Juno And Mercury: Thinking About Commitment

JunoAfter a retrograde period in Virgo, gathering information and going back over it, Juno is now direct at one degree Libra, the sign governing relationships and balance. Mercury is one sign behind in Virgo and about to retrograde back into Leo. It’s a great time commit to balancing our relationships while remaining open to the rehashing of the information we’ve just gathered. By the end of this Mercury retro period we may find a new perspective on what we think we know now.

Ceres in Aries conjuncts Uranus opposing transiting Juno. Mars at the end of Mercury’s sign, Gemini, opposing Pluto denotes digging deep for clues. These two oppositions form a grand square. Ceres with Uranus is indicative of innovating how we give and receive nurturing. Opposing Juno in Libra it asks us to balance the space we give and receive with the commitments that nurture the health of our relationships.

I would suggest that the task here is to hold these issues in one’s consciousness without making any final decisions till all the information is readdressed by the end of Mercury’s retrograde period. Why call the election before all the results are in?

Are you experiencing an increased awareness of how your commitments nurture (or fail to nurture) you?

15 thoughts on “Juno And Mercury: Thinking About Commitment”

  1. Are you kidding? (Rhetorical.) I’ve got Juno at 2 Libra 1st. And the really big hookup in a few months’ time is going to conjunct my Saturn/Venus conjunction in the 2nd Scorpio exact opp Moon in 8th Taurus, approx where Jupiter retro begins. When I played roulette I used a system and I won, but I knew when to quit. This is the second roll of the dice on a 32-year game and seeing as how I won’t be around for a 3rd roll, I’m trying to keep my wits about me. 😉

  2. I know I’m pinging all over Ceres today and hadn’t even put Juno into the equation but did touch on Merc. Have been trying to put some symbolism I came across together. Now adding some Juno to it. Thanks for that 🙂

    As for the question
    Are you experiencing an increased awareness of how your commitments nurture (or fail to nurture) you?

    yeah..oooh yeah. Story of my summer, basically. The nurturing ones are getting pretty high marks in my book right now. And I’m trying very hard to reciprocate appropirately.

  3. hahahahaha Josi I am an excellent speller, just a lousy typist 😉

    I just read this, how funny after some of the commitments I made today. Maybe I’m paying attention more than I thought I was. woo-hoo

  4. You posts lately, satori, have made me realize how my parents’ marriage probably influenced mine. (Married a long time, worked side by side every day etc)

    Juno in Libra in the 10th opp Saturn.

  5. Another Libra Juno here. Satori, what kind of transits do we look for in terms of the asteroids aspecting natal planets and points? If you haven’t covered it already, maybe this could be topic for a future post.

  6. What a breath of fresh air. Thanks, Satori. I find myself with four platonic-could-be-more-but-not-right-now situations. Chiron is involved, so they are either literally physically crippled or emotionally crippled. All have admirable gifts, geniuses, even, and I am honored to partner with them in this limited capacity of support. They all need it. I can’t see any of them advancing past a friendship, but for some reason, I’ve been placed in their respective realms as a positive female source of support right now, and I’m cool with that.

  7. Nice post Satori – but doesn’t saturn also mean commitment? How does Saturn linked with Juno play out in the natal chart? curious..

  8. Wow… you sure nailed it Satori. I thought I had already evaluated my relationships when Saturn went through Virgo. But, alas- there’s still work to be done. It’s as if the veil dropped and suddenly the imbalance has become glaringly obvious.

  9. Wow! That’s exactly what’s been happening (awareness of nurturing/not nurturing in my relationships). Mine suddenly took a dive from a not-ideal-but-tolerable-given-the-circumstances 60-40 give-take to a not-so-tolerable 90-10. I have to keep up with this site more. Thank you, Satori!

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