Shocking Evidence Of Women Repressing Mars

There is a gal on my facebook, I’m not sure how I know her but she is pissed off. She has been pissed off for a couple days.

She clearly has a reason. One woman after another keeps leaving comments telling her to not be pissed.

I would say this makes pissed but it doesn’t. It is on the verge of unfathomable to me.

What is the big threat people experience when a woman states she is MAD? It seems so healthy to me. What would they prefer? She smile and beat her kids maybe? I really don’t get it. A mother vents and she’s got to be slapped and chastised.

To quote the soldier, “somethin’ ain’t right in the milk.”

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21 thoughts on “Shocking Evidence Of Women Repressing Mars”

  1. people are scared of angry women.

    Aries Mars opposed Pluto in the 10th (Authority)

    in 2001 I was refused the day off of work…an old family friend had died of a brain tumor and my boss wouldn’t let me go to the funeral if you can believe it. I was like, “ok buddy”

    I packed up my uniforms etc. rode my bicycle to the office in the most nuclear rage I can remember. I was going to go MEDIEVAL on this fucker’s ass.

    On the way I was stopped by a policeman who was like “Excuse me you’re riding your bike on the sidewalk…going the wrong way up a oneway with no helmet”

    and I just bellowed “EXCUSE ME. I’m going to go quit my job now because my BOSS won’t let me have the DAY OFF to GO TO A FUNERAL–so if you are going to write me a ticket you BEST BE QUICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    He was super shocked and just said “uh, carry on”

    Kinda glad he stopped me…I think I would’ve been meeting the police later, for an entirely different reason

  2. that’s like someone saying “i didn’t realize people don’t shit every day” and then calling them naive because you know how intestines are *supposed* to work.
    Guess what? some people don’t shit for weeks!

  3. Sorry to be spamming here. But I thought I should say that I am really glad that you wrote this post today, Elsa. I read it, and then not an hour later my mother in law picked at my fiance so harshly that she made him cry, which is not a common thing for him to do. I, trying to be calm, took him out of the house. She then had the gall to bitch at me for cutting short the fight. She wasn’t done torturing him! So I basically lost my shit. The combination of Mars transiting my ascendant and Uranus on my Moon led me to completely detach and and calmly, maybe a bit mockingly, throw back at her everything she was yelling at me without me losing my composure at all. I guess I don’t have to blow like a volcano every time. XD Anyway, that you again. Your encouragement had helped me to integrate my Mars and be a whole person. I can’t thank you enough.

  4. hell hath no fury like a womyn scorned. people are frightened of empowered and pissed womyn because it shatters their illusion of what a woman should be and control.

  5. This woman continues to get more of the same. For example a man writes:

    “I see no relief in a woman getting angry!”


    I have no idea what you think when you read that but to me, I feel something akin to incredulous.

    It just goes to show you there are people operating in circles and realms of thought you have never heard of in your life. I truly feel I would have to have a complete lobotomy in order to come up with a thought like that.

  6. if you’re not hurting anyone or yourself, I don’t see the problem with getting angry at all.

    what if no one ever got pissed off about the rise of nazism?
    or fascism?
    or hunger?
    or slavery?

    people didn’t experience injustice and then sit around with a talking stick “okay here, bub, how’s about you just chillax with the hate stuff, hm?”

    humans are not evolved past the “I’m going to club this idiot over the head” stage. I mean, some people think we have but I don’t think we have…humans know about love and kindness yes.

    there are biological reactions that happen within your human body, for effffffs sake. you can’t undo evolution through an anger management course.

  7. I really hate it when someone tells me, “you can’t be mad,” “you shouldn’t be mad”… Huh? And I find it sinister if they think I can’t be mad because I have boobs. Eeks.

  8. Maybe off topic, but this reminds me of something else.
    I felt like commenting when I saw someone write (in another post) that American women owned their mars *too* much. There’s a difference between being hostile all the time and being able to get angry occasionaly, and more than being angry, actually doing things.

    Having a strong Mars can help a woman be confident and able to be vunerable occasionally, because she’ll know that she can defend herself when she needs to.

    People confuse being angry with being powerful- they aren’t really the same thing. But constantly stuffing anger makes people into shrews.

  9. Avatar

    Mars is in 21 Degrees Taurus. Moon is in 5 degrees Aries.

    So, I can do the slow seething mad. Or I can do the hair-trigger blow up.

    When someone crosses the line in a major way and these two elements are combined in a slow burning explosion, it can be felt in multiple blasts for years.

    And this is a bad thing how???????????????????????

  10. I have a problem with repressing anger but I know it’s me, as my mom was quite transparent about expressing her gods given right to have emotions. However if you see the media and the literature of feminine ideals in our society, female anger is made monstrous. Shrews, witches, ogresses, emasculators, penis enviers, you name it.

    Sweet Honey in the Rock:

    WE just won’t tolerate– injustice

    I’m gonna stand, I’m gonna stand.

    I have to do this in my own life all the time because I seem biologically timid almost.

  11. She wrote it on facebook and got that kind of comments galore? This girl seems to have the wrong sort of “friends” on her friends´list, for sure. Reads like something opposing her Mars in her native chart (or transit?), manifesting itself this way.

    “don´t be angry” to me is just the same as demanding “don´t piss” or “don´t shit”. May not be nice for others, but the hell, it´s necessary for me and my health, so get used to it… Comments like those sure would give me diarrhea.

    I love my mars-mercury. Truly, madly, deeply. And you know what? The more i love it, the more i enjoy getting angry, the stronger i feel. It´s like milking oneself, cause i can use this strenght and energy to ACT. No secret smoldering, just plain action in whatever field it is needed in. Dirty language included ;-). Oh, i love it.

    Mars-Mercury had been suffocated for long times due to my Aries parents and to Neptune opposing the stellium. Don´t know which was worse, but coming out of the fog of helplessness and starting to get real – and real mad- was a very enjoyable longtime experience…
    So now i know nobody who´d dare tell me to not be angry – they´d be afraid at what would happen then, maybe, and rightfully so.

  12. Hugs to kashmiri -and-to-everyone-who-thinks-like-her.

    My own Mars (I’m female) is in Cancer. I’ve been absolutely delighted about the insights regarding Cancer Mars – and every Mars – on this site.

    As women, as for girls, anger/Mars is a kind of minefield… we often find ourselves having to elucidate that we were not intending to destroy. Sigh. As I wrote, my own Mars is in Cancer (opposite my IC, btw)… besides which, I know very well that most women I’ve met, mean for the best for women and men, both.

    Personally, I’d really, really appreciate if more real adult people would step up, and speak out, about what they know to be true in the overall real experience of being an adult among adults (in some way that sets aside what we need to say to the immature/not-yet-adult).

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