Jimmy Connors – (Yesterday’s Donald Trump)

Jimmy conners astrology chart smallI love sports shows, probably more than most.  I watched 30 for 30 on Jimmy Connors last night – Is This What They Want? It was really interesting. I am not sure it will be as interesting to others as it was do me but on the chance it might be, I bring it to your attention.

My family (other than me) was heavily into tennis. I was aware of Jimmy Connors in the 1970’s, 1980’s and the 1990’s.  That his career spanned an entire Saturn cycle should give you a clue. He’s a piece of work to be sure. But one hell of a player and COMPETITOR.

I always go for the iconoclast (see tag – iconoclast). I am not alone!  Jimmy Connors, the bastard -outsider could really please the crowd like not other.  You could compare him to Donald Trump in the modern day.

To give you an idea, the level of his repulsiveness, he got involved with fellow #1 tennis player, Chris Evert, back it the day.  They were the dream love match.  America’s sweethearts..

H revealed in his book that she aborted their baby…this is what ended their relationship. He wound up marrying a Playboy centerfold. They remain married today.

I think this really shows the Moon (in Aquarius). Mercury, Jupiter, Pluto t-square in his chart.

Anyway, if you want to watch a show on this bastard and like him in spite of yourself, you can.  Or alternately, you can just get real mad, which I don’t think will bother him in the least.

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Were you around to see Jimmy Connors play tennis?

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  1. Ive read about Donald Trump and his ex wife, and how he had raped her (but you can’t claim rape in marriage) it kind of made me think, what power can do to a man, or to anyone (woman and men) just like that article with Lance Armstrong. But honestly, this is with even people like Tiger Woods, and similar. It’s kind of scary.

    1. This was what Donald Trump’s undoubtably very highly paid lawyer said, but it’s not the case. Marital rape was and is a criminal offence in The State of New York, where it alledgedly happened. In some States, the level of physical violence must be higher for it to qualify as such.

      1. the wealthy can certainly afford to cover up their mistakes.
        I don’t know anything about Connor, but me and my husband watch current tennis players like Serena Williams and Djokovic. It’s a highly competitive field too. My husband prefers the underdogs to win.

        1. See, he opened the door for OVERT competitiveness. Mars in sage / Aquarius Moon. He broke every rule. And he’s funny.

          He basically says, people expect him to take the other players to dinner? Why would he do that?

          He’s just a big ol’ arrogant Sun, I guess.

          Like Donald Trump.

          1. lol@Elsa 😀
            My husband’s mars in sag is competitive too!
            Actually, Djokovic according to him and his friends are too boring and systematic to watch. It must be Djokovic’s Cap rising. 😀

  2. I come from a tennis family, too. I remember the “love match”. I didn’t, however, know about his tell-all book.
    The rich sometimes develop a sense of entitlement. Trump certainly has it. John McEnroe had it too. Anyway, I guess Connors felt entitled to out Chris Everett. Who knows what his excuse is… they always seem to have one.
    Wealth and humility— what a wonderful, enticing, humanitarian combination.
    Wealth and entitlement — YECH!!!!

    1. It’s interesting (to me). Chris Evert was Catholic, as was Conners. His wife is also Catholic, apparently she tweets about going to mass? So if you 20 years old and your life you’ve been taught and told abortion is wrong, this is quite a thing.

      He wanted the baby.

      Anyway, I’m not defending him. He’s an asshole….just based on all those trips to the water bottle, changing our rackets, etc. during that EPIC match in 1991. But whatever you think, it’s interesting, astrologically and otherwise.

      He did say he was in love with Chris. But he said his playboy wife was the love of his life and this has been proven out all these decades later.

      Also, I watched a lot of these 30 for 30 shows. They each have different directors so different POVs. This was definitely one of the more interesting pieces.

      The disclosure about the abortion is not in the show. That’s in his book. She went on record to respond…he’s a cad.

      No one says he isn’t. It’s just watching him..he had no filter, really. And he calls a ref who rules against him “an abortion”.

      But if you’re fired up,. you may want to watch the show. Because the man’s likability factor merges with his repulsivity in a way that is extraordinary (same as Donald Trump).

  3. Speaking of Jimmy Connors, my Dad had a Jimmy Connors francised racket when tennis became “the thing” here. My Dad is very much into sport, all of it, basically. He tried to teach me how to play when I was about 5-6 years old, but I wasn’t interested. Later, I thought of becoming a sports journalist, having watched all the events since I was a toddler had taught me quite a lot. I spent a couple of weeks the Summer I was maybe 15, watching Wimbledon and Paris Open. Still, never could, remotely, get myself interested in it. I can appreciate tennis players as incredible athletes, but still, this doesn’t hold much appeal to me.

  4. I did grow up watching him. And then he was replaced by another tennis asshole, John McEnroe. Seriously, as a kid, this made me think that if you were nice, you could not be a good athlete. But then Bruce Jenner came along and he seemed like a pretty affable fellow, so that changed my mind.

    1. John McEnroe is featured heavily in this show…and comes across is cool-headed. 🙂

      His brother, Patrick McEnroe is also featured prominently. The result is compelling.

      The filmmaker did a good job, basically. That, plus Jimmy (and John) are good showman.

  5. Here grew up here …. 15 minutes from my front door. That is all we heard about back in the day. He has family that still lives here. I can tell you this….he don’t think, he knows he is all that…. uggggg…. His mother and grandmother propped his butt up and got him ready. He owns everything to them. Talk about two women that were involved with the success of their children. His mother would have moved heaven and earth for him.

    Family still lives on the west end of town today…. It was always a big deal when he came home to visit…. not to me, but to everyone else in town.

  6. Tennis is not the most interesting sport on earth; everybody here watches it, but probably because Novak Djokovic is our countryman 🙂 earlier, during 80-ies and 90-ies, the only person I knew, who had watched tennis regularly, is my father, with Moon-Mars conjunction in Sagittarius…

  7. Fascinating! I didn’t know all that about him but was a big fan as a teenager. I also loved McEnroe and Ilie Nastase – basically the lively ones:) Could never get on with iceman Bjorn Borg. What, no tantrums?!

    1. Yes, watched them all….Bjorn Borg was my favorite….actually saw him play…you could almost see the wheels in his brain working when he played!!! I even got a postcard from him that he sent from Monaco (where he lived). Interesting character….still waters run deep…not such a great guy after all according to books written about him though!

  8. When I think of tennis, I think of John McEnroe. His temper on and off the court was famous. I have a thing for guys like that too. I have Venus in Scorpio and there is something about a guy that does not back down that I really like. I can’t stand wishy washy types that run like scalded dogs from a fight and this is why I love seeing Trump get up there and ruffle everyone’s feathers.

    1. @Tonya, so interesting! Your Scorpio bits like that. He was married to Scorpio sun/Cancer moon/libra rising Tatum O’Neal. Now he is married to Patti Smyth, Cancer sun(don’t know her placements) but i bet she too has scorpy bits. I too can’t stand wishy washy types.

      1. Thanks, Elisa. I looked up John’s chart and he is an Aquarian but he has Pluto opposite his Sun which would explain his temper. I guess he is happier with Patti because he is never in the news now.

  9. I don’t think it will bother him, either, just as Trump just doesn’t seem to get bothered by the reactions of others to what he comes up with.

  10. I was playing tennis back in the day, University. Instructor said I had a strong back hand. I have nothing to brag about, I just love the memory of how it felt when I could move about the court and have a good chance. You know what feels good today? I remember how it felt when I could smack it, send it. There’s no reason for me to miss it, because I had it at the time, and that will always be with me. The game goes on . . . and so there will be another Election. Yikes!!!

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