Scorpio Men Who Withhold Sex

“He would put out a lot of energy, sexually and he was getting sick of it. He had all this energy to offer, but he was getting older and he questioned it. He wasn’t sure he wanted to put so much out. Why give so much energy when no one knows what you’re doing for them anyway?”

I was talking about a specific Scorpio man I knew but this is broadly applicable. I have seen Scorpio get to a point in their life where they just didn’t want to service people in quite the same way… if at all.

I can relate to sentiment.

“Pearls before swine,” as my friend, (Scorpio) Ben used to put it. “I am going to keep my pearls…”

“Pull your horns in”, the AMF (Scorpio) would recommend.

This would be the “Scorpio withholding” you hear about. Obviously there’s a reason for it.  You just don’t want to offer what you have to people who don’t understand.

Potent energy is hard to come by.

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  1. Can’t help but think there will be couples who don’t want anymore kids, who will stop having sex.

  2. We already see this with the MGTOW/MRA/meninist and Japanese herbivore men movements… Your timing was spot on

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    You get tired of being real and intimate with people who aren’t sharing real parts of themselves, or who already don’t like you. It’s taxing and eventually the walls go up. It isn’t worth it to take risk and be exposed over and over again with a person who has proven overtime that they aren’t to be trusted.

    The sad thing is when I find myself steeling against the actions of organizations and companies that may have people who aren’t being genuine with me, especially when I begin to generalize my “walls” because of only some people associated with them. I do feel responsible to consider and reconsider my biases however… but it does get tiring.

    I don’t think swathing a whole deck of people is helping me to love more though. And I don’t like it when I see myself becoming bitter like that. It defeats my greatest belief in humanity and purpose. It sucks to live in a world without a connected purpose. So as a Scorpio, I think it’s important that I check myself and offer only what has been equally earned, with time, equal or freely practiced generosity and forthrightness.

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    Be the change I want to see in this world. – what happened to this… sigh. We can do better folks.

    Recognize societal limits for providing a “good life”. Stop finger pointing or dumping myself –or others — into the trash just to make myself feel better or make someone else feel better, but be responsible and improve upon for my own actions, while asking people to be responsible for theirs. Accepting that imperfection is part of the game, but how we react to it is even more important.

  5. Wow Elsa, I have Saturn in Scorpio in house two Libra!! You give me things to think over, again! (smile). I know how positive you are about Scorpio and Mars. I am almost 63 now and I experienced the hippie era. Complete! But without any kind drugs. The flow was “freedom”, for sexuality as well. But there is only one man in my life I really loved and an another man with who I have a great sexual relationship. (smile again). To think about these things while we have a New Moon in Leo (my generation has Pluto in Leo)! 🙂

    1. I mean: not only house two Libra, Scorpio is there as well. The cusp is Libra, and after that it covers also scorpio.

  6. @Primrose….. You beat me to it (MGTOW).

    A few of the “older” vets in my American Legion post just don’t understand why I’m alone after all these years (divorce). I stopped explaining it, since we have different viewpoints. Military taught me to be self-sufficient, especially after many years until retirement. Most of these guys…. served in war zones and then got out. Then there’s the “I’m very picky, but the Ladies are more picky” on the dating websites. So it’s *meh*…. I can live alone. Alone is preferable…. compared to some of the lives I see “married folk” live.

  7. Wow….this is very powerful.
    I have put much energy into the beginnings of a business but I’m tired of having to rehash over research that the other people I’m working with should know, as if I’m the person in the class assignment who everyone just copies their notes and answers from.
    My gut tells me to evacuate and do something for MYSELF! Even my father says the same, and he never ever gives much of an opinion.

  8. Since scorpio empowers, natal Saturn in scorpio had a lot to teach me about that. Who to empower, who and what to put energy into. I’ve created a number of monsters on the way. Goes to their head. Abuse of power. And I am sure it was no favor as I knew they would get bat down sooner or later.

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