What’s Up With Adults Who Smear Feces In Public?

I’ve decided to broach this disgusting topic which has been on my mind for the last few days. You have probably heard of this or perhaps encountered it. I want to know what you think drives the behavior.

Being 8th house types both the soldier and I have encountered this phenomena (people who smear feces) more than once and not only that, we’ve been the person who has had to do the clean up. The soldier has come across this in the military a few times. He has always been the one made to clean it up and let me tell you it’s disgusting. It is not something you forget, that’s for sure.

The soldier has specifically said that it he ever catches someone doing this in the act he is going to beat the hell out them and having cleaned up this kind of mess myself (more than once) I can’t say that I blame him.

In my case, this happened in my HOME twice. You may think this incredible but it is very common if you live near the Mexican border which I did at the time.

What happens is people come over in the border on foot. They break into your house and tear it up looking for small things they can carry like jewelry, money or guns.

They also cook breakfast. It’s very strange. It is surreal actually. They just help themselves to whatever you’ve got, have themselves some bacon and eggs and pancakes while you are at work and when they are done eating breakfast, they take a shit.

You can tell how many people were in your house to some extent by the number of piles of shit. They shit on the floor typically but one time one of them shit in the frying pan where they had cooked the eggs and left it on the stove for me once and if you think I am making this up, I am not.

The first time this happened it was a big shock but the sheriff filled me in when he came out. He said it was trademark and happened to someone who lived around the area there a couple times a week at least. He said it was to show contempt and I just stared at him trying to comprehend.

A month later when there was another break in, I didn’t even blink. By then I’d asked around and found it was in fact commonplace. I mean, it is what it is but when one of the guys I worked with at Frito Lay called me to tell me someone has broken into our small (shack-like) warehouse, I was simply not prepared.

Our warehouse was a large metal shed split into 3 sections with chicken wire. The place was full of chips, and there were three doors for three trucks just to give you an idea the size. I got down there and threw my door open and the smell of shit just about blew me over.

All I can say is thank God my section of the warehouse was the least spoiled of the 3 but even then to walk into this warehouse was to be surrounded by shit. It was smeared all over the walls, the floor and the ceiling. It was absolutely STUNNING. I mean the ceiling was high and there were no ladders or much stuff to climb on so we had no idea how there were globs of shit were smeared on the ceiling but by God, they were.

The warehouse next to mine was hit worst. I was glad and grateful at the time because I’d have had a hard time not taking it personally had it been me.

The words FUCK YOU were written on the wall in smeared shit and the rest of the shit (and there was no shortage of it) was arranged elaborately. I mean, there were three little piles of shit in a row. There were trails of shit that made is appear someone squatted down and walked like a chicken to create the effect. There were turds balanced on bags of Doritos of course… and cases of chips that had opened, shit into and then closed.

The 3rd warehouse was nearly as bad, shit smeared in streaks on the floor, the walls and the cardboard cases and I have to tell you I don’t think I could have coped with cleaning this up. I may have simply quit my job if the company had not hired a crew to come in there, throw everything out and disinfect everything.

Matter of fact we wound up moving to a new warehouse a couple months later, we just could not shake the memory I guess. We had rented the shit warehouse for more than 15 years but you know. We just couldn’t shake the memory.

So what do you think of this phenomenon? I am asking because I am trying to place it on a continuum possible symptoms of mental illness. In other words, I am wondering if this behavior falls on the extreme end of some set of behaviors, like vandalism for example. I did find this:

When I was in high school, there was someone known as the ‘Mad Pooper’ who would smear shit (either his own or an outsider’s) all over the stalls, mirrors, door handles, sinks, et cetera in the restroom. This went on for a few weeks and the bathroom passes went into lockdown mode.

Anyways, they finally caught him. He was this normal (seeming) guy that was into tech theater. I hypothesize that he used shit because it was easy to produce, and it causes a revulsion the likes of which is hard to beat.

So for those who are more in control of their actions, shit-smearing can be used as the ultimate antisocial stunt.
posted by amicamentis at 9:14 PM on May 9

That seems a rational analysis but do you think? Anyone know anything about this?

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  1. I’ve come across this a couple times. Both times, it was unbelievably smelly, so the second time I sort of knew what was up before I pushed the door on THAT STALL.

    It was at a factory I worked, and I don’t know if they ever caught the person. Around the same time someone had written in marker on one of the walls about a male supervisor who slept around.

    The whole thing was weird to me because I used to work as a janitor in the municipal building where they held court and never came across shit smearing. But I move across the country to the midwest and work in a factory and see it twice. And both times I was the first to discover it, so I also had to report it.

    I just wonder how a shit smearer gets away with it. I mean, even if you wore gloves and washed you would reek.

  2. There’s a name for eating poop and other inappropriate things. It’s called Pica. Where I worked with MRDD it was fairly common.

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    Mariana (Mex)

    Can i make money with neptune quincunx saturn??
    All that vulgar people pay in some way??
    Mexico is a virgo clean shit and produces big shit too !!

    (bad) Politician eats shit, maybe in a cake, they most buy a tons.

    Guacalaaaa!!! = 🙁

  4. Ew.

    My mother had to get someone to kick out an illegal tenant. From what I remember, this woman shredded furniture, messed up the entire place, and left body fluids and muck on at least one bed (like period stuff and tampons). disgusting and unnecessary- and she was the one in the wrong!

  5. I just searched this topic as this has apparently been happening in my workplace. I’ve heard of this type of behaviour in children but this is the first I’ve heard of it until I started looking around online- and you guys certainly opened my eyes, wow!

    I agree that in adults, although this behaviour is childlike, it is likely an act of contempt, control, and power.

    In all seriousness though, my primary concern is what this employee is capible of if smearing shit all over the place seems like a good idea to them.

  6. Well I used to do this as a teen and young adult. If I received bad service or I wanted to give max shock value for some reason. One example was of this snotty ahole at dunkin donuts. He drove a BMW, had those arrogant features of everyone else is a idiot but him. You can see it in his face , his wife’s and his daughter’s who was maybe 8 then. All 3 of them sat at a table eating at late breakfast around 10am. Well I went to the restroom only to find it was 4 ft wide with a single seat and toilet. SO I took a long 14 inch ShÌt in the sink and I wiped then went out to my car. Three friends were sitting in the car and they had no idea what I did. I was talking about how i wanted to punch that snotty ass geek with the glasses and suit. I say about 4 minutes or less passed and I looked down to read something. One of my rather intelligent friend Chris suddenly yelled “He’s going into the BATHROOM!”.
    I looked at him and said “Why did you think I did something?” he replied “I KNOW you didnt just go in to buy a bagel, went to the bathroom and left without doing something” “What did you do anyways” He asked? I started the car as the man walked to the bathroom door and he FROZE!! His face was stearn as he stared at the piece of shÌt in the sink 2 ft away.. I then drove off fast and started to laugh VERY HARD!! I then told the passengers..” I took a shÌt in the sink which is right by the door when you open it..LOL!!” The laughing was so hard by him and the other as well as me lead to tears rushing down our faces.. (ROFLMFAO!!)

    I don’t have a ‘reason’ why I do it but it MUST be the TRUE SHOCK it leaves.. I have done this on several occasions actually at other stores and restaurants, grocery etc.. They even REFUSED to clean it as employes as they put a “OUT OF ORDER” sign up. I would show up at night where everyone goes out after dinner. I would sit there eating and drinking coffee. One of the greats Laughs I would have was the Employees explaing to the customers “why” it was closed. “Uhm- There is a Long ShÌt in the sink Sir..” ROFLMAO!!! There faces were comical! I remember this man walking in and 2 employees saw him going into the small bathroom doorway.. “Sir? SIR? SIR! Its..Its..Its OUT OF ORDER SIR’!
    The man ignored the girls plea for his life.. He went in anyways and I know he turned to close the door as a Giant, Smelly,Dripping, ShÌt stare back at hm in the sink.. NO SOONER than he closed the door.. He Ran Out choking and went to his car and drove off. LOLOLOL (Maybe you people will start to understand why “we” do this now?)

    (They left the OUT OF ORDER Sign up for 4 days and nights!!) LOLOL (I’m dying here!) One early evening when the employees were busy. These 2 girls in their late teens stopped at the bathroom door. “Why do you suppose its Out?” The othr said “No Idea-but I’ll stand above it and pee I HAVE TO GO BADLY!” Well one girl went in and the other behind her. Suddenly I hear a SCREAM!! “One of them panicked “Let me the fuck out!” “Why? The other asked? Then Both screamed!! OMG! .. I then cracked up with my friend.. lolol..

    Well people- LOL- ENJOY your stay at a Public REstroom.. You’ll NEVER know what to expect..! I can go on and on and on to tell you many experiences.

      1. LOL- I forgot to mention I used to shit in the water tank in the old toilets. So when they would flush either to get ready for a poop or after they pee. Only to have 4-5 flushes of shitty water.. (It took several flushes before the water cleared) Also the fun of shitting and reactions of shitting in urinals never got old… “OH MY GOD!” “WHAT KIND OF MIND DOES THIS?!” “IS THIS , YES IT IS WHAT I THINK IT IS” “Gagging Sounds, Choking” I mean I NEVER -EVER did asshole things like wipe it under handles or ‘hide’ my poop so they would touch it. I drew that line firmly and not in poop either. I always held a proper etiquette.

        1. Well, we’ve got an exhibitionist in the house. Which reminds me of another thread…hold one, I’ll try to find it. 🙂

  7. Sexually frustrated, is my opinion. Anyone who thinks it’s funny to traumatize and disturb other people is someone I would stay very far away from.That those who suffer from it are usually in a position of subservience to begin with its particularly sad to me. It’s very unkind.

    1. Actually I am a very very normal person who is giving, has kids, exwife – remarried, exwife again. She knew of the crazy SHIT I did and was a part of her attraction to me. I give to the less fortunate even when it affects me. I find many are so dam selfish these days.
      When it comes down to it- I would be hurt if I TRULY traumatized someone. DId you think the passengers would of felt any different than you had they not been there?
      NO! So- as most would say YOU HAD TO BE THERE!! The ”profile’ you drew up is far from accurate. “forced intimacy” or don’t know how to love themselves was a bad attempt to sound smart.. No pun intended of course- shit happens..

  8. People who do this very likely don’t know how to love themselves or anyone else. The disturbance is a forced intimacy.

  9. I too have been doing this for years. My hilarious and creative ideas first manifested around the age of six. I jammed my feces into the drain of the sink in the restroom of my local library, in response to a librarian who had been rude to me. I grabbed a seat nearby and watched with delight the reactions of all who entered, and quickly left in visible shock.

    Since then this has been a semi-regular thing and I often go out of my way to find a public restroom, time permitting. Why have a boring, predictable shit that is flushed away at home when I can drive over to McDonalds and ‘redecorate’ their bathroom for them? To me, and apparently many others, this is a no-brainer.

    For the record, I once worked in retail and found myself on the other end of this several times. My coworkers were disgusted, but I was amused to find that there were other individuals in the area who thought like me. I could have easily refused to clean up, but I often volunteered to do so as it would allow me to note any similarities between the person’s work and my own.

    I will justify these actions to an extent by reminding you that some places do not leave the toilet seat covers as a simple courtesy to patrons. Quite simply, I refuse to sit on a public toilet seat and I think those who do not have lost their sense of self-pride, not to mention hygiene. In the end it does not matter if I have had a five star dining experience, if there are no seat covers my waste is unfortunately not going in the toilet as it should. In cases like these which arise out necessity rather than revenge, I usually opt for the trash bin to try to make it as easy as possible for whoever may be tending the restrooms. In all honesty, it’s likely that doing things like this may encourage those working for minimum wage to return to school, get a degree, and find a better job where they will not have to deal with these kinds of events.

  10. The nsa is secretly installing cameras in public restrooms to catch and prosecute offenders who leave fecal matter in inappropriate places. Those who are identified will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law! BE FOREWARNED: this is a serious matter which can lead to spreading of diseases and especially with ebola which is now in the USA.

  11. This passeth all understanding for me, but then again my 8th house is empty and Saturn sits outside of it.

    I’ve smeared feces in private, but my sister and I were babies. To this day we have no recollection of this–our parents walked into a room full of poo-poo walls and freaked. They had to clean it up, too.
    If an adult is smearing or dropping poo in public, they know EXACTLY what they’re doing–they hate your ass and want you to know it! (Babies, on the other hand, do it because poo s fun to play with, I guess….) 

  12. Ummmm. What an education. Despite my heavily scorpionic chart, this is a side of the shadow I haven’t had the displeasure of experiencing. Then, after reading the posts from the gentlemen who gleefully shared their stories, I can only say that I believe shit-smearers are hopelessly hostile, impotent men (I assume most are men, aside from the females who use shit for revenge on cheating b-fs). The impotence is borne from jealousy and hostility towards anyone who has “more than they have”. Hence the anger towards the “arrogance in their eyes”, or the Hispanic group (and what a group that must have been— what, at least 20-30 people who decided to have a shit-fest at the Frito Lay warehouse??) or the person who shat in your frying pan because you had a nice home and they did not… the absolute jealousy and contempt comes through loud and clear when shit is smeared. These are people who can’t for the life of themselves find a way out of their own situations and hate anyone who they believe has more than they do. The desire to invoke the recipient-of-their-gift’s rage and horror makes them feel superior in some way, if only for a short time. Hence the recanting of the stories where the shitter sits in a secret area and watches for the reaction. Well, ha ha ha, assholes (pardon the pun)— the joke’s on you— you’re still the one who’s completely mental and the other person gets to go on living their lives, despite the temporary setback of having to smell your shit.
    There must be a special place for these retards to go when they die, and it isn’t going to be pretty. I don’t use the word “retard” loosely (my daughter works with autistic kids and has trained me not to use that word!) but in this case, if the shit fits……

    1. @dog8818,
      “These are people who can’t for the life of themselves find a way out of their own situations and hate anyone who they believe has more than they do. The desire to invoke the recipient-of-their-gift’s rage and horror makes them feel superior in some way, if only for a short time.”

      — love that! that’s so true! they hate themselves. it’s misery loves company.

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      Irmi1969 / Char555

      TOTALLY agree! Where I live, burglaries are almost invariably accompanied by shit storms. And if it’s a home invasion, the woman is likely to be forced to fellate the “main burglar” while her partner watches. So much hatred, and difficult to get past.

  13. This happened at my dad’s garage in the ’70’s. The people from the low-income housing would sneak over and do it. Definitely a show of jealousy and contempt. These people should be put in a cell with no facilities so they can live with their own crap.

  14. I’m sorry that happened to you and your husband, Elsa. I felt bad for my Dad because he would clean it up himself instead of asking us to.

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    Dear Miss Elsa P,

    I am a young security warrior in the Dallas Ft. Worth area who is tasked with the security of countless innocents and also am extremely fond of fecal smearing.

    Before I say anything else, let me first apologize for this late reply. I know it’s often considered taboo to comment on older threads but this is the first thing that comes up when one types in “Smeared Feces on Walls” into Google.

    I have always had a fascination with poop. As as child I’d pick my butt and play the old “smell my finger” with family members. I always got spanked for it, but I still did it anyway. I would even wipe a little bit on the wall if there was excess poop on my finger. I am 20 and will turn 21 here in a few days and to this day I still love feces. I once smeared it all over myself not as an infant, but at age 18, and I used it as lube for masturbation.

    Whenever I get the chance and am sure I will get away with it, I will smear feces on bathroom walls in public. I usually take my (used) toilet paper and wipe the wall with it, sometimes drawing a smiley face or just leaving a nice brown or green streak across the wall. Sometimes I wipe it on the seat. I have also wiped with toilet paper while it’s still attached to the roll, and subsequently rolled it back up, so that when the next person goes to use it they touch my dirty fecal matter. I have done the same with urine as well. I will often pee all over a seat, on the handle, on the toilet paper, on the can of Lysol, on the floor. Sometimes I even poop on the floor and pee on it.

    I find it comical to disturb people in petty ways, to anger them or incite a notable reaction from them. I achieve this in a variety of ways but my favorite is for them to interact in some small way with my feces. Even though I’m not there to witness their reaction, I just know when they walk into a bathroom stall and behold the mighty fecal loaf I left sitting on the seat that they are deeply angered. I have spent many months Googling videos and articles about fecal smearing and trying to understand my fascination with it.

    I have told a few people I do this: my mother, my grandmother, my precious aunt. Those 3 think it’s odd and yet “goofy.” However, I have also told coworkers and they subsequently wished to cause me harm. In the security industry, especially armed security, those who smear feces are often considered undesirable warriors to have on the team.

    I would like to know what your opinion of this is, Miss Elsa. Do you condone it? Do you think I should find more constructive ways to spend my time? If one of your children did this at age 20, how would you react? I just wish I had a padded cell where I could roll around in my own feces, paint with it, masturbate with it, perhaps even eat it (I have yet to eat my own feces.

    Oh and one more thing: when I was a food vendor at a carnival I would often intentionally get a little poop on my hands when I used the restroom and I would not wash my hands. I also did not wear gloves, and, against Texas food regulations, I would touch people’s food with my dirty hands. Normally I did this is they were mean; I would make absolutely sure I touched my E. Coli to their food.

    Please let me know what your opinion is, Miss Elsa P.

    Kind regards,
    The Anonymous Security Warrior.

  16. OMG! Thank you all for your honesty! I just about died when I read all this info about people who do the dastardly deed but what about the people who have to clean it up????? My husband tried wiping the floor when he didn’t make it to the toilet on time. He ended up making brown smears so I had to go after him with the scrub pail and wash things down. He actually doesn’t realize he is leaving this mess behind but it is so demoralizing having to clean it up. I mean I had 2 kids with this man (or once was one). Now I view him as messed in the head. He is not the man I married. I wonder what goes on in his head, why he waits so long to go to the bathroom, and why I put up with this shit?????

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    This Libra/Virgo is desperately praying that March 12, 2015@2:47pm poster is a brilliant, Mercurial, sarcastic creative writer.

  18. I happened on this thread because I was searching for the name of a certain kind of fetishist. I read about these people before and I forgot if there was a name for them. Anyway, they like to dab their feces or semen or menstrual blood on things that someone might come into contact with. So, maybe they’re a guest at your party and they find your hairbrush or toothbrush or loofah while they’re in your bathroom. Or, maybe they go the 7/11 and put a dab of poo or semen on the pastries in the bins everyone can reach into. Or maybe on the trail mix in the bulk bins at the grocery store. Or on an apple.

    So, I thought this was weird/funny and I tell friends about it who get paranoid that since I know about it, maybe I’m one of those people. So we have a running joke about hiding hairbrushes when I come over, or I’ll buy them a toothbrush for Christmas and give it to them with the package slightly opened.

    But I don’t have that fetish. The only person I’ve known that did something similar was a busboy co-worker when I was in college. He worked at Skinny Haven in California. He would spot a table of women on lunch break, and tell me, “Watch, I’m going to pass by their table and give them a huge fart.” And he’d do a silent one and come back to the bus station really happy and thinking maybe they were getting off on it.

    I do have a poo fetish but not for pranks, just for sexy times. I have to say though I was rolling on the floor reading about the guys who like to leave a poo in the sink. I’d feel too childish to really enjoy that, but hearing it in these guys’ own words with how much hilarity they derived from it was pretty funny.

    More people should know about this. Recently that “poo swastika” led to civil disruptions at Missouri State because people thought it was a sign of rampant racism instead of a run-of-the-mill poo smearer who probably added the swastika just to create more attention. I’ll bet that person fels like the Elizabeth Taylor or Michael Jackson of smearers.

  19. I used to get a thrill of shock value and reactions. Sometimes I’d use my shit as a point of principle. Recently at a overcrowded mall. They had only 4 stalls and 4 urinals. So I went to the wall waste bin in the unisex or handicap stall (I forget). Took a long piss in it. I just know the person was certainly shocked or a bit pissed when they came to empty the garbage wall bin. It can be common practice for me to piss in garbage cans in bathrooms in places I either never been in before or was motivated by principle. Sometimes id’ have to use the bathroom 2 or more times. Screw the dirty smelly urinals. The wall or standing garbage can will do. I used to really be bad and leave shit in the sink or urinal. At worst I’d smear a word or symbol on the stall wall when shitting.I’ve watched people of all ages walk in and walk right out never using the toilet/urinal after what they saw. There’s just something about a person’s reaction that I observe from another stall or while washing my hands. Who doesn’t wash their hands after using the restroom? Yuk! Anyways I found out a former enemy worked at a certain store doing maintenance. So I shit on the brown paper they have at the dispenser.I then covered all the inside of the stall’s walls even the main walls. I then stood up on the toilet and smeared the ceiling in a few spots really well. Then I left the paper in the now clogged toilet. I crawled underneath the stall cause I locked it shut. I then shut off the cold water to the sink. So only hot water comes out..lol I left before anyone came in. A bit OT but related. I used to buy bottles of real skunk oil. I’d put that in certain areas of a restaurant or store. Sending potential customers out the door. While staff looked for the skunk in question. Using the dropper you can put some in the bathroom fan or behind the toilet. If your slick you put some drops on the floor. They can’t tell where it is coming from. Cause the smell is equal everywhere. My wife used to find the skunk oil funny but not the poop. I mentioned it once and only once.I know it’s part of my antisocial disorder. That allows me t do these things without a thought. Yet the thrill of people’s reactions are simply classic! LMAO!

  20. Who else here thinks that HeWhoSmearsTheNastySubstance, MK, and Jimmy are the same guy under different names? Anyone?

  21. In India, children defecate on the street, with everyone watching them. They are usually slum dwellers who are too poor to afford a latrine in their home. It is disgusting to see them defecating on the streets with their mothers in the tow.

  22. This shows what kind of people are coming into our country and what they think of the people in our country. Defecation on someone or their property is like a dog pissing on a post or a human leg to me. When an animal sprays, it indicates that IT owns that spot and claims it as its territory.

    When humans piss or crap on others and their property it is a form of humiliation to the crapee. It says that to the crapper, you are nothing but shit to them. They have NO respect for you or your property, they are there to use you and do what they want with you.

    This is quite disturbing and among diseases that come with illegal aliens, should be put in full view of everyone. No one talks about this stuff when it should be discussed.

  23. Thank you Elsa, your article on fecal matter made me laugh and cry. It totally brought me out of a sadness. I could relate to your imagery….Thanks I feel better.

  24. Well I was enjoying your humor until commentary became degraded. Please do not send any more email my way from this site. I do not like the tone…or targeting…nor do I like ignorance from the uninformed.

  25. Some of you have no idea who you are insulting. Good luck getting out of the void within yourselves created by yourselves by the tools you use to create illusion and to weaker minds disillusion.

  26. “Enlightened Adults”

    Who shit on:
    Walls in Frying Pans ext.
    Suggested psych.of such a individual:

    “Buddy”of mine witnessed third party this (Weard shit)
    At work.
    Someone shit in front of the building.
    I would suggest this is a crime of deception and intent to make the criminal appear to be the victim, Regarding the
    “Placement”of the toxic bodily waste presented in a
    “Shock Jock”
    Manner by the:
    (Shitty criminal).
    The pile of shit was covered up in a ritualistic manner as to bring attention to it and honor it as a:
    “Cat”would leave a Mouse at the front door.
    My”Buddy”found this to be just as weard?(Ritual behavior)
    of mine at the same facility was accused and charged with a false crime.
    “He He’s”still not right!
    It appears there are more than one person involved:
    *Criminal Felony:
    *(Toxic shit crime)
    *Intent suspected pre meditated…
    *(Persons at the facility or not)?
    Back to the
    Psyc.analsis of an individual(s) that would conduct themselves in this manner.
    I would suggest this type of person(s)to be:
    (Passive agressive)
    With the intent to commit murder
    Being the toxicity involved with pre meditated planning and placement of the bodily waste.
    *(Can you imagine how a person(s)like this would feed a family member Food&Water:take care of a child or Pet)
    A crime like this doesn’t appear in the victims body until many years later if not caught by the victim and understood how persons that implement murder by shit carry out this crime and play a victim more than likely:

    “Eating their own shit”

    Ofcourse we all have a right to repent but a piece of garbage that continues this crime in society and family-
    (Swearing they are Enlightened and act practically while all the while conducting the crime of pre meditated toxic bodily waste poisoning)

    Well guess that’s why a”Buddy”of mine goes by the name(Jesus)says he’s going to be here”Shortly”
    *(Another comming)…

    “We ALL”have our other half,and cannot do it alone”
    (Stolen Truth)

    “My two cents”

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