Life Slowing Down? Or Grinding To A Halt?

dominosJust based on supply chain problems alone, I think most feel things are slowing down now, to a point where it cannot be denied. In fact, I can’t think of anyone who has not been impacted at this point, to varying degrees.

Some are extremely pessimistic. Others have been hopeful but are now slipping into the other camp, again, in varying degrees. There are many ways to think about this. I’m wondering if it is down and then up? Or is it down and not coming back up?

I’m talking about the country (yours or mine), the stock market, businesses (yours and mine), etc.   It’s broad.  We might even consider the “collective” mood.

In the very near term, with Mercury retrograde, I doubt we much of anything, reverses. But what do you think of the prospects over time?  Let’s say a year, or two, or five?

Uranus may also be a factor. There is a feeling that a surprise is right around the corner.

This situation may also be tied to the scrunched up planets.  We have another six weeks before this situation shifts.

Planets Clustered On One Side Of The Zodiac: Outcast?

You may want to keep the parts of your life shown by the inactive houses, alive. It’s as if they’re dying from being cut off from the energy that sustains them. This is true for a lot of businesses as well. And as this or that business dies, it generally takes others with it, eventually.

Hey, I’m sorry if this is depressing.  But I really wonder not only what people think but what they see out there.

Doom? Or Dip?

What do you think?

20 thoughts on “Life Slowing Down? Or Grinding To A Halt?”

  1. I’m hearing a LOT of people use the term “crack-up boom.”
    I’m also reminded of ’07/’08 when it was gauche to use the word “recession” when we were already in one. I’d prefer a recession over the money in my savings being worthless, but the fact I got denied a loan recently (perfect credit, assets) seems like a bad sign. I don’t know what is the right thing to do for my future. It’s hard. Stocking up on clothes detergent, eggs, and coffee is the least I can do.

    1. Thanks for weighing in, Kate. I had to google that term.
      On the loans, I am part of a chat group. About a month ago, this came up. One man had his business credit line revoked. He’d had it for years and never used it. He had no problems but they’re tightening up, clearly. Then, when they pulled his credit, all his credit cards canceled on him because it changed overall credit picture. This was out of the blue sky from his perspective.

      Several others reported canceled cards and reduced credit lines. A couple people said they were given an increase or being solicited.

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        Tess Charbonneau Pelham

        Whatever I had left…just drained out after hearing what continues to be a living nightmare with violence acted out due to extreme mental emotional disorders in our world…ughhh. everyone take care of yourselves and your children and other people’s children….notice the ones reaching out..needing more…Be Kind!!!!

  2. My thinking is we’re in this through Uranus in Taurus, nodes and eclipses
    in Taurus- Scorpio cycle along with the U.S. Pluto return. We are 70% of the economy and have always been. Unfortunately, with that becoming more apparent now with the most basics food, energy and housing hit the Cancer-Capricorn is in the correction.

  3. Hegelian Dialectic 24/7 – 365 days /year ….That is the world ‘out there’

    I am taking this further…

    Unfortunately, this will only intensify and for those of us that see it for what it is, it will become unbearably difficult to navigate our own personal world that we create for ourselves vs. that world out there. A collision of forces at play, the question is when will it resolve – I am not too confident it will for many reasons. Living life is a creative process and that beauty and positivity of everyday creativity may be harder and harder to continually foster. We must ask questions be aware and have courage which I don’t see happening on a grand scale or even within the limited people I know for that matter. So things will continue to spiral without the resistance.
    I don’t think doom and gloom but I don’t think all this will resolve and all will be well in the next years to come. I see lack of humanity, high emotional reactivity and heads in the sand 100% on all fronts.

    1. Just wanted to let you know I think I’m on the same page as you here. The so called leaders create the problems then come in with the solutions that most of the population just goes along with. We are getting communism but everyone is calling it fascism. It’s all so convoluted. Most people seem to only care about getting the newest iPhone coming out rather than brushing up on real life saving skills. We are becoming digital slaves! I want to throw away my phone and computer sometimes. Creativity and beauty are being snuffed out. That’s what communism does. Reduces everyone and everything to the lowest common denominator. It’s so sad. All we have to do is not comply. Say it! I do not comply! Then do it. Do not comply. It’s actually simple. If everyone just started to care about real things. Instead of the fake digital bs, fake news, things going on across the world that have nothing to do with us. Care about what’s real, your family, growing your own food, etc. This world could improve drastically in a single day.

      1. It’s not too late to say “I do not comply” but I’m worried those days are numbered. Ask the average Chinese or Russian how that goes.

      2. Absolutely true!! Ultimately its on us we are to blame, we are in this predicament because collectively we have failed thus far and continue to do so (in my small opinion). Time is ticking and souls are slipping fast. It appears that at this point its just not imaginable to have this ‘great shift’ and turn around in our lifetime without some massive divine intervention and quit honestly I’m not sure that’s in the works right now 😉 But that doesn’t mean our personal world cannot be beautiful and creative, all it takes is a disconnect from ‘that other world’ and its so easy to do but nobody does it. Reconnect with nature growing (like you said) and preserving your food heck learn how to ferment and make cheese -unplug and deprogram. Anyhow glad to see some people can see thru the BS

      3. I’m making an effort. I have not brought my phone into a building other than my house for two years now. I just leave it in the car. This means I have to wait in a doctor’s office without a distraction. Small price to pay.

        My husband and I both turn our phones off around 5 PM. We have a land line.

        I spend less than two minutes a day on the news. This has been the case for more than a year. I also invest in my neighbors and have grown a garden, yearly, for about fifteen years now. I can, freeze and dry what I produce. I also share.

        This takes time, of course. So people like me aren’t necessarily on the internet discussing this. Once you move in this direction, life is more hands on and less electronic.

        Oh! I also pay cash, especially to any independent business or contractors…like my hair stylist. I pay cash for groceries as well, but I do shop very early in the morning. I think this would annoy people at busy times.

        1. That’s great and smart moves ;-)…I see it as a fun challenge to go against the grain in that sense. Me too no TV for 12 years, I literally have a timer next to the computer for news, my phone is never on past 7 pm, i control it- it doesn’t control me so I turn it off alot. I am fortunate (alot of hard work) with my big gardens (doing this 10 years) with many preserving modalities and this year after 2 years of searching found a wonderful Amish farm and I’m buy organic certified raw milk. I am learning to make butter, cheese and ice cream etc
          Get this – 1 gallon of milk cost me 7$ I make a good size roll of butter…from that i have buttermilk…the whole milk i used to make ricotta (i added organic valley cream to that) and got a descent amount for a big stuffed manicotti dish..from the ricotta making I got liquid whey protein which i use to ferment or I freeze dry. But it took courage for me to put aside the raw milk will kill you idea…deprogrammed that pretty quickly since i know how the system works.
          That’s my world right there in a nutshell 😉
          …sorry for the off astrology topic

          1. Sounds like a good way to live. Once you realize the detrimental effects of something, it’s really not that hard to withdraw. I’d be further gone but my husband has Gemini. 🙂
            He likes gadgetry. I like dirt.

    2. Excuse my bluntness, but this is karma at work.. So many countries have been oppressed since 2001 and made poor and miserable because of wars , now it’s the turn of the oppressor to have a taste of its own medicine.. (Pluto return)

      1. Oppressor and common folk are not one and the same.

        There is a methodical method to oppressing countries and its people.

        ~ Confessions of an Economic Hit Man By John Perkins

        There is plenty of info out there in books and interviews from 70’s 80’s 90’s and so on on how this is done.

  4. I’m thinking astrologically that 2026 is when we might feel like the USA is improving. Meanwhile, we’re in serious mean pucky. Another mass shooting yesterday has me angry and depressed. All this Aries energy could be constructive but seems just impulsive.

  5. I’m not seeing how ’24 and ’26 are shaping up to be better with the mounting “issues” coming up in the collective. Pluto in aquarius and Neptune in aries? Dark side of technology? Isolated/angry/overmedicated/unbalanced/ideologized people milling around acting out? I think there is too much of that already. I have aquarius and aries and I’m not super stoked tbh. This might be as normal/stable as it gets. What if this is Eden?

  6. I’m a mobile notary, real estate loan signing agent. Last year my business was booming. Since the first of the year, it’s been steadily down hill. To the point that I’m look for other ways to make money. As far as does it stay down, it has, untill this week. I’m starting to get more offers just now, 5 months into the year.

  7. another right hand chart year. i’ve been forced to take active effort to take care of myself and nourish my inner world in a way i never really have before. i burned myself out really bad last year.
    overall though i’m lucky. i have a good job doing something i love. but i need to feed my soul and cuddle my kids, too

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    Theresa Charbonneau Pelham

    I can’t stress this enough…. Cuddle your kids more…and someone else’s while your at it. Our children grow up to become adults…the safer and loved they feel whilst young the saner they are as grown humans.

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