Should I Have An Affair?

death of the brideHi Elsa,

I’ve been married to a Taurus for a dozen years now, and we have an 8-year-old boy together. We have a good marriage despite the constant arguments and differences.

Recently, I met a Sagittarius who’s charmed me out of my wits. The attraction is mutual, and I’ve become thoroughly enchanted even though I know ours is a hopeless relationship. He is married with 2 kids. He says he is not going to upset his situation.

I tell myself that I can control this relationship and it will enrich my life without hurting anybody. Am I kidding myself?

Roving Eye

Dear Roving,

You are definitely kidding yourself. I would caution you to believe what he’s telling you. He’s not going to upset his situation. If you want to go a round with him, I imagine you can. Personally, I believe he’s seducing you.

And you? Well, you’re a good girl, but sort of a Persephone figure. Hades takes her down, but she’s not entirely unhappy about this. So this is where you’re at. You’re part of a myth and I don’t know what you’re going to do but I hope you hear him loud and clear: HE IS NOT GOING TO UPSET HIS SITUATION.

For the record, if it were me, I would tell him to get his sexual energy off me, right before I punched his lights out. Because that’s what he’s doing. He’s got copious amounts of Scorpio underneath that Sadge grin and he’s workin’ you.

Good luck.

8 thoughts on “Should I Have An Affair?”

  1. “Without hurting anybody”?

    Extra-marital affairs hurt everyone – all the innocent bystanders – and most especially when kids are involved.

    Of course, just my opinion.

  2. Roving Eye said: I tell myself that I can control this relationship

    IMO, doesn’t seem possible. People and situations are unpredictable. Operating through deception tends toward trouble.

    Roving Eye said: and it will enrich my life without hurting anybody.

    also doesn’t seem possible. Can you enrich your life with something else?

    Roving Eye said: Am I kidding myself?

    I would say yes, why mess up your marriage for some chemistry? Plus, you told us yourself: he doesn’t want to upset up his situation. I say listen to him.

    Good luck!

  3. I’m with Elsa here. Red flag! no go!

    The libidinal energies that have been aroused within you are yours…they belong to you not to the sag/scorp, who is a mere trigger.

    Why not use this fire with your marriage partner, as you did in the past, right? I say this because keeping long term relationships fresh is not a given, so I’d turn this into an opportunity to enrich your existing partnership : )

  4. Hmm, I was married for some years and then got my pants charmed off by a Sag, no kids or other wife involved TG. Well there were red flags from the start, including the ominous “We should have a talk”.

    Now in retrospect, and even somewhat then, I realized that his short lived role in my life was to help me extricate myself from a marriage that was over, but needed a little impetus to finalize.

    Good luck!

  5. I agree with Mari!
    And be extra careful when lust is involved: sometimes there’s some elements of danger attached to it. You just don’t see it now. And you might regret in the future. Take this advise from a Scorpio…Good luck.

  6. Hi Elsa, Ive known sagittarious man for 1 year and half.At first when we met he said he has relationship on and off with someone.After 8 months he told me he was married and has child and he said he would understand that if i wouldnt see him again.I was little upset but not much.I decided to still see him and told him was fine because i still wanted see him.We have hot chemistry in intimacy and have fun when we are together.We only spend time in private place .Never go outside .Never asked me for drinks outside or dinners.I decided 2 weeks ago i didnt want see him anymore and told him so.After a week he said he wanted see me and misses our time because never felt such chemistry before with anyone else .Since i missd that also i decided to see him and experience the magical moment again.He is married and i dont want be cause breaking a marriage even though i have feelings for him.Should i dissapair and change my number? I dont know what to say on this.He even said he hide all this time feelings for me to tell me that he feels for me a lot because he said it wouldnt be fair to me to tell me those words and also to his family.What should i do?

    1. Britney, your relationship with the man (who betrays women) is going nowhere. His talk is cheap. You’re wasting your time with him. He’s using you. 🙁

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