Saturn In Pisces – How’s It Going So Far?

Pisces-blue-and-greenIt’s common that planets slip into Pisces without anyone noticed. Not so with Saturn. Or at least not this time. This transit came in hard, nearly paralyzing people with fear.

There are a lot of reasons for this. For one, Mars has been beating up all the Mutable signs for the last six months. The ingress took place, March of 2023, a month when six planets are set to change signs.  Even the insensitive feel this.  We’re talking Pluto changing signs which only happens every 20 years or so.

All of this together feels like something that must be swallowed. I don’t know of single soul who wants to do that.  It’s very uncomfortable.

Today, I’m reading about poisoned baby food, pet food… this stuff is beyond unnerving and we don’t even know if it’s true. What’s real (Saturn) is obscured and if reality is delivered to your doorstep, the tendency is to deny. It’s almost as if this is a perfect storm.  Everyone’s sense of security has been undermined. But I say that so I can say this: you may be off to a shaky start. It doesn’t mean it’s going to stay that way.

If you know someone who is having a time of it, please send this to them. It’s true and evenhanded and I don’t think it will add to their burden.

How are dealing with the early days of Saturn in Pisces?

34 thoughts on “Saturn In Pisces – How’s It Going So Far?”

  1. These last couple months have been the World Series of astrology as I heard someone quite. Well that’s playing right on my natal chart and I’m the underdog! Pluto is just starting to leave its conjunction to my natal Saturn in the six house, ugh, and will be in squaring my Venus shortly. Neptune is about to conjunct my mMon In Pisces la la la la la along with the weirdest dreams I’ve ever had in my life. Uranus will square my Mars soon. Saturn has been sitting on my south node, yay. At least Jupiter was sextiling my Sun and trining my Mars woo hoo. I barely felt that one ha ha but I’m feeling better now for sure.

    1. World Series of Astrology! Ha! Yes, I noticed that. We barely get past some BIG transit to find there are six more equally big ones are lined up ahead!

  2. Yes, l feel it…a tension but a release too like l have been waiting for something that has finally arrived.

    I have written deleted…written deleted…twice.

    Cant explain.

    1. All these posts are so right-on, but yours especially. “Hurry up and wait.”
      I’ve been clamoring for the future and now its so close I can taste it, but now I’m like “whoops, its coming too fast!” But at the same time, stalled. Too weird.

  3. This has been building up in my 4th House…I always feel transit tremors coming.
    Right now I am going through so much medical stuff I can’t believe it. It all started with something small. I don’t even want to contemplate the “what if’s”. This post helped calm down a bit though! Maybe it won’t turn out as dreadful as I think!

  4. It’s in my 8th house now and I can’t put my finger on it but I just feel weird. I’m dealing with the aftermath of a very toxic relationship that ironically ended once it left my 7th. I am beat down and broken in many ways but the urge to transform is very high. I’m just struggling to find the motivation and where to start :/

  5. Mostly a foggy lethargy and a sort of listlessness at first. As soon as Saturn entered Pisces, it felt like a eerie silence had descended. It even snowed that day, which gave it a kid of ethereal feel.

    It’s early days, so let’s see how this unfolds. But I am noticing that gradually, Saturn is starting to take the lead over Neptune, collectively the veil of disillusionment is starting to lift and reveal realities. People seem ready for it though, even finding it refreshing!

  6. Brain fog. Lethargic. Bored, depressed, unmotivated. I’m sun in Sagittarius opposite Saturn in Gemini, so the transit is squaring both.

      1. Pulled this from another site, I hope that’s ok…

        Because of its elliptic orbit, Pluto stays between 11 years (in Scorpio) and 32 years (in Taurus) in each Zodiac sign.
        Here are, approximately, the years Pluto spends in each Zodiac sign:

        Aries, the Ram 29 years
        Taurus, the Bull 32 years
        Gemini, the Twins 30 years
        Cancer, the Crab 25 years
        Leo, the Lion 18 years
        Virgo, the Virgin 15 years
        Libra, the Scales 12 years
        Scorpio, the Scorpion 11 years
        Sagittarius, the Archer 13 years
        Capricorn, the Goat 16 years
        Aquarius, the Water Bearer 20 years
        Pisces, the Fish 25 years

        and btw, hello!

        1. Huh? I am old but not that old?! Pluto is in Aquarius now. Was born with Pluto in early Virgo. But am not 67 years yet.

  7. Oh it’s been terrible, just terrible. I’m virgo heavy but with a lot of 12H and pisces energy.. not only am I made of it, but I’ve been in neptune’s path on and off for more than a decade and even I feel shocked by how swiftly my sense of security changed. In a month it went from a rock solid, prosperous state to more diffuse, nebulous thing and I can’t see where this is going. I feel like everything I had and worked for has just turned into sand and I’m having trouble seeing my way out of this, back to a life trajectory that makes sense. I’d be amazed if I didn’t feel so numb.

    Would it be wrong to do that Neptune thing? Give up, wait it out, see where the currents take me? Or am I supposed to go the Saturn route and rebuild?

    1. I’m sorry, Ivs. You have a lot of company!
      Ultimately, Saturn in Pisces teaches faith… as opposed to disabling fear.
      Not that this is something that’s easy to learn.

    1. Ha that’s good…I will add a sticky note for me and add to that (customized)

      “Saturn in Pisces equals spiritual discipline” – to be upheld/practiced and rooted in my home/gardens/woods with my family (4th house).

  8. Saturn in Pisces in 1st house natal chart: I bought a Shiatsu foot massager and am going to register for a Reflexology certification class. I need to address my feet this year. They hurt a lot.

  9. We are entering, or maybe have already entered, what Heinlein called “the crazy years” in his novels..But it looks like it will be even crazier than that….

  10. Help me out here Please ?

    I knew there was mucho going on in the Heavens above but nothing prepared me for this.

    My Court appearance was this morning, there were 2 Doctors and a Nurse on my behalf.
    I have paid Attorney for 2yrs.
    Never have been sure if I liked the Attorney just a strange feeling but, the Attorney has 5 Stars . So I believed was good for me. Very Strange? Attorney never showed up for Court and Judge not happy,not at all!
    could this be a good thing ?

    1. it’s still in my sixth. they’re giving me new responsibilities at work, and they’re not very fun or exciting but… dreadfully important. so i guess it’s a sign of confidence in my skill? i don’t want to spend the rest of my life doing this though.

  11. The Aquarius ship sailed and left me in a dinghy with one oar and some C rations.

    Pisces is my 10th house.

    I need to get paid what I’m worth after doing time in a very broken public school system. I hope private school will work out.

    My business as an artist seems like a good way to focus the Saturn, again getting paid for art not giving it away or giving up.

  12. Well, I just started reading the book “The Subtle Art of not giving a f*ck” by Marilyn Manson today.

    It’s a total nugget of freeing yourself from the self help paradigm of always wanting the good stuff and be happy.

    Most of us want to feel good and be happy, if you’re asked how you want to live your life and what you want to achieve (family, nice job, money in the bank etc).

    But very few of us know, what kind of pain we want to deal with in our life.

    That’s the real question. People are happy when they solve their problems. So, we need to choose our pain and get to work. Pain has a purpose. It gets your butt moving

    Somehow, the above text remind me of Saturn in Pisces. You and your problem is not unique. A lot of people has had this problem. Alot of people will experience the same problem as you do.

    So, what pain do want to work on in your life, and how?

  13. Avatar
    Charmaine Desjardin

    Honestly things are becoming so intense with powerful giants in government offices that are fighting it doesn’t look good.
    Is Government Saturn ?
    Is fighting Mars ?
    Is power Pluto ?

  14. I’m feeling some relief and dissolution of stress. Saturn is in my 10th right now. I’m in a field where there’s lots of talk about how we need to “reinvent ourselves.” But I’m feeling what I’m calling “reinvention fatigue.” Instead of trying to predict and control the future (Aquarius) I’m suddenly fine with just letting it be.

  15. Cranky, depressed and very tired. Unmotivated. Perspectives feel both blurry and unappealing. Continuous rain (water) did not help.

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