love like a child. I have been to the doctor and I am monitoring myself since my genes suck. I have been married for 17 years and things have always been good but I not taking anything for granted under this transit. I know that with the Uranus factor anything goes. So now it is like waiting for the hurricane, you know it’s on the way. It’s the calm before the storm. PS Sun is at 29 Pisces, Moon 6 Leo, ascendant 9 Leo, Uranus 12 Leo, Pluto 2 Virgo, Neptune 6 Scorpio, Saturn 7 Capricorn, Mercury 12 Aries, Venus 29 Aries, Mars 18 Gemini.

  12. correction to my previous post, I had a Pisces moment. Saturn is at 6 degrees Capricorn not 7 and I forgot jupiter at 1 degree Sag.

  13. I should add: My Moon/Pluto conjunction is in my 11th house. My mom & I are very close. I fear for her health during this transit. It’s conjuncting her N. Neptune, also in the 11th house. I’m a typical worry-wort so this transit is only emphasizing my OCD tendencies in that regard. I feel like a mental basketcase with all of this going on. And it’s all in my head (for now).

  14. Looks like this thread hasn’t been updated in awhile, so allow me to help out. 🙂

    At this point in time, Saturn has turned direct and is heading back into Libra for good. It won’t stop until it has reached my natal Pluto in Libra… at the very base of my chart in my Fourth House. My Libra Pluto squares my Ascendant-Descendant in Cancer-Capricorn and opposes my natal Mercury and Eris in Aries in my Tenth House. I can already feel and see the tension building up. My wife lost her job and we are being forced to move in with a friend until we can scrape up the money to move elsewhere… No pressure there.

    Meanwhile, a promotion (Tenth House) I thought (and was all but assured) that I was going to get at work didn’t pan out, so there won’t be any breaks for me coming in from that area, and it’s unclear to me now what my future path will be. To top it off, Pluto will soon arrive at the same degree as my natal Moon in my and my wife will be going through her Saturn Return. All of this takes place and unfolds over the next year.

    I have been feeling for awhile now that a “mass demolition” is going to take place in my life, and now I am starting to see signs of it manifesting. Given that tSaturn is moving to meet Pluto at the base of my chart, it looks as if the core underpinnings of my life are about to go through a major restructuring (Saturn)/death & rebirth (Pluto). It should be interesting.

  15. Today (t)Saturn is exactly conjunct my natal Pluto in Libra in my 5th house. Next month it will be conjunct my natal Moon and then on to Uranus. Nothing major happened today. But the major issues in my life seem to be defining/structoring my relationship and dealing with money issues. It’s crazy that this is the most money I have ever made in my life and yet I have never been this broke before, lol. For the most part, I feel pretty optimistic about things. I know it’s going to get better.

    I would be interested in hearing some updates from some of the people that posted earlier in this blog. Once you made it past this, how did your life change for the better/worse?

  16. Another great post, Elsa! I was actually working near the site of collapse…that was such a sad and emotional day.

    I’m just getting finished with my 1st Saturn Return thats in Virgo…wow…it’s been something. I’m putting that lightly, and in appropriate words for the board.

    I still have a long way to go…but I have faith to make it back to happiness again.

  17. I had one of the most intense, worst summers of my life in 2010. I am just now recovered enough to have the presence of mind to analyze the aspects. I don’t know if it would have made a difference had I realized earlier that Saturn was transitting my natal Pluto in Virgo in the 9th.

    The early reverbations of the transit left me feeling like Vishnu, destroyer or worlds, but by the time it was over I felt the victim.

    A realization that I would probably never be able to conceive a child naturally, followed very quickly by a divorce, then a planned relocation and career change, and finally the diagnosis of my mother’s illness got the ball rolling in early 2010. The really Plutonic experience appeared later, however, in the form of a person, a lover, around the end of April. He has natal Sun conjunct Pluto and Venus in early Virgo and works in a sleazy though sexy profession. Looking back on it, he was a fit messenger from the underworld.

    The relationship, albeit brief, was extremely erotic. It was, for me, a natural phenomenon wiping out everything in its wake. When Sun-Venus-Pluto broke off our liaison abruptly and without explanation, refusing to even communicate with me, I was devestated.

    Like Persephone I descended into darkness. The “relationship” was a black hole around which all time and space were now organized in my head. Weeks of sadness bled into months as I realized more fully each day the magnitude of his contempt — or was it indifference? How could I have been so wrong about someone? Been so betrayed? Every defense I had built inside was disarmed, every outer resource I had husbanded depleted. Raped is a good descrption of my emotional state.

    I had watched oil spew into the Gulf and thought about my soul erupting with love and passion, only to learn later (in the cruelest way) that it was for someone who could not care less about me. They finally plugged Deepwater Horizon, but I continued to bleed and bleed and bleed…

    The emotions are still very raw, obviously. I only hope that something good will come of it. Everything I had is lost. At least I had the maturity to let it go before it was really forced from me. I can imagine that for the truly stubborn, it could be quite a violent transit.

    Saturn + Pluto = no joke. Thank God this can only happen once in a lifetime.

  18. Ok, so my saturn-plut. conj. began a couple weeks ago, I was teaching a yoga class and badly hurt my knee…I haven´t been able to work since….and I have no Idea about what to do next,,,(workwise)
    I have both pluto and saturn on th 1st house….and they are both in libra too :))
    does anyone know how could this turn out???
    thank you

  19. Interesting.
    Since yesterday I no longer believe in a zodiac.
    Astrology is too complicastedd, when it is divided into twelve sections. To me, all that is left are eight houses, or four houses. The sideral zodiac, is the only one that makes sense, and the tropical zodiac, is just like in Chinese astrology, moon days. I no longer believe in any a twelve section zodiac.
    It became a dizzy past time, looking where the planets were – now everything is simple, only aspects, and the direction of motion. I believe from one planet when makes a conjunction, until the transiting plant gets to a square – that time is for the natal planet, to put lots of its energy into the transiting planet. The point where the planet gets to a square, from the conjunction, is a point at which, the energy is refined, and things are made weaker, from the initial energy, to keep what is the most necessary, until the opposition, when the opposition takes place, the power that has come from your internal energy, is switched over to energy from the universe, directed back to you – the point at which the cycle of Karma begins. When going from an opposition, there will be a strong intention to repay the Karma, from an outside influence, when it gets to a square,, that energy will be refined, and from that square back to the conjunction, you will get whats coming to you, and you might realise, that you are going to have to change a few things, even before it hits your exact conjunction. So this astrology has four houses for each natal object. If your sun was 5.32 Leo, the second house would be 5.32 Scorpio. The basic modes of the houses are; first house, the push from you to integrate and use any planet transiting in a first house. So if your sun was transited by Venus, you would push energy from your sun, to Venus, like forcing Venus to travel with your encouragement, and power, wholeness, right behind it. If it was Venus went over Mars, then you would use your energy, power, willing to fight energy, into Venus, as though you are making it become a powerful force, for a big push, enough energy to get Venus to the opposition, you use the transiting planets, to make your force known, which planets are guiding it on, and willing it on. When it would get to a square Mars would, have to make ultimatums, it can’t keep its power over Venus so personal, it has to hold on to what it needs the most to guide Venus into the opposition to itself. When Venus reaches the opposition of Mars, it is then inclined, to see what it wants to give back to Mars; ”did Mars do something good to me, let me pay him back?” Then from the opposition to the square, Venus will be conjuring energy up to give back to Mars, it could be a time for very neglectful people, if you didn’t embrace Venus energy from the conjunction to the opposition, but if you did embrace and will the Venus energy on with Mars, then from the opposition: There could be lots of sweet actions from people around you, and maybe quite astounding sweetness from others
    When it gets to the square, people will be, maybe more conservative, and thoughtful, to give you what you really deserve, there maybe a less of an intensity from the planet from the square to the conjunct. But as Venus gets closer to your ‘natal Mars’ There will be a kind of message from Venus – what wasn’t good enough? What didn’t you do to help me? From Venus. If you did it so strongly from the conjunction to the opposition, there will be a kind of smooching from others to you, until it reaches the conjunction.

  20. Oh yeah I forgot to say natal Pluto is 29.46 Libra using the ‘tropical zodiac’, So Saturn has been hanging around for ages. My natal Pluto is retrograde. So in my astrology, Pluto is finding that he’s chasing Saturn Retrograde, but seeing Saturn is getting away, and there is a craving for Saturn to come back – come back here Saturn, I want your discipline
    With Saturn retrograde, natal retrograde Pluto is chasing him, showing how much he was really waiting for Saturn. When Saturn turns direct, they’ll be heading for a head on collision, Pluto will be playing a fearless, and long anticipated game of chicken with Saturn, and Pluto won’t chicken out. When they finally collide, Pluto will be just go straight for it, and – get what it was waiting for for so long, seeing as in the direct period Saturn didn’t get to Pluto, it got close, and started going back, Pluto will be really prepared, and waiting for this, like to convict lover prisoners, in different prisons waiting for their release date, on the same day.

  21. I would accept eight-house system into my astrology, one house system from each object, say Neptune was two degrees Gemini, its fourth house would start at 2 degrees Sagitarii….and if Uranus was 3.19 degrees Capricorn, its sixth house would start at 3.19 Libra… and if Pluto were 18.19 Saggitarius, eighth house would be 3.19 Scorpio. At 45 degrees, it isn’t classed as an aspect to a transiting planet, it is just that the transiting planet moves into another house in your chart.
    So the first house is where you would but the most energy into a transiting planet, from the planet which transited. Then the second house, would be a little easing off how much energy was put into it, when it comes to a square, and moves it would be a time of letting go of a bit of the dominant energy, and keeping the energy you want going into it. When the planet comes into the fourth house, it will be when there is a final push, of strength, and energy from you, and an anticipation of the opposition, which will be when your natal planet no longer has power over the transiting planet, at the opposition, you see the transiting planet moving into the fifth house, where there will be a surge of outside energy, back at your natal planet, and if you have wronged the planet, then you may see its urge to attack you, and if: You handled it so well and nicely, when it was under your influence of power, then it will be a time of admiration from outside energy directed at you, and maybe even quite forcefully, if you did it so well, it could be quite overwhelming, how much love or admiration you are receiving, or ‘luck’
    When the transiting planet moves into the sixth house, it will be a more subtilising energy from the universe, which you are receiving, as it gets to the square; people could seem more thoughtful, and more analysing of what you deserve, what they’re going to do for you, if they’re enemies, by treating the energy badly, when it was in your power from the conjunction to the oppose, they could be thinking of more simpler punishments, which take less of their own resources to give back at you, as it moves into the seventh house, there is an inevitableness, of knowing that you’re going to receive something, and knowing if it’s either good or bad, it could be a quite daunting time, or a well looked forward to time
    As it enters the eighth house, things get intense again, either in a very comfortable settling with you, or kind of an inevitable punch in the face, and when it gets near to the conjunction, its time to start thinking of ways of what you are going to do now, or where do we go from here my lovely?

  22. “Neptune was two degrees Gemini, its fourth house would start at 2 degrees Sagitarii….and if Uranus was 3.19 degrees Capricorn, its sixth house would start at 3.19 Libra” That wasn’t right, for Neptune it would be the end of the fourth house at two degrees sagitarius, and for Uranus it would be the end of the sixth house at 3.19 Libra.

  23. Well what’s happened, I don’t look at astrology anymore, hardly, only when I feel some kind of thing happening, if you know what I mean, an intense feeling, or heavy feeling, like something is affecting my mood. Instead I started writing my dreams down everyday. I look up dream symbols, I don’t have to do it so often now, because I have developed my vocabulary, in dream dictionaries. I’ve changed my ideas about how love relationships should be since yesterday, because last week I had two dreams about Kylie Minogue she has the same birthday as me. And she was being pulled down from behind, laying down on bus seats, travelling, I was watching a documentary in the dream about her, where it showed her being pulled down from behind. I didn’t look up anything after the dream, but I knew the dream was telling me I had to watch a documentary about Kylie. Because my friend in the dream was getting inspiration from her, and I had paid £25 to buy the documentary, then in my dream I found out I could have downloaded it for free, but my friend appreciated it, because the picture was bigger and clearer, than if I had downloaded it for free.Then a couple of days later I had another dream where I met an asian woman in Copenhagen, and she had lots of money and treasure in a parcel bag, I met her at a bus station in Copenhagen by chance, and she had lots of English money, and some other currencies in a big open bag, she also had gems, or colourful glass tumbled stones, and she said she was going to England soon. So I wanted to stay with her, I had just arrived in the country on a bus, before I got to the bus station, one driver was having a conversation with another driver upstairs on the double-decker bus, and he wasn’t driving, he had just left something on the accelerator, because there wasn’t any corners yet, we were going through a tunnel, then after we got through the tunnel there was a corner, the driver got downstairs quickly at the last moment nearly, it was a bit frightening, there were no other passengers, just me, three drivers. The woman let me come with her on a cart, like, someone riding a bike, with a cart on its back, I was sitting with her, and she told me she was using George’s Language Secret, I had created this, I don’t think she knew that, I was happy, because she was using my ‘language secret’ – I think where this language secret came from was an audio I had listened to about learning languages, Pimsleur and The Michael Thomas Method. I thought she was very sweet, then she started to cry, so I kissed her tears. Then she confessed Kylie Minogue is her inspiration, ‘Aw’, I said. So then a couple of days later I started watching Kylie Minogue documentaries. I learned how she had had about six relationships so far. I love Kylie Minogue in real life, but the only album I have of hers is the one where she wrote the lyrics herself, and I do like some of her other singles, and some songs on other albums, but the only album I like all the way through is the one where she wrote the lyrics to. I really liked her attitude in that album, and she gave me lots of inspiration. So I learned about her relationships, and she had got a new boyfriend after that album period, and all of her boyfriends after that seem to have had a dampening effect. She does not appreciate her own creativity as much as with that album, and she seems to want to be popular to everyone, but at the expense of her own creativity, and ideas. And with her current boyfriend in recent photos she doesn’t seem comfortable, I know it’s the paparazzi taking pictures, but nevertheless, she doesn’t seem sure of herself. And I read she had nearly broke up with him in June. So from this I learned that it’s not good to try to build your life around someone. You should be true to yourself, let people mould into your life if they want, and if you want to be with someone, don’t try to fit yourself around someone and don’t try to fit someone around you, try to mould yourself into them. It’s not good to make sacrifices to lovers, and the only sacrifices that are acceptable are the ones where you feel like you are gaining something more valuable than what you are sacrificing

  24. I didn’t write that correctly: In the first dream Kylie Minogue was being pulled down, and kept down from behind by a boyfriend, or ex-lover, laying down on two bus seats, travelling, it was like a video she made herself, and it was being shown in a documentary about her, which I had downloaded

  25. Also in the last week I have trying to visualise, imagine I already have what I want, because I figured, the more you think about not having what you want, the more your brain gets used to not having what it wants, so it’s good to just live in a sweet imagination, then it’s likely you’ll see sweetness in reality

  26. Ha, and the woman in Copenhagen’s bag was in fact a sack, and it came up to waist height, and was about twice as wide as my body, well it was kind of like a cube, filled with coins and paper money, and tumbled stones

  27. When saturn (my natal saturn is in my 12th conjucnt mercury) hit my natal pluto in libra, I was in Iraq, and I almost got killed, It was september 1st 2010 at 22:00 Iraq time, I was pregnant (crazy) and my baby’s father a libra (his saturn return) was so childish. This transit, not only destroyed my life as I knew it, but also bombarded my selfsteem and it was horrible, I was mad to be alive. And I have never been the same ever since. But now Im still trying to put the pieces together, I have the most beautiful miracle baby, my little purple heart.

  28. When Tr Saturn was conjunct my 7H Pluto my daughter left home and began attending an out-of-state college. I was emotionally devastated. The structure (Saturn) of my daily life immediately changed and our parent-child relationship ended (Pluto). During those four years our relationship, like Persephone’s, morphed into a new dynamic.

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