Scarcity vs Abundance

I mentioned my son has a difficult chart; however it is also the chart of a very wealthy man. He seems to know this. In spite of having his Sun conjunct Saturn which might denote a miserly person and in spite of growing up with me, a person who has very little and wants even less, he likes his stuff and stuff just seems to flow to him. Actually, stuff floods to him, it’s very strange.

And because of this he has no sense of conservation. You know. This is not a kid who is going to save for a rainy day. He seems to know there is plenty and I try to learn from him. Yeah, I learn from my 8 year old, don’t you?

And this all reminds me of something I read that John Mayer had said. He was a teenager at the time… I guess he still is. But he said that when he first started writing songs, he initially thought he was going to run out of them, sort of like squeezing the last bit from a tube of toothpaste. But he came to realize he was actually a songwriter with an endless number of songs he could write. And I sure glommed on to this.

I remember when I first started writing online in 2000. “Is she ever going to run out of stories?” And the answer is no. I realized I am a storyteller and in fact, the more stories I tell the more stories I have to tell.

What do you have abundance of?

6 thoughts on “Scarcity vs Abundance”

  1. For me it’s not so much the abundance as being able to depend on what I need being there for me when I need it. It operates like serendipity – those wonderful surprises that happen when you aren’t looking for them. Even though I am technically not a rich person, I feel very rich indeed. I just do my job and try to be a good person without expecting anything back – and I am abundantly rewarded for this. Funny that whenever I get afraid there won’t be enough is usually when this dries up – until I remember that there is always enough – maybe just enough, but enough. I live a charmed life and I am thankful for that.

  2. My abundance would be in being able to write poetry, once I sit down and start. Starting though can be the tricky part.

    ; )

  3. I’m with you on what to write about on my blog or elsewhere. Every time I stop here & other favorites the mind kicks into high gear. As to material abundance, it’s just there, always has been (Jupiter in Scorpio in the 12th). Worrying about stuff like that makes a body old!! 🙂

  4. I love how you link to the truth of things. I too am a storyteller with buckets and bags full of stories. They are my treasure. My destiny came with the gift to gab and two parents who did it with the best of them. When my Cappy Moon starts believing there’s not enough, it’s like my tail(the fishy part of my moon) dries up and then the stories don’t seem as important. I stop writing…yet, it’s never permanent. When I stumbled upon your site and your blog I was RE-hydrated, and continue to be. Storytellers need to sit with storytellers. Some stories scare us, and then I get that I might need to be scared for a while, as in this is where I need to be. Friends that stick by throughout the stories and laugh at the ridiculous loving me just as I am are the jackpot abundance.

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