Adapting To Change Over The Last Twenty Years

True North

My last couple of posts have to do with looking back from today’s perspective.  I published a twenty year old post; I agree with every word of it, still.  I also mentioned, my progressed chart, which has seen me live through all types of things, only to wind up where I began. (Your Life Story).  This is curious to me; I’m supposed to be Mutable.

It feels more like I’m standing in one place, watching life change. I’m still here blogging, and I’m still consulting. I’m still a monkey with an organ grinder, or a waitress working for tips, but jeez Louise, has life changed around me. I don’t think people can see it, at least not the way I do and I’ll give you an example.

Twenty years ago the average problem a woman had in her relationship was her boyfriend or husband, watching porn. The woman would be demoralized by this. It would hurt their self esteem. I literally cannot remember the last time a woman mentioned something like this to me – why?

It’s because porn has become completely ubiquitous. Everyone, everywhere, everything, everywhere is sexualized.  The average man and woman is living in a totally different world that what they dealt with, twenty years ago.

Mulling this and other things, I’ve come to realize that human beings, by and large, will adapt to anything. They will accept anything. All you have to do it surround them with it; bury them in it; flood them with it; next thing you know, they assimilate the foreign thing into their very own psyche.

I’ll leave you to decide if this is a gift, a curse or both.  But what I’m saying is we hear, Nazi, Nazi, Nazi.  The fact is, if you or I were living in Germany at time or if you were a Jew in a concentration camp, you would adapt to the situation. The prevailing bs overtakes the population!

Particularly now, with Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Pisces dissolving boundaries, any type contagion will easily spread.  We can see this all around, but seeing the big picture might be a bit harder.

There are always two sides.  Take vax/anti-vax.  Both sides feel they’re aligned with the right (side of history) but really, one side has assimilated the data they’ve been swimming in, while the other side did the exact same thing.

The “data” is complimentary in this way. We’re all going over the edge, together, while bickering!  See Life In A Cellar Box.

It’s probably worth trying to understand how words and pictures and sounds mold and manipulate us collectively and individually.

It may also be interesting to check where you were, twenty years ago, as compared today.   What moved you, really?

Next question, are you okay with it?  Or should you be trying to locate your personal “true north”?

photo credit –  Jen Theodore.

12 thoughts on “Adapting To Change Over The Last Twenty Years”

  1. I don’t understand your take on the vax/antivax situation, can you explain what you mean by both sides have assimilated the data they’ve been swimming in?

    1. I’m not sure what’s not clear.

      We all have our various pools we swim in. If you are told all day, vax will save you, you absorb that. On the other hand, if you are told all day, vax will kill you, you absorb that.

      Meanwhile, time marches on.
      And if the pools weren’t there, vax would never enter your mind.

      1. I understand now because you added the context that (for the sake of the argument in the post) an antivax position was taken due to data that the vax would kill you.

        When I was reading, I was trying to figure out how my situation fit in, which was listening to my own consciousness and knowing that I didn’t need the vax.

        Consciousness is also something a lot of people are swimming in (OK maybe not the majority, but a growing number), I would like to see this option represented more as an available swimming pool. It exists!

        By consciousness, I don’t mean in relation to conscious/unconscious thoughts, but connection to source/soul.

        1. “Consciousness is also something a lot of people are swimming in (OK maybe not the majority, but a growing number), I would like to see this option represented more as an available swimming pool.”

          This is what I’m seeking. I know what it’s like because I grew up in the desert with no media. Granted, I had to wait for my father to go to work so I could breathe, but once he was out of my hair, my mind could wander. I could feel and develop ideas and curiosities about things, that were personal to me. My own stupid questions.

          This takes time, free from distractions which no one has anymore. The questions we ask are supplied, along with the answers we’re to adopt. People don’t realize it’s come from outside of them in a way that’s artificial *and* nefarious. I have compared this to the media throwing chum in the water. My God, we even get re-runs (like the face slap at the Oscars. People talked about that for weeks. I need to find other activities. That whole choice looks like a pool of woe to me.

          I’ve been talking about trying to exit, return to the margins for five years or so. I’m really, just heading towards being my grandfather. I have that role model, which is helpful.

          He was very particular about media consumption. For example, he was only interested in “beautiful music” aka classical, and he talked about the affects on a person’s spirit. So, I was taught all this stuff since I was born.

          I guess I’ll get to this point and talk to people, who want to talk to me, the same way he did. It could be, living this way is unthinkable to most people, but it’s thinkable to me. Its the Capricorn. I want to live with integrity, which means I don’t get hijacked into the nonstop meaningless conversations and more particularly, fights with people over things that are contrived and essentially, air.

          Again, it’s very hard but I making an effort and I intend to keep it up. I feel like Saturn in Pisces will support this effort.

          1. You are making a powerful intention Elsa, and it will be so! Living aligned to consciousness is a very Saturnian endeavour I’m finding, of course with Neptune in balance too! It takes a lot of stamina, discipline and effort, daily choices and decisions, some very difficult. I feel the current moment, Pluto in Cap dominating, can feel like the distractions/resistances to consciousness are very strong, almost overwhelming. This is because the shadow, anything that has kept us from connection with our soul is at its peak – the past, genealogy, family, social, cultural systems and rules, beliefs and religion of course, our own old fears about existence as a soul and wanting to survive in a distorted landscape, that have overlaid our naturalness for so long are all up for examination and release if we so choose. They re-manifest strongly to be seen, understood and let go. It can feel like being trapped in the past, very uncomfortable, but it’s a process, we’re moving through. My sense is there will be more traction to live by consciousness with Pluto in Aqua. And yes, the Pisces helps very much too. Not that the world will magically align, of course not, but for those choosing to live the way of consciousness, there will be less doing battle with the past, with ancient fears and doubts, and more agency to live the truth in real time, and to make positive connections, Aqua being very network-y, and Leo heart-centred frequency too. So it’s a question of utilising this current moment of time as best as possible to release the old binds. To see the contrast and put full efforts behind consciousness. It’s like knowing the sun is there on a cloudy day. Next year, the 3 months with Pluto at 29* that will be a reckoning – but a positive one if the hard work is done now.

  2. I wasnt sure how to reply to this, Elsa. Your post sent me in all sorts of directions.(A kind of spinning out)
    My grandmother, my Ma-Ma, gave me a copy of Johathon Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach when l was a girl (She got me. l love that woman. Still do)…made me think of ‘Watership Down’…and the brilliant film ‘Donnie Darko’ set in Oct 1988 (Drew Barrymore holds the book in the film)…lead me to Bunuel’s film ‘The Exterminating Angel’…why couldn’t they leave?
    And finally ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ by the extraordinary Vicktor Frankl. He lived it–he was in the camps.I have been hearing about the ‘New Nihilism’ too.
    l’d love some younger Gen views on this new(?) philosophical movement …
    Stuck for words. Time to stop writing.

  3. It’s so true that for the most part, human beings will adapt and accept anything. We have seen this over the past 20 years, and even more so over the past 3 years.
    Whilst I was reading news articles recently, I was shocked/disgusted by some intensely fear-mongering content not based upon facts. It really looked like these articles were designed to send people over the edge.
    I am concerned about the long term impact of this negativity on our minds.
    I can control to a certain degree, my exposure to media poison and encourage others discernment. What I can’t control is the media/journalism that in a sense is choosing to attack us. I don’t understand how some individuals who create this media can sleep at night. Where’s their conscience?

  4. Within the basket of 20 years Pluto began and moved through my 12th house, leveling my beliefs about home, security and identity. In contemporary terms my husband and I engaged in the market economy based on real estate as currency and in the process my ancestral values of land connections challenged me to find my way to more meaningful relationships with this living earth.
    For the past 20 years a simpler, rigorous handmade life questioning entitled practices (use of products chemicals “attitudes” and ownership) has honed me.
    Astrology and reconnecting with ancestral practices — ironically, thanks to the internet, have made me aware of the markers, miracles and second chances (thanks jt!) that come from living fully humbled.
    Chronically ill elder(berry!) that’s me. Still curious, surprised and surprising; and grateful to have space to forgive and recognize “true north “ changes.
    Thanks for the questions and THIS place to exchange energy, Elsa!

  5. 2003 to now? Kids growing up and leaving the home, Pluto entering Cap and cancer killing my husband, in a matter of 6 months. Starting over single after 33 years of being in a healthy relationship. 2012 to 15 learning new skills, making new friends. Traveling, observing, more time for myself, creativity recovered. I’m happy with where and who I am now. N Pluto in the 12th, it traveled across my AC all the way through to the end of the 4th. I’m glad it’s over soon and the 5th house AQ transit doesn’t scare me.

    To your observation that people seem to assimilate and adapt to anything and everything, Elsa: I think there’s a kind of pendulum activity at work, things move one direction, reach a peak and move back again until the perfect midpoint is found. People could enjoy the balance and rest but the next generation kicks the thing again. The older folks complain, but actually it’s something new and exciting, full of potential.

    So what looks like a major challenge for some is actually the world into which others are born.

    And I do notice that I’m living here in Africa in a completely different environment than friends and family im Europe or the US. Just don’t forget that the world is big, people are not all consuming entertainment and worshipping influencers, are not all hammered with media day in day out. It’s not easy to see this without travelling because people’s lives are not on instagram or tiktok. Let no one tell you the whole world is on the way (or should be) to resemble the so called 1st world, it’s not the case. Dont believe the media narrative that all that’s different and foreign is a threat to your existence. It’s just threatening the status quo of the current powers. For the individual in need of hope, the so called less developed world is the most beautiful place with real people who live silent, good and kind lives.

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