Understanding Scorpio, 8th House, Pluto Types

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Hi Elsa,

I have difficulty understanding what an 8th house person is or a Pluto person is. From what I understand if you are either of the above, people have a good/bad reaction to you. If a person has a good reaction to you, can it change to a bad reaction and vice versa a bad reaction to a good reaction. Also, is this all really just projection on the 8th/Pluto person?

Seeking Clarity

Hi, Clarity.

Great questions.  I’ll take them one at a time.

I have difficulty understanding what an 8th house person is or a Pluto person is.

Pluto rules Scorpio which rules the 8th house.
Pluto, Scorpio and the 8th house are all associated with sex, death, rebirth, psychology, healing, intensity, extremes, the collective unconscious / shadow, and “other people’s resources”, etc.

If a person is a Scorpio or has a stellium in the sign OR
If a person has a lot of planets in the 8th house OR
If a person has Pluto prominent (on an angle, conjunct their Sun, aspecting a lot of planets in their chart…

It’s safe to say they’re a, “Plutonian” or a “Pluto-type”.

From what I understand if you are either of the above, people have a good/bad reaction to you.

Maybe. Some people like Scorpio energy. My Scorpio friend of forty years, Ben, told me that how much someone liked me was tied to how comfortable they were in their “un-comfort” zone.  (Tag – un-comfort) Ben is comfortable being uncomfortable. He’s had a good reaction to me for nearly four decades.

Others deplore Scorpio energy. They have the opposite reaction and it’s often extreme. Usually, this is right up until they have a Pluto transit. At that time, they’ll find someone like me who can help them navigate.

What you’re referring to though, I think, is the phenomena of how Scorpio energy sucks people in as it simultaneously repels them.  This is also real and it’s the most common experience. It’s like looking at a car accident when you drive by. You don’t want to look but then you look anyway.  People don’t want to come to this blog…yet here they are.

If a person has a good reaction to you, can it change to a bad reaction and vice versa a bad reaction to a good reaction.

Yes. It’s not common but it’s possible. Not just to me, but to any Plutonian person.  It’s possible to grow in appreciation for a person who is constantly in the shadow. You may come to respect or even admire their forbearance.

Let’s say I have a consultation with someone and I cut to the chase. The person might hang up, feeling upset with me. But six months later when all the stuff I told them manifests and they find it can be dealt with, exactly as I outlined, they’ll see the consultation in a different light. “I was really pissed off at the time, but…”

If you like Plutonian people, and if you’re used to them, you learn to transcend your knee jerk reaction. I have been told some hideous things by Scorpio, over the years. I knew, because of who was doing the talking, they probably knew what they were talking about. I kept quiet, poker-facing my feelings.

These conversations turned out to be some of the most important exchanges I ever had in my life. I was told these things because the speaker thought I could handle it and they were right.

Also, the Plutonian person has a reaction to you too. People tend to forget this.

Also, is this all really just projection on the 8th/Pluto person?

No.  This is possible as well, but “projection” and “Pluto” are not synonyms!  What’s common is that the Pluto person carries the shadow for the collective. We do clean up.

Examples – My husband cleaning up after the mass suicide at Jonestown.
Or all my encounters with other people’s feces.

When you deal with things like this, some people don’t want to be around you. I wouldn’t give this to “projection”. You have a vibe about you. It’s unnerving to some and some people want to avoid it.

I don’t judge this, by the way. There are people who unnerve me too!

Add your thoughts about Scorpio / Pluto / 8th house types.

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  1. This definitely clears some things up for me. I have an 8th house Sun in Gemini, but now maybe it’s not as defining as I once thought. Pluto in the 12th squares Mercury, Jupiter, and Lillith, but sextiles Uranus. I don’t know if that’s enough to make me Pluto heavy.

    And you know, you’re right about the vibe thing that some have going on. Although, I have always appreciated honesty from someone, even if it is hard to take at the time, but I know others who don’t want to hear the truth at all.

  2. I am usually drawn to Plutonian types. As for me, I have Pluto in 1H, 10° from my AC, it conjuncts Uranus, my moon, sextiles Neptune, trines Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter, and makes a sesquiquadrate to my sun but I don’t coun’t that because I can barely spell it LOL. Anyway most people like me but I can be very passionate and too intense for some. I love intensities, especially music, a piercing, tattoo….

    1. Wow! I really like you!You seem awesome and I can tell from your Astro setup you truly are.
      Even your post was during Scorpio season.

  3. I’ve been told I’m pretty Scorpio myself, even though I’ve got 6 planets in earth, and 3 in Cap. Pluto is 13 deg away from my Asc, Jupiter is in Scorpio, and Moon Saturn is 8th House. I have a feeling u n I would get along just peachy, Elsa.

  4. Wow. I totally get it. Thank you. If there are several planets in the 8th in a composite chart, does it work the same? Last 3 men I dated, composite chart was 8th house heavy

    1. A heavy 8th in a composite would indicate the partnership was focused on 8th house things – transformation – deep exchange (for good or ill), etc. 🙂

        1. My composite chart with an ex-boyfriend contained a loaded Scorpio 8H. The bulk of our time was spent renegotiating his monthly spousal support, his life insurance and health insurance plans, and his continuing certification classes. My 7H Virgo Venus enabled my 8H Libra Sun by putting his immediate needs for fairness (Libra) in his (Sun) personal and professional life ahead of our relationship.

  5. Great post. I don’t have a problem with 8th house/Scorpio/Pluto types. I have Moon in Scorpio conjunct Pluto in Scorpio, and Venus square Pluto!

    I do know someone though, that has a problem with 12th house types. The guy makes me laugh. I don’t think he likes the elusiveness of the Neptune energy. I scold him that he’s projecting. How Neptune of me to mention projecting?

  6. Wow! Thank you for the info…still trying to process it all. My first reaction to reading, “…Pluto person carries the shadow for the collective. We do clean up.” was how Virgoish. I think I may be a pluto person too because I have Pluto, Uranus, and Mars conjunct in the 12th but it was unconscious to me until my pluto recent transit to my IC. It is trine my natal pluto.

  7. My (rectified) chart gives me an Aquarius ascendant at 2 degrees. Pluto is in my seventh at 4 degrees. An astrologer friend told me that this was like having “Tell Me” written on my forehead. People “see” my Pluto when they meet me. They know their secrets are safe with me and that I can hold them and not be shocked. Throughout my life people have told me secrets they say they have never shared with anyone. Currently Pluto is transiting my 12th and I’m having many Plutoian conversations with myself! I’m comfortable with Pluto and aim for friendships with others who are the same.

  8. Another meaty post based on reader questions. I am awed, over and again, by your ability to ask for what you need(“I am feeling better and would like to be challenged.”) and get the response from readers as you do.

    It’s Scorpio Season, and my birthday is at the tail end of week. I am Plutonian, and in my culture, I am said ‘to channel Pele’ (Goddess of Fire, who lives quite vividly as I write on Hawaii Island). Scorpio stellium = yes. 8th House occupancy = Mars, Saturn and Pluto in the 7th. Deep and dark signatures like mine were difficult especially when I was a girl. Learning to hold onto that Pele fire has been a lifetime journey. Many people have been attached to the vibe of me, and until I truly emerged from many episodes of loss my path was often filled with distractions and wanting to please, or keep the peace.

    The question and your response: “Also, is this all really just projection on the 8th/Pluto person?

    No. This is possible as well, but “projection” and “Pluto” are not synonyms! What’s common is that the Pluto person carries the shadow for the collective. We do clean up.” … resonates most for me. I am the elder in my family now, the sons and daughters of my brother and cousins ask me questions now. They say things, “I wasn’t quite sure how to go about doing xyz. I knew you’d know.” I learn to thank them for asking, and don’t assume I have all the answers. I ask them for a little time and pull potential together. Along with Pluto, I have lots of Saturn (who rules my chart). You’re also right Elsa, about sometimes being the one people don’t wanna be around because we’ve been through too much s*it! But. Later. They come. So, it’s best to have the tools and the cookies, or bitter-sweet greens for what ails ’em.

    Great work, Elsa!

  9. After the death of my brother, I was extremely intense for years. He died when I was a teenager, and I remember my cousins (who’s like a sister to me) boyfriend told her he didn’t like me or want to be around me because he didn’t like how I’d talk about my brother & his death (as I was grieving) … That was confusing as I was hurting so badly… but it all makes sense now

    1. I didn’t understand how others expected me to shut that off for their comfort… There’s a time & place for everything of course. But clearly I was in deep pain & sometimes you’re just messy ya know? My family was completely disoriented & it pained me that my cousin, my soul mate, would ask me to not talk about it because her douche of a boyfriend ( he really is aside from that) was a priss. But my mother experienced it with her boyfriend Too at the time. They were going to get married & he broke up with her on the yr mark of his death. She was absolutely devastated. He told her she had changed & who he thought she was .. It was awful

  10. I’m Scorpio sun, Neptune and Mercury. Intensity of person, speech and spirituality for sure. In my younger years I didn’t know how to be diplomatic – or kind – and people didn’t respond well to me. I didn’t realize for a long time how I came off to people, especially since I’m very sensitive. With Venus in Libra and Taurus ascendant I also like to be caring towards the people I love and couldn’t understand why they shrank from me. LOL, it’s funny now that I’m 50. I’ve been through my own transformations and understand how to “use my power for good.” But I’ll always tell it exactly like it is and point my arrow(stinger) directly at the heart of the matter. I’m ALWAYS after the plain truth and feel like we can all function much better when it’s on the table. I don’t have a lot of friends (don’t want a lot) but those that have been in my life a long time are there because they appreciate the lack of pretense and know they will always get the truth from me.

  11. I find the natal scorpio suns I know very straight ahead almost to the point of dry. They is what they is. I know they try to play the game like they are supposed to but they just end up doing it the way they have to. It’s almost like they don’t have a choice. They can only run the masquerade so long. Not facts. Just my experience.

  12. Libra rising with Scorpio sun in the first house means that I come on very friendly, charming and sociable when we first meet but then confuse people because when they invite me to a party, well, frankly I’d rather be alone or in an intense one-to-one. So no, I don’t repulse people but I think I confuse them. Personally, I like the Libra and the Scorpio sides equally, but sooner or later, if you stick around, you are going to get the blunt truth no matter how gracious I may at first appear.

  13. So interesting, Elsa. Pluto conjuncts my Virgo sun and I understand what you’re saying perfectly. I would say the people who aren’t into me really aren’t into me. The funny thing is that since I started visiting here there have been lots of times when what you had to say rubbed me the wrong way, or I really didn’t understand it, then later on it kept coming up in my thoughts and what was happening for me and I would turn around to really appreciate it. Thank you Elsa!

    1. You’re welcome. That is exactly what Ben was saying. A person like me makes people uncomfortable. You either appreciate it out you don’t. There’s not much I can do on my end.

      My repulsivnes, or eccentricity or my coarse nature or whatever, is going to out eventually. This is who I am.

      I am never trying to offend. That would never be my goal. I feel compelled to say things sometimes, and I’m always prepared to pay the consequences. My heart is right. I don’t care if it seems otherwise at times. So I want to say something, and I do it. My goal is to live with integrity, ahead of being popular.

      In fact I can’t stand people who want others to kowtow to them. So it’s just as well they storm off.

      1. In fact that’s what’s repulsive to me. Someone who thinks they can dictate to another human being, who they don’t even know!

        I mean, of you’re asked that’s one thing.

        Satori often says people have no idea repulsive they are. I think she’s right. So at least I know. And I take great pains not to inflict myself on anyone.

        I go nowhere unless expressly invited, for example. You come here…only if you want.

        1. Whenever you have said something I didn’t want to hear, and I can’t remember specifics, it was because it was too true and honest and it took me some time to face it, but I really appreciate that you instigated the discovery, just not at first.

          1. hear hear, Lynn. sometimes it’s right in front of your face too. i never thought i was plutonic and avoided that, but looking at my relationships and sticking to it until it breaks me in the past – i can’t let go, i won’t give up even if he kills me. it’s sick, but i can’t help it. It’s like the moth to the flame. I love the discovery of knowing who i was,why i am like that; I really appreciate it too!

        2. Maybe it relates to how you were talking about turning away from people. It’s not easy to be Plutonion, and so misunderstood and underappreciated and even reviled, when your intentions were not at all prosecutable offenses…quite the opposite. It’s intense!

        3. I don’t go anywhere unless I’m expressly invited either. I tell people I’m like a vampire ; you gotta invite me in or I won’t come. It’s just funny how some people will come into my bubble and then get triggered and offended by me and feel compelled to hurt my feelings. I mean no harm, EVER. But I gotta tell the truth. Why else would God give me the gift of insight if it wasn’t to speak about what I saw. It’s not for my own good, I’ll tell you that. Seeing mine and others shadows can be a disturbing and sad experience for sure. Ultimately freeing though.

  14. I would agree with everything you’ve written Elsa. I especially like how you pointed out that we have reactions to people too! I just really like that you talk about this kind of stuff.

    Sun and mc conj pluto in libra and Scorpio stellium.

  15. I call it the Jack Nicholson phenomenon…being repulsed by but attracted to at the same time.

    Early on I was told by a very prominent astrologer that I had just met and barely uttered a word to, that I had “don’t f**k with me” written all over my forehead. I was STUNNED !

    You’re right…we choose to be here…thanks!

  16. i really enjoyed the article! i forget which article it was, but it was something related to scorpio types 8th house. It makes a whole lot of sense, where it’s all about “energy” and resources. Hopefully it’s for the good, because some 8th house/scorpio types stay longer than necessary. I’m reminded alot of the people in my life who have scorpio stellium.

  17. I totally agree. Being raised by a very dramatic and intense Scorpio Sun, ASC and Moon (12th house) mother, and witnessing the volcanic eruptions. I also obssrved her with dinner guests bring up subjects most people would flee the table from, but they sat polite and transfixed, watching the storm brewing at the end of the table. I could take it when the shouting started. I am a double Scorpio (sun in the 12th) and Moon/Pluto conj. I also have Ceres in the 8th and it conjuncts the Moon/Pluto in the 10th. I am very well liked, I am told by my boss, and she is a Scorpio to. I have like one or two close friends that will go the distance. The rest fall by the way side or are amputated, never to be seen again.

  18. I kinda wanna see your chart, Elsa. Everything you post lately *pings something inside of me. Maybe I’m manifesting the transit of jupiter opposite my natal Mercury, don’t know. Scorpio rising with my north node in the eighth house, eighth house things are just my destiny. Also wondering if having my ascendant at the neptune/pluto midpoint adds another dimension since I’m a pisces sun.
    I’ve had many jobs were I cleaned up poop, literally. I also worked for an environmental company looking for dead bats and birds. I feel at times that I have X-ray vision and that I almost violate people because I see their depths. I don’t leave my house a lot because I have a hard time with people, rather I feel they have a hard time with me. I don’t know if I can help it, I see and feel everything about them.(cancer intercepted in my eighth house). I think your right about it’s not so much projection but that people don’t like being/feeling that exposed to their deep dark. I have big intense pisces eyes that catches everything. I can’t turn them off. I feel like Scott off of X-Men, blazing holes through everything even in daily life…lol, where are my special shades?!

  19. When I go out in public to run errands, I’ll smile and say hi to people sometimes, make small talk–but for the most part I keep to myself. Sometimes I get the feeling that people in general are a little creeped out by me. When I go shopping sometimes I send out silent “f$&@ off” vibes to keep people from approaching me til I’m good and ready.

    My family says when I was a kid I always kept to myself, but I have an Aries IC. The public eye would bring out the Pluto-Sun-Midheaven conjunction.

    1. I was reading and relating to the details of your small talk and to the Fuc#off vibe sent out to keep people away until you were ready). I thought this sounds like me! Then I read you had a Aries IC, as I do and I thought how funny. I also have a 8th house stellium including Sun, Merc, Moon, Uranus and Pluto. Thank god I have a Sagg Ascendent to lighten things up:)

  20. I’ve never met a sun sign Scorpio I didn’t like. I have Scorpio on the cusp of my 11th house. Plutonian people (or with Pluto conjunct, square, or opposite a luminary) don’t unsettle or scare me.
    I have Pluto in 8th house. I think this has given me the ability to “see-through” what others perceive as unsettling or scary about Plutonian people. What I see is their exquisite emotional and spiritual vulnerability. I admire their focus, and I have always found them to be (in general) to be people that say what they mean and mean what they say.

  21. I am a Libra/Scorpio cusp. When I was born my Sun was at 28 degrees of Libra, and Pluto was somewhere within the first 10 degrees of Scorpio. Also, my moon is in Aquarius. There was a waxing trine energy flow in the cusp between the day I was born and the following, first day of the sun in Scorpio and the Moon shifting into Pisces. My Sun was at the threshold of my 4th house, while my Moon was in my 8th house. I’m an intensely emotional person, but I can keep my rational wits about me. I’ve also found personally that my urges can be crippling, if I allow them enough leeway. That doesn’t water down my intensity at all. It doesn’t help that I have the showiness of a Leo Ascendant to top it off, but this is exactly where my responsive nature to speak up, for myself or others, than to be walked upon as a doormat. Step on a scorpion, and see how well that turns out for you. 🙂 I am pleased with the gifts trusted to me. I don’t use them to be intrusive or for sordid means; rather, I use the gifts of my watery tendencies to understand and verbalize what others find difficult to articulate. Herein is a positive use of water’s cleansing (or otherwise perceived as being erosive) qualities. I have had to grow into these powers I have always inherently felt within myself; it has been a beautiful journey coming to this point. It gives me hope, and that is the joy that I love to share with others. I strive to be inspirational and uplifting to others because there is already enough harm in the world. Therefore I desire to be the change I want to happen.

  22. Hi Elsa — thank you for the information on scorpio/8th etc. I have Saturn, Moon & Neptune in my 8th all in scorpio. What you share so resonates with me….many times I’ve complained about being misunderstood. You mentioned suffering and suicide…the Marysville school shootings are my daughters’ family, so bingo suicide, not to mention the suffering so many are going thru. Someone had mentioned in a comment about people not wanting to be around us because our lives are so intense, I can vouch for that one. My life has been intense since birth and I’ve wondered if it was ever going to quit – after reading your article, I better dig the seat belt out, not gonna let up any time soon CRAP!! All this intensity has lent PTSD into my pedigree, of which I am diligently working on turning around. Thank you for holding your space here, for those of us who do show up and for sharing your knowledge & self with us. deep peace to all

  23. I am definitely an 8th house person. Very lonely as a child didn’t understand any of this until I got older. I have sun in Virgo, moon in virgo, mercury in virgo, pluto in virgo, jupiter in libra, and mars in virgo all in the eigth house. Yes it’s bee a huge learning process. I found a mentor who taught me astrology and everything made sense. The only person who I have had a really bad reaction from was a scorpio woman. wWho woulda thunk.

  24. Elsa!! Please give me a little nibble thought. I have 8th house sun in Pisces 16 degrees trining Neptune in Scorpio 7degrees in 4th…also, even more curious, Sun conjunct Mercury 7 degrees, is this cazmi or combust? I have relentlessly investigated this, but I just don’t trust myself….it seems pretty amazing what I have uncovered. But the cazmi vs. combust thing really puzzles me.

    “You might say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one….” JL

  25. Hi. Am a plutonian. Pluto trine sun & ascendant, both in Pisces, sextile Neptune in Capricorn and sextile mercury in Pisces. Mars in Taurus & moon in taurus opposition Pluto in Scorpio. Plus, Pluto in 8th house.
    I know I attract people with agendas and problems.. mostly with ones I tackled myself. I know that I can catch eyes swimmingly. But thing is, the world may come with trillion problems on all levels, I can dig in. Its my own issues that baffle me. I have had fair share of ‘letting go’, maybe a lil too much than i would have liked. Am comfortable with it. But sometimes i tend to feel all cracked and totally vacant. N i also tend to feel need of intense and deep relationship.. it gets uncomfortable at times..

    Since your by far the best i have seen on internet.. i feel you can help. I ask you for answers Elsa..

  26. I loved this post! I have Sun Cancer 8th House, Mercury Cancer 8th House and Venus Cancer 8th House, Scorpio As, Mars and Saturn in 12th House. Always different than other, always on the edge, always near sick and dying people, predictable dreams… People or love or hate me. I’m always in some kind of ” situation ” but in a strange twisted way, I love it 🙂 It makes me feel alive. And when I’m on the bottom, I will always find a way to get up. One guy I really liked once told me that I’m so intense that he just can’t be near me. And that’s the word people mostly use to describe be. I’m not always happy with who I am, but recently I found a way to accept it. Thank you Elsa!

  27. I have Pluto conj. Sun and Mercury in the eight house and Venus conj. Mars conj. Uranus conj. MC in Scorpio. I hate superficial and self-centered people and being lied to. People either love me or hate me but I couldn’t care less. If obliged, I can burn all my bridges without hesitating and I am constantly changing to become better and better. People love telling me their secrets and I am good at reading between the lines.

  28. what about someone like like myself that has sun conjunct pluto?… iam a virgo but have aries rising and moon aries, venus in scorpio, jupier in scorpio, neptune in scorpio,, uranus in libra, pluto in virgo….mercury and mars in virgo, saturn in taurus….and in 8th house I have scoprio and neptune…moon also in 12th house.

  29. I am a Scorpio with a stellium in the 8th house and I can understand people feeling unnerved around the energy Plutonian or Scorpio people give off. Most Plutonian or Scorpio people see through things a lot of other people are unable to perceive and that makes people uncomfortable because others may not want you to know things about them without them willingly providing you with that information; but see Scorpios don’t ask for that permission because their ability to penetrate beyond what is said is a natural instinct that many others don’t have or know they have and this energy is what makes people uncomfortable. I love being my sign and I am not a very trusting person because I know what is really out there in the world. I’m not cynical, and I believe in the goodness of the world but I’m not blinded to the other side of it either. I embrace the balance because that’s what makes me whole.

  30. (sorry for my english, i’m italian)
    It’s funny to note that all persons who are interested in these topics are “plutonian people”. Because I noticed that these people always are interested in astrology.
    I’ am a leo girl with sun, mercury, jupiter all in leo and all in the eight house. I have also Pluto in Scorpio (square the sun) and 11° and 12° houses both in scorpio.
    When i was a child i was very introvert and i had some problems not just with people/friends/boyfriends but also with myself, my family, my parents. I had crisis, the first at 14 years old, the second at 19….Every time this crisis started from something bad that happened in my life at that time. When i was a child i have lived also several deaths( of people near me). I don’t know how to explain the rest. There are too much things to say. I always felt different and perhaps too sensitive. Somethimes i feel like other people don’t like me and my charachter. As if they see me as a strange person. But then i think that maybe i’m too paranoic…

    1. Thank you Elsa. I have a question for you. It is normal for a strong eight house to have problems of impulsiveness? I mean uncontrollable instincts that one tries to dominate but sometimes it’s very difficult…
      Also I often don’t know how to keep my mouth shut. If I think one thing I have to say that thing, even seeming unpleasant( and even going against my shyness). It’s like i always want to be honest with myself and with others. I’m always searching for the truth, even if it hurts.
      Thank you

      1. I would not give impulsiveness to the 8th house. That’s a Mars function. There’s a connection between the 8th house and Mars, but impulsiveness especially in speech? I’d look for a Mars / Mercury connection or something like that.

  31. Avatar

    I’m a Plutonian/Scorpio person (Sun square Pluto, Jupiter in Scorpio,North Node in Scorpio,Moon trine Pluto,Sun,Mercury, Chiron in the 8th House,Pluto in Scorpio) and when I first started studying astrology, I read some good things and a lot of terrible things about us lol.I also have read that we are greatly misunderstood. I was misunderstood as a child and sometimes, even now. I get along and always have gotten along better with elderly people because they see me for who I really am. They are able to read me . I notice I attract a lot of Scorpios ( I dated two) and people with strong Scorpio in their chart or Scorpio Moons.

    I know that I make people uncomfortable sometimes but this is usually to people who are masquerading as a nice person and are really not. People who have tons of secrets and or are doing things that aren’t right at all that they think no one knows about. It was explained to me that they can sense that we know their secrets subconsciously,therefore, they feel exposed and set out to remove us from their lives/sight because they feel as if we have a magnifying glass over them.

    People are drawn to me for healing. Broken people and people who need help usually come to me. I’ve always wanted to be a nurse and I am currently in nursing school and work in the medical field already.
    I am very good at reading people, places, things, and feeling their energy/vibe.(could also be the other water placements in my chart and Neptune in my 1st House)I’m not saying I know everything, but I can feel when someone/something/some place is definitely not right and I stay away. I have had dreams that have come true as well as well as me sensing spirits and things from spirits(I can’t see them though.. but they usually communicate to me in dreams)

    I was a very very lonely child and my parents tried their hardest but my mother was an alcoholic and my dad was very soft and soft spoken (Saturn in Pisces) and so I kind of would just really not be present in the present. I would be in my own little world. (I still am in my own little world despite what’s going on around,I’m able to remain calm) I used to get lost in other realms of existence as a child. I do remember seeing things when I was younger, too that I don’t think were really there.
    Maybe spirits? I’m not sure but I don’t see things now. I used tohave dreams of things that happened before I was even born and being a kid, I would tell my dad and he’d look at me like,”that really happened but how do you know that? You weren’t even born”. My dad is a 12th House Sun so he really did help me with meditating etc.

  32. This post fascinated me, Elsa. I can’t help but wonder if this disrespect expressed through feces isn’t residual influence of Muslim culture among Latino peasant migrants, since Muslims dominated Spain for more than four hundred years. Let me explain. In Muslim cultures, contact with feces is an abomination, and Muslims are always careful to build latrines even in extremely primitive conditions. This is the reason why bacilic and amoebic dysentery have never been a significant problem across West Africa, but is an immediate and serious problem for any traveler in India (Hindus do not have the same taboos on feces in the open, and do not scrupulously relieve themselves in latrines the way Muslims do). The one time I came across a scene like what you described was in Mali, in an area where there had been recent tension among animists and the dominant Muslim population. I went to a women’s bathroom, not a man’s, mind you, and discovered the entire bathroom smeared with shit, walls, floors, Windows, and ceiling. This does not mean that women committed the act – it could have been men. Bathrooms will be reserved for women in areas where men could be safely expected to use the bush. When the incident occurred, I had been living in Africa long enough that certain things just did not bother me. I made my way into a stall in hiking boots, squatted without having to touch any surfaces (something I could no longer manage today – you have to be thin and well-balanced), and did my business without focusing on the smell, even though I realized my s–t would be added to the mess if tensions reoccurred. Now, looking back, I can’t help but wonder if s–t as an expression of hate took on a special significance for those influenced by (or opposed to) Muslim culture.

  33. Ok so i have a stellium in my 8th north node leo,virgo moon,saturn,mars,jupiter. .
    Transformation yes alot of it in my 35 years i welcome and embrace,also people seem to flock to me to discuss private details about life, dump shit and then get advice and as soon as i put any boundaries up usually subtle in shift (i am to the point but have great compassion for others) wamo they go ape shit crazy on me like i hit them in the gut? Like children throwing tantrums,yer these are adults and they go so dark and mean when i had only given compassion or asked a simple question..???so freakin odd ?

  34. Wow, Elsa. This is great, thank you for this! I stumbled across this thread because I am trying to learn more about my Pluto/Moon/Mars Scorpio (the SN is there also). Cap Sun and Pisces Ascendent – so I feel the Pisces “mask” makes the reaction to the intense “gift” worse, even though I am completely secure with my self-image – I don’t think other people are comfortable with either of them until I finally have earned that “chance” or “trust.” It’s hilarious because usually, I’m the most trustworthy person in the room. Great read! Have you ever heard of the three planets together?

  35. So in my 8th i have my north node in leo, mars,saturn,moon and jupiter all in virgo…i feel compelled to solve the puzzle of its impotence feel like i spin in circles with it any help would be awesome oh and pluto transit is sitting pretty now in my 1st house..ugh

  36. Lovely. Pluto conjunct 7th,Sun/Uranus/Jupiter/Neptune in the 8th.
    I always feel like i go to bed one day and then wake up the nextchanged. And this couldnt be more true with the current Pluto conjunct Mercury transit that came to surface a secret that can never be undone.

  37. I loved reading this post and all the comments. It’s really comforting to connect with so many plutonian people – so many deeply authentic people. I am so grateful to astrology for helping me heal a lot of deep wounds and finding peace within the chaos of life. I have moon, mercury, Venus, and Saturn in Pisces in the 8th house. Pluto aspecting 6 planets, including Pluto square Venus and pluto trine ascendant. And Scorpio north node in the 4th house. The Pluto and Pisces energy has been prominent my entire life, and I often feel I am drowning, but I’m learning to surrender to the waves. There is much relief in doing this! I’ve also learned over the years to not take the way others treat me personally… I used to feel guilty all the time, now I just try to remain in this open space, and truly look people in the eyes.. if they have bad intentions, I do not let them stomp on me anymore like I used to. Pluto energy is so intense but so spiritually cleansing and has so much wisdom to offer. Having prominent pluto energy means having the gift of seeing through facades, and this does make many many people uncomfortable. Remain in a space of love, and use pluto to take yourself and others higher, when given that opportunity.

  38. thanks Elsa for posting this it does explain a lot. I’m a Scorpio and my husband is an Aries but his Sun is in the 8th house and so he is like a fiery Scorpio. He is also a Telecommunications engineer has been in Communications since he was 18 he was in Communications in the Army. I was also in the Army I’m a Quartermaster Trained Cook/Chief. As you can see we both work in the shadows. He takes care of the accesses by big business to the Network and I take care of him. When I was in the service I worked for training command and served 400 men 3 times a day that is at least 1200 meal portions a day. When he was in service he took care of the Tropo Microwave Satellite Communications. Has been involved with the working part and access to the internet from its inception. As you can see we are definitely shadow people. I for one have never wanted anything to do with the being in the spot light ever. to the point when I was in School I would take a failing grade to avoid speaking in front of the class.

  39. I have Pluto in the 8th and I can sometimes analyze a person after only talking to them for a few minutes. This annoys people because some of them think I’m just being a braggart. Then I analyze someone they know, someone they’ve had just a conversation with, and they know I’ve pegged that person perfectly. When I was younger, I applied two times in a row to a college to get my Masters Degree in psychology. I got accepted both times. Then I decided that I didn’t have the patience to sit and listen to people’s personal shit for 8 hours a day, especially when I could probably tell them in 5 minutes what their problem was. So I moved on, into careers more in keeping with my introverted, loner Pisces self.

  40. This was so clarifying! I have Sun in Scorpio, in the 8th house, where I also have Pluto in a Stellium with the Sun and 2 other planets, so I would say I’m pretty plutonian!
    I have noticed my whole life that people who just met me immediately either loved me or hated me. Besides that, I can also read people quite accurately, which doesn’t usually count on my favor, as it has always bothered my friends and partners, who rather believe that I was being arrogant and pessimistic.

  41. The venus transit in scorpio, Is this why this scorpio has been cleaning up a lot of poo? Over the years I have transitioned in my caregiving , With each new situation that I never thought I could handle I am overcoming the challenge. Scorpio in love.

  42. Both Asc in Pisces rulers in the 8th. My Dad was an evolved Scorpio with his Sun degree exact on my Jupiter! I’m a lot like him in the best ways. I’m honest to a flaw but have had to deal with many secrets that I’ve been entrusted with. I’m a personal accountant so that comes with the territory.

  43. This might amuse you, albeit a bit off topic – except that i am somewhat Plutonian, and Pluto conjuncts my descendant. I am acting in a play about an abandoned daughter avenging herself upon the rapist father who abused her mother. He’s a piano teacher, she deceives him into teaching her, seduces him, then chops off his fingers. She then suicides to frame him for her murder and thus let him feel the lifelong agony her mother endured. Transiting Lilith is conjunct my Aquarian sun, and the actress i’m playing opposite is Scorpio. I am moon and Neptune in Scorpio natally. I’m going to check but I will have small bet that there’s a Scorpio clusterfuck with transiting Jupiter, Venus and Mercury, my moon, Neppy and her sun. Happy days!

  44. anonymoushermit

    I have Venus in Aquarius. I prefer more detached folks, like Sagittarius and Aquarius types.

    I can get along with Plutonian/8th house folks, fine. But they need to have some air in their chart, or maybe Jupiter. Freedom, please?

  45. Being a pluto-type myself, I like the energy. But then I’ve got a bit of Neptune as well, so going deep is a natural fit. I’ve also got Jupiter, so the freedom factor (go big or go home) is there as well. What I know is this, being here and learning for over 10yrs has NOT been a waste of my time (or entertainment). So I’d say Thank You Elsa, for the quality, for the depth, for sharing your knowledge and being entertaining along the way!

  46. Well, my maternal grandmother, who was a mother of 7, was a Scorpio, she widowed young and then lost a child, my mother’s younger brother, who died in a car accident at the age of 17.
    My mother, who’s not a Sorpio, has a stellium of 6 planets in the 8th house, including her Sun, Moon and Pluto. She widowed young also: my dad died at the age of 50, after 13 years of illness. I’ve got an 8th house Sun and inherited my dad’s illness. There’smore Scorpio energy like this in my family.

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